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we may or may not do it


on right:

the basics:

skin – pink fuel kumi
hair – magika tomorrow

the clothes:

house of london fawkes fur vest black (avail at fameshed)


other credits coming soon

on left:

the basics:

glam affair amberly skin
truth bianca hair
mayfly mesh eyes
glam affair dark ed cosmetics #3
slink mesh hands (elegant/casual)

the clothes:

house of london fawkes fur vest red (avail at fameshed)
maitreya leather miniskirt
fanatik pumps with spikes (avail at fameshed)

the accessories:

maxi gossamer patience heart watch pendant
mandala okaki bracelet (avail at fameshed)

pose: glitterati – we may or may not do it


Glam Leah med - WTG Myth


Hair: booN ZGO223 hair black
Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Jet Black
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Natural – 01 D
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Cool Silver (ML)
Eyeshadow: blackLiquid MAKEUP – silver glitter shaddow
Lashes: ***Chaisuki*** lashes51
Lipgloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP – just gloss
Nails: [LB002 Manicure s10L] Tawny06


Shoulder Piece: +:+WTG+:+ **Myth-S** shoulder
Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Myth-S** ear pierces I
Bracelets: +:+WTG+:+ **Myth-S** bangle
Dress: *LpD* – *Optical* Dress Stripes

SMARTMESH – Chillie – Rider Jacket

Smart Mesh - Chillie - Rider Jacket

I’m finding myself with a rapidly expanding collection of mesh clothing in my inventory – just like most people no doubt. I do love me some meshy goodness, but there are a couple of things I don’t like about it too. One is having my inventory clogged up with at least 6 different sizes of the same thing with (almost) every purchase I make. Second is the constant ‘mini tweaks’ I’m having to make to various bits of my shape so that it fits properly.

Now, sure I could delete the sizes that don’t fit my avatar, but then what if I decide to change my shape somewhere down the line either for good or just for fun and find the version I kept doesn’t fit anymore? That’d be crazy amounts of frustrating…Especially if I’d thrown out the original box with all the sizes in it

I’m hoping my mini gripe with mesh will end up becoming a thing of the past in the not too distant future with the introduction of SMARTMESH™. This very aptly named new type of mesh adapts to fit your shape which means you only need a single “One size fits all” item in your inventory.

I thought I’d give Smartmesh a test drive in the form of this jacket from Chillie. When I got it the group was free to join and there were two jackets available at a reduced price. One was completely free for group members and a second “Cherry” one was on a promotional deal for just L$99. I’m not sure whether the in-world deal is still running, but at the time of posting, this one is available on the Marketplace.

Just before I go I’d like to draw your attention to the little snippet of urban goodness behind me. I visited a place built by my friend Dido’s friend Mind Vision in 3D Max which he uploaded to the grid. It really is wonderfully textured and detailed right down to having electricity boxes on the walls. 

You can see some better pictures here on Dido’s blog, visit in-world, and even purchase the “Urban Neighborhood” from Mind Vision on the marketplace.

Until next time,

Style-Mix by Sawa #310 feat. LeeZu

Hair: “Waiting for Tonight Swiss” ::Exile:: **MESH**
Skin: “Caprice dark 03″ Essences@Zodiac

Dress with Boots: “Kaya Gown graybrown” LeeZu **MESH**

Earrings: “Otsumani silver” Mandala **MESH**
Necklace: “Timeless :: 3 Strand Knotted Necklace” Cae **MESH**
Piercing: “Symmetry” Hebenon Vial **MESH**
Gloves: “Dame Elbow Gloves (grey)” *BOOM* **MESH**

“Model 315″ Everglow

LOTD 04.01.13


Skin: :GP: Party Girl Megapack !NEW! CURIO Gift  Finaly come back!
Shape: <3
Hair: ::BBSALON:: Beehive Messy Half-Do (Rose)
Eyes: {D.A} Lumiere Blue’s


Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: coco dress(plain black)mesh
FurrScraf: *COCO*_FurTippet&Pearls_TDR FUSION !NEW!
Socks: WWI Army Girl Black Garters Colors
Sunglasses: Color.Me.H.O.F [1960sFrames[Gold]
Boots: TDR Fusion Opening Special Boots !NEW!
Pose: Label Motion TDRF

Archiviato in:Free/ Cheap, New items Tagged: *COCO*, :BBSALON::, :Curio:, C’est la vie !, Color.Me.H.O.F, Label Motion, TDR, WWI, {D.A}

Style-Mix by Sawa #309

Hair: “Sassy 2 cocoa” Truth **MESH**
Skin: “Lilith India 02” Glam Affair

Blouse: “SoftySilky Cropped Blouse Zebra Bayou” .: vive nine :.  **NEW**MESH**
Pants: “Adisa Skinny Jeans – Black” .: vive nine :.  **NEW**MESH**
Shoes: “Greta Damask Black” JD **NEW**MESH**

Tattoo: “Kismet” Little Pricks
Ears: “Steking Ears” Mandala **MESH**
Necklace: “Onigiri Necklace Silver” Mandala **MESH**
Fur: “FurTippet&Pearls_Pink” *COCO*@TDR Fusion
Piercing: “Symmetry” Hebenon Vial@FROST **MESH**
Hands: “Rigged Hands Pack1″ SLink **MESH**
Watch & Bracelet: “SITENNOAH_black“ Mandala **MESH**

“Model 439″ Everglow

Room 326 – The Prizes

As always with the MadPea hunts I had an absolute blast with this one. Some of those envelopes were really tricky to find, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun! So long as you read the information from the HUD carefully all the help you need to find them is there. If you’re still stuck though, there are always MadPeas in the communal pod (or group chat as others might call it) that will be more than willing to lend a hand.

Room 326 Prizes 1

There are some absolutely amazing prizes this time around from clothes, jewelry and tattoos right across the board to skyboxes and things to fill them with. I’ve done my best to show you a selection of the different items you’ll be rewarded with at the end of the hunt.

As far as the clothing goes I’m in a bit of a mish mash of goodies. I have the “Do not Disturb” mesh hoodie from +REDRUM+ which is one of several items from them. On my bottom half are jeans belonging to the ‘Evidence’ outfit on offer from Just Because and right at the bottom are chucks with attached legwarmers from Death Row Designs.

The pose I’m using is one of the “Terror poses” offered by Image Essentials as their hunt prize. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn that the facial expression I’m donning isn’t part of the prize. I added that.using the AnyPose Expression HUD .

Room 326 Prizes 2

Both pictures were taken in different areas of the ::DD:: “Room 326 Skybox” which is quite beautifully made. The textures are amazing, and don’t distort up close like some do as you can see from how clear the carpet texture is in the picture nearest the top of this post.

Other prizes in the second image include another offering from +REDRUM+ in the form of the hand drawn picture shown here on the left. The image on the right is the “Silent Hill” picture by Madison Walkner. If you look closely I’m sure you’ll be struck by a moment of deja vu. I’m sure I’ve been there before..

Smack bang in the middle of the two pictures is one of the offered prizes from Never Totally Dead. They’ve generously provided this Silent Peacock luggage rack and a Haunted Manor build that you can learn more about on the MadPea Blog.

That’s about it for now.
Happy hunting!

Until next time,

New Year Fever with COCO

Ive still got New Year fever, eating my minced pies and being merry! I still feel like it is Christmas and by the end of the post you may  agree with me :P
COCO is one of my all time favourite brands. I have quite a few maybe 25 all time favourite brands but they have varying reasons. For COCO it is the fact their designs are stylish, elegant, up to date and the textures look so real! Their older designs including the infamous Tulip Dress (top Polaroid) and sexy Combinaison Outfit (the unzipped white jumpsuit) are still gold in my books. “Old is gold” has never been more true! The Ruffle jacket is amongst my favourites in the “couture” category becuase it is very detailed, the ruffles are very nice and is an item of clothing that could never go out of style in my opinion :)
 COCO always thinks about their group members! One of the only designers (as far as i can recall) that works hard for their designs but ALSO produces some wonderfully stylish high grade gifts for all her loyal customers.
This is one of the latest group gifts, a beautiful Shirt Dress that is both stylish and MESH! It is rigged so it will move with you and with textures like these you will want them to move with you :)
I have also worn a previous group gift, Suede Boots which come in two variations with and without fur. They are rigged MESH and unrigged MESH so you decide how you want to wear these beauties.
 Another offering from COCO is the cashmere touch Turtleneck Sweater. Click on the image to see it larger. The sweater has a ribbed bottom edge which finished the sweater nicely but the skirt covers it up. Still cute, the Maitreya Pencil Skirt is a VIP group gift still available at their main store between clothing and footwear departments. One of the best pencil skirts i have ever seen. It is both slender, fitted and MESH!
I must not forget the wonderful Christmas Gift from Poetic Colours, Christmas Pearl Eyes. They come in a variety of sizes and either “bright or dark” eyes for that perfect look. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! <3 p=”p”>
 Going a bit off topic… Miel have made an amazing jewelry set JUST FOR YOU. Simply go to their store and click their subscribo to get their updates (click no#9 for the jewelry). The jewelry looks like it may vanish very soon! Quickly go get it :) The necklace and earrings are bohemian looking with an array of ethnic looking shiny beads tied together with pieces of cord. It looks gorgeous! Miel has never disappointed me <3 p=”p”>
I wore these lovely earrings with my COCO Turtleneck and with a couple of the older outfits. These seem to go with everything! They are colourchange in menu so its 7 in 1.
The final group gift from COCO is the Tuxedo Dress which is both a Tuxedo and a glitzy sequin mini dress in 1. Looks very sexy and stylish as it is but can be teamed up with accessories for an even more stylish look. The Tuxedo Dress is amongst my favourites from COCO probably becuase i am a sucker for any outfit that includes a sexy blazer. I thought I would wear my Christmas Gift Morantique LUSH Era pearl necklace with this outfit as well as a pair of heels from Mstyle called Rivea.
Although I did just mention the Rivea pumps from Mstyle, the Goshi pumps are the ones i really wanted to introduce to you all! The fit is lovely, the textures are crisp and the amount of colours you can get them in is insane! I wore these pumps with my Turtleneck Sweater outfit further up!
Want to know a secret?… These heels are currently 50% off, they are on SALE!
Last but not least (not COCO related but is super cute!) is the Tutys handbag puppy holder! It is super cute, I can not believe how many times i have said “awww” to this accessory. You simply need one of these. He is FREE on Marketplace so you can give this little puppy a home NOW!

Cocoro is a lovely designer. Her work is lovely, her personality is amazing and finding designers that are both sweet and great at creating is rare. There are many designers that are sweet and fabulous that I enjoy speaking to & love to bits. Cocoro is just one of those amazing people on my list :)
Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year <3 br=”br”>Michi xoxo
Ps: I always encourage people to buy something if they love a designer’s work. If you love COCO as much as I do then go buy yourself something nice to support her designs. All designers appreciate the support they can get from their customers :)  Its our way of saying “we love your work, keep doing what you do!”.

The Goodies:

TutysHandbag Dog Holder (0L on Marketplace)
MielUva jewelry set (0L in subscribo – click no# 9 for the gift!)
Morantique LUSHEra Pearl Necklace (254L but worth ever linden)
Poetic Colours – Christmas Pearl (FREE gift in-store)
MstyleRivea and Goshi pumps (Goshi are 50% off, colour packs are 149L and fatpack is 1999L until the offer ends – Rivea is 379L per colour pack and 4999L for the fatpack)
COCOSuede Fur Boots (FREE group gift comes in Rigged and Unrigged mesh, with and without fur options. Very cute!)
COCOBare Top in pink and black Pencil Skirt (Unfortunately the Bare Top is no longer on sale BUT the Pencil Skirt is 50L per colour)
COCO - Tulip Dress (100L per colour, white and black available)
Combinaison suit, Puff Top and Ruffle Jacket (Combinaison is 50L per colour, Puff Top is 35L per colour [comes with a cute tie you can wear that compliments the colour of the top] and Ruffle Jacket is 150L per colour)
COCO - Turtleneck Sweater, Tuxedo Dress and Sweater Dress (FREE group gifts all Rigged mesh)

Maitreya – Pencil Skirt (FREE for VIP group members)
Lelutka - Aurora in Marilyn Blonde (280L per colour pack and 1240L for the fatpack)
TruthJanuary in Seasand and Pumpkinpie (FREE New Year gift from Truth)
Exile – Violetta in Bleach (FREE subscribo gift in-store)


hair: Gosling_Reds Burley
tattoo: A-CROSS Tattoo [front&back] ::LEO-NT::
earrin&necklace: Rosana Earring & Necklace ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. fi*Friday  new includes texture change menu
bracelet&ring: Rosana Bracelet & Ring ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. fi*Friday new includes texture change menu
trench: winter chic trench coat – beige ..:: Legal Insanity ::..  new mesh
tights: Folklore Leggings -Navajo League
bag: Bag Marry. black CHANDELLE
shoes: Mesh * Radical Boots * Black Maitreya

Going Dotty For Retro With Spearsong

Spearsong & Flirt Mesh Retro Dress - Front - Still Life  [Twit] Zoom Zoom Boom -_002

Wait long enough and what you used to wear will come back into style, so it’s fun to wear retro looks, and recreate the past, one you lived or just have seen on TV and Movies. It’s also great when you can put together a great look at a great price. This dress is from Spearsong a store filled with things I would love to wear and all at great prices. It’s called appropriately enough – Womens Mesh Retro Dress. It costs just 70L. You can get the fatpack of all 6 textures for 500L. There are some funny fatpack pricing in SL, like this one. If you bought all 6 separately you pay 430L so you pay an extra 80L instead of getting a discount for getting them all.

Spearsong & Flirt Mesh Retro Dress - Side - KS2Cool Pose 70

For a mesh dress this one fits great. I wore my normal small breasted shape and all I had to do was hike my breasts up a touch and I could do away with the alpha layers entirely. The only weakness of this design is the alpha layer doesn’t cover the one spot it really needs to which is the butt. I have to change my butt size to about 20 so it didn’t show skin. It was sad to do it. It is kinda a crime against nature for a black girl to have small flat ass but under a mesh dress no one can tell.

I like all the small details on this dress. The fact that the dots stay basically the same size, no bigger dots on spots where the fabric expands like on the breasts like I have seen on other mesh dresses with dots.  I love the texture of the satin belt, how it has that reflective little sheen that real satin has. I also appreciate the finishing little touches like the perfect small zipper in the back of the dress. So many outfits don’t have any visible way of getting them on and off. I appreciate the touch of realism.

The shoes I’m wearing in this picture and the one above are from N-core. I have loved N-Core shoes for a long time, this is the group gift edition of the eternity shoe. You can’t get this “dotty version” but you can buy 12  other colours of eternity shoes for 495 each or get the fatpack for 3495L. At the fatpack price it’s like getting 5 pairs free.

Spearsong & Flirt Mesh Retro Dress - Face - KS2Cool Pose 78

This great afro is from a edgy shop called Unorthodox owned by designer Tonio Harmison. He does all kinds of great urban hair designs. 90% of his hairs are made for men, but a lot of them can be worn by women. So be a little adventurous and buy demos and give them a try. The only fly in the ointment is that he charges 1L for demos, I hate paying for demos, It’s not the money, it’s just the idea. It really works against the designer. Sure you get 1L even if I don’t buy the hair, but I don’t try as many demos, I only buy the ones for the hair I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy. Result, I don’t those hairs that aren’t my normal style that look surprisingly good on me. For a couple of lindens, you have lost 2 or 3 hair sales.

The hair I’m wearing here is called ” Natural Curls – Side Part -Female…this comes in black and blonde…350L each colour. This does have a part on the left side if you have it as a very short afro..a part in both the hair and hair base, but I liked the longer afro look for this retro outfit, it’s nice that it can be versatile and I wanted to show that.

I know you all want to know about this skin,who wouldn’t. The bonus is that the body is even nicer then the face..Score! It’s by Glance and is called Nyasha, her latest creation. She has a great system for skins, you buy the skin in the tone you want, then a lip pack and a shadow pack…or just use the lips and shadows you already own. I of course bought both, It is a good deal, all the shadows and lipsticks are superbly done.

The Base skin is 1,099L, The lipstick pack which has 12 colours, in both matt and gloss for 499L. The shadow pack is 10 shadows fo 399L

The rich brown eyes I’m wearing are from Mayfly. They make the best mesh eyes I have tried so far. They fit me perfectly without any need to fiddle or move around which has never happened to me before. They also come in 4 different pairs of eyes per box so that you can have the whites you want. Ironically finding eyes with good whites to me often feels harder then finding eyes that have great irises. Going to SL “best” eye store netted me eyes they said were for pale skin that had whites that were pinker then my skin, and it wasn’t even that pale a skin. Boy was that a waste of money. I don’t know how many eyes I have bought that have had grey in the corners when your eyes look to the sides or even worse blood red in the corners. At times it has been enough to stop me from trying new eyes at all so I really appreciate the white options in these Mayfly eyes. \

They don’t just have great whites though, the iris comes in a huge selection of colours, the ones I am wearing are the Tawny Bristre eyes. All of their eyes look even better on your avatar then the photo on the front of the box, which is a nice change from some shops that photoshop so much that it’s the other way around. Top it all off with a great light reflection, it all add ups to some great eyes that only cost 99L each.

The “exactly perfect for the dress” necklace that I’m wearing is from Izzie’s 50′s pearls necklace in white. This necklace costs 60L each or  500L for the fatpack of 16 colours  They come in a rainbow of colours and tones, there is probably something perfect for your outfit, retro or not.

Last but not least there is my nails. These are from Bamboo, which is a shop I found recently. They are having a sale right now so all their nails are on 50% off so grab them now while you can because I don’t know when the sale is over, there was no end date on any of the sale announcements. I can never seem to do great photos of prim nails so I’m going to put a photo of the store photo..they do a much better job of it then I do.


Bamboo’s nail packs come with 5 different nail colours or designs in a set, controlable by a hud that lets you colour each nail. The nails are scripted in ways that let you exchange hud controls for what are normally extra pairs of nails. The hud grows your nails to 4 different sizes, from small to extra large. The hud will also change the size of the nails to fit hand sizes 0, 10 or 20. These nails are a ton of fun, very beautiful, with loads of imaginative designs I haven’t seen anywhere else. RubyRedRusset, the designer, does a great job of keeping her marketplace shop up to date so if you aren’t in the game when you read this, have a peek there.

The only complaint I have about the store is that it heavily uses some shades of certain colours and doesn’t use other shades at all. For instance I tried to feature them in my last blog post but there wasn’t a single wine/burgundy nail. There also isn’t light olives or moss greens but if I wanted the green in the picture above I could have had over a dozen different packs though.I find as a consumer that when the same colours are used again and again in packs, even though it’s different designs, I eventually stop buying them, because you can only use so many items of the same colour. I hope things mix up a bit, get some jewel tones and tapestry shades etc etc because I love these nails.

Photography Credits – I took the photo with my Katink photo studio, using the April Showers Pack 1 background pack. This is background 9 out of the 10 full permission backgrounds that you get for 100L.

Photo 1 – Still Life – Silly Little Twit Set – Zoom Zoom Boom – Still Life makes great poses..fun..silly..bashful..introverted…wistful..if you can feel it, still life shows it, and shows it at a price that doesn’t break the linden bank.

Photo 2 – KS2Cool – Pose 70 – These poses are by a terrific blogger Karla Scorbal so of course they are great for bloggers. They are also the cheapest poses I have ever seen. Every pack of 10 poses is just 5L. Anyone who uses poses needs to pick

Photo 3 -

KS2Cool – POse 78

Photo 4 – Taken from market place with shop owners permission

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