March Powder Pack!!

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That is right it is that time ladies!
Powder Pack for Catwa March Edition will be available for pre-order starting March 1 through March 16 and release on the 17th.
It will feature these amazing 12 brands!
#ADORED, Amara Beauty, Bold & Beauty, DeeTaleZ, Elysium, Essences, Just Magnetized, Modish, [okkbye], Pink Fuel, SlackGirl, Zibska
You have two ways you can pre-order.
Social Media and group links!
Powder Pack In-world Groupsecondlife:///app/group/dff9c1bb-79ac-7f2a-c4ab-d8c81da1fdbd/about
Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Flickr Group
Powder Pack Online

Get by with a little help from my friends

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I love featuring items that are for a good cause. In this post I get to feature items from two different sources.. both for good causes!
First, MOoh. The adorable husky, corgi and shiba on the pillows are definitely made with love! The proceeds from buying these cuties go to helping XMarieX Fairport to obtain a diabetic alert service dog. Now, these dogs help diabetics in multiple ways. Being diabetic myself, I thoroughly support this cause.  If you would like to read more you canhereandhere.
The pillow that the dogs sit on are texture change and as you can see have some super adorable textures and some that are solid colors among other choices. You can get these cuties at themain store!
The next good cause is brought to you by Madpea Productions.  They are hosting a event to benefit Feed a Smile. Their goal is building a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. There are numerous designers involved and trust me when I say you are bound to find something you want. I know I did lol.
My bowl of pretzels is from the fair and was done by[La Baguette].In addition, my tattoo is from the fair it is called Last Meal and was done by.Identity. Body Shop.  Thank you to both designers for participating in such a great cause!
Next my outfit!

My outfit is called Macarena and is a creation from Dafnis. This particular outfit is an exclusive for theFashion Blocevent that starts onMarch 1,st 2017and will end onMarch 15th, 2017.It comes with the top and bottoms you see pictured here. In addition, there is a color change hud that will allow you to pick and choose different colors that will match your style!
Finally, my adorable shoes!

My shoes are called the Fallon Sandals. They are from Slipper Originals! These sandals are a exclusive for theLost and Found Eventthat started onFebruary 22nd, 2017and will end onMarch 1st, 2017. So you do have plenty of time to grab them for yourself! The also come with a color change hud that will let you change different aspects of the sandal to suit your style needs!
Ok, time for the rest of my random details!
My body is Maitreya
My head is the Simone Bento mesh head from Lelutka
My hands are the Vista bento hands
My skin is the ANYK from 7 Deadly S[K}ins in the Caramel tone. It is important to note that I am using the new Omega body applier in caramel. This is a item that will be released at the 2017 skin fair. There have been multiple improvements made to this item so you will definitely want to check it out.
My hair is from [e] and is called Brielle 2
The pose I am using with the laptop is in the blanket pillow pile from Cheeky Pea from the Kendra Fireplace set.
Mutresee-Playing-Dalmatian Puppies and Mutresse-Hugger-Dalmatian Puppies from the Gacha set. You can still find these on marketplace.
The couch is the *Countess* Couch  with Stripes from Dreamscapes Art Gallery
The cabinets are the *Jessi* Cabinet and *Jessi* Cabinet C from Dreamscapes Art Gallery
I think I about covered it all!! Until next time, happy shopping!

After the rain

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I know the emptiness you feel insideYou think if you break away, you’ll never surviveI’m waiting as my heart beats just for youCome on and take my hand and I’ll pull you throughBut things will never change until you want them toAfter the rain washes away the tearsAll the pain only after the rainCan you live again
This post featuresMOoh,Chemical Princess,Nightmare,and 1313.
First,Nightmare..ohh the different ways I could have went with this applier..visions of plague danced through my head especially with me having the cold I have at the moment!!!..but then again I can be a bit twisted at times soooo we shall let that go lol. This particular item is a full face and body tattoo from Nightmare. The options allow for a little bit of give. For instance if you do not want the eye tattoo and would prefer to use the lips only, there is an option for that! It comes with omega body appliers and face appliers for Lelutka, Catwa, Genesis,System Layers and Omega. So makes it very usable  for anyone. You can find ithere.
Next,Chemical Princess.My outfit is called Popi  and is an exclusive for this round ofSuicide Dollzthat ends onMarch 2nd, 2017. It includes a texture changing HUD with several options and is mesh body compatible.

Now, MOoh!

These super adorable boots come with the stockings.. I was impressed as it makes it really easy to pair up with shorts and skirts. They worked perfect for the look I was going for. They are a new creation from MOoh.
The boots are available at the

Hipster fairFeb 17  through March 3rd, 2017.

The ones I am using in this image are the robust version. However, she has added a Hud only pack with different textures that you can buy as an addon to the other boot packs for only 75L during the event. All huds will work on all the boots and they are mesh body compatible.

Now, 1313. The mask I am wearing in this image is called the Worn Hide Mask.  I want to give you a bit of a closeup so you can see the stitching on this baby!

I can not get over the detail of the stitching!! This item is for the February Treasure Chest. Treasure Chest is SL’s only roleplay themed subscription box. They do fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, post apocalyptic and roleplay. But, unlike other events, you can’t go to a location and buy, you need to join a group to get the box.
To join the group copy & paste this link into local chat -secondlife:///app/group/6ffdef25-e8d2-42e5-e22e-bbb2b2d56bb5/about
Ok, on to the rest of the details.
My body is Maitreya
My head is Lelutka Simone bento mesh head
My eyes are Catwa animated mesh head
My ears are from Swallow and are the punky ears
My hair is from Spellbound and is called Kitten
My heart garter is from Chemical Princess
My hands are from Vista and are the bento hands

Coffee, Cupcakes and Poison

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This post featuresMadPea Food Fairitems,Image Essentials,Real Evil Industries,MOoh,ZOZ,Truth Hairand Items from the February edition ofPowder Pack.

Oh man, lol We are going to start with the MadPea Food Fair. If you have not had a chance to go.. you really should. One, it is for a really good cause, Feed A Smile that has a goal to raise 9,9 million Linden Dollars to build a kitchen for orphans in Kenya. That is more than enough reason for me to head down to the fair and go nuts.. and I did ! But, omg these cupcakes fromPlastik.Now, mind you everything that the creators have done has been amazing..but I have a special spot in my heart for cupcakes! The gacha is full of amazingly done sweet cupcakes that I want to just bite into! Can you not just imagine taking a big mouthful of cupcakey goodness?!! I know I can! I will show the gacha key for this one so you can see just how amazing they really are for yourself. In the next image I am using the rare Natura cake from this set..amazing I tell you! Simply amazing!
Next, the items from the February Powder Pack. First, my skin! This beautiful skin is done by the very talentedModish. It is the Leta Skin in tone 1. My eyelashes are from the amazingokkbyeand are the babydoll lashes. The final item from the Powder Pack is my lipstick. It is from Pink Fuel and is the juicy drop lipstick. I have always had a lust forPink Fuellipstick I love that you can choose how light or dark the lipstick is and the amount of gloss. I was uber excited when it was made for the mesh heads! You still do have a chance to get your hands on theFebruary Powder Pack, just clickhereand get your very own! Trust me you will not regret it!
My necklace is fromRealEvil Industriesand is available at this round ofCosmopolitanthat ends onFebruary 26th, 2016. It is called Aletta and is the photo necklace version. I love this as it let me put a picture of my husband in it!!!  There is also the Aletta watch necklace version..never be late again!! lol..
My hair is the newest release fromTruth Haircalled Delaney. I had just picked this up yesterday and when I was looking for a hair to set this dress of perfectly without being too formal I was pleased to see this went perfect! You can grab this hairhere!
My nails are a new release fromZOZand is called bad girl and is availablehere! You are able to purchase omega, slink, maitreya, and vista bento.
Ok, now on to MOoh, and Image Essentials.

I am soooo in love with this adorable dress fromMOoh! It is sexy and adorable all in one. I love the off the shoulder look and the plunging neckline. The dress is called Julia and is on special untilFeb 23​ in themain storeat a 40% discount, which is just 99L. More than worth the price so run while you can and snatch it! Make sure you are wearing your group tag!!!
Finally,Image Essentials! I love Image Essentials. The poses are always so creative and give you such freedom to come up with ideas on how to use them. This one I fell in love with as I am a huge reader real life and this was just perfect… Sitting at the table a cup of coffee in one hand.. a book in another and a sweet treat on the table! Thank you Kay for making your poses so much fun to blog! You can grab this posehere!
Ok, the rest of the details!
My body is Maitreya
My shoes are from Glamistry and are called ANEMUNA
My head is the Catwa Catya bento mesh head
My hands are the Vista bento hands
My rings are [*K*] Boho Rings Collection for Vista Bento Hands
As promised the Sugar High Gatcha Key


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First, Glamistry. I actually have two things I am wearing from Glamistry today, my sunglasses and my shoes! Winner, a twofer lol! My shoes are called DIANTHUS. I love the platform feel to these shoes without the loss of simplicity and pure sexy. There is nothing sexier than a girl in heels, especially the right ones! The shoes are mesh body compatible, divided into multiple areas which can be colored in one of your purchased colors independently. There are some other features as well. There are nine different color combination presets  and six metal variation. These shoes are also 100% original mesh. You can grab these sexy show stoppershere.
My sunglasses. I really love these. They gave me the old school cat eye glasses feel with a bit of diva mixed in! Like the shoes the glasses are divided into multiple areas that can be color changed. In addition, there are eleven pre-made toned lens textures and one transparent glass texture as well which you can use to achieve regular glass look.  The glasses can be resized via the provided hud for ease of fitting. You can snag these for yourself  here.  
Now my outfit.

Would not make sense to not show you a full frontal view of this one! This gorgeous  jumpsuit if from Dafnis and is called Marie Anne. The outfit is mesh body compatible and comes with a hud to make changing the color of the outfit easy. You can snatch this onehere.
Ok guys, it is time for the rest of the details!!
My skin is from [session] and is the Alicia skin in tone 1 for the Lelutka Simone head
My body is the Maitryea
My hair is from *Dura and is the Anime*02
My hands are the Vista pro bento hands
My lipgloss is from Pink Fuel
My head is the Lelutka Simone bento mesh head
The pose is from NOW: and is called just let me be
The image was taken on location at the beautifulPandora Resort 
That is all from me for now! As always happy shopping!


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This post featuresGooseatCosmopolitan!
Today we have this Weathered Garden Kiosk from Goose! It is very beautiful I love the ironwork. Anything that has intricate ironwork is always a must for me. It gives that nice shadow as you can see from this image. The weathered garden kiosk is available at this round of Cosmopolitan that ends onFebruary 26th, so that still gives you plenty of time to grab this gorgeous home and garden item for your very own. I thought about throwing some decor in it but looked at it and it stands on its own …sure you can add more to it but it has its own simple beauty.
There are some other home and garden items in this image I will mention real quick
HPMD* Garden Tree with Lights
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Elephant Ears
[DDD] Mushroom Patch
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves
The textures on various parts of the ground are from Studio Skye.
That is all from me for now. As always, Happy shopping!

Learning to fly

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Well ladies, all the waiting has paid off!!Powder Packhas delivered once again and may I say I am beyond impressed. Everything in this little pack of goodies makes it well worth the price you pay for a monthly subscription box!  Over the course of the next few days I will be showing you some of the amazing products that came in the box… I keep hearing Brad Pitt in my head from Seven…" What’s in the boooox??" Ok, anyways lol.. lets give some details to what you see here!
The skin I am wearing isEssencesAria in the medium tone. It is so pretty.. I adore the softness of the shading and the fine detail to the eyebrows. Very well done!
My eye-shadow is fromZibskaand is called Ailey Eyeshadow
My lipstick is also fromZibskaand is called Sharona
I have to admit I have a bit of a lust relationship with Zibska. I love her style and her makeup especially when I am doing anything fantasy related!
Keep in mind all 3 of these creations I just mentioned are in the February box of Powder Pack. You can still get the box if you did not pre-order. However, instead of paying the 1,500 that you would have if you did pre-order, you are paying 3,000. Now keep in mind it is still very very worth it at that price. I just prefer getting a deal  :p I mean who does not!! Here is alinkto the page where you can still purchase the pack as well as January’s pack!
Ok, there is something else I want to feature in this post. I fell in love with this outfit when I seen it and ran to play the gacha for it lol… yes yes I know I am a gacha addict and I very much need rehab..but it is NOT gonna happen lol.

This outfit is just gorgeous, it really is. This outfit is a gacha fromUna, is called Kara Silks and is  is available at this round ofFantasy Gacha Carnivalthat is running until March 7th. I have on the white skirt and top along with the rare horns and jewels set.  There are however a total of five different colors you have the chance of getting!
Time for the rest of the details
My body is the Maitreya
My head is the Catwa Catya bento mesh head
My hands are the Vista bento hands
My hair is from Truth
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
My lashes are from euphoric and are the megastar lashes
Decor items used
The dragon is from Jian and is the Avigon gold dragon
The unicorns are from Sa’ng Fori Design
The flowers are Heart – Hollyhocks – Group – Pink Blue
The tree is HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – green b
The pose I am using is from Now:  and is pose itL 04
Ok all, as always happy shopping! I will see you next time!

Saying goodbye to an old friend

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Ok ladies and gents hang on it is going to be a bumpy ride. I think you know by now when I say that, I have a lot to talk about! 😀
This post featuresImage Essentials,Glamistry,7 deadly s[K]ins,MOohand information on thePowder Pack.
Ok , first Image Essentials. I have to say I am in love with this pack of poses. First, they are bento compatible and I love how my hands are laying. I love the one just draped across my shoulder. It really is a perfect pose for sitting and contemplating the loss of my old friend rusty :p  The pack is called steps and comes with 7 poses with mirrors. I really have to thank Kay for these poses they really add realism to a lot of the photos I have done with them so far. You can pick these up at themain store.
Next,Glamistrythe amazing heels I have on are called Angelica. I really am falling in love with the ease of using creations from Glamistry. The different color options that you have via hud make them so easy to pair with anything you are wearing.and as you can see they are always of a very high quality. You can grab them at the main store!
Next my outfit!

I have to tell you I love love love this outfit. This outfit is from MOoh and is so adorable. It comes with the jacket and the ruffled skirt. It is called Alexis and this is the coffee color. Now here is the sweet part of the deal, she is offering the outfit as this weeks 50% Group discount. Top and skirt can be worn separately and it is a real steal for only 99L. You have fromFeb 10 until Feb 23​ to grab this in the main store.Make sure you wear your tag!
Next, my skin! This skin is going to be released at the2017 Skin Fair event. The tone is called cashew! I really like this tone, it is not extremely dark or extremely light. I think it gives me a nice solid creamy color. The skin applier is the new omega skins that Izara has created and made a TON of improvements on. And once again keep in mind these will be available at the 2017 Skin Fair.
Finally, last but not least something I am uber geeked about and we only have a few more hours to go! The Powder Pack!!!

If you do not know what powder pack is let me give you a little run down!
Powder Pack is a monthly mystery box that will deliver mesh head appliers to you.You can purchase your reservationin-worldor on theMarketplacebetween the1st and the 16th at midnight. The price will increase from$ L1,500 to $ L3,000at the releaseon the 17thso get your curvy little bottoms in order and grab yourself one of these awesome packs. If you want to take a look at the January pack you can gohereand check out all of the awesome designers and what they offered for that round. It most certainly has me excited to see what February’s round contains!
Time for the rest of the details!
My hair is Mara from Little Bones
My body is the Maitreya
My hands are the Vista Bento hands
My head is the Catwa Catya bento mesh head
Some of the decorations are
{what next} Decorative Huntington Bicycle -Cherry
8f8 – New Beginning – Bench
Culprit Rustic Cottage
vespertine –  moss garden gate and fence

I Don’t Have The Heart

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Your face is beamingYou say it’s ’cause you’re dreamingOf how good it’s going to beYou say you’ve been aroundAnd now you’ve finally foundEverything you wanted and needed in me
I don’t have the heart to hurt youIt’s the last thing I want to doBut I don’t have the heart to love youNot the way you want me to
Ladies are you looking for that perfect dress for Valentine’s Day? Well Look no further!This gorgeous concoction from Tiffany Designs will fit the bill perfectly!
It is really very beautiful, off the shoulder straps.. sheer lace and sumptuous satin all wrapped up in a jaw dropping ensemble. Your date will not be able to take their eyes off of you! This is a new release for Valentines Day calledDivia. The dress comes with the hair adornment, earrings and necklace. Additionally, it comes with appliers so you can wear it with any body. Good news for those who do not have mesh bodies.. this gown also comes in system layers! So really you have no reason to not grab this sweet gown for yourself. You can purchase this beautyhere. 
Next, my pose. It is really a beautiful pose. It comes with the falling roses that you see pictured. In addition it comes with a mirror pose. It really just seemed to fit the image I had in my mind for this picture. It is from LW poses and is called Falling Roses. You can purchase ithere.
Finally, we come to shiny things. My lipstick is Shiny Stuffs submission for this round of Pretty Things Showroom Event.

It is such an unusual color..the shading is very pretty, very kissable! But above all I am in love with how the shading is done. There are multiple color options available to choose from I just loved this one! The product itself is called Candy Smooches! It is available for the Catwa head in applier form. This round just started , you have untilMarch 6thto grab these pretty lipsticks! You can grab thishere.
The rest if the details.
My body is the Maitreya
My head is the Catwa Catya Bento mesh head
My eyes are the Catwa animated mesh eyes
My eyelashes are from Euphoric
My hair is from Magika
Ok guys! That is all for this post! As always happy shopping!


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Don’t be aroused by my confessionUnless you don’t give a good goddamn about redemption, I knowChrist is comin’ and so am IYou would too if this sexy devil caught your eyeShe’ll suck you dryAnd still you’ll cry to be back in her bosomTo do it againShe’ll make you weepAnd moan and cry to be back in her bosomTo do it again(Pray)’Til I go blind(Pray)’Cause nobody ever survives
This post features newness fromDark Passion’s Koffin NailsandImage Essentials!
First Koffin Nails.. Gaaahh can I say I am in lust with these nails.. no? ok well saying it anyways ..I lust these nails lol. B.. I love you!! <3  Koffin Nails is always on top of unique and creative. I am beyond happy to show off these babies. They are called Eat your heart out. They are for Love Interruption that runs from February 11th until February 27th,2017.  You can find themhere.

The next item is from Image Essentials! The pose I am using is from the Heaven pose set. I really love this pose it works perfect with the Bento hands from Vista. It is Bento compatible so that makes finding amazing poses from Image Essentials so easy. I need to thank Kay.. you rock! I love love this one! You can find the set

Ok time for the rest of the details.
My hair is from .Shi
My head is the Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head
My hands are the Vista Bento Pro Hands
My skin is Glam Affair
As always happy shopping!