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22 # Swag

Look 62: Have Yourself a Merry


My Look
SKIN: BCC | [Latte] Lui 15 | @Arcade |
EYES [mesh]: Anara | Custom Mesh Eyes |
HAIR [mesh]: Magika | Visit 03 Color Pack |
NECKLACE: Cae | Flourish Necklace | With Love Hunt |
RING: Flowey | Light as a Feather Ring |
SCARF: Pesca | Belted Stole | @Arcade |
GLASSES: [glow] studios | Birdy Glasses – Gold1  | @Arcade |
ANTLERS: +Half Deer+ | Fawn Antlers – Vintage Floral |
PURSE: The Secret Store | Tiny Satchel – Mustard Polka | @Arcade |
TIGHTS: Juicy Box | The Kiss Tights |
BOOTS: G-Field | Lace Up Boots “Gina” – Black |
DRESS: Ingenue | Chaud Dress – Blush  | @Dec C88 |
POSES: Label Motion |  | @The Dressing Room Fusion |

My Room
FIREPLACE: Cheeky Pea | Hello Deer Fireplace  | VIP Group Gift (fee to join) |
XMAS TREE: Cheeky Pea | Tynebark Antler Tree | @Men’s Dept |
VASES (on mantle): Cheeky Pea | From “Sweetwater Room” (modified) | Past C88 |
HATS: {u.f.o.} and 9+ |
GIFT BOXES: floorplan. |
RUG: Tatty Soup | Lowe Rug – Plum |
ROCKING CHAIR: Tatty Soup | Lizzie Rocking Chair – Mixed Stripe |
CURTAINS: Tatty Soup | Cole Curtains – Lush Velvet Aubergine |
MIRROR: Zigana | Weathered Mirror – Texture Change |
BOOKCASE: Lisp | Macabre Bookcase – Texture Change |
HOUSE: Vespertine | Nougat Apt. |


Up until very recently, the weather was so nice that it was difficult for me to get into the Christmas Spirit. Fortunately, I seem to have been set right by a recent cold snap, paired with my bright idea to listen to an all-Christmas radio station in the car. Now that I’m finally inspired, I’ve but together a cozy little Christmas room with some items from Cheeky Pea and Tatty Soup. I also went wild with these Christmas gift boxes from floorplan – so well-made and cute! They also work well as an accessory, with a little fiddling and re-positioning. ;)

I’m wearing a warm knit dress made by Ingenue for the “Frostbite” themed Collabor88, and I love the dainty shape of it. I’ve also thrown in quite a few little goodies I’ve snatched up at the Arcade Event (including the gorgeous skin by BCC, which I’ve gone nuts trying to collect all of!), which I will continue to feature in future posts since I’ve blown lots and lots of money there so far.  And finally, I seem to be addicted to hairs by Magika lately, specifically the fades color pack – they’re just perfect for someone as indecisive as me!

Office Party

gold&cream_004 480

gold&cream_001 480

gold&cream_008 480

Sweater: Damask Sweater – Icing ~ The Secret Store
Skirt: Aspen High-Waisted Skirt – Gold Print ~ Tee*fy
Shoes: Strap Shoes “Alex” – Black ~ G. Field
Ring: Boho Ring – Black ~ Yummy
Manicure: Glitter Prim Nails ~ Sexy Mamas
Eyes: “Sunrise” Eyes – Deep Steel Blue ~ Ikon
Lashes: Vox Long Eyelashes ~ Vox
Hair: Ella Hair – Bournville ~ LeLutka
Skin: Elle BR Tan 6 ~ Belleza

Just another pretty outfit for a make-believe event! Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday.



SL Fashion Explorer 2012-12-11 18:02:00

Yet another Christmas outfit for today that I’m posting here. I just had to take a picture of this beautiful outfit from Boudoir and post here. Amazing job from Precious Restless! I strongly recommend you to visit her inworld store and buy some of her lovely and highly detailed outfits and accessories. This is not advert, I’m just amazed by this very talented designer.
Slurl to Boudoir store:

Style-Mix by Sawa #300


Hair: “Barbara cocoa” Truth **MESH**
Skin: “Amberly Europa Frostbite 03 D” Glam Affair@Collabor88

Jeans: “Mungo Jeans dirty” NOTsoBAD **MESH**
Bra: “Rocker Babe Bikini” MonCheri *available with Lola appliers*
Top: “Mara Lace Tank II – black” [PO] **MESH**
Boots: “My Combat Ankle Boots – Black” [monso]@Collabor88 **MESH**

Tattoo: “Kismet” Little Pricks
Ears: “Steking Ears” Mandala **MESH**
Necklace: part of “Love Rocker – Full Set” Maxi Gossamer **MESH**
Piercing: “Blind 2” Pekka.
Gloves: “Ree Gloves floral” GLUE INK
Nails: “Nails: “Perfect Hand Short v1.2″ MStyle
Bracelet left: “Luxury Bracelet black” Zup **MESH**
Bracelet right: “Headphones Retro” Zup **MESH**

“Bitch 1″ Glitterati

The new beginning


*COCO* || Tuxedo Jacket [New!]
Overhigh || Hell Top [New!]
Bliss Couture || Karrie
Erratic || Zoey Leather Pants
Lode || Fredi [New!]
Burley || Noah [New!]
Fleshtone || Shalom Clutch
A&A || Asos Spot Triangle Necklace
Maitreya Gold || Liason [New!]
Slink || Elegant Mesh Hand
Set decoration:
William Weaver || Build 002
Color.Me.HOF || Luggages [New @ The Arcade]
Art Dummy || Meadow Coffeepot
Amita Yorcliffe

Standing By The Fire….

Its cold out there!!!!!
And whats the best way to protect yourself from cold?
Light a fire and put on a stylish outfit !
Winter Fair is going on these days so you better go take a look !
I got this amazing hoodie from Mayden Couture that i absolutely love!
It comes with its own hair , but i used my SLink one i bought from last year’s Hair Fair.
Also i love this pair of jeans from Admiral Spicy! I love the hole on the knee! Its precious!
And i took out of the box the Surf Boots i bought ages! I love shoes that are never out of fashion!
Dont Forget to visit Bens Beauty for amazing jewellery and nails! 
So… What I’m Wearing ::

Hair :: Angel Hair (Coal) ~ Slink
Top :: Debby Hoodie (Red) ~ Mayden CoutureWinter Fair 
Pants :: Low Rise Mesh Worn Jeans (Grey) ~ !Admiral Spicy!
Boots :: Olea Boots (Black) ~ [SC]
Bracelete :: Glamour Bracelets ( Silver) ~ Bens Beauty 
Nails :: So long Nails ( Red) ~ Bens Beauty 

last time/first time

Casting tips

Here are some tips for new models and everybody who wants to go on some model casting.

Where to start then… each model begin their career by participating to castings, and castings will become a regular daily activity in your modeling life… castings to enter a model agency, to participate to a fashion show, to be selected for print work, to proceed in a modeling or beauty contest.

Duly preparing your application to a casting is essential. Casting organizers often make a heavy selection after applications’ screening, and they may invite to the casting only few models out of the overall applicants. You understand that preparing the best application you can is of foremost importance.

Questionnaire – The first thing not to underestimate is to be complete and accurate in filling out the application notecard. Answer all questions, and simply answer to what was asked. If casting managers want to know something, they will ask in the application notecard.

Read – Carefully read instructions. Rules are there for a reason, that is to make the application and screening process as smooth as possible.  Be aware of all the steps you have to carry out to complete your application, most questions will find an answer in the instructions’ notecard, so no need to bother casting managers, don’t you think? There is usually a person in charge of collecting applications and being the main contact with applicants. If you still have questions, make sure to contact this person only. If you don’t follow instructions, there’s a good chance that your application will be excluded from the selection process, no matter how good modeling potential you have.

Photos – Several castings will require you to prepare one or more pictures of yourself following a specific theme or style. If you contact a photographer for application pics, be prepared! Do not leave the whole job to the photographer, because this is your casting. Take at least a couple of hours of your time to meticulously style the outfit/s, it is even better to take few days if you have time. Once you’re ready, be very descriptive with your photographer and explain the concept and mood, or emotion, that you would like to portray in your photo. If your avatar has some strong and unique features, make sure photographer doesn’t hide them. Bringing with you some rl images or a couple of poses that really “emote” your outfit will be a good inspiration for your photographer.
Please note, some castings will require you to present a raw snapshot. If they ask you so, the biggest mistake is to present a beautiful photo with background and highly edited by a professional photographer.

Double check – before you submit your application, make sure to double check that everything is correct. In my experience, wrong photo permissions is the most common disregard. We all know SL can play tricks at times; if you’re sending textures in a folder, and not attached to a notecard, I warmly suggest you to check permissions several times.

As usual, it’s essential that you read instructions. But much more beside it.

What are they looking for? Before you even start preparing your outfit for the live audition, you should have clear in your mind what the agency or the designer is looking for. Study their style and vision, visit their stores, or carefully read their website. Review photo sets or videos of previous shows, and if you have a chance, talk to someone who already works with them to have some insight and feedback. This prep work may take some time, but it will pay off. If you know who you are casting for, you will be able to be more focused in your preparation, and address your style choice towards something that the agency or designer really wants and needs.

Think You will be usually assigned a theme and you will have to prepare one or more outfits to present during the live audition on the runway. Once you’ve learned more about the agency/designer, it is time to think… think how you want to interpret the assigned theme, explore your favorite stores or fashion blogs, go through your inventory and check if you find an item that inspires you: it may be a piece of jewelry, a hair, a single prim of any outfit. That may be your starting point and you can build an outfit around it. You may often change your mind, because the more you work and try different combinations, better ideas will come to you.

Fitting It is important to have a folder of your outfit ready, including all the items you’re going to wear, along with the selection of poses you’ve picked. I’m going to tell you what I look at, first thing during a casting or a fashion show: fitting. No matter how stylish and creative the outfit you present is, if prims are not correctly edited, prims’ and layers’ textures are not matching, or if you distort textures or alter a prim with a wrong pose, there’s a good chance you will not be chosen for the job. I’m not a designer myself, but I understand how important is to “sell” a design in the correct way. This doesn’t apply to clothing only, but also to hair, jewelry, lashes, shoes or any other accessory you may be wearing.

Take your time This may sound obvious, but you really should put time and care in thinking first, and then styling your outfit. Just as an example, selecting poses for an outfit usually takes me hours, or days sometimes. Do not rush it and make sure you have enough time to prepare for the casting, if you’re not satisfied yourself with the result for sure designer or agency will not pick you. On the other hand, if you’re happy with your presentation, you know inside you you’ve prepared at the best you can, whatever the outcome is.

The first advice I feel like giving you is to make sure that your computer system is stable and ready to handle massive lag. This may sound blunt, but it’s true: if you are not able to control your system and manage such a laggy situation as a big casting or a fashion show is, your job opportunities will be limited, especially if you aim at becoming a good runway model.

Luckily, there are a couple of simple things that usually work.

Face lag Close all the unnecessary applications (i.e. messengers, music players, internet browser, graphic softwares, and so on), turn graphics to the minimum, clear cache in your Second Life viewer, and reboot your system. When you log in back to Second Life, it will take some time to fetch inventory again, so make sure to do this preparation well ahead of casting time, possibly hours before. If you have to change outfit during the casting, and if you have the chance to go to casting’s venue before casting time, my advice is to go there and try on all your outfits once so that textures preload.

Be focused Big castings are very often confusing. You will find yourself backstage with several other models who are as excited and confused as you are, chit chat will be going on, you will get to know new friends, but stay focused! Casting director will most likely give you instructions on where to walk and pose right when you arrive backstage. So it is your responsability to listen carefully and be reactive in following instructions. Do not panic or ask too many questions because all the information you need is going to be provided. You just have to line up, focus on what you have to do, and patiently wait your turn.

Have fun Live auditions are an amazing experience because you get to try yourself in a competition with other fellow models, and because that’s where you will network and get to know new people who may become friends. Stay calm, focused, and positive… you will have much fun.

You’re not chosen? If you consider lots of models apply to a casting, only part of it are invited to live auditions, and only one or few will be picked for the job, you have to take into account the possibility you may not be chosen. If you’re not chosen for the job, never blame it on designer or agency management. Whatever reasons you may have on your side, the truth is that chosen models were better than you in presenting what designer/agency was looking for. This doesn’t mean you’re not a good model. Accepting rejection in a positive way is a very delicate subject, but it’s important that new models stay confident and take all rejections as a trigger to work harder and overcome their own limits. If you stay objective, what may initially feel like a failure will turn in an opportunity to grow and a success for you and your modeling career, probably with some new contacts and friends in it. Never give up!

Taken from: http://slmodeleducationlink.wordpress.com

.:. F R O S T .:. Fair! 1

Hair: booN
Skin: {.essences.} Maria skin *Vivante dark* clear + Light Lipstick 02
Make Up eyes: {.essences.} Twiggy Eye Make-up
Eyes: .ID.
Ears: …::: Scrub :::… “And now?” Ears *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair!
Pearcings: [ S H O C K ] Pierce my face – Piercings *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair!
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos -Asian Dragon *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair!
Choker: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Black Choker Pack
Necklace: Cute Poison – Zombie Necklace
Top: [ bubble ] Camouflage Top
Belt: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Belt :: DISCO SAFARI ::
Nails: [ S H O C K ] Leopard Style Nails *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair!
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelets :: DULCE MUERTE ::V.1
Pants: .:villena:. – loose pants gradient#1
Boots: :::LP::: Quad Boots [Nude] *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair!

Pose: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Pose 02

 *.:. F R O S T .:. Fair! starts tomorrow!! very good prices ;)

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