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Cool Breeze & Dried Leaves

By Tanaya Baxton – Baxton Avenue. Visit Cool Breeze & Dried Leaves for original post.



Flat Cap MIO hair by *ARGRACE*

Large Round Glasses by Boutique #187 Available@Color Me Project

Boho Scarf w/HUD by Petite Mort Available@Tres Chic

Olive Chenille Sweater by Petite Mort Available@Tres Chic

The Wheel of fortune tarot clutch by LaGyo

Huntington Jeans by Emery Available@Uber

Cherry Min embroidered slipper by Petite Mort Available@Tres Chic

It’s A Hard Knock Glamorous Life

By Tanaya Baxton – Baxton Avenue. Visit It’s A Hard Knock Glamorous Life for original post.

Hard Knock Life 6

Hard Knock Life

REM Mesh Hair & Cap by Beusy

Cross Choker by #Foxy Available@The Chapter Four

BikerJacketOverShoulders by *COCO*

TRINIDAD Top by [sYs] Avaialble@The Liaison Collaborative

Multi-Cross Bangles by LUXE. Available@The Liaison Collaborative

Rocker Zipper Jean by Addams Avaialable@Collabor88

Yzy Army Boots SN2 Slim by Xclusive.Co

Nail File, Rochette Brush Set & Eyeshadow Pallettes by little bones Available@The Arcade Gacha

Live Life & Leave Nothing Undone

By Tanaya Baxton – Baxton Avenue. Visit Live Life & Leave Nothing Undone for original post.

Life Changing

Life Changing 1

So normally I don’t write on my blogs…well ok actually I don’t write at all! But with things suddenly and instantly changing around me, for the first time I’m saying why not just write. And who knows just maybe this could be some sort of therapy for myself. But of course if you’re here and you just really don’t care to read any of this then just feel free to scroll on down to the credits, enjoy the pics or just do whatever it is that you do. Smiles!

I must say that the past few months has been very hard, tiring, frustrating, but also a huge eye opener on life itself. With close loved ones becoming instantly and drastically ill, these turn of events has made me realize even more just how precious life is and how it should never be taken for granted not even for one second as it has been proven to me that anything can happen in just an instant. And unfortunately there are lot’s of us who never really realize this until the unthinkable happens and just hits us all at once out of know where. Each and every day that we awake, we should always consider it a precious gift from God and be thankful that we were given yet another day to be here on this beautiful earth. Whatever it is that you need to do or whatever it may be that you want to do in life whether it be handling some business, planning some adventurous trip to the top of the mountains or just changing your life style altogether…now is the time! Even if you want to get wild & crazy and as long as you aren’t hurting yourself nor anyone else then go for it. We all were given this life to make and create special moments and memories that will last us and our loved ones a lifetime. There is no time like the present so why waste time waiting on tomorrow when we all could be working toward accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our dreams today!? As most of us know tomorrow is never guaranteed so get up, get out there and live your life to the fullest. Have no regrets and leave nothing undone!

Yuno hair by little bones. Available@Collabor88

ISSA Shades by SORGO

Alanez Jewelry Set by LaGyo

Utility Coverall by Valentuna E. Available@Uber

Bucket Shoulder Bag by =Zenith= Available@Collabor88

Laguna Sandals by REIGN Available@Uber