Fine Like Wine

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Hello my beautiful readers!

I have a taste for the finer things in life, I’m sure all of you do as well!  Fine wine, being one of them, but normally it’s a bit too expensive for my taste!  However, you can FEEL like fine wine in this amazingly cute outfit from BlackRose Fashion!  I am in love not only with the outfit and everything included, but the color of this outfit that I chose to show off to you all.  Rich, deep burgundy colors, pop with dark richer still purples.

So, with this outfit, what do you get?  You get the top, leather pants, necklace, and handbag (which I wanna mention, there is a hand version and a shoulder version of the bag).  I love BlackRose Fashion for always giving complete outfits!  It’s hard enough sometimes to accessorize yourself, let alone make up an entire outfit, well BlackRose Fashion takes the guess work away and hands you things that will always make you look super cute or sexy.  Sizes included in this outfit are as follows: Belleza, Slink and Lara!

Also let me tell you, this outfit comes in a variety of different colors – each sold separately – they include: Animal Print, Black, Carreau (worn in pictures), Floral, Hot Paisley, Leopard, Print, Sky Striped, and Tartan,  So get one, or get them all, just go to BlackRose Fashion and buy this outfit today!

Happy Shopping!

Hair – Magika – Fever 
Outfit – BlackRose Fashion – Mira Outfit (wearing Carreau)
Shoes – Reign – Mini Slips

Be My Baby

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Hello to my gorgeous readers today

Exciting news today – I gained another wonderful sponsor today – ENVIOUS.  I was in such shock, and am humbled greatly.  I want to thank the creator for giving me this wonderful opportunity to blog for a sore I have loved since I first hit the SL grid.

With that said, I have a wonderful outfit to show you guys today from Envious.  This outfit will have people wanting you to be their baby and theirs only.  I love these type of outfits, classy yet secretly super sexy!  I’m in love head to tail with this whole entire outfit.  Let me break her down for you the best I can!  The outfit named, if you haven’t guessed yet, is Baby – and it’s so soft with the pinks and whites it uses.  You get included: bow bunny ears, heels, top, tail and the panties/stockings.  Now the sizes that are included: Lara, Slink (hourglass and physique) and Belleza (isis, venus, freya).  The panties/stockings are on an Omega HUD which makes it so easy to wear because you know it will fit perfectly together!  I love the detail on the bunny ears, down to the heels and to the tip of the tail.  I advise you – get your asses down to Envious today and pick this up – and of course, MANY other items!

While you’re there at the Envious main store, go explore the massive store – join the group as well, there is a MM board and even some lucky chairs to enjoy!  Don’t forget to add the store you picks as well, if you do you have the chance to grab up the Prize for Picks!

If you look over to my side panel I have updated what I’m wearing on a daily basis!

As always
Happy Shopping!

Outfit – Envious – Baby (included bow bunny ears, top, panties/stockings (Omega HUD), tail, heels!)

Drenched in Silver & Gold

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Oh my yes I am!  I have never felt more beautiful than I do for today’s blog post!  I wanna help drench you all, my fabulous readers in silver and gold as well!

Let’s get started shall we?

So, everyone knows that March brings spring time (well at least we hope it does, clearly not in my state) but it also brings an amazing event called The Arcade.  If your a gacha addict, like myself, then you already know that this event is one of the most anticipated events around!  The best creators show off their amazing creations, everything from skins to clothing to poses to pets to hair.

I actually was lucky this time around and got the day it opened!  I already knew the stores I was gonna go for first!  So I found them, ran to them, fought my way to them.  I finally was at the first place I was excited for ….. Tableau Vivant!  This time for this round of The Arcade the creator made hairs, but not just your everyday run of the mill type of hair, hair that is meant for posing with.  I began playing the machine, hoping to get them all so I could share them all with you, guess what I succeeded!  Let me explain what you can get – so there are 4 hairplay poses – 1 rare.  The names of them are Front Blow, Back Blow (RARE), Side Blow, and Down Blow.  They are so very very pretty already on their own, but what you get with each one is the poseball for the appropriate pose to go with that particular hair.  There are all different color packs you can get your hands on – funky, vivid + pastels, browns, blonds, fades, etc.  You get the picture!  (75L per play).

Then I ran over to my next creator that I knew I had to get my hands on right away, and who else would it be but none other than Blueberry!  Blueberry always comes out with the most intricately detailed amazing creations, and this one for this round of The Arcade in NO EXCEPTION.  This is called Iconic Doll, and omg, this, this makes me feel so very very beautiful, sexy and edible.  So let me break this down the best I can.  This gacha is broken down into all the mesh bodies, Lara, Belleza, Slink etc.  You play on the body you have so you get the perfect fit for you.  There are so many items in so many colors you can get, I was able to get a full set of a few colors, but then I hit the jackpot of getting the rare gold wings and the rare gold shoes, and already having had silver, mmmmm I just had to do a silver and gold match up.  The pieces you can get are the tiara (multiple colors), wings (multiple colors – the wings are also bento animated – the straps are color changeable and sway in the wind), bra and panties (multiple colors), shoes (multiple colors), and the all over body chain.  Now each piece you get all come with a HUD to change the colors of the pearls/chain which is so generous of the creator to do!  Phew, I think I covered everything!  (50L per play).

On to the picture (doesn’t do any of this justice in my eyes though)
Good luck at The Arcade!!
The Arcade runs from 3-1-17 until 3-31-17

(Click to see on Flickr)
Mesh HeadCatwa – Kimberly
Mesh Body Belleza – Freya LITE
Mesh HandsVista Animations – ProHands
SkinInsol – Candy (Copper)

Even on the Darkest Days

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I still try to find some way to smile, to laugh, to enjoy all that life has to offer.  I only hope that for my readers you all have the ability to that as well.

I can try to help, of course, by bringing you another blog post featuring Perch!  Perch has certainly given lots this month, and for that I’m super grateful!  I’m in love with the clothes, from the outfits, to the lingerie, this creator has a eye for detail in every creation she puts out!

I’m excited to share with you today, this blog post/picture, because Perch has done it once again.  She has made this amazing dress with the most unique fringe cut front that you just have to see for yourself to believe the detail.  I don’t think the picture does it justice to be honest.  Where does Perch have this amazing dress?  Well Perch has this dress up for sale RIGHT NOW at The Designers Circle. This event started 2-26-17 and will run until 3-11-17!  So for this dress, there are 4 packs to choose from each with 2 different color choices!  The 4 packs to choose from are as follows: Blue/Black, Mint/Grey (wearing the Mint one in the picture), Pink/Lilac, Red/Brown.  The sizes include: Lara, Hourglass, Physique, TMP, and Belleza(all)!  Again, pretty much all the major mesh bodies will be able to wear this great dress!

I do hope you all get the chance to go to the Designers Circle and buy up the dresses by Perch, as well as looking at all the other amazing creators that are in this round of this event!

As well as that, I do hope everyone can find a way to smile, even on the darkest days.

Happy Shopping!

Hair – Mina – Harmony

Wanna be a Hipster?

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Well, do you?  I mean don’t keep me in suspense for too long, otherwise this blog post can’t get started!


OHHHHHHH you do you say?!  Well GREAT!  Because I know of a place where you can get your hipster on!  Now it’s my turn to keep you in suspense…..looks at nails….smirks………sighs….

Oh!  You actually want me to tell you?!

Okay OKAY…………….motions you closer ——————

You can get your hipster on at NONE OTHER THAN THE HIPSTER FAIR…….sorry….didn’t mean to scream in your ears!

Okay, yes, The Hipster Fair is a real thing in world!  Not only that, but I’m featuring this hipster top from Perch, plus a bag that is a gift for 1L!  CAN’T BEAT THAT!  So Perch is at The Hipster Fair and I gotta say I love this top!  She made this cute crop top and it comes with various hipster inspired textures, six of them to be exact, on a HUD.  The sizes that are included are as follows: Tonic Fine, Tonic Curvy, TMP, Physique, Hourlgass, Lara, EBody, Venus, Isis and Freya!  I think that pretty much covers a lot of the mesh bodies out there!  Not to mention this exclusive crop top she also has made a gift for you all, it’s the bag I’m showing in the pictures below and it’s only 1L!  The print she chose for the gift bag is a fun print, and it’s so very hipster…..LOL….can’t say that enough!

The Hipster Fair already began on 2-17-17 and will run until 3-3-17PLENTY of time to get down there, see and pick up what Perch has and also many other amazing items and gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Shape – Lilo’s Fit – Allana (very mildly edited)
Mesh Body – Belleza – Freya Lite
Hair – Entwined – Polly
Glasses – Random Matter – Yeol Glasses (Silver)
Jeans – Vinyl – Hasley Jeans Pak (Dark Blue)

Passion of the Kitten

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It can be strong, whether an actual kitten or not.

Hello my wonderful readers!

Today I’m bringing you a sensual blog post, one that I threw my kitten ears on for, feeling oh so feline, so passionate, so sexy and yummy!  Who did this to me?  Who made me feel this way?  Well of course the wonderful, amazing man in my life, but something else did, something, in the female world of shopping, is a tiny bit more important.  That something, rather someone, would be Perch!! Perch has this amazing knack to make myself, as well as other females I know in my life, super beautiful, sexy, yet maintaining class!

Perch is at a event called Love Interruption which already began starting on 2-11-17 and ends on 2-27-17, still plenty of time to get down there and snatch up Perch‘s exclusive for it!  The exclusive she has arranged to be sold is this ultra cute, classy, and of course sexy sexy sexy ass lingerie set!  Per usual, which I love that Perch does this, is it’s available in either Classic colors (Black (shown below), Nude, Red and White, as well as Pastels (Lilac, Mint, Pink, and Sky)  This lingerie set will fit ALL BODIES because it’s Omega appliers only!  So get down to this event, find Perch and grab up either the Classic color box or the Pastels box!  You get 4 colors in each box, as described above!

In addition to featuring my sponsor Perch today I wanted to point out the hair!  This hair is made by Lamb and can be found in the Luxe Box which your able to still buy (for an increased price) at the boutique!  I love pigtails, and Lamb did this one up real cute!  I completely fell in love with the look of it all with the amazing bra and panties from Perch, made me feel very feminine.

Get on down there guys, either to Love Interruption or Luxe Box boutique or BOTH, and nab up these great items!

Happy Shopping!

<3 BodyBelleza – Freya LITE
<3 SkinLara Hurley – Diana (Midtone)
<3 Kitten EarsALTAIR – Fluffy Ears (join the group for only 149L and you can these ears and other amazing group gifts as well!  These ears come with animated/static versions and a HUD with a variety of colors to choose from)

Coming Up Denim?

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Laughs, well yes at BlackRose Fashion at least!

Hey all!

Today’s blog, if you haven’t already guessed, is about BlackRose Fashion!  I’m completely in love with this entire outfit!  Let me grab you the details regarding this amazing outfit!  You can find this dress is various different colors, including the denim one I’m wearing!  Each dress comes packed full of matching shoes/jewelry and a wonderful looking handbag!  The broach, bracelets and shoes are even included, YES you heard me right, the broche, bracelets and shoes are all included!

I love this dress for the beginnings of spring time shopping, it’s classy and very stylish while your out and about buying up other BlackRose Fashion outfits and separates!

I wouldn’t let another moment go by, I’d run down there today and grab this dress up in several or one favorite color!

The different colors your going to find are as follows: Black, Brown, Camo, Carreau, Denim show down below), Ice, Khaki, Paisley, Red, and Sand.  Once again each outfit comes with the following: Dress, Flower Broach, Bracelets, Handbag, and Shoes.  Sizes included are as follows: Fitted Mesh, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink.  Shoes include all those sizes listed plus TMP.

Happy Shopping!

HairExile – Wherever I Go (Browns)
OutfitBlackRose Fashion – Kelly Outfit – (Denim worn in pictures) (Included with dress includes: shoes, handbag, bracelets and flower broach)

Elegance With a Twist

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A twist of purple I think!

Hey everyone!  I’m here today with another awesome blog post!  Today’s blog post is gonna be all about Perch and the Applique event taking place as I type this out!

Perch has brought some A-game to this round!  I slipped into this little, sheer, sexy body suit and instantly fell in love with it and myself.  I have never felt sexier posing for a selfie in my bedroom!

So, Applique opened already on 2-15-17, so make sure you all get down there and pick up Perch‘s exclusive!  This body suit comes in a variety of different colors such as (Classics) Black, Nude, Red and White as well as (Pastels) Lilac (shown in the picture below), Mint, Pink and Sky!  All VERY gorgeous pieces for sure!  They fit EVERYONE because they are an Omega applier, so no worries wondering if it’s not gonna fit well, it’s gonna hug your body I can assure you!

Get a little wild, kinky in this bodysuit today!

Seize The Day

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Got up kinda early this morning, planning on going for a morning walk.  It was nice outside, with just only the slightest of chills in the air.  I pulled on my new outfit I got from BlackRose Fashion, a very cute short skirt paired with a comfy warm sweater, grabbed my camera and headed outside.  The warmth and slight chill hit my bare legs instantly, shivering slightly I took to the sidewalk.

I eyed up this beautiful gazebo and went on over there.  I decided to set the timer on my camera and snap a picture of myself as I watched the sun come up over the horizon.  Looking around the surroundings, walking around, taking my moment to seize the day as a fresh new day.

As the light changed on the land I began snapping pictures left and right of beautiful surroundings, ponds, birds, anything that caught my eyes.  I must have caught the eye of someone else walking around this morning, they snapped a picture of me, snapping a picture of a bird that I wound up on my tippy toes trying to get just the perfect shot.  They sent it along to me, and I’m gladly sharing it with you all as it shows off the full cuteness of the outfit I’m wearing from BlackRose Fashion.

This person came up to me, began asking me questions about my skirt and sweater, so I told her all about BlackRose Fashion, how wonderful of a store they are, how cute, and classy their outfits often are and how amazingly they are priced.  I then decided to share with you all this same information, as avid readers of my blog, why keep it to myself?

So yes, this outfit is from BlackRose Fashion, it comes in a variety of different colors to choose from including: Black (shown in pictures below), Blue, Brick, Brown, Cable, Candy, Khaki, and Navy. Each skirt comes with it’s very own design/pattern!  The sizes you will find included with each outfit are as follows: Hourglass, Physique, Belleza, Freya, Isis, eBody, Maitreya, and a fitted mesh version. So basically anyone can wear this outfit!

So I advise you, go on down to BlackRose Fashion today and pick up one color, or all of them!         Come and seize the day with me!

Happy Shopping!

Hair – EnVogue – Rihanna (with fitted mesh accessory included with hair)
Ears – Swallow – Shiny Ears
Nose Septum – LittleFish – XUE Septum
Collar – Cae – Connected Collar (HUD included to change colors from silver to gold)
Necklaces – Cae – Darling Necklace (HUD included to change colors from silver to gold)
Rings – Absolut Vendetta – Hydro Bento Rings (HUD included to change colors from silver to gold and various stone colors)
Outfit – BlackRose Fashion – Nora Outfit (worn in Black, variety of colors sold separately)
Shoes – Delirium Style – Studded Ballet
Pose/Prop – what next – Pop-shot Camera Props and Model Poses

LOTD #039

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I’m back after a wonderful weekend!

Today I’m bringing another Perch creation, this time it’s for the Designer Circle!  Perch has began pumping out some very sexy, classy, sexy, sultry items as of late, and this one is no different!  The Designer Circle has already begun – it began on 2-12-17 and will run until 2-25-17 – still plenty of time to run down there and see not only what they have but what Perch is bringing to it this round!

Perch has made this amazing two piece dress!  Skirt and top are separate, but put together, you would think it’s all in one (it’s that beautifully made).  There is a HUD separate for the top and the skirt each with 8 different texture items!  Mix and match for endless options to wear this outfit!  The sizes are for the following: Hourglass, Physique, Maitreya, TMP, and Belleza!  It’s the perfect outfit for going out, classy and cool, sexy and sultry hitting your every curve of your body, as well as the perfect outfit for casual going out shopping with the help of the texture HUDS it comes with.  To see for yourself, get your sexy asses down there and pick it up today!

Also would love to take a moment to point out my shoes!  They are made my Phedora and can be found at the Enchantment Event and this round is dedicated to Cinderella!  These heels are so pretty, just like Cinderella herself!  They come with a HUD option for many different color options! Sizes include: Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink!  They fit like a glove (hint hint) and are so gorgeous, perfect for any outfit!  The Enchantment Event is open right now and your magical time will run out on 2-28-17 at the stroke of midnight (again hint hint).

Thank you once again to everyone who is viewing my blog, for bringing me over another milestone of 5K views since I picked up my blogging again.  I’m way appreciative of all the support from my friends, family, and sponsors!

Happy Shopping!
Eye Make-up – Arte – Milano Eyeshadow Set 03
Pose and Prop – what next – ‘So Boho’ Dressing Screen Pose Prop (comes with 10 different poses)