Celebrating the Body Electric – Rez Day Retrospect

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Today is my Rez Day, the tenth anniversary of my Second Life day of birth — or, my day of creation, if you will.  The tenth anniversary of anything in this fast-moving, ever-changing virtual world is an event to celebrate. At the very least, it is a time to look back and recall significant moments of the previous ten years.

A time to recall the first jerky steps on Day One, then running, and learning how to fly. The thrill of First Flight, soaring with the birds, and dragons, and Pegasus, and all manner of unusual winged creatures sharing the sky. And falling from the sky, hitting the ground [Ouch!], picking myself up, dusting myself off, and flying right back up into the sky again.

And to remember falling into a lake and walking across the bottom without a thought about breathing or drowning, or getting wet. And learning I could pass through concrete walls like they did not exist.

And dancing, as part of a crowd or with someone special – dancing for hours, never tiring, never missing a step — oh, the joy of dancing!

There is not a great deal of difference between my first photo and my current photo.


Kyng Johin - 2007

kyng johin - 2017

But trust me, this avi has been tweaked and polished, and molded into someone who can be anyone, who can go anywhere and do anything, someone who can kick butt, take names, and build a house, all at the same time, without getting a hair out of place or even chipping a nail.

Today, I celebrate my body electric, my virtual world avatar, my alter ego.   Ten years of my 3D existence in Second Life – ten years and counting.




2016 Blogger Gold Stars

By Kyng Johin – Rezzing Beauty. Visit 2016 Blogger Gold Stars for original post.

The 2016 Gold Stars Judging Panel has now convened. All three judges [Me, Myself and I] have reviewed a countless number of blogs, for an almost unaccountable number of hours over the past year.

This year’s list may be a bit shorter than usual, as one of our Panel members was felled by First Life this summer and was away for three months. And when one of us goes down, we all fall apart. So, for the many blogs reviewed during the remaining nine months, the following are our choices for outstanding blog-related work in 2016:


** JADE SAMSARA – a Gold Star for an excellent Blog Site Name: JUST A SPOONFUL OF PSYCHO


** WICCA MERLIN– a Gold Star for Model/Blogger. The Model — It is hard to have a good body balance when your legs are super long; however, Wicca manages to always look perfectly balanced from any camera shot angle. The Blogger — Wicca’s blog is refreshingly different. The text she includes with each post shows that she is much more than a fashion plate with a style card. Wicca Merlin stands out from the crowd, as a model and as a blogger.

** HIKARU ENIMO – a 24K Gold Star for Photography in Blogging [for the second year in a row]. Every time you think you have seen his best work, Hikaru raises the bar and tops himself again and again. [HIKARU ENIMO – Male Fashionista]

** ANOUK ANNA [ANOUK A.] – a Gold Star for Photography in Blogging. Her studies in black and white, shadow and light, create a blog site that is a virtual cornucopia of visual delights. Favorite of the Judging Panel: CONTEMPORARY DANCE

** NEKOTTO RESIDENT – a Gold Star for an across-the-board, unanimous, we-love-your-pictures blog [Nekotto].

** With the increased popularity of micro-mini blogs such as Plurk and Tumblr, photography in blogging has become so important that, ofttimes, it eclipses the content of the blog itself. Quoting the Ultimate Blogger, STRAWBERRY SINGH, “When it comes to fashion blogs, I rarely read what’s written and really only get drawn into the post if the picture stands out to me.”

Blog photos need not necessarily be perfect, but something in the photos should elicit an “oh, wow!” type of response. The “wow!” is the benchmark for blogger photos. And in the WOW! category for 2016:

– ** EMBER BRANDT – a Gold Star for the eye-catching closeup in BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS

** KAI WIRSING – a Gold Star in the newly-created Phascinating Photography category; Kai’s blog photos never fail to fascinate and intrigue.

** TAMARY9 RESIDENT [xxx tamary] – a Gold Star for an appealing photo blog. The soft quality of her photos conveys a warmth of spirit, giving us an insight into the person behind the blog; even the title of her blog site suggests softness: Marshmallow Day

** GABRIELLA MARSHDEVIL – a cute-as-a-button Gold Star for a blogging style that mimics her avatar look — oh-so-sweet and adorable. [Cinderella Fashionista] “I focus on kawaii/doll style … every pic is made with love.”

** VOLUPTURAPTOR PERL – a Chameleon Gold Star for versatility to the one who blogs as IGotDressed; subject, style and composition of this blog are always changing, and never stale.

** ALISA PERNE [Alisa26 Resident] – a Gold Star for good blog coverage of designer releases and events, especially fantasy and role-play. The blend of descriptive text and top-quality photos makes Sweet and Sinful Styles a blog to follow in 2017.

** PARADOX MESSMER – a Gold Star for his tribute to David Bowie: ZIGGY REALLY SANG. “… there’s a little Bowie in all of us, if we just dare to be true to our real selves and let it come out.”

** DEVIN VAUGHN – a Gold Star for the original STORYLINE sections which accompany his blogs — with special reference to the three-part Shadow of the Reaper, beginning 10-29-2016; Rocky Horror 2065; and Somewhere Over the Rainbow

** MERICAT IRELAND [ReadMeri] – A you-go-girl Gold Star for WINNING THE RACE: “If life is a race and I’m in it alone, am I winning?” Having been in Second Life since early 2008, Meri likes “to share her thoughts and infinite wisdom with anyone who is daft enough to read it.”

** ROMAN GODDE – a you-go-guy Gold Star for TOP 5 WAYS TO GET OUT OF HOUSEWORK, a handy reference guide for the times a man is unable to “… stick to the manly things like hanging a picture or setting up any electronic item in the house ….”

** BLISS WINDLOW [aka Aria E. Appleford] – a Gold Star for EVERYONE IS SOMEONES IMAGINARY FRIEND. A totally original blogger, “they” are one of a kind, with an unique viewpoint on First Life and Second Life.

** A GIANT GOLD STAR each, for two bloggers who actually blog information, who provide text to read and information to absorb, about Second Life and other virtual worlds — how to find, how to fix, what to look for, what to ignore.

– ** NALATES URRIAHNalates’ Things & Stuff – Nalates has been know to [figuratively] descend into the belly of the beast to dig up the latest and best inside information to help us navigate through the maze of virtual worlds. “In general I write posts because I like to write and think some of the information will help out friends.”

– ** INARA PEYLiving in a Modem World – If you are looking for information on the best in Second Life [who, what, when, where, why and how], this is the blog to follow. The blog is, as described in Inara’s own words, a “collection of writings on virtual worlds … a mix of news, reviews, commentary and opinion ….”

** WENDZ TEMPEST – a thank-you Gold Star for her thoughts on the spirit of blogging and bloggers: YOUR BLOG IS YOUR BABY. “… a blogger’s responsibility foremost is to his or her own blog…. Your blog is your baby. Not your Flickr, not your Facebook, not your Twitter, your B-L-O-G.”

“At its core, [my blog] is a representation of all that I hold near and dear to my heart. And you, fair reader, fellow lurker, and friendly scroller, you are always welcomed.”

And with those kind words, we close up 2016.

Best wishes for the new year, Bloggers and Readers, and Lovers of Virtual Worlds.

Happy New Year 2017

September’s New Release at Ample Avi

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Yes, I know, it is now October.  I seem to be running a wee bit late.  But this shape is well worth the wait.  Presenting, Plum Ripe.


Plum Ripe at Ample Avi

Plum Ripe is just about plum perfect. She is classified as a Curvy Lush shape, which means she has a nice full body, while still retaining the natural-looking curves of her hourglass shape.

Plum Ripe - Full Body at Ample Avi

Plum Ripe, at Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, in-world and online at the SL Marketplace .

SLIM CHANCE – a New Release at Ample Avi

By Kyng Johin – Rezzing Beauty. Visit SLIM CHANCE – a New Release at Ample Avi for original post.

SLIM CHANCE, a new release this week at Ample Avi.

Slim Chance - Classic Avatar Shape

Take a chance on a slimmer shape.  All the curves you expect on an Ample Avi shape are yours on a slimmer torso.

Stop by the Ample Avi’s in-world store and check out SLIM CHANCE.  And while you are there, pick up RITA, the Free Promo Shape, located just to the left of the New Release vendor.

RITA - Promo Shape - Free


Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, in-world and online at the SL Marketplace .

Memories, like Mental Snapshots



I have been away for a few months, visiting coastal land-based folks in an area where I once lived.  Though I have now settled back in my comfort level daily grind, my mind keeps returning to these lazy times spent by the big water, wearing a super sized floppy hat and dark shades to filter the hazy glare of the summer sun; and

BRAVELY defying the noonday heat, with flip flops melting in the burning sands, a cool bottle of Coke in one hand and a dripping ice cream cone in the other hand.

These memories, like mental snapshots, will keep me warm during the cold months ahead.

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2015 Blogger Gold Stars

The 2015 Gold Star Judging Panel has now been convened. All three judges [Me, Myself and I] have reviewed a countless number of blogs, for an untold amount of hours, and the following are our choices:

* Gidge Uriza – tops the Gold Star list for the second year in a row, with the following statement: “There is a lot of time to think, in the silence left behind when there is no net.”

* Gillian Galicia – a Gold Star for the blog title, “Life is Short; Wear Cute Shoes.”

* Rehanna Seljan – a Gold Star for the quintessential model-blogger. Her style ranges from current fashion to far out there ensembles [way, way out there]. She does not hesitate to take herself to the extreme, but remains always stylish and elegant.

* Hikaru Enimo – a 24K Gold Star for a very unique style of photography. A tip of the hat to him for the originality of his photos and to the creative muse who inspires them.

* Aria E Appleford [also known as Bliss Windlow] – a Gold Star for her irreverant approach to every matter under the sun. “Ignore reality whenever possible. Live in your own world where everything is in its place and makes perfect sense to you.” One never knows just how serious this blogger is, whether all is tongue-in-cheek, or whether the blog is the product of a slightly bent outlook on life. Either way, this blogger has earned a pocketfull of starlight for the way she brightens our day.

* Mareau Grau – a you-go-girl Gold Star for the blog title, “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

* Hephaesteon, also known as Davie Frequency [2nd year] – a Gold Star for the original short stories included in his blogs. The stories are not so long as to deter from the post or to lose our attention [and everyone knows our attention spans are short]. “Zim-bangs and Wozzols, Glow-Zants and Shimmer Scarabs … they glowed, buzzed, flew, played, and in all other ways were amusing….” May 3, 2015.

* rainbowmubble – a Gold Star for an unusual photo style. With obvious attention to staging and detail in the layout of the photos, each photo is an artistic creation which intrigues and fascinates.

* Liliandra Baxter – a cute-as-a-button Gold Star for being, what else, adorably cute, and always blogging from the heart.

* Tymmerie Thorne – a Gold Star for her offbeat approach to all things SLife. Oftentimes informative, and always fun, when Girl Wonder speaks, we listen.

* Strawberry Singh – a Gold Star for a blog that is interesting, informative, instructive, challenging, and enjoyable. If bloggers were superheroes, this blogger would be named “LEXICON” and her superpower would be her command of the written word.

* Daniel Voyager – a Gold Star to this traveling owl, for his coverage of events in SL and other virtual worlds. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, this roving reporter keeps us up-to-date and informed.

* Darrius Gothly – a Gold Star for the term “mud-brain mode” Quote: Basic human nature says that when we humans are confused, we tend to run around in total mud-brain mode. Unquote.

* Hamlet Au – a Gold Star for his willingness to tackle any subject which catches his interest, pro or con, regardless of how often the Fire of Hades rains down on his head [and it often does].

* Serene Fairey – a wish-I-could-do-that Gold Star for creative avatar presentation, for the blog photos Scissorhands, a work of art which would be at home on any art gallery wall.

** Leticia Riddler and Phoenix Wemyss – two Gold Stars for a blogging style [photography, lighting, and excellent blog titles] which will keep you paging through their site.

* Liv Haalan – a Gold Chameleon Star for versatility. It is hard to put a label on this blogger’s style, as each photo is as different from the last one as it will be different from the next one.

* Inkie Loudwater – a Gold Star for a blog site that is just right. A scroll through past blogs is an enjoyable and informative read, providing a thumbnail view of a self-described Second Life shopaholic. Pixel Styles is a good addition to your Favorites list.

* Taleah Mcmahon – an outstanding photo Gold Star. Sometimes it happens, one particular photo catches your eye and you spend the next few hours going back through the pages of the blog, and you marvel at the way this blog quickly becomes a favorite. The photo is “Smoke on the slopes” and the blog is Second Life Snapshots.

* a Black Star to bloggers who do not have a “search” button on their blog sites, especially those who say things like “previously blogged,” thereby forcing you to go through months of blogs to find the information being sought.

* And, finally, the GIANT GOLD STAR goes to SeraphimSL for their coverage of SL sales and events. SeraphimSL posts a photo of the event item, tells you the cost and, more importantly, tells you exactly what is for sale [very helpful in these days when all parts of the body are sold separately, and it is often difficult to figure out just what in the photo is being sold].

You no longer need to fight the crowds to see designer offerings. Simply wait for SeraphimSL to do the gallery of photos for the event, and then go directly to the things you want. “There is a lot to be said for a pleasant shopping experience” [quoting Virtual Evangelical] and SeraphimSL makes every shopping experience pleasant.

And that is the end of the 2015 Gold Star lineup and also the end of the year 2015. Happy New Year, 2016.


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The Naked Rez Day Jump

A Rez Day tradition began in the early days of SL. It involved jumping naked from the sky or off a cliff while holding a Mary Poppins type umbrella. Known as the “Poppins Challenge (Rez Day Jump),” this commando jump was an unique way to mark your Rez Day.

Although the practice seems to be going out of style, with only an occasional oldbie daring the Rez Day Jump, traditions are important. Today is my ninth Rez Day. So, with umbrella in hand, and throwing all inhibitions to the wind, I am taking the Poppins Challenge.

Kyng Johin: Rez Day 1-29-2007

Hoo-Rah! Long live the Naked Rez Day Jump!

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Valentine’s Day Red Rose Special at Ample Avi

Ample Avi - Valentine's Day Special

Ample Avi is once again running their Valentine’s Day Red Rose Special for visitors to their inworld store this weekend. The rules are the same as last year:

(1) A long stemmed red rose will be placed on the photo of a shape, and that shape will be available for only L$ 100, for as long as the rose remains on the photo.

(2) Later, the rose will be moved to another photo, and that shape will be available for L$ 100.
Note: the previous shape will revert back to its original price when the rose is moved.

(3) The red rose will be moved several times during the Valentine’s Day weekend [Saturday through Monday, the 13th through the 15th], with no set amount of time for the rose to remain on any given shape.

Visit Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, and find the long stemmed Red Rose. You have a three-day window to pick up a new curvy shape, or more than one, for a very low price. So, flaunt your lady curves on Valentine’s Day with a new shape from Ample Avi.



Previously posted by Kyng Johin at Rezzing Beauty. Visit https://kyngjohin.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/valentines-day-red-rose-special-at-ample-avi-2/ for original post.

NOONE at Magic Avi

It has been a while since I blogged about Magic Avi – no particular reason, I just have not gotten around to it.  But after receiving the latest release from Mhaze Magic, owner of Magic Avi, I wanted to let everyone know about the newest addition to the little person community.

NOONE - at Magic Av

This is NOONE.  Such a sweet face!  And look at the makeup on this skin by Glam Affair.  Any skin by Glam Affair is a work of art, but when they put out a fantasy skin like this, it is a pleasure to wear.

NOONE is a small classic avatar shape.  She stands at 5’1″ tall, just right for your every day or roleplay needs.  You can pick her up at the Magic Avi inworld store or on Marketplace.

NOONE - a Magic Avi shape

Put a little magic in your Second Life with a Magic Avi shape.

Previously posted by Kyng Johin at Rezzing Beauty. Visit https://kyngjohin.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/noone-at-magic-avi/ for original post.

Lola Longlegs at Ample Avi

Lola Longlegs - Ample Avi 1

LOLA LONGLEGS – new at AMPLE AVI – a full figured womanly body, narrow at the waist and fluffy full at the hips.

Lola Longlegs - Ample Avi 2

Visit Ample Avi’s online Marketplace shop or stop by Ample Avi in-world to check out this curvy new shape.

Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop.

Previously posted by Kyng Johin at Rezzing Beauty. Visit https://kyngjohin.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/lola-longlegs-at-ample-avi/ for original post.