SS #17 – I’m Blue

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Todays blog post is inspired by my amazing daughter who loves to blast music all day! In particular, before I headed out, she had I’m Blue by Eiffel 65 on so that kind of stuck with me when I went to the Signature and Men Only Monthly events.

 Lets start off with the top today guys! The top is from the Signature event and its the Connor Long Sleeve Polo Shirt by {COLD-ASH}. The polo comes in three colors to buy separately for $ 195L each or you can purchase the fatpack for only $ 395L which includes eight colors. It comes in Classic, Signature, Slink, and TMP sizes.

The pants here today are from Men Only Monthly. They are the Orlov Jeans from Fe Style. They come in eight colors for $ 224L each or you can get a fatpack for only $ 999L. It also includes a hud with eight belt colors.

SS #17 - I'm Blue

Keeping it short and simple today, here’s the Signature Style!
Top: {COLD-ASH} Mens CONNOR Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (Signature Event until 2/10/17)
Pants: {Fe Style} Orlov Jeans (Men Only Monthly until 2/15/17)

SS #16 Maximum Ride!

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Soars into the room through an open window and lands lightly on my feet, heading over to the computer I open blogger and starting running my fingers fast across the keyboard.

 It has been too long you guys. I know I know, but again, not so many events for men with good mens clothes. I have to say though, this round of the Signature event as well as Men Only Monthly was epic. I walked away with three outfits which I will be blogging to you guys so keep a lookout for those.

Today I have one of those outfits. Starting off with my epic looking tattoo from DAPPA. It is called the Pharaoh tattoo and I think it is just an awesome tattoo for us guys. It comes in fresh or faded with appliers for Omega or TMP and you can get this great looking tattoo for $ 299L at Men Only Monthly.

The pants here are the -NOeditiON- Buckle Male Jeans, which you can get in six different colors for $ 275L a pair or $ 1,399L for the fatpack. You also get a hud with that which has 10 shirt options, five belt colors, and two buckle colors. Again for this one it is at Men Only Monthly.

The shoes today are The = REBELLION = Tracer Kicks. They come in one awesome package for $ 250L. Now for that price, you get the shoes and a hud. The hud has eight leather options, eight lace options, three soles, and three metal options. They can practically go with any outfit which I know is hard for some shoes to do for guys. These are also found at Men Only Monthly.

The last but not least item I want to feature today are the amazing Blueberry Angelberry Rare Slayer Wings. I got these over at Epiphany and I haven’t taken them off since I got them. It’s in a gacha that is 50L per pull and she has individual gachas for each female body. They also come with a hud that allows you to turn the gems on or off.

SS #16 Maximum Ride!

On to the Signature Style of the day:
Tattoo: DAPPA – Pharaoh Tattoo (MOM)
Pants: -NOeditiON- Buckle Male Jeans (Black) (MOM)
Wings: #1 Blueberry – Angelberry – RARE – Wings – Slayer *Maitreya* (EPIPHANY)

 Teleport Links:
Men Only Monthly

SS #15 – Stylish New Year

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First and foremost everyone, happy new year! I realize I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but stylish men’s clothing has become scarce (or so I say). Then again, I am picky when it comes to my clothing selections. Just ask my fiance when she shops with me, I take so long and I am so picky that when I am done shes ready to beat me with her shoe, or her purse…. not sure which one but either would hurt.

I recently got my January SwagBag as well as ran down to TMD (The Men’s Dept) so today I wanted to share with you a few items from those two.

First up let’s start with the L&B Swear Moto Denim Jeans. By now most of you know my favorite store is Lapointe and Bastchild. Normally though these types of jeans aren’t my style. You know, the ones with designs and the sort on them? However I actually do like these. Another great one from L&B, and of course it wouldn’t be L&B if it didn’t come with a hud with a ton of features. So you have five belt metals and 14 belt colors, which you can take the belt off if you want to. You also have five pant colors and an exclusive design that is only for SwagBag. If you missed this you’ll want to grab them from the SwagBag store, which it is $ 3000L now, but you get some awesome things in there.

Next is the BlankLine Mountain Pullover which I snagged the fatpack from TMD. BlankLine is another one of my go to stores, so of course when I saw this I knew I had to get it. The only issue I had (and again I nearly got beaten by a purse) is which color. So I thought, what the hell, and got the fatpack. In each color you can change the top to either color or white, so you really get two styles in one. Each color is $ 210L and theres five to choose from, or if you grab the fatpack it’s $ 550L and you get a bonus sixth color.

Following the walls of TMD I also found a bracelet. I normally never wear these either because it is so hard to size and fit them. This one by L&B though, called the Swear Braided Woven Bracelet was easily sizeable and able to fit perfect. The entire bracelet with hud is only 299 but again with L&B you get a hud loaded with features. Five metal colors, nine bead colors, and 20 cord colors make this well worth the price.

Last but not least we have also from TMD the VERSOV Blendov Boots. They speak for themselves. Clean, stylish, great for hiking, camping, fishing, and well anything outdoors really. They come in six colors for $ 279L each or you can grab the fatpack for $ 799L.

I know I know I talk alot, so before I get hit with a heel lets roll the credits.

SS #15 - Stylish New Year

Signature Style of the day is brought to you by:
(Each link takes you directly to that item)
Top: BlankLine Mountain Pullover (TMD until 1/31/2017)
Pants: L&B Swear Moto Denim Jeans (January 2017 SwagBag)
Shoes: Versov Blendov Boots (TMD until 1/31/2017)
Bracelet: L&B Swear Braided Woven Bracelet (TMD until 1/31/2017)

SS #14 – My First Sponsor!!

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Today I wanted to quickly bring you guys a little update since with the holiday season coming and going like it has, I haven’t been able to post a blog. I am excited to say that I am now sponsored by Costarlos! They have some very good clothing for men and they also have a “Sister Store” so to speak called Black Rose where your wives/girlfriends can shop!

I got my first outfit from them and I do want to say that I love the design of the sweater and how fashionable it is for a guy. I know we have a hard time finding clothing but guys, I recommend this store to you if you want style. So today I have the Patchwork Sweater for you which comes in six different colors (I’m wearing the brown). It includes a really nice scarf around the neck and for each color it is only $ 110L!. That honestly is a steal for us. You guys know how hard it is to find good quality clothes for a low price.
While I was there I also picked up a pair of their Belted Pants. They come in seven colors (I’m wearing the black) and are only $ 160L per pair!

Now I know we as guys are still stuck between standard sizes and fitted body sizes. Don’t worry though, Costarlos does an excellent job of getting these clothes to fit to any body, even with standard sizes.

SS #14 - My First Sponsor!!

On to today’s Signature Style:
Top: Costarlos – Patchwork Sweater
Pants: Costarlos – Belted Pants

SS #13 – Dancing In The Moonlight

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I am so excited to write this blog post today as I found a store that is new to me that has such high quality clothing and textures. What store am I talking about? GizzA of course! I have never seen such detailed textures and amazing mesh!

I snuck down to the GizzA store today and bought me a new suit, since I haven’t gotten a new one in a while. When I got home I quickly changed and surprised my beautiful fiance with it. She thought I was so handsome. She had the idea that we should go dancing, and luckily she had just recieved her Luxe Box. She threw on a dress from that one and we went out for a night on the town.

The Andrew Vested Suit Tweed by Gizza in black fits so good and is so comfy to me. I was dancing in this for hours, that’s how comfy it is! Now I will tell you this is only the normal sizing ( XS, S, M, L, XL) but either way it is no hassle to get it fitting right. You can purchase it in three colors for the Jacket and Pants. It also comes with a HUD that include two variations for the jacket, 12 colors for the shirt, and 12 tie colors!

A picture of the amazing night! (Credits below on what she is wearing)


Of course we had to get a picture afterwards. She tricked me with mistletoe!


I found the most scenic place for a picture. So beautiful.


My signature style of the day is brought to you by:
Suit: Gizza – Andrew Vested Suit Tweed in Black (Hud Controlled)

My lovely fiances signature style:
Dress: ISON – Bella Dress (December Luxe Box Exclusive)
Heels: N-core – Tiffany Black Heels
Hair – little bones – Buffy
Jewelry: RealEvil – Anya’s Pearls (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet)
              #25 Blueberry – Oakley Arm Chain (April 2016 Epiphany – Found on Marketplace)
Nails – E.Marie – Nails Bare and Tips
Ears – Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5

SS #12 – Seal The Deal And Let’s Boogie

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I finally made my way down to Bodyfy after a long busy week and guess what I have for you guys. One amazing tattoo. This one is by a store called ISUKA and it caught my eye because it just seems to tell a story to me. It is so detailed and amazing that honestly I think this is my main go to tattoo from now on. Included with this is TMP appliers as well as Omega in Faded, Fresh, and Normal ink. Its only 299L for this amazingness! Bodyfy is open until 12/24 so you should really rush down there and get this tattoo and all of the other awesome things there!

The other thing you might see new on me are my amazing EarthStones glasses. I know they aren’t new but I have to mention them because they complete my Signature Style. You have the option of six frames, five lenses, two metals, and resizing! They are only 349L in the EarthStones store, and if you’ve been looking for some new frames, head down there because these fit so good!

SS #12 - Seal The Deal And Let's Boogie

Todays Signature Style brought to you by:
Glasses: EarthStones Eyeglasses – The Classics – Darks
Tattoo: ISUKA – Wrathful (Bodyfy Until 12/24

SS #11 – Anarchy In The U.K.

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Today I wanted to quickly feature something that is from one of my favorite designers… Lapointe & Bastchild! They have a new outfit out at The Mens Department and let me tell you it just is fabulous! All of you guys out there if you have been looking for a leather jacket with that Signature Style, well this is where it is at.

It is called the Anarchy Leather Jacket. It comes in four individual colors or a fatpack. Remember you can ONLY get the jacket in an individual color at The Mens Department. The fatpack includes an organized hud that contains five graffiti jacket colors as well as a plain black, 12 graphic tees, 10 solid colors and four striped colors! You also get eight metal colors and you can have the t-shirt either on or off! The individual colors cost $ 299L each and the fatpack is only $ 599L, what a steal!

SS #11 - Anarchy In The U.K.
SS #11 - Anarchy In The U.K. Back

On to what the Signature Style of the day is:
Jacket: L&B – Swear Anarchy Jacket (TMD 12/5/16)
Pants: L&B – Swear Salvage Cuffed Jeans

SS #10 – SwagBag Style

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A few days ago, I received a package in the mail that I have been looking forward to getting the whole last month. Being busy, I just now got a chance to open it and let me say guys, this SwagBag is AMAZING! They have so many comfy coats, pants, amazing hair, tattoos, poses, and even goggles! Once I unpacked everything I found the perfect outfit and instantly knew what I wanted to do since I’ve been working a lot lately. I decided to go on a snowboarding trip!

SS #10 - SwagBag Style JumpSS #10 - SwagBag Style Full

The first piece of clothing from SwagBag I wanted to feature is the awesome Ryan Pea Coat by etham. I love the fit of this coat for Signature, Slink, and TMP bodies. It has a hud with 12 colors to change both the jacket and the undershirt individually. Not to mention five metal colors for the buttons! You can also turn the under shirt off if you are one of those guys who just can’t stand wearing a shirt.
The next thing I want to feature is the Modulus Nick Hat + Hair. You get the hair hud in five different color sets plus six hat colors. It fits great and if it doesn’t its resizable through a menu!
Last but certainly not least from SwagBag are the Z O O M Smithy Goggles. These look great and are so stylish for when you are hitting the slopes! Not only that but they keep that snow out of your eyes! They come with not only two plastic colors, but also six strap colors and 10 lense colors!

Another major thing I have been looking forward to is The Arcade! That’s right it opened December 1st so I just had to rush down and get everything I had been looking at. The snowboard I got from *katat0nik* is so amazing and slick on the snow that it is unbelievable! It’s in a gacha for 50L a play and you can win 11 common snowboards, 3 rare snowboards, and even a rare snowboard bench! Featured today is the Nase color.
The last piece the completes my clothing is in a gacha for 100L a play from Cosignment/Valiant. There is so much in here that I don’t think I could even begin to explain so I just happen to have a picture of it! The pants I am wearing today are the Seafire Jeans color B2

Todays Signature Style is provided by:

Hair: Modulus – Nick Hair + Hat (December SwagBag)
Goggles: Z O O M – Smithy Goggles (December SwagBag)
Jacket: etham – Ryan Pea Coat (December SwagBag)
Jeans: Consignment/Valiant – Seafire Jeans (Arcade Until 12/31)
Snowboard: katat0nik – Nase (Arcade Until 12/31)

SS #9 – Sweater Weather Is Better Weather..

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So today I wanted to show you guys a few things that I got my Men Only Monthly! Have you been down there yet? If you haven’t you don’t know what you are missing! So many awesome creators there this round.

I wanted to feature one in particular whose outfit I just love. .:PARKER:. made an incredible sweater that is so comfy, and also paired it with amazing jeans. The sweater I have on today is the Cherry, but you can get eight other colors for 250L each. If you want the fatpack which has a hud with all nine colors to change not only the sweater, but also the arms! That’s 81 options for the sweater alone!
Next up are the pants. They fit so amazingly well. You can get these in seven different colors for 299L each, or if you want to save 1,000L, you can get the fatpack with all eight colors for only 1,000L! That is over half off for each pair of pants! These both come in either Slink or TMP sizes.

While you are at Men Only Monthly, wander over to my new favorite shoe store = REBELLION =. These shoes come in Unrigged and Slink sizes. Let me tell you here, the price on this pair of shoes is astounding. Not only do you get eight colors of fade for the shoes, but also three metal colors. And for what? ONLY 250L for all of it!!! If I were you I would head down right now and snatch these up because who knows if you will see them after this month!

SS #9 - Sweater Weather Is Better Weather.. Full
SS #9 - Sweater Weather Is Better Weather.. Full
SS #9 - Sweater Weather Is Better Weather.. Shoes

On to todays Signature Style!

Sweater: .:PARKER:. Hudson Sweater Cherry (Fatpack is Hud Driven) – Men Only Monthly (Until 12-15)
Pants: .:PARKER:. Hudson Pants White (Fatpack is Hud Driven) – Men Only Monthly (Until 12-15)
Shoes: = REBELLION = Resistor Kicks – Men Only Monthly (Until 12-15)

SS #8 – Lets Start A RIOT!

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Oh my guys, I have something amazing for all of the men out there. I featured the RIOT Nathanial Shirt a few blog posts ago and today I have their brand new Joseph Cargo Shorts. I know it is the middle of fall but you guys can’t miss out on these. These come made for Signature and Slink bodies, and include fitmesh as well. There are so many options that you can choose from on here. The main store has 17 colors that include solid and camo versions with all 34 options for the flaps and leg bands as well as 5 belt colors. Those are 199 a piece, but if you really want to roll with the Signature Style you can get the fatpack for 1299. That includes all of the options the singles have, plus ALL 17 colors. Do you know how many possibilities that is guys??? Too many for me to count!

That is an insane deal with these awesome shorts! If I were you I would rush down to the store right now and grab them!

SS #8 - Lets Start A RIOT! Full

SS #8 - Lets Start A RIOT! Back

SS #8 - Lets Start A RIOT! Side

Todays Signature Style is from:
Shorts: RIOT – Joseph Cargo Shorts