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Laura presents: Avant-Garde with Amacci “Phoenix”!

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Hi girls!
Just recently I had the occasion to see one of my friend Carina Larsen‘s new hairdos. She is the designer for Amacci.
She was making a new one for the monthly Cosmopolitan event, and I thought it looked really cool!

It’s called Phoenix; it seemed to be off her beaten track and that it would make for a great avant-garde outfit.

So I set out to find an interesting place to shoot, and a suitable outfit to wear. I had my heart set on Insilico SIM, but alas I found out it has been shut down. Well that certainly ruined my plan – or did it? I remembered I had taken some shots there before and had a few backdrops I had saved for such occasions.

Next thing I needed was an outfit, and while I couldn’t find Insilico, I did find sYs which used to be there. If the Cisse sisters don’t know avant-garde, who does, right?

So I came out with a dress – well I sortof cheated, let’s say I came out with a demo 😛

I went up to my photo studio and I dug up my old pics and this was what came out.

Insilico bybye!

A few words need to be said about Phoenix. First of all, it’s non rigged, which means I could – and did – make a total mess out of the “ears” or “horns” as we’ve been calling them – total freedom!

But the hair comes with nice HUDs to recolor it, and the HUD has a resizer as well built in. The fatpack includes all the hairbases you could need for all the different colors.

The hair comes in two versions, with bangs and without, making it easy to decide what you like or want for your outfit.

In the fatpack I chose to use the “Crazy” color hud, and we see here some different examples. This is a side view, without the bangs:

So what are you waiting for? Get on to Cosmopolitan and get your own!

Style Sheet

  • HAIR: Phoenix by AmacciCosmopolitan with/without bangs
  • DRESS: [sYs] VORTEX long dress & gloves 
  • SKIN: ~Mynerva~Element Water 
  • CHOKER: Gems & Kisses – Chen – Gold – Choker
  • LIPSTICKS: AtomicBambi
  • LOCATION: Insilico as it once was

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