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[Save the Date]

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Creators Collection Box Event

The summer event for the Creators Collection Box opens in five days! As always, this event will showcase some of Second Life’s amazing Japanese brands. This is definitely a sale you don’t want to miss. So please be sure check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

Creators Collection Box Event 
Opens: Saturday, May 21st till Tuesday, June 21st
Web Catalog: click
Location: click

….Summer Breeze

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit ….Summer Breeze for original post.

....Summer Breeze

Creators Collection Box Event 
Ends: Tuesday, June 21st
Web Catalog: click
Location: click
Special thanks to Valerie John for this collaboration in featuring some of the ladies fashion in the Creators Collection Box event.

Hair:  Junwave – Yuko [ Full Color ] @ Creators Collection Box
Sunglasses: Haysuriza_Eyewear_Miyabi @ Creators Collection Box
Pose: [] – Pose#074-3 @ Creators Collection Box

Romper: Blueberry – Beaded Rompers in White
Bracelet: e r r a t i c – Gold cuffs
Earrings: Mandala – SenJyu Africa

Location: Follow Your Bliss

…..a moment’s peace

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.....a moment's peace

Creators Collection Box Event 
Ends: Tuesday, June 21st
Web Catalog: click
Location: click
Special thanks to Valerie John for another collaborating feature of the ladies fashion in the Creators Collection Box event. Don’t delay, the event ends soon!!!

Hair: Tukinowaguma –  Anke in browns @ Creators Collection Box
Lingerie: chocolate atelier – Selma in blue @ Creators Collection Box

Pose: Kuso – P0774 Ground Sit

Location: Follow Your Bliss

[….we’ll let the maid handle the rest, little mate]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit [….we’ll let the maid handle the rest, little mate] for original post.

[....we'll let the maid handle the rest, little mate]
Creators Collection Box Event 
Ends: Tuesday, June 21st
Web Catalog: click
Location: click

Shirt: ::K:: – BP Jean Jacket Homme White (New)
Shorts: Method. – Leather Roll Up Shorts in Navy (New)
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. – Stanley Sneakers

Shoes Used as Decor:

..::ILLI::.. Owen Sneakers
..::ILLI::.. William  Shoes


Plant: {iD}- DrY LeaF (StanD)-WooD01 @ Creators Collection Box
Hanging Plant: {iD}- DrY LeaF (WalL)-MiX01 @ Creators Collection Box

Plant: Maru Kado – My little plant Tokusa Red -Y @ Creators Collection Box
Plant: Maru Kado – My little plant Tokusa Yellow-G @ Creators Collection Box

Shoes: mignon. – Meow fur flat @ Creators Collection Box

Books/Ball: 22769/[bauwerk] – Books with Rope Ball @ The Liaison Collaborative
Figurine: 22769/[bauwerk] – Seahorse Figurine @ The Liaison Collaborative
Wall decor: 22769/[bauwerk] – Fishy Wall Plates – @ The Liaison Collaborative
Towels: Serenity Style – Newport Towel box (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Ottoman: Serenity Style- Bring it to me puf (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Marketplace Purchased Gacha Items:

Dog: O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – Yellow Lab
Clothes: AITUI – Messy Bedroom – Dirty Clothes
Fan: AITUI – Messy Bedroom – Ceiling Fan
Shelf: AITUI – Messy Bedroom – Wall Shelf
Trash: AITUI – Messy Bedroom – Trash Bin
Basket: dust bunny . getaway basket
Bookpack: {vespertine}- tiny dwelling – backpack 5
Courage sign: BackBone – Industrial Courage frame (modified)
Darts: { affaire } dartboard clock decor

Folded clothes: :HAIKEI: – The Winter Cabin #2

Laundry Basket: oyasumi / laundry basket / cloth
Light: Apple Fall – Reflector Light
London Sign: GOOSE – Lagare frame art
Photos: . Infiniti . – Forgotten Memories – 1
Radiator: Amala – Radiator – Black
Sign: BUENO – NY Collection – I Love HipHop

Other Decor:

Basket: Bazar – Toronto-Throw pillows basket
Bear: ::GB:: – Doll bear (green) – (gacha in store)
Bed: [Fetch] – Ary Bedroom – Bed (PG)
Bike: Bazar – Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)
Book/bowl: Bazar: Toronto books and plate decor
Books: Bazar – Toronto Living room books
Book shelf: Bazar: Toronto – Study shelf
Boxed Items: tarte. – Packing Box with lamp, stacked and open book
Boxes: Mad Mesh – Mesh Cardboard Box (clean)
Camera: [Toiz] camera deco (gift)
Carpet: GOOSE – Lagare carpet
Chair: [PM]Pixel Mode – Geometric Chair
Clothes: Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown Pants
Clothes: Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown shirt
Clothes rack: Bazar – Stockholm-Clothing rack (female)
Desktop: StoraxTree Desktop (product package, not for sale)
Fan: .:revival:. retro floor fan
Frame: Bazar – Toronto-Picture frame2
Folded clothes: PrestigeFurniture – Folded Clothes 001
Hanging lights: [PM]Pixel Mode – Geometric Hanging Light
Internet Radio:  Edberg – Wall Radio v2.3
Love sign: ::dp:: – Rusted Metal Signs All you need is Love
Open Box: [EC] – Cardboard Box set – Open
Pallet: Apt B – Pallet Display Simple
Potted Plant: Soy. – Potted Plants Set (Pothos shown)
Rug: [Fetch] – Ary Bedroom – Rug
Safe: Bazar – Glam – Safebox
Sideboard: BackBone – Industrial Sideboard
Sofa: EliBaily – Chester Leather Sofa brown (PG)
Wall clock: Bazar – Toronto Industrial clock
Table: [PM]Pixel Mode – Geometric Table

Structure: [PM]Pixel Mode – Greenwich Apartment

Pose: [3M] – ah-hun1 m_002

[…..a new journey has brought me you]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit […..a new journey has brought me you] for original post.

[.....a new journey has brought me you]

Complete outfit: hoorenbeek [h] – Mesh Outfit – Austin (New)

Bottle: [ kunst ] – Kunsteiner bottle / Lager
Ring: [ kunst ] – Coconut rings @ Uber
Ring: [ kunst ] – Copper wire ring (SLB13 gift) @ Mens Department

Dog: Tomato Park – Shepherd

Pose: RK poses – Jake #3

Now playing: Amen by Anthony Hamilton

Location: NorderNey

[….whispering wonders upon morning’s dew]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit [….whispering wonders upon morning’s dew] for original post.

[....whispering wonders upon morning's dew]

Much appreciation to Stella Mahogany for collaborating with me on this post. I know I got on your last nerve. Plus it took several days to complete but you did an amazing job on this image. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again. Please be sure to visit her amazing Flickr gallery. You won’t be disappointed.

Jeans: ::K:: Shoe Cut Jeans Homme Medium @ TMD
Bracelet: [ kunst ] – Summer bracelets @ Uber


Hair: Analog Dog – Glamp -Dark Browns @ Hairology
Dress: ::GB:: Wet Dress @ Kustom9

Pose: Rk Poses – Till the Endof Time

Now playing: Who Knows by Musiq
Location: NorderNey

[…within these arms you are safe]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit […within these arms you are safe] for original post.

[...within these arms you are safe]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
Facebook: click
Flickr: click
Gift Location: click

Ears: Mandala – STEKING_ears_ver2
Rings: [ kunst ] – Bolted ring
Rings: [ kunst ] – Heron ring

Bracelet: [ kunst ] – Artemis bracelet @ TMD
Bracelet: [ kunst ] – Argus bracelet @ TMD

Pose: RK Poses – Close your eyes @ The Crossroads Event
Tattoo: Bolson – Serra & Eli @ The Crossroads Event


Collar: Cellar Door – Dune Bronze @ The Crossroads Event

Location: The Crossroads Event
Now playing: Safe With Me by Sam Smith

[…come back to my place]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit […come back to my place] for original post.

[...come back to my place]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
Facebook: click
Flickr: click
Gift Location: click

The Crossroads Decor Items:

Art Decor: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] White Pottery / Tp
Book: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Big Book
Coffeemaker: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffeemaker
Lounger: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Patio Lounger
Magazine: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Magazine
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Rug
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Drum Table with Pillows

Recorder: Seven Emporium – Tape Recorder TR9-303 – black / Tp

Small plant: Apt B – Dalton Snake Plant (gift) / Tp

Wall decor: {BE} Industrial White  / Tp

Chair: Concept} – 07. Venice Chair (gacha) / Tp
Chair: Concept}- 08. Venice Chair
Rug: Concept} – 03. Venice Carpet
Rug: Concept}- 09. Venice Carpet

Sunglasses: NX-Nardcotix – Zelma Sunglasses (gift)  /Tp

Guitar: Serenity Style- Camping Guitar / Tp

Bottle: ..::THOR::.. Thor Pilsener Bottle / Tp

Rose Vase: [ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses – Red / Tp
Rose Vase: [ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses – White

The Liaison Collaborative Decor Items: TP

Plants: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mandala Rug

Rocks: Ama. : Dreamweaver Painted Rocks

Pillows: [evoLove] – Dreamweaver pillows – warm

Cushion: Kalopsia – Cozy Floor Cushion – Coal

The Gacha Guardians – TP

Watermelon: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Melon Slices (gacha)

Indie Tepee : TP

Hookah: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hookah
Sandals: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Flip Flops (Decoration Only)
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Woven Beach Table


Birds: Just Animals – Small birds pack
Dog: Tomato Park – Saint Bernard Mesh 3.3 ( roaming + wearable )

Other Decor:

Bag: Apple Fall – Handbag & Scarf
Bag: Bazar – Traveler-Bag 2
Dish: Lok’s Furniture – Food and water bowl w/ Hud
Hat & Book: ::TA:: – Ocean Vacation Set
Hot Tub: Gracefully Wicked – Wooden Tub w/ Custom Hud
Lights: Cheeky pea – Glamping string lights
Table: Ariskea- [California Vineyard] Vineyard Table
Towel & Flip Flops: ::TA:: – Towels & Flip flop set
Tray: ::TA:: – Resort Towel Tray

Landscaping: TP

Tree: Hayabusa Design – Tree for Flower F1aWT 51
Tree: Hayabusa Design – OPTT Three Branches M5 v1-2 Hand – 5G
Tree: Hayabusa Design – Elegant Tree Platane Plane Tree F2aWT*2 Wa t260
Tree: Hayabusa Design – Composite Tree Bignoniaceae M2.3.4 V1-1 t4

Structure: Ariskea – California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout (modified)

Now playing: Your Place or Mine by Warren Hill

[…..there can be no light without the dark]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit […..there can be no light without the dark] for original post.

[.....there can be no light without the dark]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
Facebook: click
Flickr: click
Gift Location: click
Photograph & Staging by Lawrence D.
Editing by Stella Mahogany

Thank you for the collaboration once more Stella. You did an amazing job. Always cool working with you.
Hair: Modulus – Zihao @ The Crossroads
Hairbase: Modulus – Baxter @ The Crossroads
Jeans: ::K:: – Shoe Cut Jeans Homme in Black
Tattoo: Bolson – Serra & Eli @ The Crossroads

Ash Tray: THOR – Cig Ashtray @ The Crossroads
Bottle: THOR – Pilsener @ The Crossroads
Pose: RK poses – Jude @ The Crossroads
Sign: Seven Emporium – Payphone @ The Crossroads
Stool: THOR: Refurnished Rim Stool  @ The Crossroads
Tape Recorder: Seven Emporium – TR9 -303 Black @ The Crossroads