Peace Piece Please

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Pieces of me scattered around.

Summon them back into my clouds.

Let them permeate all that I´ve been.

They run for shelter so let them be.

Style Info

Suede mini dress with a deeply cut ¨V¨ droopy neckline. Sleeveless and cut hanging low on the hip with two side pockets, it comes with a ´harness´ bikini top and has a color change HUD allowing for plenty of versatility. Vero Modero – Tek Suede Dress with color HUD +  Island Top + Zig Zag – Necklace & Bracelet. Hair by Lamb. Body by  Maitreya + Lelutka Bento Mesh Head. Prop by Reign – Chanel´s Closet @ The Arcade but … watch out as it´s over 200 prims!  xox, Landa

Future Islands – A Dream of You And Me

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Forgotten Choices

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Decisions we make when we still don´t have the answers

and don´t even know the questions.

And yet they have the power to change the course of our very lives.

Future Islands – Like the Moon

Style Info

Pic 1 – Silk stretch, high waist leggings in a beautiful geometrical print, worn over a cropped, long sleeved, high-neck pull. Available in several colors.  The set comes with dark glasses and a pair of flat ´Doc Martens´ like boots. Ghee – Barcode Sweat Top + Retro Print Stretch Leggings + Hipster17 Shades . Hair by LambLiziaah – Ring. Ryca – Earrings.

Pic 2 & 3 – A stripped, ´A´ cut,  chemisier dress that is cinched at the waist. Available in several beautiful fruity like colors that are perfect for spring.  Ghee – Dora Dress in Niagara + Strapped Wedges with Texture Change HUD @ Designer Showcase 5 – 31st March.  Vero Modero – Bubbles Necklace. Hair by Lamb. B&W – Divina Sunglasses.

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He Came Looking for You

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¨He left looking for you¨ – said Francis.  This answer perplexed her. She had taken so many winding paths,  so many twists and turns that she no longer knew exactly where she was.

Style Info:

A little Rock, a bit of Prince and a touch of Flamenco all wrapped into one. Waist high shorts, worn belted on the hips, topped by a bolero jacket. Worn opened exposing a good strip of skin. Both pieces are indeed very embellished with sequins, beads, golden rivets and hardware. The matching boots echo the highly detailed bead work. Available in two colors. In standard, Maitreya and Slink sizes.

Gizza – Thea Embellished Set in Red + Thea High Boots in red. Maci – Carmen Headpiece Flower part of Carmen set. Vero Modero – Baubles Necklace. Liziaah – Flower Earrings and L´Art Ring.

On Flickr (soon) Gizza – Thea Embellished Set in Purple + Thea High Boots in purple . RW – Necklace. Liziaah – Chandelier Earrings.

Kungs – I Feel So Bad ft. Ephemerals

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I had left home in the early hours of the morning,

Only to find that he was indeed gone.

From that place on it was all footwork

Until she tried her luck once more.

Falling in Love – Blue Valentine

Style Info

Silk powder pink, long sleeve blouse with a Chantilly Lace overlay, worn over skinny jeans and suede thigh high, platform boots with stiletto heels.

Liziaah – Victoria Top + De Luxe Chandelier Earrings + L´Art Ring. Ghee – Sadie Thigh Boots Leather Pants Edition. Lelutka – Hair and Hair Band. Ricielli – Croc Bag.

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Up & Down

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She travelled back, wondering aimlessly through the dark passageways of her mind.

After a while she found a door then gladly stepped inside.

Oblivious to the surrounding mess she felt at home in stride.


Papooz – Trampoline

Style Info

Pic 1: A puffer jacket with silver hardware press-on buttons sitting on top of a cropped cotton t-shirt. Available in several colors. It also comes with a texture change HUD. The jacket comes in Mesh Body sizes; only for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

Gizza – Sybille Puffer Jacket in Metallic Black (and in Metallic White on Flickr, in a few days).  Lizziah – Flower Earrings + ring. Addams – Jeans with Belt.  Maitreya – Booties. Hair by Truth.

Pic 2: A  wrap silhouette coat with a wide collar in a contrasting fabric. Available in several colors and in tweed and suede textures, in 5 Standard Sizes plus Sizes for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.

Gizza – Maggie Coat in Earth Tweed.  Zaara – Stockings. Hair by Truth. On Flickr version:  Gizza – Maggie Coat in Dark Suede + Oversized Cat-Eye SunGlasses. Hair & Hat by Lelutka. Perfume clutch by Seul.

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Keep on Loving

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Life´s Too Short to Hate.  L.C

byrne-rosered-dress-iiAntes de Huir

Joss Stone & Natalia Lafourcade

Style Info

Pic 1

I do have to admit I felt kind of sexy wearing this. The low slung ¨A¨ line flirty skirt is topped by an open ´free the boob´ jacket with three quarter inch sleeves cinched  with a wide contrasting sash (in your choice of black or white) a the waist.  The print is reminiscent of a lush, heady, balmy tropical summer night. Byrne – Exclusive Jungle Love in Pink @SWANK – Yummy- Necklace. Liziaah – Earrings + Ring. Truth Hair.

Pic 2

A regal  yet fun strapless mini with a Rose like pattern and shape, as if  sprouting up and out from the earth to breath in the heady scent of this flower dress. This  pouf dress has a sheer shoulder wrap with a rose design. Materials enabled. Sold in Red and Pink in sizes for FITMESH, Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.
Byrne – Exclusive RosePink Dress @Speak No Evil. Anti-bullying Campaign from February 7 – 28.  Lode – Headpieces. Liziaah – Earrings. Hair by Truth.

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The Power of Self (LoVe)

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A Modern Cinderella Storyline


There comes a moment (don´t blink or you might miss it!) in the lifetime of all modern Cinderella´s when they discover they are not as helpless as they think. Able to tap into the fairy Godmother they all carry deep inside, they are empowered to look at things the way they really are in spite of all arguments to the contrary. They then take decisive actions and end up changing their lives.

Grant yourself a wish.  Become your own fairy godmother! Yeah?  L.C

As for the ´handsome´ prince? If he was only an illusion, the mere reflection of the soul he wished to control and then posses, then he´ll be covered in ashes, forgotten by that which he hoped to create.

Bob Sinclair – Cinderella

(She Said Her Name)

Style Info

Pic 1 & 3                    

One classic gown and two different ways to wear it. The Cinderella Gown is a classic strapless gown moulded to the torso from where an attached skirt opens out in a flow of perfect mesh.

It comes with the option to wear the ruffled rivet around the neckline, sleeves and  an overskirt attachment. The latter makes the gown even more regal(pic3).

It also comes with it´s own magic wand with or without particles and a blue diamond crown (not shown). On Pic 1 we are wearing it without the attachments for a more contemporary, go to any formal ball  look. In Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh sizes + standard avi.

Pic 2 & 3

A flowered crown headpiece and and matching wings which are part of the Mystical Wings Collection Gacha, turns cinderella into a self-empowered fairy. The set is available in several versions and colors and includes butterfly headpieces, roses headpieces, ear cuffs and wings.

Gizza – Cinderella Gown – magic wand + Mystical Wings Headpiece Roses in Ice and Wings in  Ice Roses (both rare @Fantasy Gacha Feb7-March 7). Truth – hair. Jumo – Mother of Dragons Ring. Liziaah – Flower Earrings (pic1).

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One version of us exits while another one gets in.


Madness – Another Version of Me

Style Info

Long sleeved, round neck dress with a hip high, wide slit worn over a micro mini skirt. The textured print has a barely there, subtle rose pattern providing depth and mystical interest.

Pic 1

Ghee – Rosa Dress in Graphite + Pointy Thigh Boots with Leather Edition HUD. For Maitreya, Slink and Belleza Mesh Bodies + Standard Avi. Available @Designer Showcase from February 5th to the 28th. Vero Modero – ZigZag Necklace. Truth – Hair. Luxe – Ring. Gizza – Wrapped Clutch.

Pic 2

Ghee – Rosa Dress in Porcelain + Pointy Thigh Boots with Leather Edition HUD @Designer´s Showcase. Vero Modero – ZigZag Necklace. Truth – Hair. Luxe – Ring. Ghee – Winter Hunt Tartan Tote Bag.

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Can´t Give You My Soul

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In the very end there is only a beginning…


And in that beginning there´s already an end.


The 1975 – Somebody Else

Style Info

Full body suit with a deep V neckline embellished with a harness and metal finishings. The suit is topped by a comfy jacket and it can be mixed and matched in several colors. Made exclusively  for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies.

Pic 1 

Gizza – Sybille Set in Burgundy (worn without the jacket). Liziaah – Jewelry. Tetra  – Hair. Pure Poison – Sandals. Maitreya – Clutch.

Pic 2

Gizza – Sybille Set bodysuit in Nude topped with Sybille Jacket in Black.

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Veni, Vidi, Vixie!

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That moment –  just before – you feel something shifting right inside you; and then you suddenly and quite unexpectedly realise you know where you need to be.


London Grammar – Big Picture

Style Info

Skater skirt topped by a rib knit sweater underneath a quilted sleeve leather jacket. The outfit comes with a loop knit scarf worn around the neck.

Two HUDS allow you to change the stitching pattern and colors of the sweater and the scarf. In sizes for the standard avi and Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Mesh Bodies, it comes in several colors.  A jacket-less version is available as well which you can see on Flickr.


Gizza – Vixie Leather Jacket and Skater Skirt + London High Boots + Oversized CatEye Sunglasses. ANE[email protected]  Mandala – Rings. Hair by Truth.


Gizza – Vixie Sweater and Skater Skirt in Lemon.  Mutresse – Boots. Tableau Vivant – Hair and Hairbase.

In this story, skin and make up by ItGirls.

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