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Siobhan by Adam N Eve

Adam N Eve is about to release the stunning Siobhan skin. I am just in love with the makeups for this skin, including this gorgeous red lip. Siobhan comes in five skin tones, each having six makeups. To help you further customize your skin, there are tattoo layers included to add freckles, change brow color, add hairbase, remove inner eyeliner, enhance or dehance cleavage, and add dimples. That is a TON or options! To match the gorgeous red lip, I’m also wearing Elikatira’s adorable new release, Only, which includes a texture change HUD for the headband.

Hair: Elikatira – Only ~ Blonde 7 by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Skin: Adam & Eve – Siobhan~ T1/Tomato by Sachi Vixen
Eyes: Ikon – Eternal Eyes ~ Floe by Ikon Zenovka
Necklace: Cae– Love Letters by Caelan Hancroft

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Style-Mix by Sawa #313

Hair: “Girl*42(Dark Brown)” *Dura **NEW**
Skin: “Aisha Candy dark brow cleavage sunkissed” Al Vulo!@TDR Fusion **NEW**

Jeans: “Belted Flairs – Black Skull” [AUX]@TDR Fusion **NEW**MESH**
Shirt: “Sadie Tee Black” Dumb Blond **MESH**
Jacket: “fleece parka XMAS” .:villena:. **xmas-gift**MESH**
Shoes: “Cassia Sandals Black” SLink

Earrings: “Ohoshisama” Mandala **MESH**
Piercing: “Symmetry” Hebenon Vial **MESH**
Necklaces: parts of Love & Peace Rocker by Maxi Gossamer **MESH**
Tattoo: “Kismet” Little Pricks

“Olyvia 2″ Diesel Works

Happy New Year!!!!

Hair Diva

Dakota Sautereau

Dakota Sautereau

Dakota Sautereau1


Dakota with a roguish grin and an air of bravado quips, “My style, as is anyones, varies to fit the themes and fashion of the places I visit in Second Life.  This particular outfit I put together for a New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball.  I built the entire costume around the eye patch with my idea being my mask would be the most basic one at the event, but the rest of my outfit would be a flamboyant spectacle to reign in the new year.”
Outfit: Barerose – Duke of The Knight Palace by June Dion
Boots: Illusions – Pirate Boots: Fop/Strapped/Large by Siyu Suen
Hair: Dura  - Boy 09 (Woodsmoke) by Chiaki Xue
Skin: Nivaro – Vasean Skin – darktone – hairy_shave_bald by ReishiProphet
Facial Hair: Nivaro – Beards – painter_black by ReishiProphet
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes – Steel Blue by Ikon Innovia
Hat: Illusions – Cavalier Hat by Siyu Suen
Eye Patch: Illusions – Brigand’s Eyepatch: Male by Siyu Suen
Earring: Zaara – ZC – Tarika Turquoise Earring by Zaara Kohime
Ring: Amacci – Thorn III – Ruby by Carina Larsen 
Ring: Zaara – Raga Oyster ring Paua gold by Zaara Kohime

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# 136 Japanese Style ‘WAGAYA’

# 136 Japanese Style
< pic 1 >
POST / Fukui Minka
 Cave Grotto Waterfall Landscaping/
Winter Nature Wonderland by Felix 89 Prim 50x40m Size
< pic 2 >
TSUNAMI / Kyoto noren
[ Organica ] / Step Chest
Senkyaku-banrai / [JGS]Tourou-kanban
< pic 3 >
Senkyaku-banrai / [JGS] Shodou-001
Senkyaku-banrai / [JGS]GEN-Kakejiku1.0
Senkyaku-banrai / [JGS]Jhaku-cyu 1.0
 POST / Machiya Floor Lamp Cypress
 Soothe. / Telephone (flower)
Senkyaku-banrai / [JGS] Jikasei – Kagamimochi1.0
[ Organica ] / Teapot 1 – Jade & Green
 Zigana / Apothecary cabinet
 +9 / chilled TOFU
+9 / Japanese soup bowl
* nonino * / Lantern “SAKURA”
*Y’s HOUSE* / Cafe High Stool 001(BL)
< pic 4 >
[MnM] / “Kotatsu” premium
  [ Tsuchino Co.,Ltd. ] / Japanese tea time Sets
*nonino* / Ban sugoroku (Asian Backgammon)
[ Tsuchino Co.,Ltd. ] / Japanese Okagami (Urajiro)
DDD / pine tree sticker
 * nonino * / Tabako-Bon (Floor type)( Japanese Tobacco Tray )
~Ss~Sakka’s Studio / 2013 ETO lucky ornament (snake and hammer)
POST / Taisho Decor
< pic 5 >
 [ Tsuchino Co.,Ltd. ] Hibachi Ver 2.0 (Japanese Brazier)
 [ Organica ] / Pagoda 2 (bronze)
Cave Grotto Waterfall Landscaping / Secret Winter Frozen Pond 65 Prim 32x32m Size

Cica – Black & White Party + LEA13

Cica - B&W Party NGG - Purr Purr
I ended last year attending a super party at the Nitroglobus Gallery surrounded by the wonderful artwork of Cica Ghost and stepped into the new year in a similar fashion when I visited again for a black and white party. The “Pieces of Cica” installation is open for everyone to visit until the 15th of this month.
Cica - B&W Party NGG - Overview

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many people coming in to support this quaint gallery and Cica’s work. At several points during the evening the sim was full to capacity meaning people (me included) had to wait just outside the door for a short spell before being able to join in the fun. There were lots of people taking pictures, some of which are available to view in the Nitroglobus Gallery Group on Flickr.

Cica @ LEA13

More of Cica’s animated works of art can be seen and walked through at the LEA13 sim. I went there today and had a look around. There are surprises around every corner. I loved seeing the little man perched on a bridge fishing in the river below, another person flying a kite, another feeding the birds, a cat looking up at a cooking pot expectantly. There is just so much to see.


I highly recommend a visit to both of these regions. Cica’s art really is a joy to behold and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Just before I go here is one final treat. A superb video created by Mr Nitro Fireguard during the Black & White Party. Thank you for letting me add it to my post, Nitro!
The music and sounds are great – some of them made me giggle!

Until next time,


third post

Hair : =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Alicia” Black

Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial River)

Collar : …::: Scrub :::… Webcollar

Shirt :  Corvus - Torn Shirt

Skirt : Corvus - Black Skirt

Stockings : erratic / ripped stockings – full / black

Boots : J’s Studded long boots



I had planned to publish these pictures as a special New Year’s post, but as it often happens, real life simply got in the way!  Going back to work after a week and a half off was overly tiring.  I absolutely love my job, but it can really take a lot of me sometimes.

The dress I’m wearing is from a store that has been around for about a year, titled One Store by Ju Sands, but the store is completely new to me which is always a fun experience.  The dress does show a little more skin than what I am used to; let’s just say that I was feeling a bit festive when I was getting dressed.  I really love the texture of the dress; the sequins are more elongated than typical which gives the dress a reptilian feel.  One Store currently exists solely on the SL Marketplace.  Six colors of the 2013 Dress are available and each includes four sizes and an alpha layer.  There is no demo specifically for the 2013 Dress, but there is a demo for the Rock Dress which is the same style.


I picked up the jewelry I paired with this dress at Donna Flora.  I have always loved how dramatic her pieces are.  They really add a little bit of flair to any outfit.  Both the necklace and the earrings are included in the purchase, and the flower is color change with eight preset colors.  The only thing that I have never liked about Donna Flora jewelry is that the permissions are no copy/transfer.  I would much rather prefer it to be the other way around since I do have a tendency to lose things.  Nonetheless, her designs are amazing!

Clothing: 2013 Dress in Green by One Store
Jewelry: Fabiola Set by Donna Flora
Hair: Escape in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: Jadis Natural A TDR #24 by Glam Affair (This makeup is no longer available)
Makeup: Black Eyeliner Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Glass by IKON
Lashes: 2011 Lashes Curl by LeLutka
Hands: Mesh Hands Elegant 1 by Slink
Poses: [1] Model 21 and [2] Model 90 by Glitterati
Background texture by JoesSistah

MLC and Vintage Jewels

Every once in awhile a girl just needs to dress up, it makes her feel good, pretty, elegant and special. Whenever I put on a Mohna Lisa Couture dress on I feel beautiful and confident, but to add the finishing touch a girl needs her jewelry to make a statement, and I found the perfect pieces for this dress. The Vintage Jewels Katarina set is the perfect addition to my Tatiana gown from MLC. The necklace makes a gorgeous statement without overpowering, the gold contrasts against the white gown while the diamonds connect the coolness of the shimmery color of the dress. To show off my jewelry, an updo of course, one of Truth Hair’s latest releases called January. This look is not overly complicated and doesn’t need to be, the dress and the jewelry say everything that needs to be said, “I feel pretty.”

Dress: Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana in White
Jewelry: Vintage Jewels Katarina in Gold
Hair: Truth January in Pumpkinpie with roots

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