Lipsticks with Je Suis…

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Okay so I got this huge box of stuff from Julia Merosi of Je Suis… a few days ago after I’d been whining that with my new mesh head I needed all new makeups!

These are the lip glosses for The Chapter Four event. Unfortunately it just closed so you should find them here at her store. As she always does she made a MILLION colors and the fatpack is like 10 huds and each hud has 5 different colors!

She gave me the Lelutka bag because I wear Simone but her things are available for Catwa too.

Giggling here and there with the KittyCatS group we were going on and on about coffee so…

This is gonna be a little different.

I present to you The Coffees (I made up the names, it’s actually the Browns set). I thought it would be cool to show different shades of one color rather than mixing up different colors, just bear in mine there are Blues, Browns, Greens, Greys, Nudes, Oranges, Pinks, Purples, Reds and Yellows.

So here goes – café is open! And yes there’s no brows I burned them off with a candle in the coffee shop by accident…  😛


Café au Lait

Hope you’re awake now!

random texture I found in the box

Love n kisses

“Clichy” by Amacci @Tres Chic!

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Well our friend Carina Larsen of Amacci has come out with her third shoe, and this one looks like it was made for me!

It’s called Clichy. It’s a lovely classic stiletto heel, pointed toe, decorated with a bow – which as my friends know is something I love as it brings out the cute in me! Not that that’s very hard to do…

In the fatpack you get all the colors plus all the bow colors, and you can mix and match different bows on different shoes. You also get to color the sole of the shoe.

You can also buy them in sets of twos.

They are available for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink High.

You can find them at Tres Chic

They come in sets of two colors for 220 L$ , with 5 sole colors included.
Fatpack has 26 colors for only 975 L$ , and you can switch in and out any bow color you want.

Brooklyn by Amacci

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And for my first post in this new year 2017 I present to you:


Yes another cute and sexy shoe from Carina Larsen, this time a platform pump. Dress it down with jeans, dress it up for a cocktail party or even a gala evening, this shoe can do it all!

This lovely heel works with just about anything. Its classic design will match anything you wear, and the choice of colors is impressive!

There are 20 different colors (195L$ each) and if you get the fatpack which is a very reasonable 975 L$ . you get three special gradient colors which are not available as single purchases.

I for one am really happy with this classic shoe which is a great start for anyone getting a new wardrobe, maybe because they just got a new mesh body. It is available for Maitreya Lara, Slink and Belleza and you can find it at Cosmopolitan!

Aw and last time I forgot the
Style Card

  • SHOES: Brooklyn by Amacci (Cosmopolitan)
  • TOP: UC_Sindy pearl fur top (BishBox)
  • JEWELRY: Bitch Kibitz necklace (BishBox)
  • PANTS: Fawny Katy in Cherry (BishBox) 
  • HAIR: Mina Kimmy (BishBox)
  • BODY: Maitreya Lara
  • HEAD: Lelutka Simone
  • SKIN; Glam Affair Lucrezia – America tone
  • POSES: Glitterati (shoe prop), Lush (shoe set)

Laura presents: Amacci’s first SHOES!

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Well it was some time ago that my friend Carina Larsen of Amacci told me she was making… SHOES of all things. 

Amacci is one of the oldest stores in SL now and she’s always been known for hair and skins and now she makes shoes? I was like, how cool is that! I couldn’t wait to see.

Well that time has come.
She has been learning to make mesh in Blender and it’s been hard but the shoes are all her own!

We talked together a lot and I told her my opinions, about colors, options, and stuff like this.

So I present you Samara. It is a lovely sandal with a high heel, which you can dress down for day or dress up for evening wear; it comes available for Maitreya Lara, Belleza, and Slink bodies, and it includes an ankle lock for those who need one on a separate object.

Each hud comes with three colors. You can make the whole shoe same color or mix and match the three for a more personal style to go with your outfit and accessories. You can mix the huds to color different parts so your shoes don’t need to be colored all from a single hud 🙂

Each hud costs 260L so a pair of shoes and three colors; the fatpack is only 950L! You get 18 colors all together in it and the colors are really cool. I will show you a few here. In the fatpack there is a Classic hud with red, black and white; then there are all the other huds: Cupcake, Fruit, Misty, Sorbet, and Sparkle.

Carina tells us this about her shoes:

Hi Bloggers and Friends! 

So, I have made shoes, for the first time after many years of hair, skin, eyes and pose creation. 🙂 

They are 100% original mesh and textures made by myself.  

The shoes are sold in packs with 3 colors, that can be mixed and matched with each color in the hud, as well as combined with the other huds for that shoe. 

Please, if you find anything weird about them or have any suggestions about improvement, or other questions, send me an IM. I’d love to get some feedback on these! 

Fits Maitreya, Slink High and Belleza. 

♥ Carina Larsen

Insolence – Coming Soon! Preview

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hi girls!
I haven’t been posting in ages… BUT…. this occasion merits a special post.

Camilla Yosuke of Insolence IMed me some days ago. For those of you new to SL, her store was once perhaps the best and biggest lingerie stores in SL. Back in the days of prim clothes lol. In fact she sold skins too, one of which I had and loved and is gone forever, and very nice shoes, boots and also real pantyhose up to the waist. Not to mention her naughty leather Misty line… 😛

She had been out of SL for a while, and then studying and learning about mesh like many designers, and this was her first test for the new markets. To say the least… WOW

Well as I was saying, she IMed me, perhaps because we had worked together with Look Elite for an event back in 2010. I remember her being so happy at the success her store had for that event! But that’s neither here nor there. She called me up to tell me that she was making new outfits! And guess what – they were fit mesh for all the current mesh bodies! And she asked me if I would  help and give her some advice. With this request came a sample of her new bra/panties set, for various different mesh bodies. She also asked me if I knew other people who could help her.

So of course I called up Bety and we started trying on the lingerie and each in her own style, commenting about what we liked, and it got to be a whole event and we eventually called up Camilla and TP’d her over. The bra and panties were nothing short of amazing! The detail of the bra was such that it looked like RL, especially the back and clasps and everything but the lace design on it too.

I love this lingerie and hope to see more styles and colors soon!
Needless to say the panties are just as good. The lace on them is just yummy and adorably cute. 
This set will also have a pair of stockings as Appliers which are a perfect match to the lace on the outfit. 
These photos are all done with Maitreya Lara body, and have not been post processed in any way, they are straight out of SL.
I’m anxious to see what else Camilla has up her sleeve, or in her lingerie drawer, because if it’s all like this we’re in for a sexy time!
See you soon!
Pose Prop by Exposeur

All new Truth hair!

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Hi girls!
I took a break from my complicated schedule RL and SL to show you some of Truth Hawks’ new hairdos.

There are a lot of cute things this month so for all you girlie girls out there like me, time to run and get your hair done!

There’s something for every day of the week. Truth has released several new hairdos and one of them is at this month’s Arcade, and it comes with all kinds of cute Kawaii accessories to add to it or just plain too. And if you don’t get the right one, it’s a gacha right? Try again!

The first is a long hair style called Jenna.

As usual now all his hair comes in various colors via a hud; also, there are variations for the long hair depending on how much of a rack you have, And several of his styles have add-ons like buns and accessories which you can wear or not. Like for example Birdie:

Aren’t I just so CUUUUTE? You can remove the buns and the sticks and keep the long hair style.

Lastly comes the special edition for this month’s Arcade. It’s just too unbearably cute and I think my friends will make gagging noises at me like they usually do 😛
But it can be worn simple or with all the funny accessories: dolls, teddy bears, and other stuff as you see here. It’s called Sakura:

  • As usual my skin is from Izzie’s. I got a bit of a tan finally!
  • My top is from Social Vintage
  • The poses, whatever you can see of them, are from Ma Vie
  • Location, ditto, is Portnawak.
  • Lighting in the Sakura shots is LumiPro.

OMG so much cuteness!

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I have really been shopping lately!
Well some things were group gifts and stuff but oh do I SO have all this newness to show you!

I’m going to start from the end as usual…. lol

This is a cute outfit I made from the 55L Thursday event. I got a pair of jeans called “Drunk in Love” and a lovely sandal, Once Upon a Dream, from Liv Glam, and I paired it up with a cute girly top called Karla from a store I didn’t know, Entice; there were 5 kinds, and it came with denim shorts too. I topped it off with my L necklace from Izzie’s and a clutch from Molichino called Delirium. The bracelet is Hair Tie from Izzie’s again.

Before that, I went to Collabor88 and came back with a ton of demos but also a cute little retro/vintage outfit. The theme this month is sea and sailing and I found this cute Sailor Top and hotpants from The Secret Store which I chose in red, and matched them with earrings and a necklace from Intrigue Co with lighthouses on them. I hope you can see them!

Then this week I got a group gift from Social Vintage. It’s called Gothic Party dress so I put on weird nail polish and a nose piercing and suitably made myself all pale to go with the mood! The detail and texture is amazing!

The last time I was at TDR Fusion I found the loveliest black skin and I just had to buy it. If you know my Flickr you’ve already seen it, it’s from Al Vulo and called Celestial Moka and I think I look HAWT in it! The kini is from Drift.

No peeking at my nips!

All my hair in this post is from Truth.

Mountain climbing

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The other day I let Melusina Parkin “convince” me to go see the tallest mountain in SL. It’s called Everest Summit and it is 513m tall. Our friend Dahlia Jayaram had told her about it. These first two pics are Melu’s:

It’s a lovely place with many pathways and beautiful snowy mountains, a temple, and many other things and it’s really unique and worth a visit.

We walked around all over the place even though we had to change because it was too cold, and we wore parachutes beause a misstep could – and did – cause unpleasant falls below!

There is even a hang glider up at the top which you can use and fly around the sims with it was loads of fun.

Hope you liked it and go visit!

Laura presents Blacklace!

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I have been, as I told Sienna, a very naughty girl. Too busy crying over myself and feeling lonely and running off to play games, I didn’t get my blogging in like I was supposed to.

So to catch up a bit I will show you three new Blacklace lingerie outfits, to feel good about yourself and pretty. Or to taunt that special someone….

This is Bellios, it was released a few weeks ago and I never got around to it. The panty is absolutely lovely and original, and it came with shoes, but I haven’t yet figured out how to make my Slink feet work with them…. Blonde moment LOL

All Blacklace outfits come with about a million appliers now, for boobies and bodies and anything else you could think of, but this is the straight and simple version. But all the accessories are there if you need them,

Next comes Timeless:
It’s a see-and-not-see corset and panty outfit, and I especially love this one, the corset could be used with a skirt or pants as the naughty bits are covered and even with a jacket on top to make it an evening outfit.

Finally this was just release and it’s called Roused:
It’s a soft and romantic set, light in color, at least in the vendor shot. The bows enhance it and make it sweet.

It came with a corset as well, but I chose to interpret it in it’s simplest minimalistic form with bra, panties and stockings. The bra comes in two versions, half and full cup. I think it’s beautiful because of it’s simplicity.

All the shots were taken in my home.
My skin is from Izzie’s and my hair from Truth.

Hope you liked them!