.When I’m Alone With You…

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“Next time you leave
Don’t go without me

No, don’t go, no!…”

the feeling of letting it all go.
It was perfect
until you reach my shore
the perfect illusion
of mind so tender
but it was
lying to the core.

So, basically – hi again!
You are not used to see me this much, but somehow I know this post is the one I enjoyed so much making, so hopefully you will love it.
Skin Fair is still on, hurry, but the main point of this was to show you new mesmerizing tatooes from Alaskametro she made for new charity event where 100% of amount earned is donated, so… also, new dress from Moon Amore is killing so I had to blog it the minute I saw it – same for the new accessoires from Zib.
I won’t be long, as usual, will let you live with it all…

and btw,
Happy first day of spring!

Flowers & sparkles,



LISTENING to Lissie, When I’m Alone…

.Boy With The Coin, Girl With The Bird…

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“A girl with a bird she found in the snow

If God made her eyes for crying at birth
Then left the ground to circle the earth…”

Sometimes getting all what other people want is the worst curse you can have for yourself.
Be free, be me.
Am I able to do living after the life?

Skin Fair in one word.
I guess there is nothing more, nothing less, so pack your things and go there.
I am drowning in choices to hard to make, but it is sweet suffer.

Dust & Sparkles,


.In The Cold Light Of Morning…

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“Whistle, whistle,
Away ..

In the cold light of day.”

Remember the time we met?
The day I though we were never be us,
the thing and the thorn.
After the breakage, the heartmelt
and the dust
here we are.

Where will it lead us?
Strong enough to endure?
I have feeling in my common sense
about all the scratching
the mirrors and the bones…
The cryptic things we forgot
to forget.

But stay with me.
Stay strong.
Stay for me.

So, here we are. In another chapter of this  never-ending story.
I cannot be more happy about the opportunity to shine, show creativity and be “part of something” that matters.
So, as you guess – Skin Fair is again on.

In a more serious note – I still have to look back to the recent happenings. And it was not so nice ones.
Basically, showed me how changing the head people – whole spirit of the event can change. So – the event (under different names) I blog for like almost 3 years – happen to be a downfall of my emotional life. Under the circumstances of not being able to blog – simple because there was nothing to blog since event was on break due to shift of head people – I got warned. I got humiliated how I don’t have active blog. I got notice, half-able to read since it was not on even basic english, saying how – I’m not good. I’m not wanted. I’m LAZY. No matter I almost always produce the same number of images and it was never a problem before. Not in those words but still… then done what I could, when event started – then got kicked. Without notice, goodbye or even a – explanation?
Why am I saying this?

Respect your bloggers.
Not because one blogger is telling you to do it, but because there is a million living people behind those avatars.
People who sometimes get bond with you, with your creations, with limited opportunity to wear/live/be whatever you imagine us to be.
Because some of us is not about NUMBERS. Some of us is not made to make a thousands of similar/same images just changing outfits…
Some of us strive to EXIST.
So let us do it.
Don’t judge us by requirements made to limit the blogger’s list and to produce senseless creations nobody will even take a look (and I am not trying to offend anyone, just to share something that is happening today).
Don’t made it impossible to love you.
Because, some of us – is simple here to stay. For long. As long as there is this virtual game. The world where we exist beyond borders.
Your creations will be promoted, you will make a money, world will kept spinning – but the bonds, the virtual ones is hard to make.
So if you ever do – don’t let it goes away.
Because – in some point of my life – acceptance and admiration is more important than anything, as I realized. The people, not matter and things.

Let us love you.


Prepare to Shine: PGP & Esode Presents – Skin Fair 2017!

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Click for more information below…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted so much skins…
She walked around the globe in search for new skins & heads & makeups and ended up in a fairy land called Skin Fair…

Basically it is how I feel every time when clock is ticking that time of year – like a child in a candy store, my brain switch into neverending loop where I need to try on all, buy all and enjoy in the “catch” for the end of the year…
Good thing that I am official blogger so can show you all I want – without need to apologize for being crazy and almost crying from happiness.

Now some serious information how, when & where to enter the rabbit hole:

HOW: Easy. There was a PaleGirl Production and their partner Esode who merged together in amazing fair tons and tons amazing designers willing and needing to show you all what’s new in our virtual kingdom. With tousands of mesh heads, appliers, makeups and body parts, they wanted you to shine in completelly new way and to be best of you in the following season.

WHEN: Almost – now… until 9PM SLT, March 9th it is officially preopen for some groups:

Pale Girl Productions Info Group
Esode’s Group
Taox’s Group
Session’s Group
Lure’s Group
Ooh-la-licious’ Group
Mignonne’s Group
Tonic’s Group
Carol G’s Group
Avi-Glam’s Group

– if you are not in them, don’t despair – it will soon be open for the public at the midnight SLT on the March 10th.


Visit inworld
Skin Fair Sim 1
Skin Fair Sim 2


Click here for the Skin Fair 2017 shopping guide.

And here’s maps from the event:


To create as lag-free an experience as possible for everyone we have a complexity limit of 75,000. Here’s how to lower your ARC:

Detach all unnecessary worn objects, HUDs and consider wearing applier clothes on your body.
Reduce the number of scripted objects you’re wearing (e.g. hair with resize scripts).

Have a joyfull & pleasant shopping & see you there!

Dust & sparkles,


.Love Is A Different Kind Of Danger…

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“It’s a different kind of danger
And my feet are spinning around
Never knew I was a dancer
‘Till Delilah showed me how…”

(listening Florence & The Machine, Delilah)

So, Hiiiii…

Long time no see and probably a much longer we won’t.

Second life , same as RL so suddenly, is bursting into spring-ly items and I cannot be more happy. There is a last days of February which means March will be in no time  – it is my fav month of the year but also it will be my RL Bday (Bdays are fun, right?!) and speaking in SL terms  – it means – SKIN FAIR! Yay!

So untill the next time stay sparkly and springly with lots of glitters and fairy dust,





.Dark In My Imagination…

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“I know I wont get out if I fall in
So I dont wanna think about it now
It’s dark in my imagination
It is all in my head…”


Somehow, I hope to be here,
When you need me the most.
This is my epilogue,
to the “freedom”
I never experienced untill you became
I loved you before I met you,
and that moment will last forever.

Hi, people,
I am not much around because I have a good reason. But still, I try to catch up with anything that is so amazing not to be caught.
Check credits,

Dust & sparkles,



  • SPARKLES: E.V.E Gem in the Rough {Diamond} (NEW mainstore location!!!)
  • FOG & GLITTER: E.V.E Flowers of the Mist {Smoke} & part 3 {White} (exclusive @Shiny Shabby)
  • BRANCHES: E.V.E Ivy Bonsai {Sleeping Nature}

LISTENING: Of Verona, Dark In My Imagionation

.Quiet in My Town (Never Mine, Never More)…

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“And tonight in silence, two lovers hate and find
One is bored, one is angry
But neither one of them is right, oh…”

(listen Civil Twilight, Quiet in My Town)


Guess it’s time to say goodbye… almost to this year, almost to Winter Solstice  Fair, almost a Second Life…
I hope to be with you next whole year too, but life happens – so whatever be, let it be.

I love you all.
Dust & sparkles,


  • HEAD & SHAPE: Catwa & Maitreya
  • SKIN: .:[PUMEC] :. – .: Anita :. –  / January\ (gift @The Chapter Four)
  • MAKEUP 1 – EYES: alaskametro<3  “Jewel” eyeshadow – Catwa HUD
  • MAKEUP 2 – eyebrow: alaskametro<3 “Glimmer” eyebrows – Catwa HUD (gift @KittyKatz)
  • HAIR: little bones. Gia (Lelutka)
  • NOSE RING:  ^^Swallow^^ Supreme  Gold and White Diamond 01 RARE
  • FUR COAT: ***ArisAris/B&W~Gara67~Velvety Outfit ~Coat_Maitreya
  • SKIRT: ISON – pleated midi skirt -S- (yellow)
  • POSES: vibe (I used pack “Nieuwe Schoenen” & Noel)


  • HEAD ACC: Yokai – Golden dreams  – Hat with a bow (yellow)
  • NAILS: Candy Nail – Glitter Nails for Maitreya
  • SHOES: Garbaggio // Lauren Pumps (Maitreya) – Gold

@Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms LAST DAY!

  • TATOO (only on legs): .:Aurica Store:. Sisi Tattoo
  • NECKLACE: Empyrean Forge – Wassail Necklace 2016
  • CORSET: BLACK HAUS – Amber Corset Black Maitreya Clothing Applier
  • DECOR: ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Cozy Laurelin Dreams cm



.Sensitive to Fate…

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“Leave some shards under the belly
Lay some grease inside my hand
It’s a sentimental jury
And the makings of a good plan…”

Here at the rainbowly meadow,
where our souls split on two,
little creature lingers;
He is…
Love you.

So, all the same. Check the On9 & Winter Solstice if you still haven’t – I have and basically it slip me again into my weird-fantasy mode. As one of my friend on SL would say “you look fine…except, little much weird” haha. But I was amazed by this dress and I went to much down to the lane of having tons of accesories.
Also, there is a new release from Swallow, high quality new ears with piercing and tatoos you can change yourself with a lot of choice for anyones taste.
E.V.E. too has a new relese of a swimmsuits (I am not wearing one atm), but the sparkles/decor that came beside it is rather than amazing – I think I can use with most of my photos, so I’ll probably do it.
Btw, this time I linked to every separate store in WS, so you can tp faster and more accurate to the location.

Dust, snow & sparkles,



.Pilgrimage of the Nestless Bird…

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“I opened my mouth to scream and shout
waved my arms and flapped about
But I couldn’t scream I couldn’t shout,
The song was coming from my mouth.”

Are you awake?
Try not to sleep –
the earth is frozen, birds are silent;
Somehow you said it is how you
make yourself calm.
When all the birds fly away from you
Will you remember the flight?
Or you will stay broken…

Hi people.
There is no words to describe my happiness because it is winter yet. There is no better feeling than being under the blanket and watching the worlds passing by – inside your mind.
Somehow, it made a balance to the all the rush inside the SL.
In the beggining of the month of miracles, December, somehow all the people awake and events became more frequent than usually – or atleast I got that impression.
So far, there is a two new events starting I wanted to tell you about:

1. Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms hold by Pale Girl Production is one of the amazing event I look forward every year – it make a sparkles in my SL daily routine and the items presented there is something I wanted to have because it all all so wintery and fantasy. Basically, the sim is overcrowded, there is more than 140 designers who is about to present their new creations so hurry there and be aware of the script limitation limit of 75,000 – wear less than possible so everyone can enjoy their stay. Event starts 9th Dec and finish 19th, so lot of time to get there.
Here’s map so you can see most of it (map click will lead you to the official webpage so you can find out more informations):


2. Good, old On9 – Grand Holiday Party will amaze you. There is a lot of exclusive items made just for the most joyfull season – so get yourself a treat and be stunning on any party around the grid.

Also, there is a lot of releases for a new round of Collabor88  by LaGyo and MoonAmore, same with new things, so check out the credits.

Dust, glitter & drunk sparkles
xoxo, Dea




.Desolation of a Angel (Anyone’s Ghost)…

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“Didn’t want to be your ghost
Didn’t want to be anyone’s ghost
But you said I came close…”

 (listening The National, Anyone’s Ghost)


  • HEAD & BODY: Catwa & Maitreya
  • SKIN: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Patricia” European
  • MAKEUP 1 – lips: NOX. Metallic Accent (NEW @Tannenbaum)
  • MAKEUP 2 – liner: NOXOnyx Liner (NEW @Tannenbaum)
  • MAKEUP 3 – freckles: Izzie’s – Catwa Freckles Appliers
  • HEAD CHARM: LaGyo_Night Head Charm – Silver (exclusive! @Collabor88)
  • TIARA: :MoonAmore: FrozenXmas/Crystal Tiarra Ice (NEW gacha @The Arcade Gacha Event)
  • HAIR: little bones. Lana (Lelutka) (@No21)
  • EARS: ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears Protruding
  • EYES: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for CATWA EYES *Intense* light brown
  • NECKLACE: LaGyo_Night Necklace – Silver (exclusive! @Collabor88)
  • RING: LaGyo_Nest Ring (@Shiny Shabby)
  • BANGLE: LaGyo_Iconic Words Bangle Drama – Silver (Soon! @FAMESHED)
  • TATOO: CURELESS [+] Carved Cherry Blooms (v.1)
  • NAILS: alaskametro<3 “Sweet Things” nail polish gacha – Sorbet
  • DRESS: alaskametro<3 “Aimee” slip dress – Cloud (MAITREYA LARA)
  • SHOULDERS: Zibska ~ Daleka* (@We Love Role-Play)
  • JEANS: SPIRIT – Anette ripped jeggings [FM] Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
  • BOOTS: :MoonAmore: FrozenXmas/Snowglobe Boots Pure (NEW gacha @The Arcade Gacha Event)
  • WINGS: :MoonAmore: FrozenXmas/Wings RARE (NEW gacha @The Arcade Gacha Event)
  • POSE: . Infiniti . – Good Girl – 3


  • SPARKLES: E.V.E Koi Glitter Puffs {White, M01}
  • XMAS orb 1 & 2: :MoonAmore: FrozenXmas/ ORB (Snowflake) & Silver (NEW gacha @The Arcade Gacha Event)
  • SNOW particles: :MoonAmore: Frozen Xmas/ Snowy (Wereable ADDME) (NEW gacha @The Arcade Gacha Event)
  • GLOWING THING – behind the head (it is actually scarf,I used it as a decor): E.V.E Morpheus Scarf Silver Chp. 4 (L) {RARE}
  • GLOWING THING – down: [-Abstract Soul-] – Steam Arcana v3 (past The Secret Affair)