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*Argrace* ~♥~ *Nya’s* ~♥~ Latreia

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Hair: *Argrace* Kozue
Dress: *Nya’s* AyoDejiDress Mustard @Vogue SL
Heels: Latreia Redemption Black

Argrace for Hair Fair 2015

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Argrace for Hair Fair 2015 fixed

Another preview from Hair Fair 2015 featuring one of my favorite brands, Argrace.  Anyone who has ever worn an Argrace hair knows my joy…the textures are gorgeous and the workmanship is perfection.  To this day my favorite (and judging from the pictures I still see, many others also) wet look hair is from Argrace.  This year for Hair Fair Argrace brings us the bucket hat w/ hair.   I have one of these hats in RL that I always wear to Jazz Fest with pins and flowers and dangly charms all over it …they are too much fun to wear.  Tomoe is a shorter hairstyle and a bit wilder whereas Sono sports longer, straighter hair.  Both work for a female or a male…and now that I say that I wish I would have pulled out the malt and used him in the pic (he is quite yummy).  The hat comes with a texture change hud for not only the colors but also the design on the hat, or you can choose not to have the design on at all.  As with most of the designers at the fair, Argrace has a gift and it happens to be this hat as a stand alone in a couple different textures.  Be sure to stop by Argrace during your wanderings through the fair and pick up some fun <3

The Secret Affair opens in less than 2 days, on Wednesday, so get ready to go Roman.  Kibitz has made this fabulous necklace, Amanda, for the event.  It’s beautifully made and will go with literally anything…put it on your list!  Until the Affair opens, check out the website and peruse the previews for ideas and inspiration <3

My bodysuit is from Zenith…it’s a rare from their gacha at Season’s Story and comes with a texture change hud, so you never feel like your wearing the same suit <3

My skin is the Belleza skin that was made for the MIX event and is available at the Belleza store.  I’ve been wearing it consistently for several weeks now…changing back and forth between the different makeups….I love it so much I can’t stop staring at myself <3

Lastly…the pose.  I’ve had this pose for over a year.  My girlfriend Mae was always saying we should do a picture together…I spotted this pose at some event and had to have it.  We have yet to get that picture taken (*glares at Mae*) but I have high hopes that we will…in the meantime…I just needed to use it for this shot.  I have a particular fondness for all of the poses from Bauhaus….no exception…there is just something about them that speaks to me, and the couples/friends poses are always perfect…do we not look perfect? <3

And by the way, I put out the sailboat just to see Skippy jump and twirl and yell SHIP when he see’s it in Flick’r  :)

*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE – Baby Blonde [Fitted] @ Hair Fair 2015
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / SONO – Cinnamon [Fitted] @ Hair Fair 2015
Kibitz – Amanda necklace – copper @ The Secret Affair (no lm till it opens!)
=Zenith=The Fiona Bodysuit Fitted mesh Maitreya -RARE @ Season’s Story
Belleza– Amelia MIX sunkissed #’s 5 and 4 (respectively)
Bauhaus Movement – The Bosses couples pose

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Argrace at Hair Fair 2015

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Hiii everyone.  I had a computer issue yesterday so I am posting about Hair Fair 2015 today.  Hair Fair 2015 has officially opened.  There are many stores on 4 different sims.  This is an event that has happened for several years now.  And for those years, I have had the amazing opportunity each year since I started blogging to get in early.  But, its not about the early access.  Its about the amazing feeling you will get when are donating for such a good cause.

Find out more here 

The event is about the children.  Wigs for Kids is a great charity organization.  They provide children with wigs and our purchases around these 4 sims will help in big way.  No matter how small the purchase is … every little bit counts.

What amazes me more is stores like Argrace (who I am wearing in the picture)  they are willing to make items for this event and sell them, and then turn around, giving part of their profit to the donation box.  I know that some of these designers rely solely on SL for their living and they are willing to something so wonderful as giving that little bit up to help another.  They are the big winners here.

So make sure you check out Hair Fair 2015.   Assuming I did this right, the links below SHOULD take you to each sim where you can follow your beacons to the store you chose.

*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE – Classy Brown [Fitted+]*Just BECAUSE* Janice Tube Top – Sky – M
-Glam Affair – Yolandi skin – America 06 F

The following is a list  in alphabetical order to find the stores. There are slurls included, but the sims have landing points, so they will only show you with beacons where the store is, not tp you to them.

Argrace New!!!

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this hair is new in Argrace
este pelo es nuevo en la tienda

Argrace, Cynful, Bens Beauty, Damselfly, Apple May Designs, WoW Skins, Kelini, Dela and Azul

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Argrace, Cynful, Bens Beauty, Damselfly, Apple May Designs, WoW Skins, Kelini, Dela and Azul

Argrace, Cynful, Bens Beauty, Damselfly, Apple May Designs, WoW Skins, Kelini, Dela and Azul

Argrace, Cynful, Bens Beauty, Damselfly, Apple May Designs, WoW Skins, Kelini, Dela and Azul


Image Studio New Landmark
Lara Hurley
Cynful and MG
Ben’s Beauty/Hairstyle
Wow skins
We love roleplay
Apple May Designs

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin – Lara Hurley, Heidi , Pink *Dark*
Shape – Image Studio, Charli Shape  New
Eyeliner – League, Classic wing eyeliner
Fitted mesh body – Maitreya, Lara
Hair – Argrace, Suzuna *Blondes* New
Dress – Cynful, Boss Lady Dress *Petroil* New
Tattoo and appliers – Ner.Ink, Mandalay strength
Feet – Slink, high
Shoes – Bens Beauty, Claudia Heels *Black* New
Head jewel and nose ring – Izzie’s, Nidhi Jewelry *Emerald* New at Uber

Pic 2

Skin and shape as above
Hair – Damselfly, Norah *Light Blondes* New at we love role play
Dress – Apple May Designs, Diamond dress *Pink* This color is only $ 50L for one week
Feet – Slink, high
Shoes – Bens Beauty, Valeria platform *Cream* New
Hair bow – Magika, Group gift still available
milk shake – Tentacio, Milkshake vanilla

Pic 3

Skin – Wow Skins, V2 Mary, 01 cl *Golden* New at mainstore
Shape – Image Studio, Charli Shape  New
Lipstick – Lara Hurley, Scarlett *Red*
Hair – Argrace, urag *Blondes*
Dress – Kelini, Spiked Fashion Dress *Red* New
Feet – Slink, high
Shoes – Bens Beauty, Claudia Heels *Red* New
Bracelet – Yummy, Hodgepodge

Pic 4

Skin and shape as pic 1
Hair – Dela, Francis *Blacks and whites* New
Dress – Azul, Abigail *Amethyst* New
Gair dec – Pr!tty, Spring Dreaming *Rainbow*

Post #778 ARGRACE

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Hair: *ARGRACE* Makoto | N E W Skin: *Birth* Milton Skin | N E W Cigarette: [Z O O M] Cafetin Cigar-Holder | WHORE COUTURE Tank Top: flow . Bronx Loose Fit Tank Top – 01 Bracelet: [n.i] Tattoo: [TattooMania] – Kamba | N E W Sweetpants: xin. sweatpants + dark grey | TMD | March 5th Shoes: BLK2.0 VENS Black […]

.oh seventy – eight hair | argrace earrings | swallow top |…

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.oh seventy – eight

hair | argrace

earrings | swallow

top | lethal

sweats | dossier


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Hair: gifttttt *ARGRACE* Santa Hat / Women  – Vanilla ARGRACE
Top: newww BabyDoll. Tiny Miny / Red BabyDoll
Shorts: newww M&M Body Shapes Toxic Shorts Black-Red [M&M] Body Shapes
Boots: newww [Decoy] Neve Boots Foot Shape Collabor88
Gloves: neww .Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Comfort – White Bunny Mittens The Arcade
Toy: neww +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Plumpy Penguin  The Arcade
Necklace: neww (FEMALE)Full_Necklace [MANDALA]ONLIEST(ALL-COLORS) Mandala

Catwa – Mudskin – MotiAme – The Secret Store – Kustom9 – Ink – TMD – Amitomo – Clef de Peau – Chronokit – Xiaj – Flite – Argrace – Angelica – Silver K – Label Motion.

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My look
Hair Catwa Mesh Ruby 5
Skin Mudskin Enfant Laria W2 Base
Sweater MotiAme Sailor Beige Kustom9 Exclusive!
Skirt MotiAme Simple Flared Cream Kustom9 Exclusive!
Heels The Secret Store Oxford for Slink Mid Feet Camel Flowers

Dokyungsoo Look

Hair Ink Juno The Men’s Dept. Exclusive!
Eyes Amitomo 4 Real Black
Skin Amitomo Paul Tone1
Lip Clef de Peau Gloss T1 Jules
Jacket Chronokit Motorcycle 02 Black New!
Pants Xiaj Skinny Black
Sneackers Flite Liberators Black New!
Leekaeun Look
Hair Argrace Azusa
Skin Angelica Suzy Honeypink Coco Brow Vip Group Gift!
Kimono Silvery K. Rinzu White
Shoes Silvery K. Japanese Lady’s for winter Gacha!
Poses Label Motion Carola


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Look of the day … argrace, alchemy, resun, sf design, AIR

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Chic, special … this is the look ..

monocle : Air_Canaan monocle_Gold
hair : *ARGRACE* ARATA – Ash Black
hoodie : alchemy – winter is coming gacha
outfit : ResunAlain Mesh suit Grey
shoes : sf design formal slip on