Sex Metal Barbie

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Baby go aheadI’ll be your hatred and your painThis is killing us allI don’t care if I fallWe’re the dying, we are the damnedBaby go aheadI’ll be the villain you can blameI’ll be the belle of the brawlBe the lust in us allI’m the diva of the damnedI heard I don’t belong in this sceneSex Metal Barbie, Homicidal Queen.
I have more stuff for you today! Yes! This post features the January Catwa edition of thePowder Pack,Innocence,Tukinowaguma, and.:::G.ID:::..
First, my outfit! I have to tell you.. I came across this store while doing a search on marketplace. I am in lust with her creations.. the name of the store you ask? Innocence! My outfit is called Alicia and comes in black and pink. Now, the outfit comes with the jacket the bodysuit with the leg harnesses and a pair of calf boots. However, I wanted to feature a pair of shoes from Innocence as well. I will post a picture at the end of the outfit with the boots.

I love and do mean love animal prints. I have a thing for them that is for sure. These are called Selena Heels and they are also from Innocence. Now you see why I went nuts and had to wear them with my outfit.. they are ever so sexy!! At the moment you can only find Innocence on themarketplace. I do suggest you give her a look!

Next, the January Catwa edition of Powder pack. Powder Pack is amazing seriously. You have so many great name brand creators all wrapped up into one package to make you feel your prettiest. This time around I am featuring three of those creators. My skin is the ELYSIUM – Mathilde skin tone one. Of course these are all Powder Pack exclusives so the only way to get them is from ordering the Powder Pack and I will give you details on how to do that shortly. My eye shadow is the Smokey Duo from Pink Fuel. Last but not least of the Powder pack goodies in this post is my lipstick, it is from none other than L’Etre and is the Cobre lipstick.
Now, you can still order the January edition of Powder Packhereandhere. If you would like more information or to view images from past Powder Packs you can go to thewebsite.
Next, my tattoo from .:::G.ID:::.., I want to give you a shot without the jacket on so you can see all of it.

This tattoo is called Varsha and is available at this round ofAppliquethat ends onMay 17th, 2017. This is one of those deals that I seen it and I had to have it! I usually do not go for full body tattoos, I tend to be more of a sleeve and one leg tattoo kinda person on my avi. But, I really love the look of this one.

As promised a pic of the outfit with the included boots 😀
My hair in this image is from Tukinowaguma and is called Teike and is available at this round ofTres Chicthat ends onMay 5th, 2017.
Ok, shall we cover the rest of the details?
My body is Maitreya
My hands are the Vista bento hands
My head is the Catwa Catya mesh bento head
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
My pose is from L y r i u m  and is the bento Lollipop Series
My nails and rings are from puki, the nail polish is also from puki it is an add on for the nails
That is about all for this post. As always. happy shopping!!


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Did I mention I love fantasy? Ok,well maybe one more time… I love fantasy!! LoL.. I am back with more Fantasy Fair creations for your viewing pleasure!! I really am so enjoying this.. can you tell?
Detail time! First, my dress… This sumptuous gown is a creation from Enrapturing elegance couture. It has a simply gorgeous flowing train, the beautiful headdress, beautiful necklace and the gorgeous wings. It is just a simply amazing creation. It is Nature’s beautiful imperfection Mulhalmoni RFL. . You can find Enrapturing elegance couture at the Fallen Sands location. Here is yourride.

The second item I am featuring from Fantasy Fair is done by Kei’s Spot. I wanted to give a more close up view without the windlight settings. You can see how well this is done… beautiful wood textures and painted flowers. This flute is animated and plays a few songs as well as you having the option to add your own music to it. You really just need to try it for yourself. Kei’s Spot can be found at The Rose location. Here is apretty fairyto help guide your way.
That is all for the Fantasy Fair Items. Shall we cover the rest of the details?
My body is Maitreya
My hands are the vista pro bento hands
My head is the Catwa Catya bento mesh head
My rings and nails are from puki
My skin is a Glam Affair in the Asia tone
My hair is Little Bones and is called Harlow and is available at N21
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
That is all for this post. As always, happy shopping!!

Midnight in the garden

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I am back with more 2017 Fantasy Fair awesomeness!! Omg I had such fun setting this up, thank you so much to the designers!!
This post also features MoOh,Happy Mood and Jian… some of my favorite go to designers 😀
Ok so this was truly a labor of love lol.. I would place something and move it and place something else and be like nope this needs to go there.I am just as random when decorating a house as I am when I am dressing my avi! But enough about that you want the details!! Well here they come.
Let us start with the statues in the front. These guys are from meadowWorks.They are the Leaping Fawn Statues and they are an exclusive for the Fantasy Fair. They are AMAZING.

The detail to the statue is clear and very beautiful. As you can see he is holding a orb with the Fantasy Fair logo. I simply adore the statues, perfect for any garden! meadowWorks can be found at The Rose location. Here is yourride!

I have two items I have used from this next designer. First, this trellis. It is so beautiful, I wish I could grow something like this real life lol. However, I do not have a green thumb! This has been done by ~ASW~ ( Adorably Strange Wares)  and it is called The Fairy Tale Village Trellis. I really can not get over just how pretty it is. These are only being sold at Fantasy Fair so get your butts there and grab yourself one before they are gone!

I wanted to provide a view without the windlight on so you could see just how pretty this cottage is. This is the second item I am featuring from ~ASW~. It is called The Ourea Cottage. I am so in love with this cottage. It is very roomy and just so well done, perfect really. A welcome addition to any fantasy loving individual. But, even if you are not a fantasy lover this cottage would make a perfect little home just about anywhere you could imagine. This creation also is only being sold at the Fantasy Fair. ~ASW~ can be found at the Mudrana location. Here is yourridethere!
So, I have a question… do you love dragons? I love dragons, especially when they are so adorable like this next designers creation for Fantasy Fair.

How adorable is this?!!!! Just such a fun and cute piece. This item is from Beyond Majestic, and is called Oasis of wonders untold: Tell me a story {Dennis}.  You can find Beyond Majestic at the Fallen Sands location. Here is adragonto take you there!

Next item for Fantasy Fair comes from the ever so creative Anteater Emporium. I am so reminded of grandmother willow with this beautiful piece! There are two version non- animated and animated. The animated version the face part is animated, very cool! Another perfect edition to any garden. Just really a beautiful piece.  Anteater Emporium can be found at The Spirit Pool location. Grab yourcarriageand head on down.
I want to give you a closer view of this next item. I know this probably seems like picture overload. However, I feel to really appreciate the detail and the work that went into these items a close up and clear shot is needed.

This beautiful flowered arch is done by Fantasy China for Fantasy Fair. It is the Door Flower Arch white.  As you can see it really is well done and makes a perfect accent for your entryway needs. Fantasy China can be found on the Fallen Sands location. Here is yourridethere.
This  is all of the Fantasy Fair items. However, this is not all for the post!!! Next, I need to show you a gacha set from MOoh.

As soon as I seen this set I had to have it to go with my Fantasy Fair post. It fit so perfectly into my idea. Thank you Dalriada for being kind enough to let me blog this. <3 This set is located at the main store. The beautiful Gazebo is one of the rares. I will provide the key for this set so you can see both versions available in the gacha. This set comes from two separate gacha’s one is the Tree Wood furniture gacha and one is the Tree Wood Lantern gacha. The furniture is 65L to play and the lanterns are 40L. You can take thisrideto get there.
Here are the keys

Ok for the rest of the little stuff I used here are the details
Trees , grass and flowers are all from Happy Mood
The peacocks are from Jian
The 3D moon is from bleem Belargio
The hedges are from mesh plants
The fence is from peaches
A last note, the little dragons in the gazebo are part of a set called Dragon Tea Party by Julia Hathor… I have been in Sl a long time and she is a older creator who has left SL.  These can no longer be purchased I am just lucky to still have them.
If you would like more information about the Fantasy Fair you can find it on thiswebsite.
I know this was a long post but, I hope it was worth it. As always happy shopping.

You’ve got a fast car

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So I remember when we were drivingDriving in your carSpeed so fast felt like I was drunkCity lights lay out before us
And your arms felt nice wrapped around my shoulders andI had a feeling that I belongedAnd I had a feeling I could be someone.
This post features Image Essentials, Next Motors and Petry Model Store.
First, we shall talk about Next Motors. Ok, if you are like me at all you have watched The Fast and The Furious. If so you will recognize this sweet car behind me, the viper tokyo racer o saga. Oh yeah baby, this is one sexy beast! The vehicle is full perms, copy ,mod, transfer, does not have any scripts, and has all realistic textures in HD I was lucky enough to be given one to blog and I love how it accents my image. You can find this baby righthere.
Next, my outfit.

This lovely outfit comes from Petry Model Store. It includes the glasses, short, shorts, socks applier, shoes, a bag and the glasses. It is called outfit RTK and can be purchased at themain store.
Here is a picture of the included bag. The pose I used came with its own bag so that is the one you see pictured in the image.

It is so adorable!!
Last but not least, Image Essentials.  This ever so cute pose is called Chic Traveler. It comes with the pictured bag and cell phone for props. Additionally, the pose comes with a camera to wear around your neck. Thank you Image Essentials! You can purchase this pose at themain store. 
Ok, time for the rest of the details!
Body is Maitreya
Hands are Vista bento hands
Hair is from Truth Hair and it is called Cheri
My skin is from Glam Affair it is in the Asia skin tone
My head is the Catwa Catya mesh bento head
The image was taken at the very lovelyPandora Resort.

Down by the sea

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As I sit here and rub my hands together in glee.. I bring to you more awesomeness from the 2017 Fantasy Fair. I did warn you I was going to go crazy with all the awesome!!! In this post I am featuring creations from ~ KS ~ Designs and Dream of Medieval Crafts with some randomness thrown in. I will show you some closer images of the Fantasy Fair items and let you know where the other items are from. If you would like more information on the Fantasy Fair it can be foundhere.
First, ~KS~ Designs.

This amazing build is done by ~KS~ Designs. I love the detail in it, the roof and the house itself the textures really just pop. It made a perfect setting to go along with the rest of my items I am blogging.

It is one room but it is pretty roomy and it has this lovely fireplace in it! You can not go wrong with a cozy fireplace! It is the Skarthi Viking Hut. ~KS~ can be found at the Hill location. Grad your trustysteedand head on over to check out what all there is to offer!
Next, we have Dream of Medieval Crafts.

This amazing collection of butcher items have been done by Dream of Medieval Crafts. They are all very well done and I could not ask for a better set of items to place in my little scene. You have two types of butchers shelves, a market stall and a butcher’s worktable.They are not for purchase together they are separate pieces.  Pretty amazing though huh.. but, that is not all!

I also included these amazing dairy and cheese items. Once again this is not a set of items, they do need to be purchased as individual pieces. There are the barrels, the cheese dairy milk cauldron, a market stall, worktable, cheese dairy butter stuffer and the cheese shelves. Once again, just a really well done set of items. Dream of Medieval Crafts can be found at the Dawn’s Promise location. Here is another trustysteedto carry you there!
That is all for the Fantasy Fair 2017 items in this post. Time to cover non fair items!
The cow, chicken roped logs, chopping stump and saw horse are all from Dysfunctionality.
The hay ground cover is from Botanical  and is the Heavy Loose Hay Groundcover
The NPC’s are by Sunmaid Somerset
The lighthouse in the background is from Dust Bunny
The cliffs in the background are from Studio Skye
The trees are from 3D Trees
That is about all from me for this post. I hope you enjoyed it! As always happy shopping!!


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As you know I love anything fantasy related. As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to become a blogger for the2017 Fantasy Fair.I am as happy as a clam! So many talented designers and amazing creations I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful event. If you did not know, there are many items that have been created that the designers have created to help support the American Cancer Society. So, not only is this get your hands on some amazing creations, you can help support a wonderful cause. In addition, there will be live DJs, actions, live music concerts and much much more. The fair runs fromApril 20th until April 30th.If you would like more information checkhere. I will list all that I am using that is items from the Fantasy Fair and will note what is not throughout my post.
Now on to the goodies! Where shall we start? How about with the amazing sword I am holding. The sword is fromFallen Armsand is called Unity Maxim Steel Longsword. Now, I am using a pose in this image that is not included with the sword. However, it comes with a scabbard and has two commands. One that allows you to draw the sword and one that allows you to sheath it. What made me really fall in love is the glowing light that engulfs the sword as you can see above. The light changes and swirls around the blade. I can not describe to you just how beautiful it is. You can find Fallen Arms located in the Chaddul Ro location of the fair.  Here is yourtrusty steedto ride there.
Next is my truly amazing skin.

My skin is done by .:Soul:. This skin is the Ceredil – Gyouko -[SE Espresso] and ever so beautiful. I am going to provide a couple of more images just so you can see all of the markings and see just how amazing it really is.

As you can see in this image, the detail is just brilliant.

Here you can see more of the detail to the markings on the face as well as the rest on the chest and belly of the skin. Beautiful is it not?  .:Soul:. can be found at the Mudrana location. Here is aunicornto go find the skin of your dreams. As a side note, during the fair the .:Soul:. VIP group will be a free join all during the fair!!!
Next on the list, my armor.

My armor is done by Anachron and is called Andraste. The detail to this armor is stunning. Very well made. There are several size options available. I am wearing a Slink Hourglass body and had no problem getting it to fit.  I love love this creation.  Anachron is at the San Mora location. Here is yourdragonto get there!
That is the end of the items from the Fantasy Fair in this image. The following are the rest of the details.
My head is the Catwa bento mesh head Catya
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
My body is the Slink hourglass
My hands are the Vista bento hands
My hair is from Calico and is called Thedra
My ears are the elf ears from Swallow
The pose is from K-FACTORY  and is the kneel on sword pose.
The stones I am kneeling on is from the MeadowWorks Apparatus of the Ancients
The grass is from [we’re CLOSED]  and is the grass field lush
That is all for now, Thank you to all the amazing creators and Fantasy Fair for letting me play with your amazing toys! 😀 As always, happy shopping!

Powder Pack May Lelutka Edition

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Powder Pack for LeLutka May Edition reservations are NOW OPEN! You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 18th and the end of the month. Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on May 1st early SLT time.
More information can be found on the Powder Packwebsite
We are thrilled to be featuring the following brands this month:

In the shade

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This post featuresThe Little Bat.
I have always said my tastes are pretty varied. I am just as comfortable blogging cutesy stuff as I am formal, punk or goth. I recently became a blogger for The Little Bat. I have always loved her creations. Once again, I go for things that are unique in nature. The Little Bat really does provide unique items. Two of the items I am blogging are at current events. However, one is from a past even but I really loved how they went with my outfit so I am adding them. You will definitely get a close up view!
First, my dress. I love the fact that this comes with a hud that allows you to choose the color of the sleeves and the cross on the front. Really makes for matching accessories easy peasy. This dress is !TLB – Gina Dress w/ HUD. It is available at theDarkside Fair 2that ends on the30th of April. Here is a full shot of the dress.

Next !TLB – Coffin Anklets. These are available at theDarkness Monthlythat also ends on the30th of April. I think they are just cute as can be and gives a perfect accent to my shoes and my outfit. I will provide a closer view of both the shoes and the ankles here shortly. You really have to see the detail to them both. The coffin on the anklet is able to be color changed via the provided hud and as you will be able to see I was able to match it perfectly to my dress.
The shoes I am wearing are !TLB – Kathryn Heels w/ HUD. This item was previously available at the Suicide Dollz event that ended onApril 14th. But, like I said they just fit perfectly with my outfit so I just had to use them!
Here is a closer image of the anklet and the heels.

Love, love, love them both!
Rest of the details
Pose is from Foxcity and is from the night owl pose pack. It comes with the pose and the prop.
My hair is from .Shi Hair  and is called Octavia
Body is the Maitreya body
Hands are the Vista bento hands
Head is the Catwa Catya mesh bento head
Stockings are from [email protected] and are the locked and  loaded stockings
Skin is from *BT and is the Albina skin
That is all for this post. As always, happy shopping!

Queen Bee

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I am uber and yes I said uber..excited about Fantasy Fair 2017. I have always loved running there and seeing what all I can get my grabby little hands on. The creations are always so beautiful and simply amazing.  I was lucky enough to come on board as a blogger for Fantasy Fair 2017!! I guarantee you will be seeing many blogs from me filled with fantasy in the near future!
However, for my first post for Fantasy Fair, I chose this ever so adorable outfit byPoet’s Heart!!
The outfit is from the Insecta collection and is of course a bumblebee!! How adorable is this!!?
A little about the outfit, it comes with the wings, dress, sleeves, hat with the antennae, and leg warmers with the boots.It isMaitreyabody only.  I really can not get over just how cute it is. You still have a couple of days until the fair starts!! The fair starts onApril 20thand runs untilApril 30th, 2017.

If you would like more information or just to view the press release you can do sohere.
Rest of the details!
Items used for decor
!Ohmai: Tulip Fairy [Companion]DDD] Mushroom Patch[DDD] Hollowed Forest Log & MushroomsTangled Arch from Studio SkyeHPMD* Garden Tree06Heart – WildFlowers – FoxglovesHPMD* Garden Tree 09 with Lights!Ohmai: Horn Beetle Fairy [Companion]Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Hosta4Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Elephant Ears
pose!bang – fairy 2
Body- Maitreya
Eye Makeup Zibska from the April Catwa Edition of the Powder Pack
Lipstick from Glam Affair April Catwa Edition of the Powder Pack
Skin from Essences- Gwen from the April Catwa Edition of the Powder Pack

Computer Blue

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I am overly excited about this post. But then again I usually am easily excited!! :p This post features Items from April’s Powder Pack. In addition, we also have newness from Barely Legal!!
Shall we get started??? First on the list Powder Pack!!
In this image I am wearing several items from the April Catwa edition of Powder Pack.
The blush is from Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty – set 01
Eye makeup is from Zibska and is the Tere
My eyes are from Modish and are the Cara Eyes (these are appliers for the mesh animated Catwa Eyes)
Lipstick is from the Glam Affair Spring makeup set
The Skin is from YS&YS and is the Kitty skin
To purchase this months edition or previous editions you can gohere.
You can also visit in worldhere!
For more information you can visit the Powder Packwebsite
Other details
Eyelashes are from Euphoric and are the Megastar lashes
Here is an unedited version of the above image

Next, Barely Legal!

I love anything latex and ever so shiny. This new outfit called Shadow Jet, is available in Mint (the color I am wearing) as a exclusive at this round ofThe Thrift Shop. The other colors will be made available at a later time at the main store. The outfit includes the dress, the harness, the boots and is mesh body compatible! However, to get this one now you need to runhere! Make sure you get there before it ends onMay 6th!
On to the rest of the details!
My head is the Catwa Catya mesh bento head
My hands are the vista bento hands
My hair is from Truth Hair and is called Cinnamon
My body is the Slink hourglass
My rings and nails are the Short Square Nails Vista bento version
My pose is from FoxCity and is the CutiePie 1 from the pose set of the same name.. it is a bento set
That is all from me for now! As always happy shopping!