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Choices of the Day.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. We have dead bunnies all over our yard. Well … technically … parts of dead bunnies. None of them were boiled so I am satisfied the […]

Our Own Little World

Previously posted @ Blissimo. We went through the stage in school where it was cool to wear something that was your boy friends.  One girl had her boyfriend’s school jacket, […]

The Merry-Go-Round.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. We are buying an off roading caravan/trailer/thingy. I am quite excited about it, but this morning we had the discussion about where it will be parked […]

The Final Frontier.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. We didn’t have any big prizes for talent shows when I was growing up.  We didn’t even get 5 seconds of fame.  Basically your mother sold […]

Wrapped Up In A Clam Shell.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. I have some grave concerns regarding timing and combining when it comes to the lessons of childhood.   Mixing fairy tales, body discovery, and the evening news, […]

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. One summer I told my brother the story of how budda’s head was covered with snails. We got one of my baby dolls and decided we […]

Fashion Entry.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. I am not sure what the people who brought us jumpsuits were thinking. Presumably they called them that because they resembled the suits that people wear […]

The Girl Who Ran Away From the Circus.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. There was a girl in our school who always walked on her tiptoes. We were in Asperger’s Syndrome Denial back then, not even have imagined our […]

One Step Two Step

Previously posted @ Blissimo. Some woman at our dance class made a comment on my hubby’s muscles and told him he needs to knock off his time in the gym […]

Making The Grade.

Previously posted @ Blissimo. I learned in Sunday School that Joseph was one of the younger boys of his father Israel and he was the favourite.   Hence he was given […]