#970 Breaking free

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Today I’m blogging a couple of Zibska items. I always love it when she creates outfits because they are always a hit. Zibska’s creations are my Avant Garde outlet.

Trends of Spring 2017: Hair, Lipstick and Fishnet tights.

I’m wearing:

Head | CATWA | Lilo
Hair | Wasabi Pills | Cleo Mesh Hair
Outfit | Zibska | Cale Donna Noir @ SOS Spring Fundraiser
Lipstick | Zibksa | Saria @ Skin Fair
Tights | TN | Fishnet Tights Purple

Happy Shopping ❤

#969 If nothing goes right, go left

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I’ve decided to make a change on my blog. As an SL model, I am more enthusiastic about styling RL fashion trends with SL pieces, than simply blogging whatever. I will incorporate my sponsors items with the current Fashion Trends from now on and I hope you like 🙂

Spring Fashion Trend items in this blog are the colored glasses, the bold necklace and the hairdo. The sponsored item I’m wearing today is the jumpsuit by Egoisme that comes with a color hud for the outfit and a separate one for the belt.

Today I’m wearing:

Head | Catwa | Lilo
Clothing | Egoisme | Jumpsuit Leather Maitreya
Hair | Vanity Hair | Guns & Pearls
Glasses | Panavia Maricat w/colorhud
Necklaces | Mandala | Katakori A & B
Earrings | Punch | Hoops
Ring | Ryca | Cartr80

Happy Shopping ❤

#968 I broke the rules for you

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Holy moly! Ever since we’ve moved out of our apartment on January 23rd life has been totally crazy and upside down. The good news is, we and our beloved birdies made it to The Netherlands and so I’m slowly starting to blog again.

In this first blog after a month + of silence, it’s going to be all about Zibska. Her Springaling set that I’m showing contains: headpiece, collar, orbit 1, 2 and 3 and a colorhud as well.


Body | Maitreya | Lara
Head | Catwa | Catya
Hair | .Shi : | Ethereal DBrown
Eyeshadow | Zibska | Renee (GIFT) @ TLC
Accessory set | Zibska | Springaling @ TLC

Happy Shopping ❤

#967 Changes

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Mesh Head | Catwa | Catya
Mesh Body | Maitreya | Lara
Hair | Tableau Vivant | Side pony & locks @ Collabor
Top | Zibska | Sabine
Earrings | MG | Louhi Trance V2
iPhone | Nantra Downtown Phone 2
Eyeshadow | Zibska | Talar @ The Liaison Collaborative
Lips | Studio Exposure | Desire
Nailpolish | Encore | Shades Fatpack

*Hair has been photoshopped a bit

Happy Shopping ❤

#966 Confessing love & sins

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It’s been awhile since my last blog. I needed to take a short break due to personal reasons but I’m active again!

In this blog I’m featuring a new piece by B E N D E R that can be found at The Liaison Collaborative. The piece called Hera Cabaret is available in 3 different colors. It is Maitreya, SLink Physique and Hourglass compatible. The panties/stockings come with omega, maitreya and slink appliers. The heart pasties are included as well.


Mesh Body | Maitreya | Lara
Mesh Head | Catwa | Catya Bento
Corset | B E N D E R | Hera Cabaret @ TLC
Hair | Mithral | Silver
Fur necklace | COCO | Fur Tippet & Pearls
Jewelry | Zuri Jewelry | Antique Pearls Elite V2
Boots | Empire | Xylobium

Happy Shopping ❤

#965 The end of 2016

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And so we have almost reached the end of the year. This will be my last blog post for this year as well.

Dear 2016,

What an interesting year you were. You have divided world’s biggest nation more than ever before. You have taken away some of the most talented people that were loved by so many. You have brought death and sickness to the lives of the ones close to me, including myself. You made many mistakes this year but I happen to have had a talk with 2017. He told me he was going to fix things. He said it would take time and he might have to involve all the upcoming years to do that but to have hope.

So here I have hope that 2017 is going to keep his word and will be a better year for all of us.

With anticipating regards,


Mesh Body | Maitreya | Lara
Mesh Head | Catwa | Bento Catya
Dress | Egoisme | Electra w/colorhud
Hair | Boon | GJY841
Necklace | Zibska | Dymphna
Ring & Earrings | Mynx | Rose
Boots | Hucci | Portel Boot – Midnight (Lara)
Cosmetics | Slackgirl & Studio Exposure

Happy Shopping❤

#963 Snowflakes are kisses

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First off, I never blog animals in my blog unless they look like RL animals but Luxebox releases them every month by MishMish so I thought to give it a try.

For the Lyrical B!zarre jewelry set, click here for an unedited enlarged image.


Body | Slink | Physique
Head | Catwa | Bento Catya
Jewelry | Lyrical B!zarre | Snowflake 1 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Dress | Tres Blah | Luxe Party Dress @ Luxebox
Boots | Empire | Honesty @ Luxebox
Sunglasses | Finesmith Nadja (no longer available)
Ring | Jumo Fashion | Stephanie
Animal | MishMish | Cozy Little Bear @ Luxebox

Happy Shopping❤

#962 Dancing solves your problems

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Head | Catwa | Catya Bento
Body | Maitreya | Lara
Outfit | B E N D E R | Antoinette Snow @ TLC
Hair | Adoness | Wintertide gift for women only hunt
*Jewelry | Zibska | Mairsile close-up shot[email protected]Tres Chic 
Gloves | Zenith | Cosy Long Gloves Maitreya

*Tres Chic opens December 17th.

Happy Shopping❤