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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War

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STORYLINE:  “Carmine Zuigiber turned and stared at the bodies surrounding her as if she hadn’t the faintest idea of how they came to be there. She licked a spatter of blood — someone else’s — from the back of her hand with a scarlet, cat-like tongue. Then she smiled. And she walked out of the bar, her heels clicking on the tiles like the tapping of distant hammers. War goes where the action is. Or more accurately, the action finds her. She’s fine with that.. She gets bored after a few hundred years or so, so it pays to keep things interesting.” – Good Omen on Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – WAR

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again…. Oh yes, I couldn’t let the month slip by without serving up this saucy angel of the Apocalypse. She’s one of the many brilliant characters in the comedic novel, Good Omens by the Neil Gaiman, and the late Terry Pratchett. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a great summer read. And it’s also the theme of this month’s A Tattered Page. Better hurry like it’s the end of the world, today is the last day. Hop over here for a nice shopping guide. Shown above are the War Shoes by Pale Empress. These heels are awesome with chains, skull, and bullets. The exclusive red is at an awesome price too! The leggings by Foxes are also a great deal only available today in Fifty Linden Friday. From this summer’s past round of ROMP is the Commander’s Jacket and cap by AP.PAREL. Sadly right now it doesn’t appear to be in the mainstore location, hopefully it will in the near future. This jacket is made for the guys, but War had no problem wearing it. From Tableau Vivant is the Hortensia hair on sale at the new Gladiator round of Secret Affair. The sexy expression for War is thanks for the cool Julia mesh-head gacha by Genesis Labs over at Kustom9. The makeup can also be won on the gacha. The bullet garter is actually a repurposed Gunslinger Armband by Sax Shephard Designs. The FATEplay Willow’s bullet belt is on two places, across the hips and chest. To get the bullet sash, I rezzed it as a prop. A year ago, Schism Industries closed it’s store and offered all it’s anime-inspired prim based weapons for free. As far as I know, it’s no longer available inworld. The Raven Motorcycle one of the excellent creations by Sau motorcycles. It has all the features of the Sau motorcycles, an original mesh design, and the frame and body can texture change.

On her, WAR:
Shoes: Pale Empress War Shoes, red color exclusive [mesh] (A Tattered Page)(95L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Hortensia hair [mesh](Secret Affair)(250L)
Jacket, hat: AP.PAREL Commander’s Jacket and cap Carnal  [mesh](no longer available)
Pants: Foxes Leggings – Maitreya – Leathers [mesh] (Fifty Linden Friday)(50L)
Garter: Sax Shepherd Designs Gunslinger Bullet Band Armband Black [mesh](399L)
Head: Genesis Labs Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0_Sexy [mesh](Kustom9)(99L)
Makeup:  Genesis Labs Genesis_Head_Julia makeup vamp [mesh](Kustom9)(99L)
Belt: FATEplay Willow Belt – Dark [mesh](400L)
Hand feet nail applier: Senzafine Moonglow Full Color – Vintage Reds (125L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High [mesh](675L)
Weapon: Schism Industries SHENLONG Light Machine Gun v1.02.63 (no longer available)
Motorcycle: [sau] Raven [mesh](1980L)


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Tattoo: Music Box Pink – [White~Widow] @EVENT@1ST

Dress: Erza – TASHI @EVENT@1ST

Pose: Misaki 10 – KaTink @EVENT@1ST

@557@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring MYRCELLA BLACK version POST APOCALYPSE Style ..Complet Outfit @ .PENUMBRA Sneak Peek

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Cherish is wearing:
**Brii Underground Wear** **MYRCELLA BLACK version POST APOCALYPSE Style ..Complet Outfit**@ .PENUMBRA Sneak Peek
includ .. Armbands, Boots, Bracelets, Choker, Earring, Diadem, Skirt, Top
pr!tty – LC – {Ombres} @ The Dressing Room

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#78 Apocalypse

Victor – right

Hair: ~*Damselfly*~(Ronaldo)Mens

Glasses: [Z O O M] Ozzy Sunglass

Necklace: etham – Copper Cross

Jacket: {Fe Style} Black Jacket

Pants: GizzA – Wilson Sport Pants [Cotton BW]

Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

Pose: ++Vetrovian Poses – Apocalypse Family 1++

The girl and the Apocalypse

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Originally posted on Heidi Rewell:
A photo in lingerie in the desert with a variant of my current style Secondlife fashion credit : Hair : Vanity Hair::Airwaves II -Blacks Mesh body : The Shop! – #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) Mesh head : The Shop! – #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) Skin : The Shop! – Bjoux 36 #TheMeshProject (BETA) Eyes : THESKINSHOP (EYECOLOR)…

Welcome to the Apocalypse

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The Secret Affair….can it get any better?  Going with “The End” as it’s theme this round, the Affair had brought the apocalypse to SL…and you know you want it….I know I do…just another reason to get all bad ass <3

Welcome to the Apocalypse

From The Secret Affair

[Entwined] Nora
.:a:. IronMaiden -Tiara- [rust] .:a:. IronMaiden -Shoulders [rust] Zibska – Malvolia Busted
Zibska – Echo Paint 3
[Fetch] Suldaan Welcome Sign
[Fetch] Suldaan Road Sign
*AF* Stony Hollow Still
Kalospia – Survival Shed – Light Wood
Ravenghost Incendiary Tree 1
Bauhaus Movement Miss Lung pose
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large bare
[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry

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Apocalypse Now

One of the things that I love most about Second Life is the way you can go from a vintage train station to a post apocalyptic wasteland in the same day. I took a stroll around the latest Fantasy Collective and I am loving the theme : Industrial! Everything modern and mechanical and steampunk perfect!


This is the Gacha from Sweet Lies this round. There are 6 commons and one rare backpack. Just the thing for wandering the wastes. The face mask, skirt and top each come in either the gray-silver I’m wearing or a rusty tan color.  And every play is only 50L a pull. The back pack is the rare pull. I’m not going to show you the back of the skirt because it’s… shall we say… cheeky.


Sexy, daring and ready for either a fantasy or urban noir role play. The Fantasy Collective runs until March 13 so don’t delay.

Oh… and that guy passed out over there in the second pic …. I had nothing to do with that…..


SkinLumae – Alaska Mulled Wine – (Free/0L/past Second Life Frees and Offers gift)
EyesIkon – Hope Eyes in Field and Passion
Hands and Feet + nailsSlink mesh Casual Hands and Flat feet and the Basic HUD
Hair – Magika – CL
Boots – PixiCat – Gladiator Boots

Mask + Top + Skirt – Sweet Lies –  (50L per play gacha at the Fantasy Collective)

LocationThe WasteLands

PoseIOS – Summer Boy – (Free/0L/ gift in main store)

My new name card for the blog

The Apocalypse

 Shape: My Own -Not4Sale-
Skin: [ae] kensi collection – almond
Hair: Magika [01] Things
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands
Tattoo: .Inhale.Lunatik Tattoo ~With Leg Tattoo’s~
Mask: FLite.-Apocalypse Nun Mask
Garter: .DirtyStories. Dangerous Girl Legband
Jacket: [Foxes] – Aviator Jacket – Black
Dress: .DirtyStories. Like A Boss
Stockings: MAAI Zora lingerie * Black
Boots: REIGN.- Lizzy Boots- BLACK

One day after the Apocalypse

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Credits *~*Damselfly*~*Ronan @ The Fantasy Gacha Carniv […]

Is it the Apocalypse? NO, It’s Black Friday!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that celebrated that yesterday… You all made it through the copious amounts of food that everyone seems to talk about in regards to the day – I can’t wait for that same feeling when I go have Christmas Dinner with my family this year! 
But today, there is a dark ominous presence looming over us… The air is thick with it… You can hear the distant rumble of it… 
Is there an Apocalypse about to happen? No… It can’t be that… It would have been all over the news! 
That thick feeling in the air is an anticipation… The distant rumble is the sound of thousands of people running in every direction… IT’S BLACK FRIDAY!!!!
I know I’m not an American, and most places across the rest of the world do not have Black Friday but as it’s there in SL, and I would be a bad shoppaholic if I didn’t make use of it, I’m going to get very excited!!! SO MANY STORES, SO MANY SALES!!! I found a list on Seraphim and BOY am I gonna use it! 

I went on a little trip out a few days ago to try to find the perfect place to take a photo of an outfit that was a little Apocalyptic… The resulting photo just seemed perfect for this Black Friday post lol, it’s a little scared looking, deer caught in the headlights style and perfectly fitting that it’s not zombies coming for me but a hoard of shoppers charging around LOL… 
I bought a new skirt from Mirage, that you can pick up at the Apocalyptic round of Genre this month, purely because I loved this warning style texture – although the other textures in the HUD are great too! Then I went and splurged a little at the latest round of No. 21, buying both the Chambers Shirt from Razor and the Quinn Boots from REIGN… The top is awesome, I LOVE how it fits and the textures used on it, plus it looks really cute with the Clumsy hair from Magika, just sayin’ lol… The Quinn Boots are AWESOME, I think I love them as much as I love my J’s Boots and that is saying something hehe… 
BUT ANYWAY… What am I still standing around here for, chatting about random stuffs, there is shopping to be done… See you soon I hope, so long as I don’t get swept away in a tide of shoppers!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika – Clumsy 
Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren in America 07 (Available now at Collabor88
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah – Excessive Pain Makeup 
Necklace: aisling – The Bad Wife (Past Enchantment Item) 
Top: Razor – Chambers Shirt (Available now at No. 21
Skirt: Mirage – Apocalypse Skirt in Heavy Grunge (Available Now at Genre
Tights: Izzie’s – Patterned Tights II in Torn 
Boots: REIGN – Quinn Boots (Available Now at No. 21
Pose: Signature Pose – Bootylicious 1