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Fairy Queen

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Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you upon the wind
and dance upon the mountains like a flame!
William Butler Yeats

Lovelies, The Fantasy Angels Candy land show is coming very soon and I am proud to show you in this post the beautiful Fairy Queen outfit by Jumo for this event. The dress comes with the wings and the head piece but you can also purchase the matching jewelry as well as the shoes which are made for the Slink high feet.
jumo fairy queen_001
I do not have a good shot of the shoes alone but there are some images when I was posing the Something new poses a few posts below. The jewelry has a resizer script in it so you can make it fit your avi. The hair I am wearing is called Mia by Diva and the skin is Amberly II in America by Glam Affair. The pose is from Posesion.

Mega Post with Lavian

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Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.
Dr. Seuss

Forgive me Lovelies, this will be a pretty heavy pictured post to show you previews of the new releases by Lavian and this is only a small amount of the new stuff. I will show you more in another post.Each outfit is mesh and comes with a color changing hud. They work with regular avatars, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body and Belleza Venus Mesh Body. You just slap it on!

Baby Come Back Bye Felicia Changes China in your Hands Gift Close up Counting Stars Dream Catch Me Dry Land Fine and Mellow Hey Little Girl Hey Soul Sister Closeup with Tameless Arabella Hold Back the River Closeup with Truth Paoli Hold my Hand I Look Around I See Fire If I had your love Kisses for Breakfast Make U Bounce Wrecking Ball with Lybra
All Clothing is from Lavian
Skins are from 7 Deadly Skins and Glam Affair
Jewelry is from Chop Zuey and Maxi Gossamer
Hair styles are from Vanity hair, Tameless, Truth, Magika, Exile, Besom
Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Accessories by Lybra
All poses by Posesion

Crystal, Kim and Love

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How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flown.
How did it get so late so soon?
Dr. Seuss

Here is a quick post Lovelies to show you some of the goodies that DE Boutique has ready for the ladies.

First up is the summery casual Crystal outfit. It has a sweater and a matching pair of shorts in the outfit.
de boutique crystal outfit, entwined electra_001
The beautiful hair I am wearing is called Electra by Entwined and I picked it up at Shiny Shabby.
de boutique kim heels spring le_001
I paired it with the Kim Spring Colors shoes which are a limited edition so hurry hurry!
The next dress is called the Book of Love.
de boutique book of love dress, entwined lou lou_001
The above hair is also by Entwined and this one is called Lou Lou. I grabbed it at the Fantasy Collective.
Crystal Outfit, Kim Heels and Book of Love Dress by De Boutique
Electra and Lou Lou  hair in Dark Brown by Entwined- Shiny Shabby and the Fantasy Collective
Amberly II Skin in America by Glam Affair
Sovereign Eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Poses by Posesion


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The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss

Hello Lovelies <3 Happy Sunday of this Holiday weekend to everyone. I have a few posts planned for today to show off some new outfits from Virtual Diva, a new set from Zuri’s, some new dresses from DE Boutique, and some new dresses from Lavian. So, let me get started.
The first outfit I have to show you is called Eclipse from Virtual Diva. It is a sexy little black romper that is mesh and it comes in 5 sizes as well as a fitted mesh version in the package. I paired it with the Ariel brown hair also by Virtual Diva.
virtual diva eclipse and ariel hair_001
And below, I am wearing the yellow Fever jacket which is the promo this week for 70l.
I paired it with the Charm hair, both are from Virtual Diva.
virtual diva fever yellow jacket and charm hair_001
Clothing and hair all by Virtual Diva
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya
Nick makeup set by MUA
Poses by Posesion

Charlotte Elite Set

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Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
Dr. Seuss

Here in this post Lovelies, I have a couple pictures to show you of the gorgeous new set from Zuri’s jewels. It is called Charlotte Elite and it comes with many different color changing options so I am including the vendor picture as well so you can see all of the stunning colors.
zuri's charlotte elite set_001
As you can see, the set comes with the main necklace, earrings and a ring which is pictured below.
zuri's charlotte elite set_002
And as promised here is the vendor shot-
Charlotte Elite Pearls Collection
The beautiful nails I am wearing are from Alaska Metro. The vendor picture shows off some of the colors that you can get with these nails.
alaskametro metallic nail polish classics and gold_001 alaskametro_3 nail polish appliers - colour catalogue
Charlotte Elite Pearl Set by Zuri’s
Classic Metallic Gold Set by Alaska Metro
Mia hair in Citrine by Diva at Shiny Shabby
Poses by Posesion

Newness with Kaithleen’s

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“Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Perhaps I’ve spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high. But in reality, nobody’s ever made me feel like that.”

-Anastasia Steele, 50 Shades of Grey

I have a couple really cute dresses to show you in this post from Kaithleen’s. The Red Indah-kamani dress is more of a casual easy to wear dress on a summer day. It is mesh and it comes in 5 sizes as well as many different colors.

kaithleens indah kamani red dress_001 la boheme with love nails_001

I paired it with the beautiful With Love Slink nails by La Boheme. Here is the vendor shot of all of the colors in the pack.

LB Nail Ad WithLove Pink

The next dress is a sexy, formal dress that shows off plenty of skin. It is also mesh and I chose to wear the purple dress to show you.

kaithleens long draped nightingale dress purple_001 kaithleens long draped nightingale dress purple_002

And I paired this with the Happy Nails Slink set by La Boheme.

la boheme happy nails_001

Both of these cute dresses can be found now in the main store.

Taxi to Kaithleen’s

Taxi to La Boheme

Hair by Exile

Poses by Posesion

Spring Sale for the Females

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The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.
Francis Bacon

Just like the title suggests, this post is all about the huge skin spring sale
at 7 Deadly Skins. When you land, along the main path are skins that are for sale
for a mere 100 lindens. There are some for the guys too, I will show them next.
Here is a preview of some of the girl skins.
Aisha v1 Anais Spring Azure v2 Feeb's Myst Gwen Marljin Marina

This is a majority of the female skins but there are a couple more not included. Iza also put out 8 camping chairs for the group members and there is a midnight mania board in the discount room to slap for group members as well!

Here is your taxi– hurry in as the sale will end soon.

Spring Sale for the Males Too!

Previously posted @ House of Fashion.

Beauty awakens the soul to act.
Dante Alighieri

As promised guys, here is a quick peek of Manveril wearing the spring sale skins at 7 Deadly Skins.

Movember Halloween Christmas Storm Moh Exo

Most come with slink appliers in the boxes and a couple of the boxes are transferable, ladies, if you want to surprise a friend with a nice new skin. I tend to buy them when they are on sale like this so I can show them off on Manveril!

Here is your limo to 7 Deadly Skins

Beauty in Ink

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Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty
out values all the utilities of the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

One more post for today Lovelies and this will be a multiple designer post as I have many things to show you to end your Saturday with! First up is the gorgeous Paris in Midnight tattoo by White Widow which is available now at Shiny Shabby.

white widow midnight in paris front_001white widow midnight in paris back_001
And my pictures do not do it justice so here is the vendor shot of it as well. The hair is called Pretty Girls from Besom.
White Widow - Midnight in Paris
The next cute dress I have to show you is called the Cassia dress by Topazia and I am wearing the blue savage butterfly dress. I paired it with the Vita hair from Tameless.
topazia cassia dress savage butterflies blue_001tameless vita_001
And last for this post are two fun mesh dresses from Ducknipple. The boots are called Priest and they are made for the Slink high feet. Like with most Ducknipple clothing, they come with a little hud so you can change them into 10 different colors. For the outfit, I combined the Franky Jacket with the Lulla skirt and used the hud in each to change them to black to make this outfit together as black and white is always a classic look.
ducknipple franky jacket, lulla skirt, priest boots_001 ducknipple franky jacket, lulla skirt, priest boots_002 ducknipple helga outfit_001
Above is the sexy Helga dress and both dresses are paired with the City Princess hair by Exile.
Thats it for today Lovelies, please be safe this holiday weekend and I will see everyone tomorrow!
1st outfit-Midnight in Paris Tattoo by White Widow at Shiny Shabby
Pretty Girls hair by Besom
Bikini by Valentina E
2nd outfit- Cassia dress in Savage Butterflies in Blue by Topazia
Vita hair by Tameless
3rd outfits- Franky Jacket and Lulla Skirt by Ducknipple
Priest boots with hud by Ducknipple
Helga Dress by Ducknipple
City Princess hair by Exile
All poses by Posesion

Something New at the Indulgence Fair

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‘You are mine,’ he whispers. ‘Only mine. Don’t forget it.’

50 Shades of Grey

Ok Lovelies, I have some hot erotic poses to show you in this post.

Something New is participating in the Indulgence Fair which starts on June 1st.

There you can pick up some super hot couple poses as well as a singular pose set.

Blissful Seduction Complete Surrender For Your Eyes Only Impassioned Pose 1 Impassioned Pose 2 Impassioned Pose 3 Impassioned Pose 4 Sweet Ballerina

As you can see some super hot poses for you to use and play around with.

On Manveril-

Rapture Male Pants by Zanze

Tyler hair in Black by Redgrave

Christmas Storm Skin by 7 Deadly Skins

On Me-

Sophie dress in Pearl by Azul

Fairy Queen outfit by Jumo for The Fantasy Angels Show on June 6th

Lingerie was a free gift in the Wayward Hunt

Hair styles are from Fiore, Magika and Besom

All poses are from Something’s New at the Indulgence

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