Mr. X and Debbie – New Resun

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Do you need a little “star” quality glam in your SL life… there is nothing that is as sexy or as simple as a jumpsuit and Mr. X agrees… Resun’s new jumpsuit called Debbie is made for classic mesh and mesh bodies including maitreya (worn), belleza, slink, freya, isis, tmp and venus.

The Debbie Jumpsuit makes  a definite statement  with its silhouette that hugs your curves and the gorgeous strapped plunging sweetheart neckline. This is definitely a sassy alternative to wearing slacks or dresses. Best of all with the stunning neckline you don’t need a necklace.

Debbie also comes with a color changing hud that is brimming with 9 colors to choose from  including: white, red, silver, green, gold,  pink, blue, tan and blush. You can change the color of the jumpsuit as well as the straps making it fun to mix and match colors. 

I have paired this with Resun’s Madrid heels that are made for belleza, slink and maitreya (worn) high feet. The heels also have a color changing hud for the heels, straps and chains making it easy to coordinate with this outfit.

So Mr. X are you ready to step out into the spotlight?  I am in Resun’s new fab jumpsuit named Debbie that keeps me  looking streamlined and stylish.


Resun – *NEW* Debbie Jumpsuit

Sim- New York New York

Mr. X & Hollywood Glam @ Swank {CdB}, Isa d orable, Jumo and October

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Feeling like a diva tonight I told Mr. X I found the most glamorous vintage asymmetrical upholstered Hollywood fan backed chairs ever… they scream Hollywood Regency at its finest!  This set is an exclusive @ March Swank Event by Casa de Bebe {CdB}.

When designers from Hollywood’s Golden Age like William Haines and Dorothy Draper encouraged Hollywood luminaries to decorate their homes with overtones of glitz and glamour, a new design style emerged in the 1930s – the Hollywood Regency Style. This set definitely has that old Hollywood vibe and Mr. X and I love it!
Add to the mixture a luxe metallic modern key table and console in an artful modern design capped off by a zebra rug… PETA approved!  With the pieces in this set you can mix and match and really create your own look.

This set is an investment  in the classics and one that makes people feel like they look “in” the furniture… and, I sure do look good in this two piece fem fatale outfit by Isa d orable called Egoiste! I love the lace corset top and flirty skirt with its lace hemline that sparkles up the night adding extra glam factor to the vibe!  

I have paired this outfit with new hair from Jumo and the new gift skin from October 4 Seasons plus the new bento shape for Lelutka mesh bento heads. Look for catwa bento and regular mesh heads at the store!

Furniture Set – Swank Exclusive – Casa de Bebe {CdB} – Zebra rug, Hollywood Fan Chair, key end table, Hollywood Key console table, Birds of Paradise.
Outfit – Swank Exclusive – Isa d Orable- Egoiste

Body -October 4 Seasons Dominque for Lelutka Bento Mesh Heads
Skin – October 4 Seasons – Welcome Back Gift – Dominque

Hair – Jumo -Candice

Charmed Mr. X – New HJM Designs, Isa d orable, October 4 Season Skins and Jumo

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The Charming Set by HJM designs is a steal at the Swank special price of $ 185 L versus $ 249 L/ The set is low prim, only 13 and so well made.  It is perfect for a country home with its white turned legs and lavender and white seat and chair coverings. Nothing says spring like  lavender and white.

The detail in these 3 prim turned styled chairs is amazing. The chairs have 8 animations including drinking coffee, sipping wine and reading. There are also 7 male poses and 7 couple poses including a dance and standing kiss… oh al ala!  Turned chairs date to the early 17th century England and New England.  They got their name because the individual wooden spindles were made by shaping them with chisels while they were being turned or spun between the center points of a lathe.

A cute occasional table with a book and glasses plus a mirror and plant also come with these set. It is  convenient to use because it comes as a rezz box so all you have to do is move the box around to get things just right.  After you “save” the rez, you can move the items as you wish, they are also copy.

I have paired this with the gorgeous new dress by Isa d’orable called Isabella that is so sexy with its netting top and mid-riff, tight leather skirt, bodice and collar.  Isabella comes in 5 sizes for standard mesh bodies and is also made for all mesh bodies including slink, belleza and maitreya (worn). This outfit also comes with cute matching spiked heels for slink high feet.

I have paired this with October 4 Season’s New Gift Skin called Welcome Back Dominque Skin.  It comes with two make up options, natural and one with a slight blue eyeshadow.  This skin is gorgeous and is lightly freckled. I am wearing this with October’s new shape, Dominque for Lelutka Mesh Bento Heads, look for this shape for Catwa as well.  The shape is damn sexy and is sold separately!  I have paired this head with sexy long locks by Jumo Called Candice.

Set- Swank Exclusives – HJM – The Charming Set
Dress – Isa d orable – Isabella

Body -October 4 Seasons Dominque for Lelutka Bento Mesh Heads
Skin – October 4 Seasons – Welcome Back Gift – Dominque

Hair – Jumo -Candice

Feelin Artsy with Mr. X – *New* Aleutia @ Spoonful of Sugar & Two Lea Builds

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Feeling kinda artsy today as I watched Mr. X build… and tried on the new finds by Aleutia @ Spoonful of Sugar that runs through March 31 and is a benefit for Doctors without Borders. There are many things I love about designs by Aleutia…and one of my favorite things about her creations is that they are not only thoughtfully created with current fashion trends in mind but they also come with a color changing hud featuring 30, yes 30 color combinations…it is like getting 30 outfits in one!

I decided to shoot all these items in a new lea build… also artful and beyond relaxing with tons of shapes  some remind me of  the ocean others of arcane knowledge — something a wizard would possess — it is magical  the way the shapes change color — fade in and out and everything is timed or seems timed to the music.  This is an immersive experience not to be missed.  The builder is Methias Kira and the build is called Abstract Soul Presents The Architect’s Playground. The LM

In this case Roxi is offered in patterns as well as in  solid colors. It has two huds, one for the bra and one for the crop top. I love the patterns that range from festive polka dots to yellow doves.  There is also a series of patterns that say Spring Break 2017!  What fun.

 If patterns aren’t your thing, this top comes in a sheer solid color version with matching bra and two huds, one for the crop top and one for the bra. This sexy off the shoulder crop top is perfect with the Aleutia’s skirt called Lilarya that is also an exclusive at Spoonful of Sugar.  Like the top, the skirt has a hud with thirty colors! (Image below shot on Lea 23 built by Noke Yuitza
 and is called Chasing Morpheus

Also, don’t miss the shoes called Rachel also by Aleutia… they are wedge shaped strappy sandals — a must have for spring and summer wear!  I had so much fun playing with them to coordinate the straps with the outfits I was wearing. You can change each of the four straps in the front that also changes the color bands on the back of the wedge heel… how cool is that!

Another two finds at Spoonful of Sugar is the cute tunic top with its massive color changing hud for the bra, belt and top called Ombre by Aleutia that is sheer and a perfect cover up for the beach for the new bikini called Piper that comes in prints and solids also an exclusive by Aleutia

Aleutia Exclusives – made for all mesh bodies
Top # 1- Roxi in solid and print options each sold separately
Skirt – Lilarya
Shoes – Rachael for slink high feet
Top #2 Ombre
Bikini Bottoms – Piper

Hair – Emo-tions -Lynette- blondes

Sim- Abstract Soul Presents The Architect’s Playground

Sim – Chasing Morpheus by Noke Yuitza

Mr. X and Indira… *NEW* !!SMD!! and Emo-tions- Rebecca

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I told the prince that like the ancient queen of Babylon he must build me a magic garden with tiers of flowers in the brightest colors to dance before my eyes –floating books and butterflies… lotus flowers and lanterns in the air that sway gently in the breeze… whose beauty will be known and admired… as much as our love.

Much like King Nebuchadnezzar who recreated the homeland of his precious wife Amyitis, who was deeply depressed and homesick,  the garden the king built for her allowed her to find comfort and happiness. My prince made a magical garden of light…because he delights in spoiling my every whim… and I have lots of those….!

I am wearing the most beautiful gown by !!SMD!! called Indira’s Light Gown… it is a must have with its empire waist and absolutely stunning floral transparent overlay skirt trimmed in delicate pink silk brought in from the finest silk merchants of Persia. The  empire waist  flatters and the flexi prims at each arm adds a touch of romance.

To complete the look of  this elegant gown there is a finely wrought necklace of coral and  a coral belt at the high empire waistline that comes with the gown.  I think that Aphrodite herself would have been delighted to wear these beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I am also wearing the *new* hair from Emo-tions called Rebecca…it is perfect for this gown with its long luxurious flowing tresses set off by a perfect braid.

Indira’s Light Gown

Hair – Emo-tions – Rebecca Hair

Sim –

Mr. X and Juliet _ Sascha Designs @ Swank

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 I love pink and white and flouncy and fluffy sometimes… and a big luxurious gown… with options of course for a smaller gown…. this exclusive @ Swank by Sascha’s Designs is gorgeous… with layers and layers of flexi prims… you  can add as many or as few as you like!

I love the artful hat that comes with Juliet… it makes me feel like spring is around the corner!  I also love the stole that comes with Juliet it is so beautifully made… and easy to wear.

The  top and legs are  made for Maitreya, Slink  and Belleza mesh bodies but you need the Omega Applier to wear with them… these appliers are only 99L. This  mesh will now respond to Omega and Tango Appliers.

Wearing -Sascha Designs  – Juliet in Pink – Exclusive @ Swank

Mr. X and Summer Dreams…[Aleutia], Aphrodite Heart Homes, Emo-tions

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I asked Mr. X, so what’s wrong with summer  daydreams… he admitted nothing that he knew of… and what better than a romantic picnic on the beach for two as designed for Aphrodite at Heart Homes. Just look at the detail in this… right down to the romantic shell shaped flower strewn place settings, candles, flowers and yes, wine by Aphrodite of course… red and white! I have paired this with great new crop pants and shoes by [Aleutia] and hair by Emo-tions and a boho top by Pink Pearl.

This beach picnic is a set for two although it can accommodate  up to four people. There is also a friends set that can accommodate up to eight people.  The beach set is super comfy because it comes with plenty of pillows and blankets in complementary mix and match patterns. The table decorations can be moved around (even though they are placed perfectly) and all of the items are copy.

And there are three types of poses for couples including tasties where you can feed  each other chocolate or strawberries and drink champagne or wine.  There are also two dances and 30 cuddle time poses.  In addition to this there are  13 poses for singles and eight dining poses!

You can also use the Experiences feature that comes with this set if your land allows it. If you have the newest Firestorm or Linden Lab viewer, you find the feature under “About Land” -> Experiences.  Press “Add”, then enter “Avsitter”.. it shows you the Avsitter (that’s the pose engine this set works with), made by Code Violet. Press OK to add it in the Land Experiences

And, I found the purrfect thing to wear to this beach party… the new Violet leggings from [Aleutia] that is an exclusive at TLC along with the new hair by Emo-tions also an exclusive @ TLC called Windblown.  I could not resist wearing the matching sandals also by [Aleutia] called Fleur Heels that are an exclusive @ Swank.

The “Violet” leggings from [Aleutia] are delightfully adorable and an absolute essential for your wardrobe! Just in time for Spring, these leggings come with the signature [Aleutia] HUD, featuring 30 of the season’s top trending tones, perfect for any mix and match you may want to do.

Tailored to hug those beautiful curves, these leggings offer a sleek silhouette that gives all of the right places that perfect curve while boasting a sweet cutout of a stylized violet for that flirty bit of fun. Grab a pair of these and start your own daydream of summer.  These are a  100% Original Mesh. Exclusive Maitreya Design. The top shown below is called Karma by [Aleutia] and is available at the main shop or  on MP.

Set – Beach Picnic for Two (also available for Friends) – Aphrodite @ Heart Homes – ON9 Exclusive

Outfit – [Aleutia] Violet Leggings – The Liaison Collective Exclusive (thru 3/31)

Shoes [Aleutia] – Fleur – Exclusive @ Swank

Purple Top – Karma [Aleutia]

Hair – Emo-tions – Windblown – Browns – Exclusive @ The Liaison Collective

Necklace – Emo-tions -Taipa –

Top – One in a Million – Pink Pearl

Mirror Mirror On the Wall October is Back this Spring! New Group Gifts and More Plus SWANK

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I am excited to showcase a new gift by October 4 Season Skins for her loyal and supportive customers.  October is back after a bit of a respite and wow — she is back  and never ever disappoints — and generous  beyond  belief…. check it out … especially if you are eager to see what October’s 4Seasons is up to  this  Spring…..  it is hot — get to the store now !

The Welcome Back Dominque showcases TWO skins and SL shapes. So Mirror Mirror on the   wall…..yes wearing this you will be the fairest of them all!  Mr, X  loves this!

Included in the package expect all the goodies  and more – all the appliers plus head appliers for those mesh head lovers (YAY). She has two make-up options, a sexy SL shape and brow arch. Best of all this is made for  Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega Head Appliers.

Also available is the LeLutka Simone Bento Shape available for purchase  it is so sexy and well done as expected.  The Group Gifts require you to rez in world. All items will appear in a window and you must select add to inventory. When you do, the texture and notecard will open first. All other items, skin shapes and appliers will appear in the folder under the
name of the package.
If you  dare  “spring -up” and renew –October is back this March!  The  dress I am wearing is so perfect with this skin and so is the new hair. The sexy  dress  is an exclusive @ Swank by ISA D’ Orable  called Janis and it is made for all mesh bodies and is  sensual… Mr. X told me he loves the corset with it’s  buckles and the sexy lace  skirt – Mr. X could ask for more!  (or  less — oh la la ) The hair is new by Jumo called Cotillard  and the perfect  shoulder length hair  that makes  men want to   feel the whisp around their  cheek- as you kiss under the moon that is full now that October is back!


Skin – October 4 Seasons – GIFT – Welcome Back Dominque
Shape – October 4 Seasons – LeLutka Simone Bento Shape

Outfit -Janis by ISA D’ Orable  – Swank Exclusive

Hair – Jumo –Cotillard

Mr. X Evoking – the Golden Age of Hollywood @ Swank! GW, Vips Creation, !Lyrical B!zzare and Emotions

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I told Mr. X there is something so opulently ravishing about red and gold… I like Rococo!  And, this splendid gilded couch is a beauty ~GW~  called Rococo sofa Red.  It  has a lavish gold finish, symmetrical scrolls and curved French styled legs.  The trees, flowers in a vase and chandelier  by ~GW~   is also available @ swank.   All are   fit for a palace… or formal room although I have placed it on my outdoor deck… to make it more interesting and opulent — naturally !

The couch is finished with tufted velvet red upholstery and is embellished with roses and comes with a variety of poses  for men and women.  Best of all, you can copy it to your heart’s delight.  All the pieces shown are available @ March Swank that ends March 31.

The Rococo style was born in France in 1715 with the death of Louis XIV when furniture design became looser than the furniture designed during the strict, formal and austere Baroque era. Rococo was seen as optimistic, light, feminine and exuberant with it’s shell, plant and flower motifs.   Rococo furniture was replaced by Neo-Classic furniture with the exploration of Egypt in the 1820s.  By the 1840s the fluid lines of Rococo became popular again in the revival style and became one of the dominant furniture designs of the Victorian era that lasted well into the 1870s.

Because I was feeling utterly “rococo” I decided to include this splendid golden gown by [Vips Creations] it’s sequins gleam and glitter  making this gown stunning!  It compliments your unique shape in all the right places and is made for all mesh bodies. Best of all, it is also available at the March Swank event… and it will make you feel like a Hollywood Star.

This gown by  [Vips Creations]   is superbly couture — especially because the back of this gown has a deep long low V cut to the waistline with shimmering satin finish straps that match the sweet and sexy bow perfectly — it  is sure to put you on the “best dressed list” around the grid.

I have paired this gorgeous gown with the *new* release by !Lyrical B!zarre called Asema Necklace, armlets, bracelets and  a belt.   I love the finely wrought onyx disks inlaid with tribal gold and silver designs and artfully strung together on 24 Kt. gold handmade  link chains.  The hair is a new  design  by Emo-tions called Janne – it is a go to hair.

Furniture – Exclusives @ Swank  – Set [GW] – rococo red sofa, chandelier, red roses in vase
Gown – [Vips Creations] Female Gown
Jewelry – !Lyrical B!zzare Asema

!Lyrical B!zzare

Hair – Emo-tions  Janne

Mr. X – Jolis Pois *New* Luxe Paris @ Spoonful of Sugar and *New* Jumo

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Spoonful of Sugar Opens today and Luxe Paris has two great exclusives at this event.  The first one is called Meadow Crop top tee and skirt and will be sure to chase away the winter blues.  It is made for slink, fitted mesh, belleza and Maitreya mesh and classic bodies.  I love the soft colors and the floral pattern of the top and the side bow on the belt.

This polka dot wrap around grey skirt is super cute.  It makes me want to challenge Mr. X to a game of tennis… knowing what a poor flier I am in SL, I fear  Mr. X would definitely win my tennis challenge… I hear he has a great backhand… but, you know me, I never kiss and tell.

Another outfit @ Spoonful of Sugar by Luxe Paris is  called Jolis Pois  Crop Top Tee and Shorts, French for “Pretty Peas” This is also made for slink, fitted mesh, belleza and Maitreya mesh and classic bodies. The colors are soft and trending on the runways in RL this spring.

I love the colors of this outfit and the side detail in the shorts that compliments the crop top tee. I am wearing the new hair by Jumo called Kristen and the new eyeshadow and lipstick called Doutzen made for catwa, lelutka and omega mesh heads as well as for classic heads.

Doctors Without Borders has helped in every national and international disaster. There is no barrier, border, or line they will not cross, no length they will not go to to bring aid to those who need it most. Where there is need they are there giving generously all of their knowledge, talent, and skills. Now it is time to give back to them. The Doctors without Borders  Spoonful of Sugar event is running March 18 – April 1, 2017. 

Luxe Paris Spoonful of Sugar Exclusives – Meadow Crop Top Tee and SkirtLuxe Paris Spoonful of Sugar Exclusive – Jolis Pois Crop Top Tee and Shorts

Event LM:

Hair – *New* Jumo – Kristen – Red roots
Eyeshadow and lipstick *New* Doutzen made for catwa, lelutka and omega mesh heads and for classic heads.