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Sparkle… by Prism

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Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Saturday <3

Prism Design Time!

This is my first post for Prism design after new year. and First introduce dress “Sparkles Dress”.
Color change by HUD for 4 color / Standard mesh 5 size, and fitmesh for Maitreya and Slink 2 type body.
I like blue on this Sparkles dress 🙂  Try the DEMO at Main store.

Dress : Prism Sparkles by Journey – Silver Sparkles
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Loni –  light browns
Heal : Lindy Krystal Tan @ Designer Showcase anniversary round

body : Maitreya Lala
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.1 (updated)
Skin : Belviso – Bella Lelutka head applier

location : Countryside

Enjoy your Secondlife!
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Snowpaws @ Designer Showcase

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Dear reader.  Hope your fine weekday so far!

Designer Showcase time! again!
I can see the message on Email that received when i was offline.
So please give me message even if i was offline too if you want me to do something.

I would love to share with you Snowpaws Gentille Dianthus dress.
available 3 color / fitmesh for Slink and Maitreya. Snowpaws also ready for you a wonderful gift.
don’t miss it <3

picture1 and picture2
 Dress : Gentille Poppy Dress  @ Designer Showcase 6 years anniversary round
 Hair : *Besom~Twenty two *Browns*
 pose : Di’s opera

location : LICK Sim Design

Enjoy your Secondlife!
thanks for coming to my blog.

Designer Showcase Anniversary round

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Dear reader!! Been a while since my last post. and this is my first post of this year! Yay!
I was taking new year vacation. and it would be only 5 days.
but when i was taking vacation, i got flu….  but right now, i am very fine. my fever back to normal.

So! my first blog post of 2017!
Designer Showcase time!

At first, this round is 6 years anniversary round.
Every merchant is ready wonderful gift for you. Visit to Designer Showcase and join the group!
Hope you enjoy anniversary round.

I would love to introduce you lovely doll dress by zanze.

 Dress : [ZE] Macy Dress {BLACK}  @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 *Including fitmesh for Maitreya/ Slink, and Standard size.
 Heal : Lindy Krystal black @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 Hair ; .Olive. the Beth Hair – Greyscale
 pose : [KoKoLoReS]{mischievous}uh huh
 Dress : [ZE] Macy Dress {PINK} @ Designer Showcase anniversary round
 pose : [KoKoLoReS]{mischievous}who me?

location : A Painter’s Link

Enjoy your secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Winter BBQ

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Dear reader. 
This post is my last post of this year.  
I really hope your beautiful end of year and your wonderful new year! 
I will back 6th January.  I hope i can start the blog at this day. 

Aphrodite shop “Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage BBQ – Complete Set” @ Tres Chic December 
 Kichen : Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ  PG 1.0
 Decor on kichen 
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – Sauces Deco
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage decorative sauces trio
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage decorative spices rack
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage decorative sauces trio 2
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – Cafe Deco
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage –  KitchenUtensils
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage –  Mitts
 Table and chair and decor on table
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ Table
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ Chair A
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage BBQ – Bread Deco Basket
  Aphrodite “Wintertime BBQ” House Salad with chicken
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage BBQ – Placemat
  Silver Line – Glass
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ  fine red wine
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ  fine sweet white wine
  Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ –  mixed Salad
plant flower 
 Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage –  Flower Pot
 Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – BBQ – Flower Pot
Aphrodite – Mountain Cottage – Umbrella
Lift Chair : Cozy Lift Chair (Adult) CHEZ MOI
bath tub flower : [sf] bath tub of flowers – red
bath tub flower : [sf] bath tub of flowers – white
Winter tree : Incendia Winter Viney Trees 1-3 
Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thank you very much for this year. Hope to see you next year too!! in 2017!   

snowflakes candy party

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Dear reader.  Wishes you having wonderful winter day <3

In RealLife, from today (29th) Japanese workers new year holiday begun.but i have to work tomorrow…. but ok then my work is finish in this year.
Most of workers will start 4th January. my work will start 6th. while that, we eat alot of food so i hope i don’t get fat anymore.

But in Secondlife, Still i am in Christmas mood♥

Aphrodite shop / Marketplace : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
table : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
Chair : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel candy stool
Candy cane : Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 1 ~ Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 3
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon green
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon red
baloon : Aphrodite candy balloon pink
 Aphrodite “Wicthes Shoe Cookies” Platter
 Aphrodite “Witchie Cookie” Platter
 Aphrodite candy house cookies
 Aphrodite “Hansel and Gretel” cupcakes platter
 Aphrodite fairytale cookies
 Aphrodite “witches fingers” dip platter
 Aphrodite ” Witches Truffles” Platter
 Aphrodite “wicked broom” chocolates platter
 Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel main cake
 Aphrodite “Try me” sandwich
 Aphrodite buffet plates pile 2
 Aphrodite buffet plates pile 1
 Aphrodite Magical drinks dispenser

[CIRCA] / Marketpalce
Sapling : [CIRCA] – “Holiday Lane” Sapling Sac – Frosty White
Sapling : [CIRCA] – “Holiday Lane” Sapling Sac – Frosty Blue
Sapling : [CIRCA] – “Holiday Lane” Sapling Sac – Xmas Green
Wall Stripe :  [CIRCA] – “Snow Valley” Snowflake WallStrip Art – Red Plaid (L)
Wall Strip : [CIRCA] – “Snow Valley” Snowflake WallStrip Art -Blue Plaid (L)
wall light : [CIRCA] – “Winter Holiday Lights” -Scattered Snowflakes #1 RARE
wall light : [CIRCA] – “Winter Holiday Lights” – 5-Pointed Star
wall light : [CIRCA] – “Winter Holiday Lights” – Leaping Deer
ottoman : [CIRCA] – “Snow Valley” Ottoman Seat A – Coco Quilt (6 pos)
Snowflakes on floor : [CIRCA] – Snowflake Cluster – Corner Pile1 – Snowy Blues

Enjoy your Secondlife <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.


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Dear reader… Still i am singing the Christmas song …

I would love to share the Vips creation lovely dress “Cordelia”

Vips Creation main store

Dress : [Vips Creations] – Female Outfit – [Cordelia]
Hair : .Entwined. Daisy – GIFT!
Necklace : Chop Zuey Gift – A Special Grace Blk Set @ Cosmopolitan gift
Head : Lelutka Bento Simone 2.0
Skin : Belviso – Bella Lelutka head applier  – Cream
Body : Maitreya Lala

location : Neverfar

Thanks for coming to my blog.

(if you are not interesting in me please pass here 😀 )
Today and tomorrow, The history will change again two country between United State and Japan.
When United State President came to Hiroshima, i hoped Japanese prime minister also should go to Pearl harbor. So last night (Japan time) , he went to Hawaii Oahu.
When that time, we killed each other country people…. it was very sad history. but right now we are friend. i never say which is correct and which is not correct because it was part of war.
Today he went to the place called “Punch bowl”.
and 28th (Hawaii time) he will visit to Arizona Memorial place.
I Wish our peace and it will continue to the future.

Gorgeous VeroModero

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Dear reader.


Have you checked VeroModero mesh body cloth applier gown?
There is no exception! all gowns are very gorgeous. I would love to share 2 gowns of them.
Cloth applier for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink in one HUD.
Check it out at [VM] VERO MODERO.

Picture1 and Picture2
 Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Nike Gown*
 Hair : *Besom~Sita *Browns*
 pose : *PosESioN* Madeleine Set
 body : Maitreya Lala

location : The Fallen

picture3 and picture4
 Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Diana Gown*

location : THE WILD

Hope those dress would be your one of special gown!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Eloise Coat and scarf

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Dear reader. Wishes having a wonderful day <3
My Christmas finished. and back to ordinary day… but will come new year soon!

I would love to share Vipst Creations “Eloise Coat”

Vips creation main store

picture1 & picture2
 outfit : [Vips Creations] – Female Outfit – [Eloise Coat – Plaid]
 *Including fitted mesh standard fitted mesh 5 size and Maitreya / Slink / Venous and scarf.
 *Including black watch.
 *Coat color change by HUD
 Heal : Glamistry – ZINNIA Heels
 Hair : *Besom~Bree *Browns*
 Pose : *PosESioN*

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Merry Christmas.

A winter day of snowman family

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Dear reader. Wishes your wonderful Christmas! 
My Christmas is almost ended!! 
In this season, a lot of shop having a Sale in Secondlife. 
Its the time again to be empty your wallet…… my wallet is always empty!!!
Let me share with you a winter day of snowman family. 

Firepit : Backyard Firepit (Adult) CHEZ MOI (Chez Moi furniture Main store / Marketplace )
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family – Dad
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family – Mom
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family – Girl
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family – Boy
Cute Snowman (Inside Snowman ) : <Heart Homes> Cute Snowman (Resizer)
Christmas Tree : Enchanted Christmas Tree @ DIVIAs Design (Marketplace)
The AlFresco Frost Gacha by ~Adorably Strange Wares~
 Blanket chair : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost  Blanket Crates
 Dining table : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Dining Table
 Side table : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Cider Table
 Chair : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Patio Chair
 Lantarn tree : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Lantern Trees
Deer family scene : Winter Deer Family Scene by Simply Shelby
Snowman with panel  : Christmas Spirit Snowman Gift  by Simply Shelby
Reindeer scene : Winter Reindeer Feast  by Simply Shelby
Elk scene : Incendia Winter forest with Elk Family by  Incendia Outdoors
leaf cluster : [CIRCA] – Fall Leaf Cluster – Blown Cloud – Colour Mix
Enjoy your Secondlife. 
Thanks for coming to my blog. 

Bella – Lelutka Bento head Simone

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Dear reader.

At first, This is my first Lelutka mesh head. as you know, Bento head Simone -2.0.
Belviso released “Bella” new mesh head skin applier for Lelutka. Skin tone coming 6 color.
My first Belviso skin “Audrey” for Catwa, i chose “Cream”. so i chose “Cream” this time too.
Beautiful Bella. but pretty Bella. it is depend on how you edit the shape.
If you wear the “Simone” previous released head, after you paid full price (5000L), will pay back 2500L to you.

I can not write an article about Lelutka bento head so much. many people said HUD useful much more than before or blah blah blah… but i do not know that before Lalutka mesh head.
(shape edit is endless! now i see my picture, Chin looks strange chin… )

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.0
Skin : Belviso – Bella Lelutka head applier  – Cream
Eye : .euphoric ~ Allure Mesh Eyes.
Necklace : Necklace : +M’s Avon+Reindeer necklace
Lipstick : alaskametro<3  “Sheer Gloss” lipgloss – Lelutka HUD
Hair : Hair : pr!tty – Kyla – [Essentials]:boxed::Hairology Anniversary Gift:

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy your Secondlife!