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Emergency! There has been a breach in the system. All information is being leaked. All poison is being released into the air. Quick, grab fashionable items so can you survive.



Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Olivia [fire] @Shiny Shabby
Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair ::  Megan.
Necklace: MINIMAL – Lio Necklace -Silver- @FaMESHeD
Coat: <*>Bomshie<*>Efua Leaves Over Shoulder Coat
Dress: Stories&Co. Selma Dress – Emerald Maitreya @Collabor88*

*Only 5 days left for Collabor88!

Wicked – VIDEO Blog

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More thanToday, I tried my first video blog. Here it is:



Dress: ISON – jenny dress (azalea) @Uber
Necklace: MINIMAL – Shava Necklace *gold* @Uber
Hair: MURRAY – Amanda Hairstyle
Boots: JD (JustDesign) JoJo Suede Boots @Uber
Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Magone Crown (violet)
Nails: [FORMANAILS] – Gothic Nails


Happy winter, my loves.


Love Him, Even Taken.

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I am sure every person has found themselves trapped loving someone who is taken at some point in their life. Whether you fall in love with a man who later engages in another relationship, you fall in love with a liar who then tells you that he is already with someone… or you simply fall in love with a man knowing well he is taken by someone else, unable to resist the power of his charm. And that is when your world starts falling apart.

To love that man is considered wrong by everybody. You can’t tell anyone, fearing their judgment. You can’t tell him how much you care for him, for if you do he may never talk to you again. Or worse, he may tell you he feels the same and throws you in a cone of pain, knowing you  could build so much together, yet remain unable to do so.

You see him be happy. You see him be sad. You see him enjoy life with the person that gets to take pride in having him, and you see the other person as an oscillating figure. Today, she’s a monster. Tomorrow, she’s an angel and a hero. Or maybe you don’t see her at all. Maybe you just choose to keep walking on your own road, with a burning hope inside of you that his path will cross yours eventually.

A million questions arise in those moments. With each word you tell him, and with each word he tells you, your mind starts painting the gorgeous fresco of what could be your life together. But that fresco seems hidden in a museum so far, and the only way to go visit him if he takes you. And that’s when your pain comes… you wish he would take you, you wish he would come sweep you off your feet. But no… you’re left to look through the window in the beautiful museum, where they’re dancing. And outside it’s cold, and it’s snowing. And people point fingers at you, but your hope stays alive.


Yet… what would happen if he would come to you? If you became his, and your wish would be granted by some fairy godmother you never knew existed? Your feelings for him start to bug your mind with questions “What if I can’t make him as happy as she does?”, “What does she have that I don’t?”… “What do I have that she doesn’t?”. And you’re left to wonder, hoping that one day, things will turn out alright. You don’t want to be the evil witch, you don’t want to be the pure angel, you just want to be in his arms. But the seat is taken, and you’re left to dream, and collapse on the ground on your hardwood floor and turn to light, shining brightly upon his path and wishing for his happiness. After all, it’s the only thing that keeps you happy anyways.


Sunglasses: //Mulloy – Urie Glasses
Forehead Jewel: LaGyo_Night Head Charm – Gold @Collabor88
Necklace: LaGyo_Night Necklace – Gold @Collabor88
Shirt: .:villena:. – Laced Up Shirt Dress – Iron Maiden @Kustom9
Bracelet: Salvadori – Fatpack ‘Le Chain’ Wrist Bracelet @On9
Wrist Bandage: MINIMAL – Female Dalshim Bracelet @Ultra
Clutch: Astralia – Blazer bag – Midnight Madness Gift
Shorts: .:villena:. – Ripped Front Shorts – Black @Kustom9
Shoes: N-core NORMA “Black” for High Feet

Decor exclusively by Apple Fall  (find all items at the mainstore, URL included)



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This Uber round is coming close to an end, so go and grab the last pieces if you haven’t already. Here, I propose to you a niche outfit that you can create with pieces from Uber and other events.





Overalls: Rebel Gal x Parker :: 90s Military Coveralls Khaki. @Uber
Jacket: SEUL – Military Brat Parka – Camo @Uber
Sunglasses: MINIMAL – Saba Glasses @FaMESHeD
Necklace: MINIMAL – Ysera Necklace *RARE* -Gold-

Chronicle 0.1

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Making my way through the daily SL Feeds, an idea has stumbled upon me that left me astonished. It comes hard for people to realize that those who create content that they like have feelings, and it comes like such a pleasant surprise, yet an unexpected sensation when you discover the person behind a blog or a picture you like has a life that’s as filled with emotions as yours.

The truth is, we all have emotions. But how come we have let publicity and the commercial era make us hide them for the sake of remaining as impartial as possible? It’s comic… we read about feelings in books, we tweet about other people’s feelings, yet often we hide our own for the sake of another follower, another friend, or simply for the fact that nowadays feelings are regarded upon with disappointment, rather than encouragement. When did feelings become taboo?

We sure live in times when sexuality and physical touches are not prohibited anymore, neither from the street nor from any conversation around the globe (with a few exceptions, of course). But with the freedom to express anything about our bodies, is it possible that we have forgotten how to express our feelings? In history, body discussions were something private and secret. The very word ‘genital’ would have probably turned plenty of heads on the street if screamed out loud. Nowadays, you can still turn heads, but not by crying ‘genitals’ on the street. By crying ‘love’. Is it, therefore, possible that we may have forgotten our soul in our freedom for the body?

I am certain the hashtag #freethenipple is more than common to you. Women, Men (and everything in between) are fighting so that women have the same rights as men in exposing their nipples. It is, of course, a great cause worth fighting for. But I couldn’t help but wonder…. do we not need a #freethefeeling hashtag? Posting your feelings on social media is regarded upon as drama nowadays, and, especially in the virtual world, you could be called names such as “unprofessional” and “dramatic”. But then, what is one supposed to do with their emotions? Ask anyone that question and they will say “you should talk to someone!”. But they do not finish their sentence, although in their mind it sounds different: “you should talk to someone other than me”.

And so, where are we headed? To the psychologist’s office, some may say. Therapists need to eat too, and people’s need to talk about their feelings in a safe and private environment brings therapists’ food to the table. But of course, it has to be private. No one must know that someone knows about one’s feelings. It seems so tangled, but it is so easy to untangle at the same time.

I have decided to make use of the blog I have for something other than fashion. I have a portal and a place for my feelings to exist without judgment. Thus, I am opening my Chronicles. If you’re curious about what and when I feel, keep your eyes on the website. The comment section is open for you to write your opinions and debate your own feelings about any topic we shall cover. It is time to #freethefeeling and be an active part of the new generation we take pride in. It’s time for the metamorphosis.



You’ve Got The Love

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“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” – Carrie Bradshaw



Hair: MURRAY– Amanda Hairstyle / Mesh
Sunglasses: //Mulloy – Musa Glasses
Choker/Necklace: MINIMAL – Maverick Necklace @Uber
T-Shirt: Pseudo– Qahwa Tee F-Bomb @Epiphany
Bracelet: MINIMAL – Maverick Bracelet @Uber
Handbag: Salvadori – Charcoal ‘Deux’ Leather-Textured Handbag
Pants: TETRA – Silk Track Trousers @Uber
Backdrop: Pseudo– Cafe Bicycle Backdrop RARE @SaNaRae

Hybernal – Collaboration

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Today, I decided to collaborate with my good friend Chriiztophervail Spartan, known to many as the owner of Spartan Fashion. Winter is coming, so I took out my fur coat (it’s faux fur). But, since I am a big advocate for suffering for fashion, I let my legs freeze just to wear those sandals and that dress. Talk about slave to couture.



Hair: .: fiore :. QUINN Hair
Sunglasses: MINIMAL – Clark Glasses -Mint- *RARE* @Geeks’n’Nerds2016
Choker: Rebel Gal :: Jennifer Vintage Choker @Tres Chic
Dress: WAYNE / Luci Latex Dress / Maitreya @Tres Chic
Fur Coat: -David Heather- Fain Fur Coat/F/Green
Sandals: JD – Tiffany Maitreya LEATHER @Uber


:HAIKEI: All I wanna do gacha @Kustom9

For HIS style card, please visit https://spartanfashion.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/hybernal-collaboration/


Rooftop Divination

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After quite a distracted break from SL Blogging, I am back with new forces (and perhaps a strong, loving arm to hold on to😉 ). Since Halloween is coming, I thought I would reinterpret the typical witch and turn it into something futuristic, fashion-forward and different. So I am the White Witch of Couture this year (just kidding. you will love my Halloween Outfit). Of course, I have mixed new and old pieces to create this – but you better rush! Some items are available at events as you’re reading this!

Of course, there is no witch hat, but I can assure you, there are a lot of spells I can do. With that said…


Hair: Rowne.Raquel Ponytail – Style 01
Earrings: MINIMAL – Ragna Earrings *5* – Gold @Epiphany
Necklace: MINIMAL – Ragna Necklace *Exclusive* -Gold- @Epiphany
Corset & Train: ::Una:: Dulcineia Corset White @Tres Chic
Arm Bands: RYCA Arm Band NT63 Gold
Leggings: Maitreya Couture Leggings – Pearl


As for Decoration, I decided to include a set that will be available at an event I am really excited to discover: FREAKSHOW – Carnivale by SCALA™. I shall later return with a landmark for the venue of the event, but for now, let  us discover the glorious pieces featured here.



Livid – The Divination Room Set (soon available at FREAKSHOW – Carnivale)
Backdrop: Pseudo– Rooftop With A View Set @Epiphany

I am including a teaser for the SCALA™ FREAKSHOW – Carnivale event. I am really excited and I feel it will give us so much Halloween material!



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Thank you, Pro Avatar (prototypeav), for being the best puppy!



Hair: little bones. Buffy @Uber
Sunglasses: Revoul – Lennon Round-Frame Sunglasses ‘Onyx’
Septum Ring: [Z O O M] Mytho Septum
Collar: MINIMAL – Virginia Choker Gold
Jacket: .:villena:. – Over Shoulder Blazer/ V1 (L) – Black @Uber
Body: .:villena:. – Lace Up Front Bodysuit (M) – Black @Uber
Boots: *COCO*_PlatformBoots(Black)+Stocking_Maitreya_Lara @Uber


Please excuse the bright lighting, I am going through a writer’s block… well more like a photographer’s block.


Trust me, you need these boots.

Lest We Fail

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I’m back after my unscheduled break. I missed you! Today, it is time for a blog with very few sponsored items and just many items that I love!


Hair: little bones. Kym (Lelutka) (edited)
Sunglasses: MINIMAL – Edu Glasses -Fatpack version- @Prism Salem
Earrings: MINIMAL – Stirling set Gold Earrings @Uber
Jacket: .: ryvolter :. Aria Denim Jacket – Light
Top: Mowie. – “Samantha” Top Black @Tres Chic
Boots: .: ryvolter :. Dancehall Chap Boots – Light