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Sawa @ The Arcade

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I survived it!

Well, to enter the sim itself was the real huge challenge. After four hours of trying to enter this sim, it was finally done.
Me was allowed to „gamble“ and I even had some luck and collected a bunch of rare things.

… and then I had the luck that these items could be combined into a cool skater-outfit.
***items from Arcade are marked bold***

The Arcade is worth a visit, you shouldn’t miss it <3

***teleport to The Arcade***



Hair: “Video Games LightBlonde“ Truth **RARE item**
Skin: “Luria Skin 13″ Glam Affair **RARE item**

Body: “Brigitte Body Tights White“ LeeZu
Skirt: “Lorette Skirt Happy Poo“ The Sea Hole
Skates: “Vintage Roller Skates Disco White“ The Secret Store **RARE item**

Nails: “Starry Night“ NO Nail Art

Bangle: “Logo Bangle Princess“ FANATIK
Necklace: “Wild Honey Bee Pearl White” Maxi Gossamer
Bag: „Backpack White“ Tableau Vivant **RARE item**

Poses from Focus Poses

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Reaper at Play (Time for some gacha fun with The Arcade!)

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1st September marks the opening of the new round of The Arcade (yes peeps, it’s just a few hours away!)
I was super excited when I first saw the gacha prizes by *Tentacio*! I love working with ball-jointed dolls and these are so fabulously creative. Each prize consists of either a full body, a doll head or doll bra/thong set. There are 2 skin tones up for grabs – natural and vamp – but the bodies can be tinted to match better with skins of other mesh heads or standard avatar skins too. 
There are 2 rare prizes – the skeleton and carousel bodies – and these include both skin colour options. I’m wearing the body (torso) and wings from the rare skeleton prize in vamp but what I really love about these bodies is how you can mix and match the different parts. The arms and legs are from the body of the ‘inked vamp’ doll. The tattoos on the arms, hands and legs are so detailed and personally I’m lovin’ the black nail polish too!
There are 4 doll head prizes (2 different make ups in 2 different skin tones) and each comes with choice of 3 eye colours via a HUD. I’m not wearing the Galatea doll head in the pic but purely cos I loves on my usual doll head so much, so you can see the prizes in the gacha key below.

Most of the props from today’s pics are from previous gacha events (I guess I was in gacha-type mood in anticipation of the Arcade!)
However, the tree is new by Studio Skye. OMG this tree is awesome, it’s so detailed and perfect for upcoming Halloween scenes and creepy hangouts. It can be used all year round with the scripted season changer (5 options, each season plus 2 for fall). There are 2 versions included, with or without ground base, and the Li upon rez is 10Li or 5Li respectively. Resizing upwards increases Li of course, but I decreased size a little and that brought the Li down a touch.

There are a few more days left of the birthday round of Collabor88 so if you couldn’t get in earlier on, you should have no bother now. Exile have released 2 new windswept hairstyles, one of which is the “You Send Me” as shown in this pic and the other I used already in a previous post.

The headpiece dolly reaper is wearing is by Dirty Stories and was at Totally Top Shelf last month but can now be found in their mainstore. The rose colour is changeable via a HUD, as is the skellie hand and the little gems.

Doll body & wings: *Tentacio* – Galatea Doll Skeleton RARE *The Arcade*
Doll arms/hands/legs/feet: *Tentacio* – Galatea Doll Inked Vamp *The Arcade*
Undies/Armour: *Tentacio* – Galatea Doll Bra & Thong Silver *The Arcade*

Doll Head: *COCO* – 001V 
Hair: Exile – You Send Me *C88*

Staff: May’s Soul – La Parca Staff Rare (gacha now instore) 
Headpiece: Dirty Stories – Shadow Queen Head Rose

Tree: Studio Skye – Twisted Tree *NEW*
Tarot Cards: Kalopsia – Tarot Cards (from previous TAG)
Gravestones: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Graveyard Tombstone 1 & 4 (commons from past FGC)
Animated Crow: Dead Centre DC – Watching Crow (from MP)

Pose by Del May – Tightrope

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MIZU , the Arcade

Previously posted at my closet.

hair : [INK] Hair___HENRIK ::Black
glasses :  :: GORODEE :: Wooden Glasses / walnut [50%] NEW!
outfit : :: GORODEE :: salopette pants / Gray @MIZU
shoes : *DECO* MESH Jumpboots (dirt)

BlankLine steel table and stool @MIZU
NOMAD // Vintage Mannequin 02 NEW!
*AF* Stony Hollow Saw Rack
*AF* Stony Hollow Auger Rack
*AF* Stony Hollow Chisel Rack
*AF* Stony Hollow Woodworker Caddy RARE
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Nailtray
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Foot Measure
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room HeelPlates
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Shoe Last
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Shoe Last 2
Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Rwah Rustic @Arcade

-MIZU- A Rainy Story

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MIZU , group gift , the Arcade , Kustom9 , Shiny Shabby

Previously posted at my closet.

hair : .Olive. the Sweetpea Hair – Blondes @Arcade
dress : [ dami ] Rainy day long dress RARE @MIZU
hat : {amiable}1500 member’s Thanks Gift Straw Hat group gift
bag : {amiable}1500 member’s Thanks Gift Straw Bag group gift
shoes : AMITOMO Overfit Long T-shirt + platform sandals SET3 @Kustom9

[Toiz] droop plant @Shiny Shabby
Fancy Decor: House of Postcards @Arcade
Fancy Decor: Postcard Bundle @Arcade
AF Worn Luggage Bag

-MIZU- A Rainy Story

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group gift , the Arcade

Previously posted at my closet.

camera : –ANHELO-M06SL-155GT :: Instant Camera group gift (rez item, gift every month)
hair : +Spellbound+ Astarte // Grimoire group gift
dress : Hapi*Rabi Susy -Denim2 @Kenban-zaka hills
bag : (Milk Motion) fancy tote bags – nope @TCF June
bracelet : LUXE. Dreamcatcher & Pearls Bracelet – Orange

dust bunny . hanging flower pot . mint @Arcade
Fancy Decor: Vintage Stamp Sign @Arcade
junk. flower bucket. small. @Arcade
Plethora – Cafe Board – Style E

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MIZU , Summerfest , Kustom9 , C88 , TMD , Arcade , group gift

Previously posted at my closet.

hair : Besom~ Derek @TMD June
lip : VCO ~ Vivi’s Mesh Lip 03 @Arcade
headband : (MORAN) Ribbon headband BIG : 2RARE @MIZU
earring : *BOOM* Miami Star Earrings
necklace : LUXE. Geometric Necklace 24 Gold
ring : [tmk] harigane ring NEW!
top : ::GB::Limited MIZU wet shirt @MIZU
swimsuit : Baiastice_Jade Bikini-Aztec @C88 June

pose : Kirin – Natsu Pose 6 @Kustom9

skybox : -Nomi-Water Splash @MIZU

[MB] Bed side Light House -Bule- group gift
dust bunny . pineapple & coconut drinks @Summerfest
Pizza’s Watermelon Pops @Summerfest
Kalopsia – Summer Wood – Sunshine @Kustom9
LaGyo_Panarea pool donut Aqua @C88 June
*ionic* Motel Sofa
*ionic* Motel TV
*ionic* Soda Machine
HIDEKI – Cactus Neon Lamp
floorplan. motel miami / turquoise
Sway’s [Tyler] Flamingo neon sign

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Arcade Goodies 1

Previously posted at Whitt-icisms.

Yes it is almost Arcade time again and as always it is full of lots and lots of amazing stuff from skins to hair, clothing to furniture.  It’s always a fun time and good way to update your looks and homes!

Bastet Dress, Bastet Harness (rare) and Bastet Harness Arms (rare) from Pixicat
Morgana Skin 01 (rare) from Pink Fuel
Spice Hair from Exile

Bastet Dress and Bastet Jacket from Pixicat
Morgana Skin 02 from Pink Fuel
Spice Undercut from Exile

Bastet Shirt and Bastet Sphynx (rare) from Pixicat
Morgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel
Sugar Hair from Exile

Bastet Shirt, Bastet Sphynx (rare) and Bastet Sphynx Harness (rare) from Pixicat
Morgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel
Sugar Hair from Exile

Red Riding Hood Black and White Basket from U.F.O.
Morgana Skin 02 from Pink Fuel

Red Riding Hood Wolf from U.F.O.
Morgana Skin 02 from Pink Fuel

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Arcade – June 14

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Skin:  -Glam Affair- Liv skin- Asia – 08 E  (aida ewing)   @ Arcade
Eyes:  IKON Spectral Eyes – Storm  (Ikon Innovia)
Hair:   little bones. Trouble // Roots  (nova faerye)
Dress:  [Deadwool] Wyeth Dress – blue  (Masa Plympton) soon @ The Chapter Four
Tattoo:  =Krautuve= Dead Roses Tattoo -faded-  (riku reikaz)
Socks:  ~Cannibelle~ Union Jack Unisex Socks – Lemon  (Annabelle Couturier)
Shoes:  (fd) Sneakers – 26 Weird Leopard  (Toast Bard)   @ Arcade
Cotton candy: *Tentacio* Num Num sugar choco yellow RARE   @ Arcade
Pose: {Imeka} Hyun-Pose6 (NatiWilliams resident)

From left:
Table:  {Imeka} Vintage Garden Table Light Blue  (NatiWilliams resident)  @ Arcade
Stools:  {anc} EDEN. pair / old / A 2Li  (aki69 resident)  @ Arcade
Napkin dispenser:  {theosophy} Napkin Dispenser  (trace osterham)  @ Arcade
Ice cream:  8f8 – 38. Shared Pleasure – SECRET  (8f8 resident)  @ Arcade
Fan:  Tee*fy The Unusual Bags – Summer Fan RARE  (azure electricteeth)  @ Arcade
Juice dispenser:  floorplan. juice dispenser / pink  (tegan serin)  @ Arcade
Plastic container:  !Ohmai: Plastic Container [yellow]  (Anya Ohmai) free @ Arcade
Elephant:  Kirin – My Little Elephant Pink (carolina sautereau)
Pastries:  {theosophy} Tartelettes (Raspberry)  (trace osterham)  @ Arcade
Little flags:  {Imeka} Summer Garland  (NatiWilliams resident)  @ Arcade
Round table:  8f8 – 4. Vintage Table  (8f8 resident)  @ Arcade
Luggage bag:  AF Worn Luggage Bag  (warehousefifteendesigns resident)  @ Arcade
Candies box:  {Imeka} Candy Balls Light Pink  (NatiWilliams resident)  @ Arcade
Bird:  {vespertine – fabric bird-songbird/red}  (amelie knelstrom)
Glass of juice:  {Imeka} Lovely Juice RARE  (NatiWilliams resident)  @ Arcade
Teaset:  AF Tea Time Teaset  (warehousefifteendesigns resident)  @ Arcade
Tv:  Tee*fy The Unusual Bags – Dream Tv Pink  (azure electricteeth)  @ Arcade
Glitter sigh:  -tb- Bonjour Glitter Sigh  (Julliette Westerburg)  @ Arcade
Leaves on the wall:  {anc} EDEN.olive / table / new 1Li  (aki69 resident)  @ Arcade

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Arcade Goodies 2

Previously posted at Whitt-icisms.

The Arcade has opened for the September round and the mad rush to blow all the lindens to get all the stuff is on!  You do not want to miss out, so keep trying to get in and play for amazing things like the items below.

Bon Bon Bunny Bodysuit (rare), Bon Bon Bunny Ears Headband, Boon Boon Bunny Lace Garter, Mesh Body Tights from B.C.C
Date Night Hair from Lamb
Morgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel

Bon Bon Bunny Bodysuit, Bon Bon Bunny Ears Headband, Boon Boon Bunny Lace Garter, Mesh Body Tights from B.C.C
Afternoon Hair from Lamb
Morgana Skin 03 from Pink Fuel

Military Uniform and Garter Belt Holster from Howl
Morgana Skin 05 from Pink Fuel
Fiona Hair from Elikatira

Galatea Doll Vamp Skeleton (rare) from Tentacio
Eastern Wind Hair from Tableau Vivant

Galatea Doll Vamp Inked from Tentacio
Western Wind Hair from Tableau Vivant

Galatea Doll Natural Mermaid from Tentacio
Underwater Hair from Tableau Vivant

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the Arcade

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Belleza– Emily the Arcade
Exile hair -the Arcade
*LpD* – *Marta* Pants & Top (Mesh)
JD – Decimation shoes
LePoppycock pose- TCF

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