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Couple Amination Hud for FREE!

This is a fast post… I have this HUD and it is very very nice… costed me around L$800… the board remainds 36 people… go go go!

Here the TAXI!, also look around many nice gifts not only to group…

Butterflies in the tummy ……..

I can’t believe it is almost here. On Saturday, a new Miss Virtual World will be crowned. Where did the last 4 months go????? It seems like yesterday I was dumbfounded that I had been selected as an official candidate, representing my RL home country of Cyprus.

I went into the contest with my eyes wide open, having no idea what to expect or what would really be required.Well, I can safely say my styling skills have been stretched to the limit and beyond, I learned new things, modified old ones and generally really grew as a model and a person.

Before the contest, I had a small SL family. That family is now increased by 29 amazing, wonderful women who have become like sisters to me over the past 4 months. They could not have been friendlier, more gracious and giving of their time or supportive to me who was, quite honestly, scared out of my wits.

The contest made me think, question my skills, re-evaluate them and learn. It has been such an eyeopener to what is really possible with SL fashion and clothes. I do things now I would never have been able to do 4 months ago and if I am honest with myself, things I would not have DARED to do !

I want to give a huge shout-out to the wonderful, generous people who sponsored my journey, not just with their skill, but as a shoulder to cry on, an ear and a helping hand to hold when I needed one. They were :-

Photography – October Studios – October Bettencourt
Jewellry – Sequoiastyle – Sequoia Nightfire
Formal Gown – Bliss Couture – Amutey DeCuir
National Gown - Vero Modero - Bouquet Babii
Hair – Element Hair – Kreolita DeCosta
Poses – Isomotion – Isoldel
Makeup – Face Paint – Eve Express-Qarnac

Without them, I would never have been able to make it, so thank you to each and every one of you who so kindly photographed me, made jewellry for me and everything you did for me.

So, only two days to go until I learn if I was good enough to be considered for the title. Whoever does ultimately win will have my full support and love, but all of us are winners to me. Such generous, kind-hearted ladies, any one of them would carry the title with grace and poise.

Was it all worth it? Oh my god, yes.Would I do it again? Absolutely. Am I mad? Maybe !!!!

My heartfelt best wishes to all of my fellow contestants, it has been quite a ride xxxxx

Blush of Winter

Because it’s cold out here in California, I’m bringing you warm kisses and the embrace of luxuriously soft knit sweaters to warm your winter day.  The Alice Mesh Dress by Chandelle fits like a dream, and I love the white/red gradient shade, which actually looks more of a blush pink to me.  You can find at the Winter Wishes Market through January 7th, for only 99L.

Blush of Winter (click here for larger image)

I’ve snuggled deeper into the warm sweatery mood by topping it off with the red Winter Scarf by Auxiliary, from the current TDR (The Dressing Room) Fusion selection.  If you haven’t been to the new location, please update your landmarks and get rid of the old TDR and TDR-Blue

While there are an amazing variety of lovely new skins out right now, I just keep coming back to my favorite skin, the Melissa Sunkissed by Belleza, that I’ve been wearing since my birthday in June.  To it, I’ve added the Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow in pink from MONS, found now at TDR Fusion.

My hair is Volume by Magika.  If you haven’t been to Magika in awhile, they have a wonderful selection of mesh hairs now, as well as the stand-by sculpted selection.  And you get a huge pack of color options for only 250L.  Magika, I love you in my life.  I also recently blogged the After style by Magika, here, and just love the quality and realism of the newer Magika styles.

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits:

MONS / Makeups – Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow – pink : TDR Fusion
- CHANDELLE – Mesh dress Alice white/red [S] – Winter Wishes Market
Magika [Hair S] Volume
[AUX] Winter Scarf_Red – L : TDR Fusion
-Belleza- Melissa SK 16
.ID. Glimmer Contacts / TheArcade / Aqua : Insufferable Dastard

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH released 3 mesh hairstyles that all include a wig with roots. First up is BIANCA. This pretty medium length cut has a wave in front that partially covers one eye. The hair is pulled back showing the ears and showcasing your earrings. This is a very stylish yet sexy look!

Truth Hair Bianca

CHYNNA is a sophisticated updo piled high on top of the head. The hair is pulled off the face with strands framing your face.

Truth Hair Chynna

Last but not least is MOXIE. This hairstyle is a one-sided ponytail with a forelock.

Truth Hair Moxie

Style-Mix by Sawa #301

Hair: “Violetta Brownie” Exile **Groupgift**MESH**
Skin: “Amberly Europa Frostbite 02 D” Glam Affair@Collabor88

Pants: “Curtis Sweatpants smokey” NOTsoBAD **NEW**MESH**
Jacket: “Fur Hooded Down Jacket Black” +grasp+ **NEW**MESH**
Boots: “My Combat Ankle Boots – Black” [monso]@Collabor88 **MESH**

Tattoo: “Kismet” Little Pricks
Ears: “Steking Ears” Mandala **MESH**
Scarf: “Scarf *Mesh Black” cheeky@Winterfair **MESH**
Piercing: “Blind 2” Pekka.
Gloves: “Leather Gloves Red” Izzie’s
Earmuffs: “Red Reindeer” League@The Arcade Gatcha

“Snowball Fight Pose Set” Izzie’s

Stop in at Evolve for this amazing Thursday offer

Well I got this beautiful ‘Daring Flower’ dress from Evolve since I’m one of their in-store models and I must say that you really can’t miss this amazing Thursday offer. It’s only 55L! This stunning looking dress has two layer skirt (one flexi and laced and second flexi as well made with cute flowers texture) and its perfect for some romantic evening or dinner with your lover. Another thing that I liked is that this outfit comes with face tattoo makeup whick looks very cute with this dress. In addition I’m quite a big fan of Victorian and Vintage looking outfits and Daring Flower reminds me of the streets of Paris and romantic summer nights, so that’s why I had to share this with you.
So here’s my styling card for this outfit:
Outfit: EVOLVE – Daring Flower
Shoes: .:EC:. Ysaline – Heels (green color on HUD)
Accessories: =^^= MIAO – Rose Earrings and ring
Hair: Vanity Hair – Cotton Club
Make-up: R.Icielli – Candy makeups Lipstick 03 / R.Icielli – Expressive makeup eyeshadow 05
EVOLVE store slurl:

I love The Ex-Girlfriends



Thanks to the band The Ex-Girlfriends for tweeting my blog

I leave her new video !!

The Ex Girlfriends – We Are The Party

Winter fair & lag issues

Ok here’s another SL winter fashion fair.  It will be open from 12.12.2012 till 01.02.2013 and I can’t wait to go there. I love fashion fairs! This one is going to be HUGE. There’s a lot of great designers included, lot of sales, exclusive releases at 50% discounted prices. 
The last fair i visited was amazing as well but the problem was (as always) lag and its really bad when you can’t move from your landing spot even if your graphic are on low and you’r viewer looks like some old video game from 90′s cause of all options turned off to reduce lag. You could see avatars all around you tryin to move but it was unbearable. I always respect the rule to reduce my scripts but it is problem like on fashion shows, people just want to look amazing and pretty even if they scripts are not allowing others to walk normal and explore the fair.
*Lag = You type a line into chat, it appears half a minute later… that’s lag. You try to move and it’s like pushing through syrup… that’s lag. You’re playing a game and visually its updates like moving game pieces around or telling you things in chat are stuttering or slow, that’s lag.
I would suggest this about scripts: even if they’re well written, they can add to the “garbage” cost, because they are a part of the load the server has to put up with. I found this out on the last fair a few weeks ago, when I took off my walk override — the only AO I usually wear — and heel sounds, and my ARC dropped by maybe 100-200 points. So you’re correct about removing scripted stuff first; I’d just make it general, instead of focusing on the trashy stuff. I try to remember to strip those off when I go into a high-load region now. Usually you’re at one of these to do something else besides walking and clicking your heels, anyway, you don’t need an AO on for those places.
*Tips about reducing avatar render weight: If your favorite shoes are copiable, copy them and remove the scripts from it (resize/color/sound scripts), same is for skirts or accessories, turn off AO’s (detach them!), use some simple hair without lot of scripts inside it (usually flexy hair have lot of scripts). When you have lot of scripted items on your avatar and you enter region like some fair when lot of people are present this will happend:
- Unable to move from one spot or your moves are really slow and you can’t control your avatar moves
- Teleport fails
- Items not rezzing
- Crashing while crossing regions 
- Items failing to deliver 
So make yourself and others to explore and shop without those problems and issues and enjoy the fair!

Fair slurl:

MM5 Rock Design Mesh Shirts!

 Introducing a new line of mesh clothing from MM5 Rock Design!

I absolutely fell in love with these shirts when i saw them! What better way to show your attitude off than on a sexy shirt with character! The pictures ive posted are just some of the many styles avaliable, so go check it out!

 Whats the BEST part about these shirts? Why they come in a Male/Female pack! Yes thats right.. buy one for you, and give the other to a friend/boyfriend/cat. whatever! They are Transferable!
 Heres a vendor pic for example:

Currently avaliable on the marketplace for 250L per set come and grab yours now!

FYI! this store has lots more than just shirts. Theres some pretty neat stuff including buildings!

Hair: Exile                          Skin: LAQ

  • Saltgrass
  • a casual mesh outfit with reasonable price
  • A monthly Home & Garden Event! Starts each month on the 23rd!
  • Smooth Designs on the Marketplace!
  • Your taxi to Legal Insanity!
  • Click here to visit Bravura Homme Today!

Menswear Fashion Week 2014 is Coming!

Suicide Dollz Bi-Weekly Event

  • Become Inspired, Click Here To Visit The Kollective!
  • Second Life's premier system for lighting in a virtual world!
  • Damselfly

  • Luxury Living in New York City - The Fashion Capital of SL
  • The Best of Second Life - All in one place!

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