I’s Sorreh …. Pleeease let me out!

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Dollies!  Happy weekend!! its Friday night.. i hope at least some of you are out parting or will be later!

have you ever been in the middle of taking foto’s when your tinternet dies and your SL dies with it…… Right in the middle of your shoot?  i did not 20 minutes ago i was al but crying.. coz it took me ages to set up this pose with the fingers n all and i missed the lipstick i wanted to show you. so sorreh but that missing .. il pop it in the next one.   luckily i did get these 2 shots done so its not a 100% loss i guess…

Hair : Moon. Hair. – 3WW 
Silkies : {vincue} Eerie+Top and Eerie+Shorts
Shoes : CandyDoll – Lysae Heels Pink
Harness/Collar : Kotolier – Ume Blossom Harness Gacha
other stuffs
Weep makeup : hsh – GG weep Makeup * Group Gift *
seat behind : BUENO Suitcase Loveseat – Pretty Pineapple @ Arcade
Cage : Stockholm&Lima – Little Birdcage (Traditional)
Tears : CURELESS – Collyrium Tears / CLEAR
Fingers crossed il have another post with some very pretty undies coming in a day or two so please come back!  its always nice to see you <3 

Sunday Nights turn into Monday mornings!

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Morning Dollies. Had a good weekend?   I did..  been busy playing League of Legends so much so my Sunday night literally turned into Monday morning and i totally didn’t notice, good news is .. i made it into gold!!!   yay me!  and if you don’t play you won’t have a clue what i’m on about but trust me.. gold is pretty decent <3

Also been shopping like a boss this week and i’m totaly skint now but boy was it worth it!.  i got into collabera88 first time i tried on day 2… crazy that like never happens unless im trying the cam sim next door.. so that was cool. snatched up some goodies there.  the Arcade is still rocking .. more goodies there..  and on a more personal note I was invited to participate in the Appliqué event so i finished up a tattoo id been working on for a while and Panda Panda will be my exclusive for the event.


Mesh Body Addicts
Top : Cuddle Up – Kittie Top

Suicide Dolls
 Piercing : :Z.S: – Collar bone piercing 

Laptop : BUENO – Laptop Hustle
Cat : +Half-Deer+  – First Class Kitty – High-Tech Yarn – Snow
Rings : Astralia – Galaxy Nails&Rings
Nails : +Spellbound+ – Spooky Salon // Creature Claw

other stuffs
Bed : +Half-Deer+ – Dreamrose Princess Bed – Vintage White (PG)
 Dick Buddy : darkendStare&Quirky – Ethereal Dicku Pals [Unicorn] UNCOMMON 
Collar : ALTAIR* – heart choker
EyeMakeup : .ARISE. – Gua Eyeshadow
Hair : Magika – Checkpoint
Tattoo : {T’Ink}- Panda Panda. @ Appliqué opens 15th

Pose by me!

So many goodies!!!  hope you Dollies have a great week <3

Allergic to hard work

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Dollies!!  ready to shop?  ya better be, some of these goodies are only available today for fifty linden fridays so as soon as your done reading… RUN!!!

Shoes ; Reign
Planter : HalfDeer
Disk Deco : Toro
Pictures : Kalopsia
 Ears : darkendStare. – Kitty Cat Bento ears v.1 
Hair ; TRUTH HAIR – Kyoko
Stockings ; [Juju] Tokyo Ripped
Dress/collar ; *COCO*_LongSleeveShirt+Corset/*COCO*_WrapChoker
Desk/Chair/Mat/Laptop/teddy light ; .random.Matter. – Dorm Life Gacha
Ankle bracelet : Messy. Lilly Heart Anklet Silver
other bits
Tail : Sweet Thing. Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento) 1.0
Window : floorplan. arched window
Curtain : ASO! Vintage Curtain (vintage)
 Dickbutt : darkendStare&Quirky – Ethereal Dicku Pals [DickButt] ULTRARARE 
Guinea piggy : Toro. Guinea Pig {Sweater Pink}
Poses by Focus Poses
Still reading?   why? go .. run .. shop!  grab them bargains while you can <3

Kinky Unicorn?

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Hia Dollies!!  Remember me?  ha probably not but if you do then Hai! i’s back!   i know ive been gone for ages and ages. ive had some issues RL that i will not bore you with but i have been trying to get a picture together for months but i never seemed to have the .. erm .. uuumph! to get it finished. i finally did this one yesterday.. then my broadband had a fit and i couldn’t post it,   its like the kozmos says NO! Titty NO pictures for you! lol ..

Hat : Astralia : Jennie’s Unicorn Hoodie (NoHair)(Rigged)
Slippers : *Tentacio* : Unicorn Story. Slippers RARE
 Collar/Cuffs : darkendStare. Sweetheart Collar/Cuffs [Pink/White] 
Chair : [La Baguette] Cute Punishment Armchair
 Back Drop : +Spellbound+ The Oubliette Skybox
 Undies : darkendStare. Neve Top/panties [Neon Blue] (Maitreya) 
Other stuffs!
Rug : +Half-Deer+ Frilly Heart Rug – Nature – Rainbow
Mirror : {anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} HEAVEN 6Li RARE
Eye Makeup : .ARISE. Zila Eyeshadow
Freckles : DeeTaleZ *Mesh* Freckles Layer
 Dick Buddy : darkendStare&Quirky – Ethereal Dicku Pals [Unicorn] UNCOMMON 
Poopacorn : +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Shimmering Poopanion RARE
Tattoo Upper : {T’Ink} – For You…  * Subscriber Gift *
Tummy Sticker : {T’Ink} – TSS Princess SPECIAL
Hair : Magika [Hair] Awake ( Edited)
Ear Tag & Arm warmers : Sweet Thing. Plushie Baby Ear Tag & Arm Warmers (gacha)
Chair Poses included with chair 
Floor Pose : Oracul : AX-055 Blue Berry AO (Bento)  Ground Sit
wow feels like FOREVER since ive done that, its nice to back, i hope you liked my choice of outfit!  i had a lotta fun.  as i mentioned i had to edit the hair to make it fit, i made some bits full alfa but i think it looks adorable in that hat!!  
Unicorns can be kinky too 😛

Peaches & Cream

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Hia Dollies!   Am i Spoiling you with all these posts recently?  yes is the answer yes i really am 😛

I HAD to show this outfit off coz its like.. Gorge!!! i went shopping at Tres Chic coz i saw on flickr these amazeballs socks and had to go get them and hallelujah they were not in a gacha!!!   These are so lovely and so much a bargain too they come with a full colour hud thingy so you can mess about with then to your hearts content and they will match pretty much everything you own coz they come in so many colours!  <3 <3 <3  much love thankyou so much !  i do love a bargain!  not only was the sox a bargain but this adorable shorts suit was too 50% off! i think it was 125L awesomeness! more generosity we thankyou!  so as you can see i REALLY hadda to blog is .. <3

Romper suit ; Belle Epoque -{ Ibbie } Pink
Waistcoat : Mimikri – Fur Vest / Klio white
Sox : =Zenith= – Vintage Lace Legwarm(all colors)
Collar : AsteroidBox. – Fruity Collar image Tanku
Poses From  : XXY – Cute and sweet pack &  Sexy Lolita Pack image Tanku
Hair : TRUTH HAIR – Cerys
I’d also like to say a huge Tanku to AsterroidBox for taking me on as a blogger! So cool, coz they makes the cutest stuffs <3   Everything else i’m wearing has already been blogged to look back to find it, go buy this stuff!!!!  its sooo cute!!!! 

MoonDrops n Kosmic Kicks

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Hia Dollies!!!   Happy Weekend!!! its a soggy sunday morning here and boi have i had a bad night, my neighbors were at it again from midnight to 6AM!!!! shouting and screaming and fighting, no sleep for me!  so as a result i’s so grumpy!!!!  Grrrrrr Arrrgg!!  i likes mai sleep and they stole it! Meanies!  fingers crossed i’l get some sleep tonight,  in the mean time   as ya know the Fluffy and Fierce event opened a couple of days ago, or you might not know… ive not seen it on seraphim’s feed! bit of an over sight me thinks, i though EVERY event was on there lol   but maybe its just late… anyways its an awesome event theres loads of great brands there and some really cute and dark scary stuff the sim is cute too you should totally check it out.  ive got some stuffs from there to show you and more coming too, kustom 9 also opened this week some nice stuffs there to i even went a little nutz on a gacha.. i know so unlike me right? lol  but i got the rare one!!!!  * happy Dance *

Dress : [QE] – Brookie Dress image Tanku
Sox : .::Supernatural::. – Lia Mint/Lilac
Shoes : *Epic* – Super Kosmic.Kicks! image Tanku
Undies : +Fawn’s Demise+ – Cheap Frills – Panty image Tanku
Freckles : {T’Ink} – Cheek Sprinkles  ( Hunt Gift ) 
Thigh Tattoo : {T’Ink} – Sweet Tooth 
Ear Rings : [ bubble ] – Fluffy Earrings image Tanku
Eye makeup : Bossie. – doll eyeshadow
Lashes : Bossie. – doll lashes
Brows : Insol – ‘Wild’ brows 
Guinipig : Toro. – Guinea Pig Gacha
Decor : :HAIKEI: – Moon Drops gacha
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ – Miki 
Loads of cute goodies in this post eh? plenty to keep you busy while i do mai next one anyways, i forgot to mention there is a Hunt that goes with the F&F event, the clues are all in the booths at the events with a LM to that stores Main location, where you can find the gift, its a really nice idea to get people to visit main stores as well as the event, so much is missed since main stores seem to be out of fasoin at the minute since there are so many events around, back to main stores!!!  people put a lotta love into them and they should be visited more i think <3

Alley Kat…

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Dollies!!  Hai Hai <3

And its a new week.. ok 2 days into the new week im a little behind …  tragic happenings this weekend!!  but i won’t horrify you with the deets.. anyways .. Romp! i love this event its so nawti! Loads of saucy sexy kinky stuff .. fun for all the family!!  well not the little ones you have to be 18 or over to go there 😛  Not just Romp But Anybody opened up too and lil ole meh is in that one! \o/  omg and chapter 4!   * cries * sooo many events … so little time…   ha almost forgot Fameshed!  seee too amny events People!!!   i can’t keep up!!

 Tattoo : {T’Ink} – Ka-Pow! 
Hair : +Spellbound+ – Kitten
Muzzle/ears : +Spellbound+ – Kitten
Harness : Sweet Thing. – Helli Harness
Collar : The Horror!~ Keht Collar
HandCuffs : OA/[CON]  ( just the box the slut harness came in!
it was so cool i wanted to use them in a picture too 😛 )
Boots : CandyDoll – Linda Pale Rose
Backdrop : {iD}– RooM PartitioN  / BricK
Bindi : MONS / MESH – MoonBindi
Eyes : L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#37]
 .:Soul:. Kissers [v.2] – Doll – Vampire / Kitten Teeth 
Claws : Meva – Fantasy Nails 
So many goodies! more to come too, i got a lotta stuff from Romp! so be prepared for nawtiness,  epiphany opens in a few hours… can you hear my wallet crying already? lol  so expect some gacha goodies over the next couple of days too, Colaber88 too OMG gacha… so many events!   took me forever.. and i do mean Forever to get into Colaber88, i left myself on for 5 hours!! while i watched stuff and she still didnt get in lol   insane! but worth it! 
Oh yeah the hand cuffs … funny story… i was given a blogger pack from constraint with thier items from Romp and as i added it to unpack it … i heard the chink chink of hand cuffs and i was chained up! sooo awesome!  so i figured, i’d actually use the handcuffs/box as a prop in a picture coz they were too cool not to use for something good <3 
See ya soon!!!
Titty image

In my room …

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oooooh Darkness!!! lol   yeah i turned all the lights off and just sat by the fire.. pretty though eh?

Hia Dollies!

Back again to bring you nawty cuteness!  so much nawtyness recently your going to start thinking im a harlot!  with the Romp event on i think everyone should embrace their nawty side.. even for a little bit .. theres such awesome stuff over there its still open and now the crowds are gone you can get in easy \o/  so go grab a bargain while you can, a lotta stuff is 25% off or some other deal so check it out!  you might regret it later ya know! its only open for a few more days

Harness upper/ lower/cuffs : OA/[CON] – Sluts Harness image Tanku 
Seat : {RW} – Tantra Chair image Tanku
Poses 1/3 : !Bang – Tease image Tanku
Cage : Exposeur – Precious Pet Cage image Tanku 
Food Bowls & dog bone : HopScotch – Doggy Play Set image Tanku
Rug : {RW} – Pale Shaggy Rug image Tanku 
this harness is awesome! it has all your RLV bells n whistles but for those who dont use that it still has loads of features, you can change the leather straps to a bunch of colours \o/ the pink n blue looks Awesome!!  it has nawti toys too a butt plug and a dildo and a vibraty egg thing .. my personal fav lol love those things !!!  all sorts! well worth the money and it fits great too! 
Shoes : [CX] – Wrapped Himo Geta ( white, Tinted pink )
Clock :  .::Cubic Cherry::.  – {NOISE} empty tickingRARE
Fish bowl : {anc} – bloom / bottle fish [milk white] 2Li RARE
Collar : ALTAIR* cat collar .pink.
Hair : Exile:: – Loose Ends
Fireplace : 
Book Shelves : DRD – 11. Giant bookshelf  1a
did i get everything? hope so lol usually i forget something somewhere and have to nip back and add it. i’m too ditzy i swaer, but hey its an adorable trait so im told! 
The Epiphany is a great event but i really don’t like the exclusives thing, so many commons you have to give up for that one single thing .. its ok if your loaded and can pull and pull and pull but if your not like meh .. i have to resell em or id have no money at all … unfair!!!  but hey i still get some goodies, i got the blue berry undies, just wish i could get the strings to complete the outfit but i can’t .. Grrrr   * stamps feet * so unfair lol  il show you those next post! they are awesome! maybe il just draw in the stringy bits hahaha <3  

Riot Gurl!

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Hai Dollies!

My goodness have i been ill this last couple of eeks have been orrible! hence the lack of posts… but its February my favorite month of the year.. well its a close fav with October ..

Many many events opening at the start of the month as always, ive been bouncing around a few grabbing some goodies. the Gacha Garden is open again but good luck getting in haha its packed right now and with good cause coz theres some right nice stuff this round \o/

Uber too that ones been open for a bit so getting in there isnt to hard thank goodness, i’m yet to make it to fameshed but that ones up and open too   theres more but right now i can’t remember em, theres so many!  oooo Kinky Monthly!! that one opened for another round too some really saucy bargains over there!

Shoes : REIGN.- Timber Heels 
Top/Undies : T&S – Hopeless_Lingerie
Strappyness : Chocolate Atelier – Rufa body suit
Collar : S.E. – Passion Collar, Gacha
Gloves : **RE** – Bow Leather Gloves
Gold Gun : :BAMSE:  – Gunslinger Gacha – Loaded RARE
Pink Gun : :BAMSE: – Vampire Slayer – Pimp
Jewelry : ::Axix::
Zydien Jewels Earpiece SOI
Zydien MouthPiercing
Zydien NosePiercing
Hair : [taketomi] – Delia
Skirt : Blueberry – Kyla – Mini Skirt
Jacket : BUENO – Testify Jacket
Face Paint : {T’Ink} Kawaii War Paint  * Subscriber Gift coming soon*
Poses by NanTra
Loads of goodies to show off from gacha garden and kinky monthly still so stay tuned, did ya like the outfit? ive been wanting to wear this hair FOREVER!! its sooo cute and i finally found a look that suits it perfectly.  Ive got shiny guns too!!  I got the pink one first time!!!!  😛 makes a nice change even if Liam didn’t like it haha!   ive got the make up coming at the end of the week as a subscriber gifty, 4 other colours too 🙂 
BlueBerry did it again with this awesome skirt, it comes with or without strappies .. love it!!!  works great with the jacket i got from uber last round and never got a chance to wear but its out at the main store so its all good!!  
See ya soon!!!
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Dragon Lady!

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Hia Dollies!!   its my favorite month of the year !!!  February! becasue its a month full of love and smooshy stuffs and coz its my birthday month \o/  Feb 25 is mai birthday! not long to go, valentines day has just passed so im a little late with this cute post but never mind, it wouldn’t be on the right blog if it was on time right? 😛
so ive heard about c88 doing a blogger search … think id get in? dought it but i might give it a go, just drop this picture in and see what happens .. i won’t hold out much hope though, everyone has gona ll out on thier pictures and yeah they are awesome works of art some of them but blog pictures shouldnt be about awesome works of art .. more awesome works of clothing! show off what your wearing rather than your photoshop skills i say .. but meh  different people like different things i guess, il just post this and see  can’t do no more ^_^  well i could do an artsy fartsy picture i could.. but .. i won’t since most of my posts are simple clothing show off pictures i think it wouldnt represent me as a blogger . oooh that was deep lol  imma shush now!   ok so … events .. so many as always, the gacha Garden!!!   woohoo love that one and i went nuts as always! all the dragon bits are from there, by my brand new sponsor Darkendstare!  fantastic or what!!!  i’s like so happy i could poop a cupcake! 
enchantment opened too unicorns this round .. il do something horsey later .. 😛  C88 of course  got my hair from there, anybody! body suit from there.. its super sexy too don;t ya think?  what else, kinky monthly is still going on, and erm … omg whats it called …  we <3 Rp opens too … got some ears from there!  so much stuff omg!!!  il get to telling you exactly what and were  its gonna take a while so grab a hot chocolate anna cupcake and settle down 😛 

 Dragon Tail, Horns, Wings : darkendStare. – Celestial Dragon Horns/Tail/Wings [Sweetheart] 
Ears : .:Soul:. – Uni Ears – Cherub
Eyes : .:Soul:. – Oculos – DustyOrchid
Body Suit : FnH – Rose Lace Bodysuit Bubblegum
Hair : Clawtooth  – Swept Aside – Unicorn Pack
Shoes : :::ChicChica:::  – Kika Pink
Ankle bracelet : :::ChicChica:::  – Kika Pink Ankle chain
Tattoo : {T’Ink} Spirit  ( coming soon )
Collar : #Foxy – Man Tamer Choker Valentine’s Edition – Pink
light : floorplan. let’s kiss wire
Teeth/Lips : .:Soul:. Kissers – Doll – Orc
Poses by oOo StudioLabel Motion and Le Poppycock

Did you notice the teeth?  how cool are those!  Soul Kissers, Doll Orc  lips  awesome! something really different from the norm i love them !! been trying to work them inot a picture for ages  did it today !!  i think they worked great withthe ears and the over all dragon lady look <3 Tanku 
fingers crossed il be back in a day or 2 with another post but im ment to be going away for my birthday so i make no promices! if i can get on to do it i will theres so much cuteness to show you, the kawaii project opened today .. soo many things lol  hope you found something awesome here  good luck, stay cute <3 
See ya soon!!!
Titty image