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Not Long for This World

One of the newest monthly events to hit the grid is Genre.
This event will feature a new Genre and theme, with items made to fit these- 
each priced at L$100 or less!

Genre runs form the 15th of each month and ends on the 12th of the following month.

Here are just a few of the beautifully bejeweled items that Elizabeth Tinsley 
of Frippery has on offer for this month’s round of Genre:
Frippery: Beguile Earrings 
Frippery: Beguile Nipple Adornments 
Frippery: Beguile Brecelet

Not Long for This World

Eyes: Rue- Grimalklin, Aurora  Free Group Gift 

Hair: Tekeli-li- Hsan Mesh Tentacle Hair L$1 (Instore Dollarbie)

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc.- 2013 Nirvana
(Past New Year’s Group Gift. Sorry, no longer available.)

Background: KaTink- From the Bayou 1 Pack

.::Rayos de calor::.

Blog Sassy!_001
El Pelo es una de las ultimas creaciones Mesh de >TRUTH< Dawson — Not Free
La Chaqueta es una de las ultimas novedades que encontrareis en ~Sassy!~ London jacket, shearling collar – red — Not Free (hay 2 regalos de la chaqueta+falda en color Rosa)
La Falda la encontrareis tambien en la tienda de ~Sassy!~ Denim mini-skirt – khaki — Not Free
Las Botas son un Gift Limitado de Amour Signature – Jovi MESH Slouch Boots – Christmas Gift — Regalo Limitado
Blog Sassy!_002
Pelo >TRUTH< Dawson –  black & whites — Not Free
Joyeria *Phoebe* Margot Jewelry Set ~ Partial Mesh – Red — Not Free (Bloggeado en color blanco http://cosasporensenar.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/aires-orientales.html)
Chaqueta ~Sassy!~ London jacket, shearling collar – red — Not Free
Uñas [MANDALA] Option short Nails set/For sinra2 rings/RED — Not Free

Style-Mix by Sawa #320

Hair: “Interrupt Brown 10″ elikatira **MESH**
Skin: “Teal Flash Skin” Belleza

Top & Pants: “Sheer Short Suit” .Shi **MESH**
Hood: “Chiffon Hood” .Shi **MESH**

Tattoo #1: “Estrella” Sweet Sin
Tattoo #2: “Oh Mai Stars Neck” Delusions
Ears: “Steking Ears” Mandala **MESH**
Tie: “SMEXY TIE NECKLACE(cross)/Urushi  BLACK” Mandala
Nails & Rings: “SINRA 2 NAIL/black”Mandala
Bracelet left: “belt chain bracelet” :Fusion:
Bracelet right: “Multi Chained Bracelet” :Fusion:

“Shy Stand” Del May



Jacket: +HUHU+ BLUE DENIM JACKET & SHIRT. No free. New.

Shirt: +HUHU+ Mens MESH Winchester Shirt Stripes PURPLE. No free. New.

Vest: .:villena:. – layered vest cross pastel for SFW
Jeans: .:villena:. – skinny jeans G1 for SFW
Boots: ”DEW” Venus boots multi texture
Skin:  Deesses: Zukey – Skin base – Flat White
Hair:  Vanity Hair Urban Chic. No free. New!

(Hola, quería avisaros que estoy teniendo unos contratiempos con el pc, por lo que posteo menos y es posible que las fotos no sean tan detalladas como normalmente, espero solucionar esto pronto para poder publicar más seguido.)

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

♥Tp to the HUMANOID CLUBBING  on Sunday ! 8am -8pm SLT

In the world or Marketplace.


♥Watch us on YouTube:

26 # Swag

Kitty Picadilly’s Fashion Circus 2013-01-20 14:13:00

There is a perpetual hunt that every woman on Second Life is secretly on, and that is the hunt for the perfect gown.  Whether it be for her wedding, to awe the judges at a pageant, or to dance a romantic night away; the search is ongoing and unrelenting.  She may not even be aware that she is on this hunt, and yet she is constantly drawn to gown stores; her eyes are constantly open and searching for that perfect piece of couture.

I have come close to finding my perfect gown on several occassions and the following is one of these.  Son!a Luxury Fashion have been crafting and creating gowns for more than four years and know what it takes to make beautifully embellished pieces to inspire the inner princess in us all.  Specialising in all things formal, Son!a is guaranteed to have the gown for you somewhere in the extensive inworld store and if not, this is one of few designers currently taking custom work.
I found my dream gown in this Son!a Kelly Bride Gown, here in Brass.   The beautiful full and ruffled skirt is embedded with gorgeous shimmering detail.  This perfect fairytale piece is dreamily crafted with incredible attention to every tiny stitch and I really do feel like a perfect princess in this stunning creation.

A sculpted strapless corset style bodice meets the skirt with a beautifully crafted floral garland.   Lace and sheer fabric delicately embrace the shoulders and arms and add romantic modesty.  It really is impossible not to feel like the belle of the ball in this focal piece.

The brocade style embroidery and sensationally detailed shading on the bodice show the extraordinary craftsmanship that Son!a put into each and every elegant creation.  The Kelly Bride Gown is available in seven heavenly hues, including; Brass (as worn above), Ice Blue, Golden, White, Purple, Jet Black, as well as a special Xmas Version which is still currently available.

As well as the lovely waist adornment, flowers also decorate a stunning hair veil that sits at the back of the head.  A lovely garland of golden ivy curls out from behind the hair to frame and flatter the face.  The exquisite lace detailing is evident here, just breath-taking!  You can actually see the stitching of the corset ribbing; now that’s what I call intricate!

I’m so very pleased that Son!a also make stunning jewellery to go with their lovely luxe gowns.  I am especially enamoured with this Snow Necklace and Earrings Set.  All Son!a’s stunningly crafted jewellery items come with a colour change HUD so that you can wear them with each and every one of your favourite Son!a gowns.  

The Kelly Bride Gown is available in all seven beautiful colours inworld at the spacious Son!a Store.  These retail for 2500$L a piece, apart from the Xmas Edition which is currently half price at 1250$L.  You can find them all via the following SLURL:
The Son!a Snow Jewellery is also available inworld for 750$L.  Son!a have several other gorgeous jewelled sets and you can find them all instore on the following link:
You can also find the Snow set on Son!a’s Marketplace page right here:
As I mentioned, Son!a also do custom work.  A general price list can be found on store owner and designer Sonia28 Jie’s profile page if you look for her with the inworld search feature.  Also, keep up to date with new releases from this stunning couturier by visiting the Son!a Luxury Fashion Blog:
Alas, finding this piece of perfection does not mean the end of my hunt; it is after all perpetual! What I can guarantee, however, is that I will continue returning to Son!a Luxury Fashion time and time again to peruse the stunning couture therein.

Day 2: Bohemian

CStar September

Skin: cStar Limited “Juliet” – skintone chestnut

Eyes; cStar Stoner Eyes 01

Hair: Lelutka “Salome” in powder

Top, belt & gloves: Bare Rose (part of outfit)

Skirt: LeeZu “Nuage”

Shoes: Grimm Brothers “Clownie”

Crown: LG Concept

Holo-Kitties! Mod for Blue Galaxian Feline Avatar

Blue Galaxian Avatar Mod

I wish I had the know-how and skill to create mods for avatars. Not just the one I’m wearing here but others I have too. I think it would be great to have a “one off” style to strut around in and perhaps it’s something I’ll get around to at least trying at some point. Until that day comes, if it ever does, it’s not a huge problem because there are plenty of talented people making absolutely cracking mods for the BG feline avatar and other furry critters as well.

The one shown in the pictures here comes from Winry’s Whimsey and is something I have had my eye on for quite some time. The biggest problem I had was picking which colour to get because I’m terribly indecisive like that. Even that isn’t a very good excuse though when they’re so reasonably priced at just L$299 each, but there we go!

Blue Galaxian Kitties Chillin' Out
So you tell us you couldn’t chose a colour, yet I see two in the picture…indeed you do. The cute kitty on the left is my friend Ayoki. She recently purchased the BG avatar and seems to be enjoying shopping for mods and other accessories to alter her appearance. It’s so much fun running around with another kitty! Before we went back to chill out in her garden earlier today we were bopping our holo-hearts out together Gangnam style which was giggle-tastic!
I finally decided to plump for the Virus AI mod and Ayoki brought the High Voltage one. Both of which look absolutely fantastic. I think I’m going to play with levels of glow and transparency a little more to see what really makes this mod shine, but for a quick faff and fiddle to see what they’d look like I’m truly impressed!
I think I’ll definitely be going back for more in the not too distant future. Maybe a purple one as it’s one of my favourite colours. As well as the marketplace store I linked above there is an in-world store too where all of Winry’s mods and other items are available to buy.
Here’s hoping you have a wonderfully chilled out Sunday.
Until next time,

And the Pigs are driving circles around me…

Songchoice: Tori Amos – A Sorta Fairytale

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