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New Animations at MOVE!

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I have exciting news for you all!  One of the brilliant creators behind Humanoid Animations has branched out into his own brand- MOVE!  There are tons of new dances at this new store, but I’m here to talk about one pack in particular.


Leni Vol. 2 is a fun, energetic pack!  Perfect for girly girls who want fun, smooth animations that look completely natural!  I tried these dances out, and I really love them!  They’re really good for clubbing with girlfriends.  I hope you tp to the mainstore and have a look, there really is something for everyone at MOVE!

Here’s some links!

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New @ Vista Animations!

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Landmark to Vista Animations

*************************   DAVID AO   *************************

We are proud to present you our new DAVID AO. An Ao made for a every occasion, and every day. 
For use on casual and formal situations.
Calm, natural in a effortless way. Confident of himself doesn’t need to show as a bad boy or a ultra macho.
We added for free our male VPHONE.
20 stands / 8 walks/ 6 sits / 4 grounds / crouches / flight cycle …
-Animations improved with our new professional mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista
-Selectable attitude modes.  Select using load button CHATTING (less moved anims that keep your avatar facing the other person)  
-Animations improved with our new professional mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista
-Selectable attitude modes.  Select using load button RELAX (less moved anims that keep your avatar facing the other person)  
-20 long play stands. Larger performance with more freedom of poses.
-Improved breathing effect.
-NEW couple animations added, and 100% compatible with our mocap couples hud. Add animations “drag and play”
-Accessories friendly: Use your handbags or whatever during your stands, walks turns or run
-Mesh friendly: Made and tested to respect your mesh clothing. (Always that is correctly rigged…)
-Updated HUD that allow unlimited dances and notecards and force arms for them.

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Rotating Projectors for Stunning Second Life Animations

Previously posted at New World Notes.

When I first saw this amazing animated .gif by Winter Hendes, I thought it depicted his avatar in a darkened Second Life subway as a train flashed by: via GIPHY Not exactly, he told me: “As before, using various projectors……

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News from MOVE! Animations Cologne – Sonja

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Youtube Channel from MOVE! Animations Cologne: here

– The Sonja Dance is a sexy booty dance animation and it is created by MOVE! Animations Cologne.

– The dances comes in no mody and no copy so be carefull with it.

– The fatpack comes with 15 Dances and the dances cost 300L$ each.

– They give 25% on each Dance Pack.

The Dance fits to all the newest club tunes in the virtual life and im sure the girls can dance in real life this style too. So if you love to shake your sexy hips and ass this is the perfect dance for you and i think it can use some of the male guys too. I really appreciated this pack and will use it in my HUD System.

Teleport: here

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Movement Moment – LENI – by Move Animations

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Sweet, enganging, sensual!!!
Three words to better define the Dance animation by Moves Animations.

Leni was recorded in a studio in Germany with dances that are successful in the larger Clubbing of Cologne, in the best style House – Funky and are 15 dances composing a perfect package to dance alone or with your group of friends.

Animations vary seamlessly between the softer house and the most intense movements Funky asks.

Ballad in SL has all the time, with repeated and known dances. To be equal if you can make a difference !?

Be unique, be Move!

Soon a video with the Male Dance: JAY!

Taxi for Move Animations!

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Catwa Jackson Animations

Previously posted at All Breezy.

For this Post, I am wearing Slink Physique and Catwa's Jackson Mesh Head.  Enjoy!!  

Katmee's Coconut Island  

Click for Video Featuring Animations


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Catwa Gwen 4.6 Animations

Previously posted at All Breezy.

For this Post, I am wearing Maitreya Lara and Catwa's Updated Gwen Mesh Head.  Enjoy!!  

Click to Watch Video on Flickr

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MOVE! Animations Cologne FREE DACNE!

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.. animations, textures and space all provided by goose, serenity style and L2 Studio…

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build: L2 Studio Alameda Street House (mesh)119LI

GOOSE – Hide out space w. texture hud and animations exclusive to Jan 16 Cosmopolitan Event

GOOSE – friends cubes RARE including animations @ Sararae Event

Serenity Style – Decorated Steps @ Jan 2016 On9

Serenity Style– Neylan Set includes, box, puf, rug, wall mirror, hanging lamp, cushions @ The Liason Collaborative

Serenity Style– Elephant. Sheep Rare, Dog, Boat all Khyle Wheeled Wooden Toys Gacha @ OMG!

{what next} Toasty Slippers (Group Gift)

Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Snacks – popcorn & chocolate


GOOSE – singles cubes pink polka dot , blue flower, plain blue, and plain black @ Sanarae Event

:HAIKEI: Classic Rug_2

:HAIKEI: Vintage Oak Side Chair @ Shiny Shabby

:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper @ Shiny Shabby

8f8 – little lines – Lightcatcher Assembly January 2016 Group Gift

Kalopsia – Curtain – Chevron Beige

Apple Fall Birch Logs w/ Belt

Apple Fall Heritage Woodburner

{vespertine}- cup of your tea / customer appreciation gift

Serenity Style – Mind Wallart






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