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*_* Candy *_*

SKIN: ::Modish:: Miana-Novel [Crema] SOHO EVENT

HAIR: (r)M ~ Hair (Mesh) No.09 ( b l o n d s /w T i p s )

SCARF: AVISAGE –  Bow scarf Paisley pink

BIKINI: *HolliPocket* Barbie Doll Lingerie-Candy- Perfect Wardrobe

POSE+SET POSE: :: Focus Poses Candy Set :: Perfect Wardrobe

By Chanel Bruun


Майка/Shirt – =krautuve=  - “Nel black” cropped t-shirt - SFW
Сумка/Bag – .Olive. – the Show Time Tiny Shoulder Bag  - SFW
Пояс/Belt – welldone.atelier – Curve Belt – Black - SFW
=krautuve= cropped t-shirt colors :
Lef to right :
=krautuve=  “Nel black” cropped t-shirt

=krautuve= “Nel yellow” cropped t-shirt

=krautuve= “Nel white” cropped t-shirt

Lef to right :
=krautuve= “Spring” cropped t-shirt 

=krautuve= “Black and yellow” cropped t-shirt

=krautuve= “Summer” cropped t-shirt

Rebel Hope’s new release “Channing”

Rebel Hope’s newest release is these adorable comfy and warm coat dress “Channing”.

“Channing” is available in 10 colors at the casual-area of Rebel Hope Designs !

<<<teleport to Rebel Hope Designs>>>

*other credits
hair from Truth **NEW**
skin from essences
jewelry from Mandala
pose from Diesel Works

Doesn’t Play Well With Others. (Kyoot Store Closing)

I didn’t really have anything planned to say for this post, but Yesterday I got a NC from Kyoot. It seems after 7 years in SL, Saeya Nyanda is closing down her clothing store Kyoot. When I first started playing sl in 2007, the selection of clothing was pretty simplistic and very archaic. Creators were still learning how to make clothing and you had to look up and down to find things that were good, even by todays standards. I happened to find Kyoot Army, as it was called then, at the now defunct Plunder Sim.  At that time, Saeya was making more rp styled clothing, with a grungey and goth flair. They were unique and well done, and baby Arni looked amazing with her flexi hair and her snake skin corset and tutu from KA. Kyoot has undergone many style changes since then, and the clothing there has become better and better. It’s sad to see her store closing in Sl, but many of her items will still be available on the Marketplace. Starting Today until the beginning of Feb. every item in her store will be marked down to 50l. Hurry there and get them before they are gone forever, and good luck Saeya with all of your RL endeavors ;) .

play well with others.


On Arni:

Skin: Amberly 12 – Glam Affair (NEW)
Hair: Jamie <Mesh> – Wasabi Pills (NEW)
Ears: Steking Ears – Mandala
Earring: Leather Feather Earring – Mandala
Piercing: Forces (Modded) – Pekka
Necklace: Rabbit&Tree – RaMa RoWanberry (Faullon Resident)
Eyeshadow: Ose Eyeshadow – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Tattoo1: Nightmare – Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell)
Tattoo2: Does Not Play Well With Others – Audran (Zane Audran)
Shirt: Lacey Little Top – Kyoot (50L Closing Sale!)
Jacket: Fur Hooded Military Jacket <Mesh> – Grasp
Belt: Leather Suspenders <Mesh> – .Shi. (NEW, Joy Laperriere)
Pant: Crop Jean <Mesh> – 1badpixel (onebadpixel resident)
Keychain: Fur Tail Keychain – Love Soul
Shoe: Glyderz – 2Real (NEW, 2real okelli)

Currently Listening To: Circa Survive – On Letting Go

[monso] . Vero Modero

Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Nicki – B ( Black)

Jacket: NEW!

There are for mens and for womens seperately.
and 7 colors each !
; black, blue, brown, pink, ivory, white, black&white 

TAXI [monso]
[monso] My Fur Hoody – Pink
[monso] My Fur Hoody – Ivory
[monso] My Fur Hoody – Brown
[monso] My Fur Hoody – BnW
[monso] My Fur Hoody – Blue
[monso] My Fur Hoody – White
[monso] My Fur Hoody – Black

Lips: Pink Acid Justina Lips & Teeth 12 Pack

Body: VERO MODERO / tettered fairy hunt NEW
dates January 1st-31st
theme fairies
hint either is white or red, brunette or blond your best option to pick me is here at their feet

Shoes: Maitreya

San Valentin!

Queda poco para este día tan especial! y que mejor forma de celebrarlo que haciendo sentir a esa persona la más especial! Os proponemos alquilar una de estas casas para sorprender a tu pareja. (El alquiler ofrece cena con servicio de mesera- opcional).


Summer blossom:

Tp Aphrodite.

Kitty Picadilly’s Fashion Circus 2013-01-21 12:26:00


This weekend I celebrated my very first Rez Day! It has been such a wild and wonderful year and I wanted to recap some of my Second Life adventures with you all.  First of all a little bit about the real me! I’m a 29 year old Australian girl.  I’m an animal lover and a vegan; I even feel weird wearing leather in SL which has to make you laugh! I work and study in Real Life also.  Until recently I had been at University studying a mix of Literature, Psychology and Law, all of which I loved, but I found that the Academic environment just wasn’t for me and have decided to try a more hands on approach, studying Beauty Therapy at my local Technical College.

I still love literature and my favourite books include Les Miserables, War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice and The Count of Monte Cristo…I could go on forever listing them all!! I love alternative music, real life fashion and beauty, and of course shopping! 

I first tried SL about five years ago after hearing about it on television, but the lag was so bad and my computer just couldn’t handle it so I never got past Welcome Island.
Last year I was again reminded of SL when someone on my RL Facebook mentioned it and I decided to give it another go.  So on January 18th 2012 my avatar was born.  I spent my first two weeks wandering around from sim to sim, on my own, wondering just what it was I was supposed to be doing! Eventually I met some lovely people at a welcome sim where I ended up working for my first six months.

This is the RL me when I started SL a year ago!

And this was my avatar for most of the first five months of my Second Life; Newbie Kitty!

Thomas, Emmi and Shane became my first wonderful friends and I will never forget the laughs we had! I had an interest in SL fashion from the start and was well known for my love of shopping! It was on one such shopping raid at Truth Hair that I was approached by a  photographer who asked if I had considered becoming a model.  This was my first modeling job:

I really loved doing these model shots but didn’t know how to get more work.  I soon realised that I would need to attend a modeling academy and after looking at several I signed up for Dallas Modeling Corporation in June of 2012.  CEO Suki Rexen and my instructors Martin Glom, Martina Seetan and Lopez Fairlady were amazing; they really did help me to learn so much! I had no idea of what it took to become a model in SL and DMC covered all the basics so well.

Martin and Martin of DMC.

I met two lovely girls at DMC who were my only classmates, Raezelle Aphrodite and Chiara Sixpence.  Unfortunately, neither seems to have pursued a career as an SL model, though Rae still creates designs for petite avatars.

From left to right: Rae, Chiara and myself back in our DMC Days.

It was at DMC and in a class with Lopez Fairlady that I began my blogging career (addiction).  I fell in love with blogging almost immediately and as is evident, have been doing it ever since! In a couple of week this blog will be six months old and it will be interesting to review my stats!

It was also around this time that I met a very special man like no other I had met either inworld or in RL.  I’m sad to say that we recently parted ways, albeit amically.  Viga will always remain in my heart and I will always treasure our time together.

I started applying for jobs and castings long before I had completed my classes at DMC and was often met with the frustration and disappointment we are all aware of in the SL modeling world.  However I perservered and competed in a few comps that helped to get me some runway experience and help my confidence.  The most important of these, looking back now, was the L’Amour Labor Day Show.  I also started store modeling with EVOLVE for which I am eternally grateful to designer Reign Congrejo as well as Kim Rongyu for such an opportunity.

Through the Labor Day Show, I met L’Amour CEO Ava Jhamin who became one of the most important mentors I have had to date.  I also met some models whom I looked up to and still enjoy working alongside with now.  

I graduated from DMC and was looking forward to moving forward in my modeling career.  Unfortunately I found myself drawn into a not so nice situation with a less than reputable ‘agency’.  The month I spent with there was fraught with frustration, however once I freed myself and dealt with my disappointment, I was ready to move forward once again.

I was still entering every competition I came across, with it be a pageant or FlickR contest.  I took classes with Ava Jhamin and L’Amour Model Management for Photography and Show Production and Design. 

The eternally fabulous Ava Jhamin.

 I continued working on my blogging and found a new school to enrol with at UEMA.

At UEMA I met Nakia Decosta who got me my first official blogging sponsor with her label Russh Lussh as well as print work for her skins and swimwear.  I started to add more blog sponsors and started to get a good number of views.  My love of blogging intensified at this point.

The ever-lovely Nakia DeCosta.
I worked hard with Ava and together we successfully ran the L’Amour Out of Africa Show featuring EVOLVE and Zibska.  I was so happy and proud of this moment!

I graduated my classes with Ava and L’Amour feeling more confident and capable than ever.  I could see more and more opportunities presenting themselves and worked harder than ever on my blogging.

Nakia unexpectedly left UEMA and myself and my fellow students were left in the capable hands of UEMA CEO VioletCrush Bravin and COO Bonie Facio.  Bonie organised the most spectacular graduation show for us and we got to walk with the other fantastic UEMA models.  This was a show I will never forget!

The multi-talented VioletCrush Bravin.

Bonie Facio, yet another extremely talented UEMA staffer.
Upon graduating from UEMA, I was already enroled in classes with both AVENUE and Maniera.  I started store modeling at Two Sisters Treasures and also blogging for this fabulous store.  I loved the family feel of the staff at Two Sisters and the opportunities to do more print work.  I am so very grateful to both GeorgiaStar Chau and Arabella Bellios for letting me take such great liberties with their designs!

I was also lucky enough to become a staff member at DEJAVOGUE, which has some sensational things coming up.  I let Ava work on my shape for me which I must say was the best move I have made to date! I now blog for over thirty designers which is like a full-time job on its own at times! But my love for blogging will keep me going for a long time yet.

I have so much to look for in Second Life; sometimes it’s hard to forget I’ve only been inworld for a year, and modeling/blogging for only six months! I have my classes with AVENUE and Maniera to complete, and so much to learn with photoshop! I see opportunities everywhere and only wish there were time to do all the things I would love to do.  Being in Australia and nineteen hours ahead of SLT also makes things complicated but my love for what I’m doing appears to override all that.

Thankyou to everyone who was a part of my first year of Second Life! And I’m looking forward to seeing what this coming year has to offer Kitty Picadilly.

Look 060

hair: !lamb. Crystal Ball
top: The Sea Hole – (MESH) Davenport Blouse – Mink
skirt: Tee*fy Emily Mini Flare Skirt  Grey (Collabo 88)
bag: ::{u.f.o}::accoustic collabo -treegy – bag
shoes: {mon tissu} Cottage Flats ~ Beige
hat: (Milk Motion) My straw hat
ring: !Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring
necklkace: PIDIDDLE – My Special Treasures – Sakura Petals
bracelet: ASO!AlphabetBrace(IloveU)Silver
pose1: Imeka~Pose Pack – {Nicole}  *NEW*
pose2: Imeka~Pose Pack – {Nicole}  *NEW*

Kitty Picadilly’s Fashion Circus 2013-01-21 08:11:00


For me, the best thing about shopping is…well…shopping.   The actual act of perusing the stores, scouring the sale racks, seeing the items neatly and artfully positioned next to one another.  I love the layout, the ambience, the entire shopping experience.  And part of that experience happens to be having the perfect shopping outfit to begin with.

LC Fashion is one of those amazing stores that seems to cater for every corner of Second Life Fashion.  Everything from formal gowns to shoes and jewellery, and niche markets such as pregnancy and bridal wear.  LC even cater for children so this could well be your one stop shop.

However what caught my eye was LC’s huge range of fun and funky streetwear.  Here I found the perfect outfit for my shopping adventures in the form of this Worph Mesh Mini Skirt and Top set.  The fitted pinstripe shirt is daringly cute to expose almost the entire mid-section while the micro mini is slitted at the sides to show off long lean legs.

This miniscule mini is cinched with a black leather belt with silver chain detail.  A hint of wrinkling and natural shading makes this little number such a delight to wear.  This skirt looks fantastic with knee-high boots and of course would also be great for clubbing and parties.

What I like best about the Worph outfit from LC Fashion is the versatility of the cropped top.  This one actually comes with two options for sleeve and torso length.  If you thought the 3/4 sleeved version above was daring enough, wait until you see the shortened version!

The Worph Short Shirt is a cheeky little variation on the longer version, cutting just under the bust and leaving little to the imagination! The shorter sleeves are just too cute and the cuffs add the perfect finishing touch.  This cute style has a hint of Rockabilly and would look great with sexy tight jeans, red lips and high heels.

Both versions of the Worph Shirt have the cute centre tie which adds a sweet and flirty touch.  You can find the Worph sets, which include both versions of the shirt top, instore at LC Fashion today.  This set is available in the black version I am wearing as well as in purple, brown and pink.  Each set retails for 199$L and is just a TP away:
You can also purchase the Worph Mini Skirt separately instore; the pack contains all four previously mentioned colours for the one low price of just 199$L.  To see for yourself, click on this link:
If you’re a fan of bargains and freebies, LC Fashion have several Midnight Mania and Lucky Letter boards strewn throughout the store.  LC Fashion also have a special 10$L Dress and $1 bargain area at their mainstore:
To visit LC Fashion on Marketplace and pick up even more sensational bargains, the following link is sure to put a smile on your face:
I wore my LC Fashion Worph set while trekking from store to store all day and managed to scoop up some great bargains! Time to put my feet up and sort through my loot.  That’s got to be my second favourite part! But I think that belongs in another blog post ;)


Shirt: S.H.S Lost Boys Mesh Tee  Group Gift
Pant: [S.H.S] Handprint Sweatpants Group gift
Sneakers: {Elygo} Spike Sneakers  (Classic). No free.
Skin: Essences – Wednesday skin. No free. New! for The Dressing Room Fusion.
Pose:  Dyer Maker No free.

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