Advent Stars – Day 19

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OMG! And outfit. With shoes. Lotsa red.

Cute sweater and shirt combo and holly earrings from Tres Beau at KittyCats. Lots of other goodness in KC’s Day 19 too.

Bracelets (left and right) at Loordes of London.

Shorts with lace up sides from {NaYu}.

Hair (Day 18) from The Alice Project.

Chair with fur throw from 22769.

Slink medium sandals from Baboom at the WEIB Sales Room.

Sway’s has a cute little potted green fir tree.

Got forth. Gather!

Advent SLURLs here.

Poses by: Diesel Works and the chair

Advent Stars – Day 18

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Some noteworthy releases for Day 18 and 17.

Stylish hair from Day 17 (usually around until 4ish SL time the next day) at the Alice Project.

Very cute dress (double straps under that hair) from {NaYu}.

Lovely necklace FOR THE MEN (sizes down for gals) from Chop Zuey. These stay on the board and are available at a later date.

Advent list is here!

Poses by:

Geek Chic—KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 18

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“Why is being a nerd bad? Saying I notice you’re a nerd is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Linsey Lohan. Why is that?” ~ John Green

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Advent Stars – Day 16

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Courtesy of Sami’s early morning advent run, here a two fun additions to your holiday wardrobe.

From Barerose Tokyo for KittyCats, the Xmass Tree Dress. One size it may be fitmesh or it may just fit medium folks.

This is the Day 15 hair from The Alice Project and should be around until late afternoon when the boxes change.

And if all those holiday reds, golds and greens are getting to you, Loordes of London has Day 16 out early. Find some very nice high waisted pants to add to your 2016 clothing folder. These have a very nice body shape to them but run a bit small. XL is in the pack but think L.

Sway’s has a very nice ONE land impact white chair with holiday cushion in Day 16’s box.

The full Advent List with SLURLS is here.

Poses by: Vain (very old)