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Look of the day …. E-clipse, 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

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Relaxing  in the new designs from E-clipse and 22769. This pants comes also in a  fitted version, slink version and normal sizes. The Elephant loveseat comes in black, nature and white version.

Jeans : ED. Jerod Jeans White @ men only monthy
Seating : 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Elephant Loveseat Nature -PG

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News from 22769 Bauwerk, Gabriel & Tableau Vivant!!!

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Dahriel Style 291.jpg




Skin: Tableau Vivant Cain 1

Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Editorial hair \ Embarrass -NEW- at The arcade gacha

Outfit: ::GABRIEL;; GACHA  Holster -NEW-

Decoration: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Farmhouse Shower -NEW-

Pose: *PosESioN* Pistol Set -NEW-at Swank

Model & PHotographer Dahriel

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22769 @ We Love Roleplay June Round

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Hey guyz, one more amazing release from 22769 and this set its for We Love Roleplay event , starts 4th of June !
On this set you can find benchs,gates,pots, damaged or normal pillars and fences,also that amazing statue !!!

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Secret Garden Available @ We Love Roleplay /June/2016

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On the Deck with 22769 [bauwerk]

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Summer is about sitting about on the deck or porch or verandah or whatever you call it, sipping a cold drink and enjoying the warmth.

22769 [bauwerk] has this fab Hot Balcony set that make that scene easy to emulate.  You can grab this set at The Liaison Collaborative before the 31st of May.

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!Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, 22769 [bauwerk] & [Black Tulip]

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Three amazing designers and a plethora of fantastic offerings currently available.  First from !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! comes the Snap 1 and Jessica Dresses.  Snap 1 is available at the Fi*Friday event (which runs from April 14th to April 20th) and features system layer pants and jacket, Omega Appliers and skirt in standard mesh sizing.  The Jessica dress is available for ROSS (this monthly event runs from the 14th of each month and lasts two weeks) and features classic styling and is offered in standard mesh sizing.

From 22769 [bauwerk] for We <3 RP (which runs from April 4th until May 1st) comes the Victorian Divan Set.  The set, available in PG and Adult versions, includes Victorian Divan, Victorian Armchair and Skull Cloche Table.  Both the Divan and the Arm Chair are available in black or red versions and are a lovely addition to any room.

And last, but not least from [Black Tulip] for Genre comes the positively sultry Belle Epoque Pose set.  The set features 5 poses and corresponding mirrors and is perfect to show off your amazing figure or that perfect outfit!

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! (Jessica) - 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan) & [Black Tulip] (Belle Epoque)_001 !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! (Jessica) - 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan) & [Black Tulip] (Belle Epoque)_002 !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! (Snap 1) - 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan) & [Black Tulip] (Belle Epoque)_001 !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! (Snap 1) - 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan) & [Black Tulip] (Belle Epoque)_002 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan)_001 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan)_002 22769 [bauwerk] (Victorian Divan)_003


Skin: Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Pomeline | Chai
Shape: Deluxe Body Factory | Momo Shape
Eyes: Hekate | The Last Unicorn | Daylight | Available at Enchantment
Hair: Exile | Blink

Dresses: !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! | As Listed Above
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Shoes: [Infliction] | Damnation Pumps
Poses: [Black Tulip] | Belle Epoque | Available at Genre
Furniture: 22769 [bauwerk] | Victorian Divan | Available at We <3 RP

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LOTD 04/06/2016 – Modern Chic with Elysium, GizzA & 22769

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French Chic 06

Today I was in a sort of chic mode :p

When I today was trying to sort my inventory again (yes, I know, I should do that more often, like I always tell in my classes^^) I found some amazing things. Lately RL was keeping me pretty busy and so I was not able to catch up with all the new releases as I normally do…

But finally, RL gave me enough room to put together a look with some of those incredible releases 😉

French Chic 01

I am still in love with the new “Isabelle” skin from [sys] and I am wearing it for quite some time now. It was released for the Skin Fair 2016, but I am sure now after it is over for some time you will find it at the [sys] main store. AS well from [sys] comes that super sexy top. It was released on the Whore Couture event. The “Freya Bra” has usually matching panties to it, which I did not use this time, but I will do a nother post soon with the whole set 😉 The bra comes in a fitted mesh version, as well as for the Slink and Maitreya mesh bodies.

For the pants I wanted something high waisted and my choice fell on one of my favourite pants in that style – the “High Waist Woolen Pants” from GizzA.

French Chic 04

The cool shoulder parts as well from GizzA and they are part of the “Spiky Fur Top”. Those shoulder parts went amazingly together with the “A Rock in a Heart Place” collar in silver from 22769.

The cute “Sidsel” hat was made by Elysium for the Gacha Guardian. The hat comes as a left and right version in many different colors. As well for Gacha Guardian Elysium made the amazing “Soes” earrings in different awesome colors.

The cool rings were available at one of the last rounds of On9, but i’m pretty sure you will find them at the [Since 1975] main store by now.

The absolute cool hair, which fitted perfectly under the “Sidsel” hat, was made by Mirja Mills, owner & designer of EMO-tions.

French Chic 05

The furniture for today’s set are available at the Tres Chic event. 22769 created a wonderful “Pallet Bedroom” set, that just perfectly fits with a modern loft look for today’s style. The whole set includes the bed (available as PG and adult version), 3 different wall arts, the breeze block with the lamp and a sweet decoration set, where I used the rug, the plant and the magazine from.

French Chic 08


Bra: [sys] – “Freya”

Pants: GizzA – “High Waist Woolen Pants”

Shoulder  Parts: GizzA – Spiky Fur Top” (part of the top only)

Hat: Elysium – “Sidsel Hat” – NEW (Gacha Guardian)

Collar: 22769 – “A Rock in a Heart Place”

Earrings: Elysium – “Soes Earrings” – NEW (Gacha Guardian)

Cuffs: Astralia – “Amarantha”

Rings: [Since 1975] – “Fang Rings”

Hair: EMO-tions – “Alicia”

Skin: [sys] – “Isabelle”

Freckles: Le Forme – “Freckles V2” (Catwa Applier)

Eye Shadow: Slackgirl – “Spring Shadow” (Catwa Applier)

Lipstick: Zibska – “Blacktop” (Catwa Applier)

Eyes: Ikon – “Hope Eyes”

Head: Catwa – “Jessica”

Body: Slink – “Physique”

Poses: Corpus

Furniture/Set: 22769 – “Pallet Bedroom! NEW @ Tres Chic

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Farmhouse Bathroom

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For The Liaison Collaborative – The Garden, 22769 – [bauwerk] is offering the Farmhouse Bathroom collection.  The collection features farmhouse shower (in two versions), farmhouse washing table, farmhouse mirror, farmhouse bathroom towel char and two decorative Aloe Vera plants.


22769 ~ [bauwerk] - farmhouse Bathroom_001 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - farmhouse Bathroom_002

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Look of the day …. Etham, Gabriel, Dastin, Dot-be Fashion, 22769, United Colors, Pumpkin, Alphorism, Tableau Vivant, Contraption, K, FMD, David Heather, SORGO, Revox

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Are u looking for some great styles to go with ….

Styling 1 :

Jacket : Etham – Peter Pea coat
Pants : Dot-Be Fashion – Brody jeans
shoes : Gabriel – wingtip high cut
hair : [dastin] inside Brokenhome
bag : 22769 – Guitarbag zebra

Styling 2

Jacket : United Colors shop – Long fall coat man
Pants : Pumpkin – Sport pants
Shoes : Alphorism – Brogue Boots
hair : Tableau Vivant –  Eastern Promises
Glasses : Contraption – Wainwright glasses

Styling 3

Jacket : K – Classic jacket homme
Pants : Dot-Be fashion – Kael unbotton pants
Shoes : FMD shoes – Slink Brown
Hair : Tableau vivant – last train home
Bag : David heather – Yves Bag
Glasses : SORGO – Tetsuo
Necklace : Revox Spartan necklace

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22769 ~ [bauwerk] – The Challenge, The Gacha Garden & We

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The Challenge for Builders of SL

January 31st – February 28th, 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Farmers Bed

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Farmers Bed_001 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Farmers Bed_002

The Gacha Garden

February 01st – February 29th, 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cozy Dinner – blogger

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cozy Dinner_001 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cozy Dinner_002 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cozy Dinner_003

We <3 RP

February 4th – March 01st, 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Street Kitchen – complete set

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Street Kitchen_001 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Street Kitchen_002 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Street Kitchen_003

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Damselfly/ Gabriel/ BlankLine/ Pumpkin/ 22769/ Floorplan

Previously posted at QVEST SL FASHION.



Hair: ~Damselfly~(Lewis)- MOM

Boots: :GB:: Rise boots – MOM

Jacket: BlankLine_StadiumJacket – TMD

Pants: [Pumpkin]Sporty pants- leather


Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Bunk Bed – ROMP

Chair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Navy Chair Red – ROMP

Trunk: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Army Trunk – ROMP

Heart: floorplan. electric heart

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