Sshh Kiss Me

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I was told that St Pats day is comin round again so I thought I get in early but don’t tell ok cos yall might get in trouble. But everyone that sees me got to kiss me cos my shirt says so. Soooo Kiss Me giggles. The Amazing Sweetie from No other than Sweet Tots made this beautiful outfit I sure you’ll get many Kisses. This beautiful outfit includes
Kiss Me Outfit: Clover Head band (not displayed), Flats, Socks, Tartan Skirt, Green Shirt. The Tartan Skirt is not itchy at all its just perfect Thank You Sweetie.

Come get yours today from the Sweet Tots Mini Mall or Marketplace

I see your true Colors

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The Illusion of Black and White is a Magical thing. What colors am I wearing hmm Who knows could look different on you In the amazing range of True Colors outfits from Sweet Tots comes This Magical outfit. As to the Colors you’ll have to purchase it to find out what color it will be on you. This beautiful outfit comes with Canvas shoes, Hair Bow, Pants and Shirt.

To Reveal for you come get yours from Sweet Tots Mini Mall or Marketplace But don’t wait too long.

For the love of Panda’s

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It was a Panda kinda day today I just love Panda’s and Thanks to the amazing SweetiePie from Sweet Tots I was able to wear this beautiful dress.

Called Really Cute this beautiful outfits includes: White panties clothing hud, dress, flat bows left and right, hair bow, sock and frills.
This elegant dress has a print of a panda and directly underneath says LOVE a subtle pink just sets this dress apart from the rest. To purchase this elegant outfit Please go to the Sweet tots Mini mall or Marketplace

In a Kingdom not far away

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In a Kingdom not far away lived a Princess by no other name. Sitting on the ground to rest her weary legs yet still in a delicate way to show all her loving viewers the outfit of the day. She wears this Purple Princess outfit which is brought to you by Sweet Tots.

The outfit includes: flat bows L&R, hair bow, overalls, socks and frills.
You can purchase this outfit from Sweet tots Mini mall or Marketplace, Be sure to check out the other amazing outfits whilst you’re there.

Sparkle all the way

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They say Diamonds are a girls best friend……, But I like anything that sparkles. If it has a shimmer I’m there. When I saw Sweetie made this dress I knew she made it just for me. Look at all them sparkles and all purple.

This beautiful dress is called Sparkle On. This includes: Hair bow, dress, flats, socks and frills.

Come grab yours today from sweet tots mini mall or marketplace

Extra Love

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After a day at the zoo we went for a walk in the botanical gardens. Wow it so pretty here I thought I had to take a picture. Wearing Sweet tots Beautiful new dress called Extra Love. It has all my favorite things Pandas and love hearts.
The Extra Love outfit comes with: White Panties clothing hud, Dress, flats and bows, hair bow, and socks with frills.

Come get yours today at the Sweet tots Mini mall or Marketplace

Kisses For sale

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Sssshh. Looks both ways don’t tell no one I out on the street sellin kisses anyone dat drives by can stop so long as they give me 25 Linden for a kiss we good. Its a easy way to make money but don’t let you mommy or daddy know cos I don’t think they be happy.

*FYI I don’t take whoopins for no one if day get in trouble Dis blog post or me is not responsible for you action ijs.

If you want this amazin out Kisses 25L It’s available at Rayna’s Closet and her Marketplace bit first lets see what you get in this outfit It comes with: Boots, Bow, Leggings, Shirt and a Skirt. And best part is it is available for both td Baby and Kid. Yassss ty Rayna

Bah Humbugs!

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Is dat season agen when all the bigs gets all mooshy and stuff ugh it all dat cupid’s fault. I learned how to rhyme and then Sweety told me Cupid Rhymes with Stupid. Mhmm Yep it’s true cos if stupid cupid weren’t round den all dis mushy stuff aint be round. Shrugs well I think anyway.

To get this outfit from sweet tots called Rhyme You can go to Sweet tots Mini Mall or why not her Marketplace

Outfit includes: White leggings clothing hud, Hair bow, Pants, Shirt and Shoes.

Thank you Sweet Tots for this awesome outfit

Be my Anti-Valentines

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There is one rule in the house that I don’t like this time of year. Yep mhmm you guessed it No Boys, Is very hard to have valentines if you not allowed a boy to have valentines wid. Sooo dis year Imma try somefin a lil different; yall can’t be my Valentines but ….
maybe just a teansey wiencey bit of maybe I can have a anti-valentines.  Sighs I still got to work out da rest hmmm who to ask oh well While I think about it yall should go check out this amazing outfit called: Anti-Valentines It’s by no other than Rayna’s Closet but if you busy like me today you can always get on Marketplace.
This outfit includes:These lovely black shoes, and this amazing Red and black outfit with Anti-valentines Print on the front.

Be Sure to tell your friends. Hmm Lets start a anti-valentines movement

All Girls are Princesses

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I turned on the television today and on came a old but yet wonderful movie A Little Princess. Although sad in parts I was reminded that no matter how you look or what you are going through in your life All Girls are Princesses.

This winter Princess outfit by Sweet tots really came at the perfect time to display exactly how all girls should feel.
This beautiful outfit includes : Arm Warmers, Boots, Ear Muffs, Shirt, Shorts, Skirt and Socks.

Come by the Sweet tots Mini Mall today and embrace the Princess in you.

If you are a bit busy but still want to get this beautiful outfit why not check it out on the Marketplace