A Fond Farewell to Alianna Logan

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Well it’s been an eventful eleven years.  Alianna Logan rezzed January 9, 2006 and was my very first avatar in Second Life. My emotional attachment to Second Life has been directly tied to Alianna Logan and at times I answered to Ali better than I answered to my real life name.  Linden Labs decided to remove my access to the avatar for the last time yesterday.  I’ve decided to officially call it quits. I’m no longer willing to jump through their hoops to get the avatar back.  I’ve done that enough.  They have simply added to my realization that I pay to work for the community as if my real life time isn’t extremely valuable.  In this case, it is Linden Labs’ loss in closing my main account…again.

My time in Second Life has not been one filled with earning lindens and transferring them out of SL to pay my real life bills.  I’ve worked hard in SL over the years but have been one of those who helps to support Linden Labs’ workers to pay their real life bills instead.  Religiously, faithfully, every month for years except for a couple of months-long breaks I had. But no more.

My alternate avatar, LadyTam Resident, held a sizable amount of mainland for some years despite the fact that I don’t sign on to SL anywhere near the way I used to.  I’ve paid tier so long that it’s really become a habit.  I recently decided that I wasn’t going to pay the tier because I had something much more pressing that I needed to pay in my real life that suddenly came up.  It happens.  I was considering whether I would catch up the past due amount later (it really wasn’t that much, it was doable) and as usual they removed access to my LadyTam Resident avatar after 30 days late.  It was expected and while I didn’t like it, I was okay with that because I did owe money on the account.  I wasn’t in a hurry to pay the overdue amount because I was barely signing on with my main avatar even.  I put the land up for sale for less than I paid for it but didn’t think it would sell before they took it back.  It sold and was spread across avatars who happened to be officers in the group so less than $ 2000L per avatar, I believe.  One of them being my inworld wife flame’s account. I’m not sure yet if they’ve locked her out too but they decided to suddenly close all of my avatars.

In my opinion it wasn’t a good move.  It’s their company so they are entitled to do as they please in order to get what they feel they are owed. But in this case they lose more money than they would have gained.  I’ve decided to cease the monthly buying of lindens that I’ve done for years and because I no longer have an avatar (any avatar) there is no reason for me to continue to pay for the dedicated server DesigningSL and BloggingSL are on and serving a community I am no longer part of.

I do sincerely apologize for how abrupt this will be in closing the feeds as I had recently decided to keep them open and continue to pay for the server space after the emotional break down I had when my inworld Mother, RavenzEye Domela, passed away in real life.  But it has been extremely abrupt and unexpected that I’ve lost my beloved avatar. I could pay the past due amount Monday when I get paid but I won’t be doing so. This is a good time to release my addiction to Second Life.  There are other places to spend time online that have growing population instead of dwindling.  And now I know not to invest so much of my money and mostly my heart in virtual property that can be taken away on a whim, no matter how long and how much I’ve put into it.

It is with a strange detachment that I say farewell to an avatar that has defined a part of the real life me for such a large portion of my life.  I learned so much through Alianna Logan about myself that I can’t begin to list that here. I think I must be numb now to things that hurt relating to Second Life.  I need to move on.

Most of the people that would care I’m no longer in world I can still have contact with so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to chat any time.  I’ll be remaining on the same Skype nick for now. That too being habit and will likely change after a bit.  The [email protected] email address I’ll keep so that will always be a way to reach me.  I just may not check it as frequently over some time.

I won’t be paying the server fee this month so the feeds will close sometime after mid-month. I know Second Life will carry on as usual but I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye and explain what happened.  For those who paid to have syndication (not very many) I will contact you via email to see if you would like to be refunded via Paypal.  ♥ ~Formerly known as Alianna Logan

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The Raven’s Last Flight | Sad November Finds

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I think it’s natural to turn reflective when you lose someone dear to you.  Especially if you have that feeling that some thing was left undone or unsaid and the realization hits you that you’ll never be able to say it or do it with the person you’ve lost.


And there is an interesting dynamic added to the sense of loss when it is a Second Life friend that passes away because you know you won’t be able to pay your respects in the real world and it feels like your sense of loss is somehow less real.  The relationships I have built in this virtual world are sometimes more real than some of the ones I’ve had in my RL.


I don’t know how I can convey how much I loved my Second Life Mother, RavenzEye Domela, in a way that comes anywhere close to fitting.  I feel helpless in that regard, but I am thankful that I know she knew it and felt it because it was a quiet love that was returned to me in spades, seen by practically no one but Her and I.  Raven was the type of woman that one wants to be around, just being in her presence was inspiring in multiple little ways because in all ways she was just a magnificent human being.  Regal and wise, undoubtedly strong but unafraid to be a beautiful vulnerable.  Heart as huge as they come.


A part of my identity in Second Life feels removed because there are things that will happen from this point forward that my Mother will not see or comment on.  Is it odd to feel like you’re suddenly just a little less loved in the world?  The comfort of having Her there is no longer, but I will remember Her and honor Her for the rest of my days.


This is the last profile picture she uploaded to her Facebook page on November 1st and she shares her thoughts on the election on the 9th.  I will miss Her.  With this post I pay my respects and say a heartfelt and loving “until we meet again.”



Top:  Asteria “Capretto” Bustier @ Sad November

Skirt & Panties:  Asteria Scarlet @ Sad November

Hair:  Vanity Hair This Girl (All Blacks) @ Sad November

Mesh Eyes:  Avi-Glam Melancholia (Ice) @ Sad November

Stockings:  Avenge Heart Balloon @ Sad November

Lipstick Applier:  {Psycho Byts} Sadayakko @ Sad November

Eyeshadow Applier:  Veechi Stygian Shadow @ Sad November

Skin Applier for Catwa: DeetaleZ Face Samantha (Eastern)

Hairbase:  SIIX Indian Hairbase

Antlers:  Zibska Sentinel

Raven Feathers:  Persefona Floating Raven Feathers & Raven Feathers in Hair

Boots:  Bax Prestige 2 (Black Leather)

Mesh Head:  Catwa Sarah

Mesh Body, Hands, Feet:  Slink (Physique)

Pictures taken with LUMIPro

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J&W Jewelers Alzora Collection | Unique Designs Zorenta Gown

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In this post I am wearing J&W Jewelers’ intricate Alzora Collection and Unique Designs’ glowing white Zorenta Gown.

Alianna Logan Wearing J&W Jewelers Alzora Collection and Unique Designs Zorenta Gown

The Alzora jewels have such pretty colors with a mixture of sapphires, amethysts, diamonds, and emeralds, all set along a shiny, swirling silver and laced with the likeness of feathers in varying shades of blue.  There are opaque, shimmering jewels as the focal point on each piece and I have no idea what they’re called but I’m fascinated.  You really have to see them up close to appreciate the detail, but I don’t believe I got quite close enough in the picture below.

Alianna Logan Wearing J&W Jewelers Alzora Jewelry Collection

One of the things I really like about the Zorenta Gown by Shoenique/Unique Designs is how very white it is.  Often I’ve bought “white” versions of clothing items and they fell far short of being white. This gown is literally a glowing white and it is nicely shaped giving the mesh body (Slink Physique in my case) ample bosom, a tiny waist, shapely hips, and a plump rear-end that not many would complain about.

Alianna Logan Wearing J&W Jewelers Alzora Collection and Unique Designs Zorenta Gown

Alzora has a gorgeous necklace, amazing earrings that refuse to be missed, a beautiful bracelet and a ring to accent the other hand.

Alianna Logan Wearing J&W Jewelers Alzora Collection and Unique Designs Zorenta Gown


credits ___________________________________________________________

Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring:  J&W Jewelers Alzora Collection

Dress:  Shoenique/Unique Designs Zorenta White Gown

Hair:  Rowne Salon Sasha Hair (Dark Brunettes)

Skin Applier for Catwa: Deetalez Face Samantha (Eastern)

Mesh Head:  Catwa (Sarah)

Mesh Body, Hands, & Feet:  Slink

Nail Polish for Slink Hands:  Alaska Metro Metallic Pack Nail Polish Diva/Silver

Catwa Applier Lipstick:  Mons Matte 1

Eyelashes Applier for Catwa Mesh Heads: CheDo 

Mesh Eyes:  Euphoric Zara (Set 2)

Photos taken with LUMIPro

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J&W Jewelers Red Jasper Asher Collection

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I have decided to wipe my blog completely clean of posts that go back many years to when I had arosebyall.com.  Fashion has changed so much in SL since I was blogging regularly that I feel fairly certain no one will miss the old posts I just deleted!

I am excited to begin blogging again even in the small way I can.  My real life is world’s different than it was when I first discovered the joy of blogging SL fashion.  But I believe it’s one of those things that doesn’t really leave your heart, even if you stop doing it.  And…even if you aren’t all that good at it!  *shifty eyes inserted here*

I’m so happy to present the J&W Jewelers’ Asher Collection – Red Jasper.

J&W Jewelers Asher Collection - Red Jasper

J&W Jewelers is newer on the Second Life fashion scene but the owner and creator is not at all new. Wenadrenia Soderstorm (affectionately called Wena) has been around for ages and she’s now ready to showcase this amazing talent of hers with classic, extraordinary pieces of jewelry.  This set comes with a vibrant, multi-colored neck piece, matching large tear-drop-style earrings, and forearm bangles.  Below is a closer look at the earrings and necklace.

J&W Jewelers Asher Collection - Red Jasper

This jewelry set would very easily go with a more formal look or dressy casual.  The outfit I’m wearing is from Legendaire called Wang and it comes with a flowing spaghetti-strap top, wide-legged slacks and a delicate gold belt. There’s a HUD that allows you to change the color of the top and pants.  I don’t remember which event I picked it up from and not positive it can even be found at the main store yet or if it will be.  I’m including the SLURL to Legendaire below though, just in case.

I’ll endeavor to pay better attention when I’m out shopping at an event!  In these photos I’m wearing a curly hair from hair-store staple Analog Dog called Glamp.  I’ll be sharing more jewelry from J&W Jewelers and also some gowns from Wena’s partner in creating, the owner of Shoenique/Unique Designs!

J&W Jewelers Asher Collection and Legendaire Wang




Necklace, Earrings, Bangles:   J&W Jewelers Asher Collection – Red Jasper

Top, Pants & Belt:  Legendaire Wang

Hair:  Analog Dog Glamp

Mesh Head:  The Mesh Project Fierce

Mesh Eyes:  {LOBA} Realistic Mesh Passion Silver

Mesh Body:  Slink Physique