– wind –

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lipstick: POEMA
hair in 1st photo: Moon. Hair // – Naturals – She Waits LUCKY LETTER
hair in 2nd photo: Exile Gift! Tommy & Gina

hat: Belle Epoque { Straw Hat } OLD GIFT
bangles: .:BG BOHO:. Bangles Gift
shades: BELIER Accessories. Enon Shades Swank Event
jeans: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Maud Jeans – Fatpack C88
tee: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Choker Oversized Tee – Fatpack
phone: Genesis_Lab_Phone_3.1 Bento RARE For Epiphany
choker: [Black Bantam] The Ballet Pupil Gacha For Epiphany <3
earrings: [Black Bantam] – White Lion Bloom Gacha Set For Bloom

– the music teacher –

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One of the things that I like the most about Second Life is learning about cultures that for me, from Spain, I find exotic and / or different.

With the time, I have noticed that I have an “obsession” with small objects: musical instruments, swords… exotic and new things for me.

At times all these objects are from very far away. In others not that much.

Well, I leave this post that tells the story of a music teacher, who is getting rather late and has to return home alone in the dark. Suddenly, she meets a stranger and she is afraid. There is not a closed end or a long story behind. Just that.

In the post, I show a variety of cultures, from the Japanese, in the kimono, the Spanish, with the earrings, and the Chinese, because she is a teacher of “Xiao”. A xiao is a WONDERFUL instrument, with a fantastic and evocative sound.

hair: .:EMO-tions.. *JIA* – for We <3 RP
eyes: LOTUS. Realism Eyes
lipstick: P O E M A – Iris
eyeshadows:  P O E M A – Venus for SWANK EVENT

kimono: Anachron
piercing and earrings (the smallest ones): FAKEICON / bedik nose piercing+earring set / limited
earrings (the biggest ones): Zafair – Torero Earrings Embroidery -Gold-
chocker: –David Heather-Danja Set
gloves: .::MVD::. Gloves Lace Desing
shoes: Ch’s for SWANK Event

LM: Blue Okiya
InstrumentJOMO Chinese Flute and Xiao(Group gift)

– Aragua –

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lipstick: POEMA / Lipstick – Iconic
eyshadows: – P O E M A –  Venus Eyeshadows”Swank Event EXCLUSIVES”

suit: .:MVD:. Dakota Suit -Diplomatic- for Cosmopolitan Event
leather collar with chains: Phedora. Heart Collar – Old gift
yellow cross collar: [V/W] Jewel Cross Topaz
choker: [Black Bantam] Raising Werewolves Gacha For Salem
brooch: *AvaWay* EARS_Jewelry Set
shoes: Ingenue :: Moira Heels ::
earrings: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Vicenza Onyx
coat: Foxes – Faux Fur Coat – sable

DOG: [Black Bantam] Lil Puppy Chief Unicorn Gacha Set TCF
LM: 1920’s New York

– socks –

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hair: little bones. Yuno – Variety FREE GROUP GIFT

arm guards: Anachron – Streetfight Armguards – Brown Wasteland
socks: FAKEICON / basal socks / – FOR PROJECT SE7EN
skirt: GATO– Floppy Skirt Hawaiian for Maitreya <3
jacket: NS::  MesH Fringe Jacket


Big hamburguer: [Black Bantam] Cutie Kitty Hamburger Set
vintage fan: NYU – Old-School Detective Set
socks:  FAKEICON / basal socks / – FOR PROJECT SE7EN
rug: Anachron – Mid Century Furniture
luggage: [Black Bantam] Gone For Winter –

– auvergne –

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eyeliner: A R T E Sassy Liner [Catwa] – for Applique EVENT
hair: .:EMO-tions.. *LYNETTE*
lipstick: *Birth 3rd Gen Willow
eyes: POEMA – Wallada Eyes

hat: ::C’est la vie !:: Lilou Hat – OLD Shiny Shabby 1st Anniversary GIFT
necklace: Moondance Jewels Chanel Necklace – OLD Group Gift
bag: .: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag – Group Gift
earrings: Pink Acid – The Queen
skirt: *COCO* High Waisted Knit Skirt
sweater: –David Heather-Hairy Sweaters
shoes: O V H .Metallic Ankle Boot . gold

– Shalom –

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eyeshadows: WarPaint* Valkyrie eyeshadow – for Appliqué EVENT
hair: pr!tty – Secret –
nail polish: POEMA / Nail Polish / The Smile Palette
lipstick: POEMA / Lipstick – Bluebell
lashes: POEMA – bolero lashes – *Catwa applier
eyes: POEMA / Wallada Eyes – Blue

outfit: .:MVD:. Dakota Suit
jewelry: .:EMO-tions:. *JERRYKA  * set
shoes: Ingenue :: Sigrid Heels :: – for Shoetopia ’17 – starts 25th March

– taste of your lips –

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eyeshadows: D. Designs – Ultraglit Eyeshadow Box – for APPLIQUÉ EVENT
hairbase: SIIX// Mullato Hairbase – for APPLIQUÉ EVENT
hair: MOON // Polly Droll // GROUP GIFT
lipstick: POEMA / Lipstick – Lux *Catwa applier
lashes: P O E M A – mambo lashes – *Catwa applier
eyes: POEMA / Wallada Eyes – Blue *Genesis Lab Applier/ Mesh Eye

headdress: (BYRNE) Arboress Dress EXCLUSIVE for TheDarkness March
bolero / boots / panties / bralet: –David Heather-Queen Of the Night Gacha
gloves: –David Heather-Liore Gloves/ BENTO COMPATIBLE! – K9 EVENT
jewelry: Zafair – Zebra Collection – for Tres Chic

HANDS POSITIONSBodyLanguage SLC / Add-On Bento Finger POSE (Nov Gift)

– I’m a tiger –

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hair: Vanity Hair::Chercher La Femme-Greedy Pack
blushes and lashes: :: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha Fatpack FREE Lucky Letter!
lipstick: MOMOCHUU FREE Lucky Letter!
eyeshadows: Temptation Eyeshadow – Catwa & Omega Appliers + Demos

pants: FAKEICON / lowki jeans / for TMD
earrings: [Black Bantam] / Pink Acid Abduction Gacha Set
chocker: –David Heather-Oyster Choker
necklace: LaGyo_Mariel simple necklace Pink
shirt: GATO– Wowie Tees Fatty <3
shoes: Ingenue :: Ulla Sneakers :: (C88 March 17)
daisy in the hair: [Black Bantam] Editorial Fawn Gacha Epiphany Set
skateboard: [Since1975]-Skateboards (RARE SET 2)
corn: Pink Acid For My Janire Squirrel Friend Gacha Set

POSES by ALGORIFM (various)

– B&W is grey –

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lipstick: LIVIA // Applique 12 Round
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Grace Mesh Hair – Basics

jacket: [KR] ANNA Jacket -Black&White Tres Chic FEB 2017
jewelry: .:EMO-tions:. *KIANA  *
sunglasses: –David Heather-Oyster Sunglasses
shoes: O V H .Metallic Ankle Boot . black
clutch: Zafair – Toreador Clutch -White-
skirt: Zafair – Skirt High Long Lunares Negros

POSES: Virtual Diva Couture