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Its Survival in the City

Good afternoon everyone!

I got my new video card in the mail…yay!!! So back to blogging and back to pictures. I’m one of those people that likes long jeans, jeans where the leg almost scrapes the ground. It’s so hard to find them in second life. But these bell bottoms from Auxiliary are perfect! They come in two versions, fkat foot and bottoms for heels. Not to mention that there are other colors and patterns to choose from.

I’ve also decided today I’m going to wear an oversized sweater from Erratic. All in all, a perfect Friday outfit. Happy Shopping ladies!!!

Hair- “”D!va”" Hair “Sayaka2″ (Type B)(Garnet)- Marisa Kira
Sweater- erratic / cory – oversized sweater / plain red- Erratic Rain
Jeans- [AUX]Belted Flairs -Grime- Tyr Rozenblum (available at Collabor88)
Boots- ..::Energie::..  CARGO Boots- Energy Rewell


Hucci is paying a total of L$50,000 for high quality pictures of new mesh items from Hucci over the past year. You do not have to be a professional photographer to win, just be able to display Hucci products in the best manner possible.  Prizes are cash, with the exception of honorable mentions which means you can spend your winnings in any way you please.


Grand Prize
L$ 25,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Second Place
L$15,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Third Place
L$ 10,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Honorable Mention
L$1000 Hucci Gift Card

● Products from Hucci should be the main focus of the image.
● Pictures must be posted to Flickr, tagged HucciDec2012, and added to both the Hucci Flickr Group.
●Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.
● You agree that your image may be displayed Hucci Stores.
● Entries accepted from December 1,2010 until December 31,2012.
● Do not put the Hucci Logo or Hucci in text at all on your pictures please.

Please review previous winners to get an idea of what I like to see in pictures. Clear, concise product placement, with a focus on the avatar and the product.

Previous Winners…

Post processing of images allowed, but please no morphs. We want to see beautiful Second Life avatars
Remember we are looking for Autumn/Winter looks.
Previous Hucci Contest Winners are not eligible
Make sure you tag the images HucciDec2012 or they won’t be eligible
Submissions via Second Life will not be accepted
You can wear other content creator items but the focus should be Hucci.

Flickr Group


"Noir" from EVOLVE

Anyone who knows me will know I have worked at EVOLVE for the better part of a year now. I am the model manager there for Reign Congrejo, EVOLVE’s owner and designer.

Reign now makes some marvellous mesh and I thought I would share this one with you. It’s part of a collection of dresses called “Noir Beauty” and comes in 10 different patterns.

This pattern is “Noir Beauty 10″ from the collection and has a lovely, swirling abstract pattern in black and white. The sleeves are slashed from the shoulders to just above the wrists and the skirt, though quite short, is perfect for those occasions when you need something classy and elegant. 
It is supplied in 3 sizes, small, medium and large and with the alpha fits perfectly and at 300L, it’s a steal! So pop over to EVOLVE and have a look, Reign has an amazing collection.
Dress – Noir Beauty 10 – EVOLVE
Hair – Lori Dark Blonde 4 – DeLa
Shoes – Extreme Platform Black – Skifija
Naisl – Female Medium – Mandala
Necklace – Maxi Boules Marble – LaGyo
Bangles – Divinity and Satine – +DIVINITY+
Lipstick – Dark Red Intense – Izzie’s
Eyeshadow – Expressive makeups / Eyeshadow 08 – Ricielli
Pose – Glitterati
Taxi –

Always loved 1940′s fashions

Ever watched a film and thought “I’d like a style like that”? Well after watching some old black and white film set in the 1940′s I thought I would have a try. I’d just been to Baiastice and picked up their gorgeous “Evange” jacket and it seemed pretty ideal to base a style around. So, I had a root through my inventory to see what I had to compliment it. Here’s what I came up with ……

The skirt came from a store I had not been to before called Fanatik. I’d been after a skirt like this for ages, so I was delighted to, quite literally, stumble across it. It’s a pencil-style skirt, cut to just above the knee and fits like a glove. The texture reminds me of glove-leather and looks quite amazing. Baiastice make some super mesh and this jacket, the “Evange”, is no exception. A luscious red in colour, it had the look I wanted, but it lent the outfit a lot more of an edge. I added the black “Stera” top from Glam Affair, black hose from Bax Coen and the perfect finishing touch, the lovely “Femme” shoes from N-Core. And suddenly there it was, the look I had been after !
Jacket – Evange Red – Baiastice
Skirt – Pencil Skirt Black Leather – Fanatik
Top – Stera Black – Glam Affair
Hair – Demi Seaspray – Truth
Shoes Femme “Noir Intense” – N-Core
Gloves – Leather Long black – Lightstar
Eyeshadow – Dark Shadows Black – Chelle
Eyeliner – Cat Eyeliner 2 – Izzie’s
Lipstick – Dark Red Intense – Izzie’s
Pantyhose – Soft Shine Pantyhose Black 50 – Bax Coen
Necklace and earrings – Folieole Onyx – Finesmith
lashes – NoAlpha Lashes 01 – Miamai
Pose – Glitterati

MoDerN GeiShA

Maybe you’re a bit ‘too beautiful to be able to see the beautiful elsewhere.


Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair – Modern Geisha

Skin: Curio – Swan / Jasmine  Golden Rabbit

Lipgloss: blackLiquid MakeUp- Gold Sheer Shimer

Collar: blackLiquid Jewelry – Orbital Solar

Dress: .::ZANZE::. Geisha Girl (Blood)

Shoes: SLink – Jolie Pied Suki Geta Red




NotSoBad* Charly Lobby & Ines Skybox

. 100% Mesh
. Ines Skybox: 88 prims
. Charly lobby: 76 prims
. Copy, no transfer, modify


. CHARLY lobby + INES skybox:…

INES skybox:…

. CHARLY lobby:…

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Pieces of My Closet X

Pieces X

I’m a day late on my Pieces post this week, but it’s all good!  Sometimes, real life just gets in the way of other things we like to enjoy, and there is no need to stress out about deadlines that we set ourselves.  I hope you are all having a fabulous, and less busy than I am, week!

I distinctly remember buying the outfit I’m wearing by coldLogic; I picked it up simply because I liked the colors.  I honestly don’t think I have ever worn it before.  There are probably way too many outfits scattered around my inventory that have gotten there the same exact way.  But, that is part of what this cleaning journey is all about… organization and rediscovering loved items lost in my huge item count.  Like all coldLogic pieces, both the top and the capris come in standard sizes, and free demos are available.

The necklace I’m wearing is a piece by Izzie’s which I had completely forgotten about as well.  Big chunky pieces are not something I typically like wearing in my real life; I definitely prefer smaller jewelry that doesn’t attract a lot of attention.  But, part of the beauty of Second Life is that I can wear things that I think are beautiful but don’t have the confidence to wear in my real life!  The necklace is available in sixteen colors which can be purchased individually or as a fatpack.

Clothing: [Top] Gilbert in Beach by coldLogic and [Pants] May in Clementine by coldLogic
Jewelry: 50′s Pearl Necklace in Teal by Izzie’s
Hair: La La La in Coffee by Clawtooth
Skin: Geanna Skin Pale DB by Izzie’s
Makeup: [Eyeshadow] Geanna Eyeshadow Teal by Izzie’s (Included with purchase of Geanna Skin) and [Eyeliner] Black Eyeliner Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Storm by IKON
Lashes: 2011 Lashes Curl by LeLutka
Hands: Mesh Hands Casual by Slink
Pose: Go-Go 4 by aDORKable Poses 50% Off Sale
Location: Sea Salts

But Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Cmon. Rules are made to be broken

It is one thing to land yourself in a bit of bother when you can’t follow the rules clearly set out before you but quite another when you’re trying to take someone, or something, else down with you. Just look at that cheeky little face trying to convince the innocent Panda that a hug is a good idea. I know that Kooky kitty cuddles are priceless and everyone (okay slight exaggeration there) wants one, but hiding bamboo to entice the Panda closer is bad form. What a naughty little thing I am she is!

Since I picked up the box of free avatars from AnthroXtacy last week I’d been toying with the idea of getting one of the cat avatars. It is something that I’d been considering doing for some time but I’d never really been so excited by any of the ones available that I had to have it.

That said, with the changes to AnthroXtacy and the reduction in price I though it was as good a time as any to pick one up and see what I thought of it. To this point I’ve enjoyed wandering the grid in my BG Feline avatar or the DSD Ocelot. Now I can add my AnthroXtacy kitty to that list! Yay!

Kitty Faces

I’ve had a great deal of fun playing with the HUD. There are so many things you can change and features you can have off or on it’s unreal.

Eyes -
Endless colour options – All or inner and outer iris separately
Pupil size
Eyes open to various degrees or fully closed.

Open or closed with a variety of options between
Tongue in our out
“Normal” “Hiss” or “Smile” modes
Articulated jaw when talking  on or off

Scotch Fold or Fluffy ears with  three different positions.
Twitch on or off.
Tail – sculpted, fluffy or sleek versions.
Still, constant and steady wag options.

And probably a couple of other things I’ve forgotten to mention here.

Whew! You get A LOT here for your L$300


Finding hair that fits the head shape is a bit of a task to say the least. I found that a hat with hair tended looked better in the end. Thanks to a Fifty Linden Friday offering I learned about “Darcy” from LaViere and managed to snap up an almost perfect colour match version in a Black Friday sale. Other than that all I’m wearing is a pair of Apricot Paws jeans and a top from Insanya.

I think I’ve kept you here for more than long enough now so I’m going to stop here.

Until next time,
A very happy KookyCat!

Is she a rabbit??? …very very cute!!!!

Is she a rabbit??? ...very very cute!!!!

On Left:
Skin: TSG – (NEW)
Lips: PF
Glasses: CHEERNO
Outfit: TSG – (NEW)
Socks: IZZIE’S
Shoes: DEF
Headphone: DEF
Bracelets: GOK – (RECENT)
On Right:
Skin: TSG – (NEW)
Lips: TSG – (NEW)
Shoes: DECO – (NEW)

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