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hiatus + ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

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Hey folks!

As is probably clear from my two-month absence from posting, I still haven’t been able to find a way to fit in a regular blog post. I’m currently wrangling with improving my Blender skills as I focus on creating for my current store, by Chiana Oh. I also have other projects in mind that I really would like to dedicate some time to and so blogging, much as I love it, is likely to continue to take a back seat for some time.

I’ve decided to keep this blog as a placeholder for my upcoming (eventually) fashion store – one of the projects I mentioned! And, over the next few weeks I will transfer the posts on this blog over to a more casual personal (but still Second Life® related) blog – I’ll update this with the link when I think of a name!

Thank you to all of you still checking in – I have appreciated every page view!

Best of all wishes,

Chia <3



a quick update

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

I just wanted to make a quick apology for the sporadic blog updates to everyone who’s following and syndicating it. I’m working very hard on some event commitments for my little store and, because I’m still quite new to it all, building takes me longer than it probably should.

I don’t mean to sound like ‘oh my gosh people must miss me so much’ because I know I’m not at all a frequently-read blogger but people do stop by from time to time and I want them to know that this blog is still active and that I appreciate their visits <3

This project is really important to me and I hope to be able to develop it further; after the spring hols I’m hoping to get at least a fortnightly posting schedule in place and then aim for a regular weekly post. Thank you so much for your patience while I build up to that.

Until then.. here is a picture of my cat:

“draw me like one of your French cats..”

because.. cats.

stuff of nightmares

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

stuff of nightmares

I’m a big fan of Mr. Wainwright’s work and when I spotted this Contraption release over at the Dark Arts round of Genre I knew it had to be mine! The detail is exquisite and it’s a serious joy to photograph. There are two colour versions available at the event (alongside another amazing mask and a fab free gift) and they cost just L$ 100 each.

The Listeners‘ is modifiable for easy fitting, scripted with options to texture the stripes and ribbons individually with four colour choices and, if that wasn’t enough, it also includes a low-impact, rezzable, version.

Not many credits for this one but I’ve put them after the page break for continuity’s sake.

Until next time – sleep easy 😉


Mask: ‘The Listeners (Silver)‘ – ContraptionL$ 100
– find it at The Dark Arts round of Genre until March 11th
Avatar: ‘Male Doll‘ – COCOL$ 350 (also wearing ‘human ears’ from ‘Male Doll Head 002C‘)
Pose: my own

come away with me

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

come away with me_one
These absolutely beautiful avatar designs are by Meilo Minotaur and are available free of charge at ReMood United (although I think they more than deserve some L$ -lovin’ in the tip jar if you can.) The extensive pack includes skins, shapes and many clothing/accessory items for both male and female avatars – I’ve only pictured a couple of the fab options available.

come away with me_two

Also within the pack is an invitation to visit the Delicatessen sim which contains many more free works of avatar art from Meta-Body I & II. I’ve been on a bit of a building frenzy of late so I haven’t done much in-world exploring but I popped over to the sim earlier today and my word but it is stunning. There are places in SL that take my breath away with their originality and beauty and this is definitely one of them. It’s also a reminder that I need to stop off my platform a lot more often! I’m going to treat myself to a proper visit very soon and, if you love art in SL, I highly recommend you treat yourselves too!

A couple of my pictures from two of the stages (click to enlarge):

running out of steam
‘running out of steam’ (taken at Meta-Body II)
his noodly appendage
‘his noodly appendage’ (taken at Meta-Body II)

Credits follow the jump.


Full Avatars:Bobbinlace‘ – Meilo Minotaur @ ReMood United – L$ 0 – Free
Pose (pic 1):Come With Me‘ – Tonic FunL$ 40
Pose (pic 2):Cradle of Love (him)‘ – Touch of FlareL$ 99 – couples pose

not your boy

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

 not your boy

I made it out of the studio \o/

My continuing quest for unisex clothing has led me to some lovely work by COCO and Apple May Designs. Each item is available in male and female versions and the quality is just amazing. The hand-in-pockets design of the jacket really gives life to the mesh and, by pulling it away from the body slightly, makes it a lot less boob-focused than much other, standard-sized, mesh. It’s also really lovely to see such well designed baggy jeans, and for only L$ 100, too! I absolutely love how they sit on my hips and I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I snap up the other colours.

I have treated myself to a new skin, too – this is the gorgeous ‘Bryn’ by Flamboyant who make skins for “beautiful, stylish and sexy adult effeminate male, femboys, girlish bois, traps, and trans-gender avatars.” The options you get for your L$ 800 are really impressive and make it incredibly versatile; certainly I’ve also found it perfect for a ‘tomboy’/FTM/androgynous look. I think I’m going to be wearing ‘Bryn’ a lot so there should be some close-ups soon – in the meantime you can always take a look at the Marketplace listing for lots of details and pics.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the fabulous Honour McMillan, whose blog I read with much pleasure – she always posts about the most incredible places and it’s thanks to her that I found this sim when I was pondering where to take my pic.

Full credits after the jump.


Top: ‘Bomber Jacket (Sage Green) w/Hoodie‘ – COCOL$ 350
– also includes no-hoodie and cropped hoodie versions. Male-fit version also available.
Pants: ‘Worn Denim Jeans (Classic)‘ – Apple May DesignsL$ 100
– male-fit version also available.
Shoes: ‘Skateshoes‘ – DucknippleL$ 195 – unisex, colour-change laces
Hair: ‘Serious (Brown)‘ – InkL$ 200 – 2-colour pack with hairbases
– find it at The Mens Dept until Feb 28th.
Skin: ‘Sweets Juicy Fruit: Bryn (Lite)‘ – FlamboyantL$ 800
– includes 2 body types, appliers and lots of make-up options.
Freckles: ‘Freckle Face (Sunned)‘ – GlamorizeL$ 5 – 4-version pack
Eyes: ‘Luminous (London Fog)‘ – MayflyL$ 0 – Free colour
Lashes: ‘C01 Natural‘ – FTLL$ 280 – multi-version pack
Shape: a modded version of an old Panda Punx group gift

Pose: ‘But You’re Still the Same‘ by Calliope Ahren (not currently available)
Location: ‘Square pegs in round holes‘ – discovered thanks to Honour McMillan’s fab blog!


if you’re going

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

 if you're going

Apologies for being slow to pick up the momentum on this blog – I’ve been catching up with creating for events in my store – I’ve been keeping it in mind, though and thinking about how to find new styles. It’s quite a learning curve at the moment and differs from my usual oh-that’s-cute-I’ll-just-blog-that attitude. While I’m still finding things I love, of course, I’m really having to think about the shape and fit of them and what avatar to put them on that might be a little more unusual. It’s a really enjoyable process, though, and I hope you’re enjoying the results, too.

I’ve mentioned at my previous blog how much Zibska‘s creations inspire me, so it was only a matter of time before I was going to revisit them here! I spotted this jewellery set (the pack also includes earrings and rings not pictured) late last night and knew at once I needed to try it on my male doll avatar then found the hair, too. Each has lots of colour options and I’m so happy with the how they look on!

I really love these leggings by NINFANIUM, too – the textures are so well done; I’m looking forward to trying the other colours out! I had a quick look around the rest of the store and I’m impressed with the range on offer – I’ll definitely be returning!

Thanks for reading! Click through for full credits.


Necklace: ‘Pratoline‘ – ZibskaL$ 300 – multiple colour options,
also includes earrings and rings
Pants: ‘Wooly Leggings (Ashes)‘ – NINFANIUML$ 175 – 5 colour options*
Hair: ‘Salacia‘ – ZibskaL$ 200 – 20 colour options
Head: ‘Male Doll Head 002C‘ – COCOL$ 350
Body: ‘Male Doll‘ – COCOL$ 350
Pose: ‘Oops 4‘ – LalocheziaL$ 25

[*It’s difficult to find mesh made for standard avatars that will fit the doll body and, in the interests of full disclosure, these leggings don’t, quite, as I have to un-wear the doll legs which creates a gap between the ankles and feet. Please note this is in no way a criticism.. these are not at all designed to be worn with this avatar but when I demoed them I absolutely loved the way they sat on the hips and already knew I wouldn’t be taking a full-body shot. I mention it only to draw attention to the importance of demoing items for your own avatar and needs – there are so many different avatar styles and shapes now it would be very unfair to expect mesh items to fit them all.]

suit up!

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

suit up_one

My first post of the new year – I hope you’ve had a lovely few weeks, whatever you’ve been up to, and that 2015 brings lots of good things to you all! Personally, I’ve had a lovely relaxing time and am returning fully refreshed and looking forward to getting this blog and my other projects fully rolling.

I couldn’t think of a better way to begin blogging this year than treating myself to these beautiful unisex 2-piece skirt-suits from A:S:S. There are three versions currently available (the third being navy blue) and each set comes with boob-ed and flat versions of the jacket-and-shirt combo, several sizes of each piece (I found it easy finding sizes that worked, but remember – demo, demo, demo!) and a HUD with options to texture the shirt and tie individually in a choice of 10 colours.

Unisex clothing seems hard to come by (at least that’s what I’m discovering so far) and cannot be easy to make, so finding work as gorgeous as this is truly heartening and inspiring.. and, at under L$ 300 each, I also think they’re an absolute steal!

Additionally, the shoes on Prot are by Thor and are also very versatile including, as they do, a HUD with options to texture 5 areas individually with a choice of 7 colours (and also an option of dark or light trim) – they scale down brilliantly, too, so I’m pretty sure they could fit on daintier feet if you so desire.

Finally, thank you to all of you who visit this blog – I love sharing the things I find and I really hope you enjoy me doing so too. Here’s to another year of fabulous fashion! >-I

suit up_two
Full credits after the jump..


Suit: ‘Mason Suit (Black)‘ – A:S:SL$ 275
Hair: ‘Limbo (Black)‘ – TuTy’sL$ 150
Skin: ‘Angelica – Happy Holidays! (Sunburst)‘ – CurioL$ 0 – Group Gift
Eye Makeup: ‘The Doll Eyeliner‘ – no.7 (booN apartment #51) – L$ 25
Lashes: ‘Geometry Lashes‘ – no.7 – past event item, not yet in-store
Blush: ‘Glowing Blush (Red)‘ – GlamorizeL$ 5
Beauty Mark: ‘Imperfections 1‘ – A:S:SL$ 0 – Freebie
Eyes: ‘Luminous (Dusky Bronze)‘ – MayflyL$ 99
Hands: ‘Avatar Enhancement Hands (Mouse)‘ – SlinkL$ 450
Shape: my own
Pose: ‘High_two‘ – oOo Studio PosesL$ 45

Suit: ‘Mason Suit (Grey)‘ – A:S:SL$ 275
Hair: ‘Cosmos B_AH‘ – InkL$ 80 per play – Gacha (common)
Skin: ‘Guy (Ginger T4)‘ – Clef de PeauL$ 990
Eyes: ‘Luminous (London Fog)‘ – MayflyL$ 0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘Jack Shoes‘ – ThorL$ 250
Shape: ‘Dakota (unisex)‘ – Deluxe Body Factory – past hunt prize
Pose: ‘For Men 1‘ – Expressive PosesL$ 1 – Dollarbie (2-pose pack)

Prop: ‘Photo Set Runway‘ – La Petite Morte – past group gift

of a feather

Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

I’m honoured to know some amazing people who continually stun me with their talent and kindness. One such person is the delectable Shortcake Sugarplum of no.7. Recently she sent me a goodie-box of her latest release – these beautiful feather shawls. I salivated over the contents (my word but the colours are amazing!) but didn’t notice right away that she had named one for me (the bottom one in this pic) based on the colours used in one of the pictures I released at The Gallery Gift Shop anniversary, which she curates. (The picture is ‘it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day’ which can be seen in the ad here for those curious.) You can find these, and many others just as gorgeous, at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo until Dec 13th. Thank you so much, Shortcake <3 <3

I also love the unisex skins that Deluxe Body Factory have been producing for MadPea events recently (I covered another over on my previous blog) – these can be found at MadPea’s Scrumptious Sweets Advent event until Jan 4th and also include 2 shape options. I adore the face of ‘Dakota‘ and hope there is more unisex yuminess on the horizon!

Full credits after the jump.


Shawls: ‘Nakamura Feather Shawl (Lindini & Chiana)‘ – no.7L$ 150ea
– find them at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo until Dec 13th
Bodysuits: ‘Full Sheer Body Stocking (Nude & Black)‘ – GLAML$ 125ea – inc. 3 opacities
Hair: ‘Lio (Foxed & Mutant)‘ – sYsL$ 250ea 4-colour pack + shaved hairbase
Skin: ‘Dakota (unisex)‘ – Deluxe Body FactoryHunt Prize
– find them at MadPea’s Scrumptious Sweets Advent event until Jan 4th
(25 prizes to find, requires HUD costing L$ 100, read more here)
Shapes: ‘Dakota (unisex & subtle breasts)‘ – included in skin pack listed above
Eyes: ‘Luminous & Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog)‘ – MayflyL$ 0 – Free colour
Pose: ‘I Let Go‘ – Touch of FlareL$ 15 (rotated)



Previously posted @ Fashion Agender.

Welcome to my new blog! Fashion Agender was born out of a desire to cover Second Life® fashion without focusing too much on the gender of the avatar wearing it. I chose ‘Agender’ because I do love a play on words.. but my posts won’t be strictly non-gender. I’d simply like this blog to be inclusive – to reflect as much diversity as is possible with what’s available in-world.

I still intend to post traditional (for want of a better word) stylings – feminine clothes on a female avatar/masculine clothes on a male avatar (for ease of navigation around the site, I have created the categories ‘Male Styling’ and ‘Female Styling’ for these) – but my overall objective is to focus on non-binary/non-standard avatars (which I will place under the blanket category ‘Alternative Styling.’) There will also be categories for any complete avatars used (such as these COCO dolls.)

Fashion Agender is as much (if not more) about encouraging myself as others to think about what we put on our avatars differently; to push boundaries for greater self-expression and to strive for greater understanding and acceptance of each other.

Thank you for stopping by – I really hope you enjoy what you find here.. full credits after the jump.


Dress: ‘Slip Dress (White)‘ – COCOL$ 300
Hair: ‘Dex (BubbleGum3)‘ – DrotL$ 200 – 3-colour pack
Corset Piercings: ‘Corset Piercings Legs (White)‘ – COCOL$ 250
Head: ‘Doll Head 001C‘ – COCOL$ 450
Body: ‘Doll Body‘ – COCOL$ 450
Pose: ‘Closeup 5‘ – GlitteratiL$ 100 – 11-pose pack

Shirt: ‘Open Shirt (White)‘ – COCOL$ 250
Pants: ‘Drawstring Pants (Moss Grey)‘ – COCOL$ 250
Hair: ‘Tommy (BubbleGum3)‘ – DrotL$ 200 – 3-colour pack
Head: ‘Male Doll Head 002C‘ – COCOL$ 350
Body: ‘Male Doll‘ – COCOL$ 350
Pose: ‘Closeup 5‘ – GlitteratiL$ 100 – 11-pose pack