Lovely Linia

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Pish Posh, Mina Hair, PXL skin, Something New poses

Linia is the name of this super sweet front tied blouse from Pish Posh. The designer has included two huds : one for patterns ( which includes a sheer option as well as patterned sheer, lace, solid pattern) and a solid texture hud which has a beautiful satin finish to the fabric. Both huds have the color wheel for tinting the fabrics if you want to experiment to create your own unique combination. The panties I am wearing are also from Pish Posh, the Princess cut lingerie. You will find these items and LOTS of others on the Pish Posh Marketplace page.

Linia-top, Pish Posh

My skin is the lovely Ava from PXL, which you can find at the Skin Fair.. which is finishing up on the 26th March. Still time to go shop yourself a new look!

Speaking of special events , the Spoonful of Sugar event has opened and runs until April 1st. Something New – props n poses is there with a selection of poses which are either 50% or 100% donation to this fundraising event. In these photos I am using 2 poses from  the pack titled ‘ Feel her’, there’s a great male pose pack AND a cute 10L pose prop! Grab the SLurl from the details and check it out. The SOS event is 5 Sims of Shopping — Fashion, H&G and Breedables — as well as Gatchas, Auctions and Raffles! All to benefit MSF/Doctors Without Borders.

As I haven’t had much time for blogging lately my details are not formatted in the same way ( I didn’t write everything down when I took the pictures ). So here goes:

Body: Lelutka Simone bento head, Maitreya body, June  from Mina Hair, Ava skin [PXL] at Skin Fair 2017. Eyes are Catwa with Skinnery applier.

Clothing : Linia tied top, Pish Posh and Princess cut lingerie, Pish Posh . MP store:

Poses: Feel Her, Something New props n poses @ Spoonful of Sugar Event

Backdrop is a past gacha event item from RAMA

[email protected] n Skins

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Finley tank dress, Sn@tch

With the Skin Fair 2017 still going strong ( closes 26th March) I wanted to make sure I shared some more photos, so this time it is a post featuring [session ] skins.. and some great [email protected] items. Things have been super busy for me so I have “stepped out” of SL more and more as I deal with RL situations that need me ( more information on this in an upcoming post).

Wendy lingerie, Sn@tch

[Session] Skins is a skin store I recently tripped over and although it is still small it impressed me in it’s variety. One of the key things I like is that not all the skins look alike, there are some fresh sweet faces , like Fae pictured here, and there are some more mature looking skins which is fantastic.

Fae skin [Session]

Body : CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v1.04
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: [ session ] – Fae ( @ Skin Fair 2017)
Shape : CATWA Catya Shape modded
Hair: Magika – Hunter
Eyes: Catwa eyes with AG. Serene Eyes – Wood
Clothing: Finley Tank Dress (MAITREYA):::, [email protected]
Wendy Lingerie Omega Applier Hud:::, [email protected]
Shoes: – Frangipani – Closed – Maitreya + Simple Garters Overknee , #EMPIRE
Poses: Palais, oOo Studio


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Blueberry clothing + Lumae skin + EMO-tions hair

I wanted to get this post shared, then one more .. time slips by so fast! I grabbed some more fantastic Blueberry items recently so slipped on these fantastic jeans with boots attached ( non boot version also included) and a cute little hoodie , to show off a great casual look with this lovely Lumae skin.

Ella, Catwa applier, Lumae + Before & After hair , EMO-tions

I chose a freckled version and as you can see on the last picture the body applier is freckled too! Check out details at the end for where to find the fantastic hairstyle from EMO-tions ( both styles included in the pack).

Luxuria lingerie, Before & After hair EMO-tions

Body : CATWA HEAD Kimberly
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin:  Catwa – Ella – T3 Shell // Bare , !Lumae: ( @ Skin Fair 2017)- Thank you for the blogger pack!
Shape : CATWA Bento Shape Kimberley
Hair: * BEFORE & AFTER * -rigged,  .:EMO-tions:. ( @ TLC)
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Fianna appliers , La Boheme ( @ We Love RP)
Clothing:Loli – Hoodie Top – Maitreya, Blueberry
Grace Pants – With Boots – Maitreya, Blueberry
Caroline Lingerie – Applier *rose pink*, {Luxuria}
Poses: Sweet Baby, *ED*

Serene Silence

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A busy life

This post is by way of an update and explanation of the increasing length of gaps between posts. I have already written about my own health issues and the current concern over cancer for my father. In mid- February he had surgery to remove as much of the cancer from his neck as possible but too much of it is surrounding important arteries and meshed together with nerves for them to be able to get “almost all” of it. So he will be starting a 4 week series of daily radiation treatments at the end of the month. Over the last few weeks he has had multiple trips , and short stays, in the hospital due to collapsing after showering. We finally have information and contacts to better manage this, but this on top of the build up to the surgery and the recovery process, has been taxing – on Dad and all the family. I will be the main support person during the radiation treatment and although my Dad lives a short drive away he may spend some time staying to reduce the driving around for me. Due to my health busy days with lots of driving exhaust me, but I will happily do it for my Dad.

However this has meant I need to be realistic about the amount of time and energy I have and will have for SL and for blogging . I have had to make a difficult decision to reduce some of the commitments I have made so that “blogger spots” can be filled with bloggers able to consistently post . It is sad for me to do this as I adore all of the stores I blog for, and they have ALL been supportive and understanding. I am not stopping this blog, but I will be making no promises about the frequency of blogs until things are more settled in my RL. Unfortunately there is no long term outlook for Dad, the surgery and radiation is an attempt to reduce the impact of the cancer and increase his life expectancy.. though we may be looking at months to enjoy this wonderful man who has been such a big influence in my life. This prognosis on top of the passing of my Mother 2 years ago, has been an unsettling one but I remind myself to be grateful for what I have and have had – I have had both parent’s love and support from birth to 40 yrs old, I have been blessed.

Finishing this post on a positive note, reminding anyone reading this that I am not leaving , this is a shift in my commitments for now. I will still be popping into SL, FB and my blog now and then so do keep in touch .

PS Let me know in comments if you want details of what was used in this photo, I didn’t record it like a usual blog post but I do remember 🙂

Indira and the irises

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Indira's Light gown, mint, Silvan Moon Designs

One of my favorite things to do during Skin Fair is to try skin designers that I haven’t worn before. Today I am sharing one by Amara Beauty, a lovely soft skin which is a younger looking skin than I usually wear. But it was too pretty to resist, especially when paired with a lovely new hairstyle form EMO-tions and this gorgeous new release from Silvan Moon Designs.

Amara beauty, EMOtions, Alaskametro

A couple more pictures before I drop down to some details and SLurls. I am struggling to write much at the moment with such a “busy” mind with RL, but I will continue to blog as and when I can.

Amara beauty @ SF 17, Iris headpiece LODE

Body : CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v1.04
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin:amara beauty – Antonia 04 CATWA applier ( @ Skin Fair 2017)
Shape : CATWA Catya Shape modded
Hair: * JANNE *, .:EMO-tions:. (@ Hairology )
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Ardor Eyes – Omega Applier – Amber
Clothing:Indira’s Light Gown set, Mint, SMD ( @ We Love RP )
Jolie underwear, 01, Alaskametro ( @ Whore Couture Fair)
Accessories: Head Accessory, Iris [ white], *LODE*
Poses: Iris , an lar [ poses]

Navaah from Ooh-la-licious Skins

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Viveca gown, silver, Azul+ Truth VIP gift

The Skin Fair for 2017 is now open, so I thought it was timely to share another post featuring an about to be released skin. I was kindly sent the Navaah pack of skins from Ooh-la-licious Skins and have selected one of the mid – to -dark tones called brown sugar. Navaah is for wearing with your Catwa mesh head and I am wearing the Catya ( Bento) mesh head.

Before you go shopping you may want to join a group like Pale Girl Productions or Skin Addiction, who have both had demos from various designers shared. The other tip is to utilize what ever method you can to keep your scripts low, my recommendation is to remove all attachments , including AO , jewelry and mesh body parts.. add an alpha to hie the default body and go prepared to grab demos . Then head somewhere you can unpack and try demos before making your lists of items to buy – and trust me there is a lot to see, two sims worth of new releases!

Navaah - Catwa applier, brown sugar, Ooh-la-licious Skins @ SF2017

Ooh-la-licious Skins are distinct in their smooth finish with a glamorous sheen to them. Furthermore there are gorgeous lipsticks to work with the different skin tones . In these first two photos I am showing off the newest release from Azul the Viveca gown another stunning mesh gown combining black and another color. There are a range of 16 options , of which one is only available via MP and another is strictly for members of the Platinum VIP group.

In the final picture this sexy embroidered corset and tiny panties ( yay for the pasties option to keep this picture ” safe for all”) from Milk Tea , which you will find at the current Whore Couture Fair so be sure to check out this event before it closes on the 31st March.

Ooh-la-licious skins + Milk Tea lingerie

Body : CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v1.04
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Naavah/Brown Sugar/Catwa HUD, Ooh-la-licious ( @ Skin Fair 2017)
Shape : CATWA Catya Shape modded
Hair: Raindrops-Browns, Vanity Hair
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Skinnery applier
Clothing: Viveca (Silver), -AZUL-
Carmella _ red print , Milk Tea
Jewelry: Earrings – St Tropez Hammered Disks – Silver – MG
Poses, glances, oOo Studio

Loveable Lumae

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Loveable dress, Sascha's Designs, Lumae skin

Skin Fair 2017 is only a day or so away , and early access is available to some groups, for example Pale Girl Productions , where you can also grab a lot of demos before heading to the sims to shop. Today I am sharing the first of some of my favorites from this year’s releases. There are some really exciting releases – skins and mesh items, but financially I did need to restrict myself. I would like to thank Lumiya  Rae who generously sent me her blogger pack for this event.

Lumae skin, Alaskaemtro lingerie, LeLutka

I am a long time fan of Lumae skins for lots of reasons: the quality, the commitment to constantly improving , the huge range of appliers included, that there are fantasy as well as human skin tones, and the price. At this year’s Skin Fair Lumae has three new releases, Aurora ( shown here) for LeLutka mesh heads, Ella for Catwa and Misty for [Ga. Eg], each is available in a range of skin tones from a milky pale through to a rich deep brown . I hope you include Lumae in your demo collection this Skin Fair! ( NB I won’t be including the LM to the Skin Fair until it is open to everyone on the 10th March).

Aurora, Lelutka applier, Tawny, Lumae @ Skin Fair 2017

Body :.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.6
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: !Lumae: LeLutka – Aurora – T6 Tawny // Bare – thank you for the review copy, coming soon to Skin Fair 2017
Shape: Lumae :: Bento Shape : LeLutka Simone Bento – adjusted
Hair: .LeLutka.Clarice hair.FIT.V2.Swish
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Skinnery applier
Clothing:SAS – Loveable HUD No. 1 Dress
alaskametro<3 “Jolene” lingerie – Peach – Maitreya HUD *WEAR
Poses: Simpli Series, an lar [poses]
Windlight: Juicybomb, Gogo hearts SL


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Zaria, Azul

I absolutely adore the combination of classic styling, beautiful fabrics and movement in this beautiful gown from Azul.  I took  photos and uploaded them all ready to post this blog – 4 days ago!.. but life happened and so the post remained unwritten.

Zaria is a two toned  ( black +  a different color) just below the knee gown from Azul, another example of mesh and flexi coming together to create swish in style! I chose this lovely pink shade called Morganite and stuck with subtle skin and makeup. The floral necklace comes as part of the outfit and if you look at the close up below you will see the delicate floral patterning in the black fabric.

The location for these photos is the Something New Photoland – I just can’t stay away!

Azul and Argrace

A quick update. for those following my RL situation at the moment : My father who had spent the last 10 days at my place went home over the weekend, the next morning I had a panicked call saying he had collapsed so I raced out to my brother’s place (where he lives )and followed the ambulance to the hospital. It took 9 hours of tests, monitoring and waiting before he was admitted.. and now more tests and monitoring until they decide whether he needs medication or is ready to go home. We have had good news  – about some major things that weren’t the cause of the collapse- so I consider this a ” little blip” on the road to recovery, which when you consider an 82 yr old undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in his neck.. well a blip is okay, we can handle a blip , my own stress levels would like no more blips but at least he is okay.

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Glam Affair – Zoella Applier ( Catwa ) America 02
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Skinnery applier
Clothing: Zaria ,Morganite, -AZUL-
Shoes: REIGN.- Pamela Pumps (Maitreya-High)- Black
Location: Something New PhotoLand

Our own little universe

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Our Universe, Something New- props n poses, @ Alone in the Universe Cart sale

I love the whimsy dreamlike feel of this pose prop from Something New, you can find it at the Alone in the Universe cart sale and hunt. This item is a ” cheapie” at a tiny 10L, there is also an exclusive and a hunt item. Definitely lots to be found , you have until 31st March to enjoy this event.

Loira set, Sweet Kajira @ Kinky Event

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Insol: face Grace (CATWA), Peach
Hair: Take Flight, Magika
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Skinnery applier
Clothing:*Sweet Kajira* Loira top + pants STRIPES GREY Maitreya ( @ Kinky Event)
Pose prop: Our Universe, Something New– ( @ Alone in the Universe cart sale )
Windlight: Juicy bomb

Paradise found

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Paradise found

I have used a rather strong windlight, from memory I tweaked the ‘ Fluffy Big Clouds’ windlight as I wanted dramatic shadows while still conveying the warmth of a tropical paradise. The location is yet again the Something New Photoland ( accessible for group members wearing their group tag) , when I first posted about this location I said I would be returning a lot as it is packed with photo opportunities, and I wasn’t wrong. Another thing that I am not wrong about is the sexy factor on this swimsuit- it’s WOW!!

The Shival swimsuit from Pish Posh includes a range of fittings for the different mesh bodies, and as with previous releases from this maker , color customization options. A hud is included to let you alter the metal details and the other is for the fabric of the swimsuit. As well as a range of patterns, some plain colors ( including white) there is this fantastic crochet fabric. Each option can be tinted using a color wheel, but I left this white to contrast with my tanned skin from Insol.

Shival swimsuit, Pish Posh

Body : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Skin: Insol: Nicole applier, tone ‘Tanned’ ( @ Uber)
Hair: URARA – Black , *ARGRACE*
Eyes: Catwa eyes with Skinnery applier
Clothing:Shival Swimsuit Maitreya, Pish Posh ( on MP-
Poses: Centerfold, DeePosed
Windlight: Fluffy Big Clouds
Location: Something New- Photoland