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Thank You my SL Avatar ~ A Meme Monday with a Just another Tequila Sunrise

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Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

Ever wondered, the latent talent we all possess, which are peaked at our second home gradually takes surface in our real selves? Ever wanted to thank our virtual self for scratching the surface of low self confidence to enunciate the better and beautiful inner self?

Every once in a while its good to go under introspection of self and get that under construction board out.

Over the years of playing virtual worlds, we develop a keen interest in developing our pacified skills. Later these become our talents for which we are known.

Few tend to blogging, writing, mechanima, digital art, fashion, clothing, landscaping, interior designing etc. We build our virtual reality with the things we like. We create a community of like minded people. At the end we discover ourselves creating art to frame our world without limitations. Thanks to a portal that the game developers thought of, in my case, Philip Rosedale and the Linden Labs to come forth with an idea void of limited resources.

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

It doesn’t take much time for us to recognize and hone these skill sets to our real lives. During our adolescence days in virtual world, we might be shy and confused, but soon we realize our skill’s worth and implement them to real life without any doubt. The people who have experienced such, will be true testament to the fact that we are unsure of such transition taking place. When a game becomes our reality is a mysterious experience we never judge.

Yes, for those who haven’t been through such a wonderful journey, their vs our views are debatable. As we see in various articles by different media sources hovering on the negativity of such topic. Where they fail is when they forget to engross themselves with a true spirit and an open mind.

This article is not to focus on the views of the world at large. But to give my introspection. After all, it is good to introspect every once in a while. Especially, when something good is to be said.

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

My last holiday was fun and made me realize that it is time to thank SL (or any virtual world/MMORPG). During an ethnic event in India, my brother’s marriage, I had planned to ensemble an outfit for D-Day. This ensemble turned out to be my first Avant Garde style which I had to carry with poise in a crowd where every one was decked in traditional ethnic wear. This article to thank all the designers, fashionista bloggers and models world wide who believe being different and being comfortable is fashion.

I would also like to thank my SL Avatar for bestowing the confidence in me to pull this off on the D- Day.

  1. I Thank my SL Avatar for finding my passion for writing
  2. I Thank my SL Avatar for giving me a world of supporting friends and readers.
  3. I Thank my SL Avatar and all the fashionistas for teaching me to style
  4. I Thank my SL Avatar for teaching me to carry an Avante Garde look among ethnic people. 
  5. I Thank my SL Avatar for the keenness to trust and love myself.
I  may be a human being hiding behind my avatar, but thanks to you, SL Avatar for showing the real potential in me as a human being.
Taking the shot at life with an awesome destination for introspection at “Just another Tequila Sunrise. Landmark ~ Teleport

Photography Credits: Leela Qissinger

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POST# 840 Freak Show Gacha Carnival New Release Mesh Little Devil Friend From *NAMINOKE* ~ Freak Show Gacha Carnival New Release Mesh Avatar From

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Little Devil By *NAMINOKE* – Little Devil Friend #2 Color-4 ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~   
3 Poses * 6 color Pattern – 3 Texture Change – Moving on/off – Mod& Trans OK

] Find it at Freak Show – Gacha Carnival [ Starts Oct 17 – 31, 2015 for more info go to depravednation

.. and i got to say there or times when its just fun to be a lil bear in you well love this Avatar and have a lot of fun :) 

Avatar By MOoH! – Costumed bear skeleton RARE~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~   

8 Avatars / they work with your AO /  Trans OKK ] Find it at Freak Show – Gacha Carnival [ Starts Oct 17 – 31, 2015 for more info go to depravednation

.. and i got to say there or times when its just fun to be a lil bear in you well love this Avatar and have a lot of fun :) 

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News Vanity Hair for Hair Fair & ABAR eBODY V6.5 Fitted Mesh Avatar

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New ABAR – eBODY  UPDATE V6.5 Fitted Mesh Avatar

Hair: Like Smoke by Vanity Hair for Hair Fair 2015

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Second Life Avatar Physics

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(available on marketplace) Linden Lab introduced Avatar physics to Second Life back in 2011. I was never a big fan of it, I’m still not to be honest. However, ever since fitted mesh bodies have been released, physics have not looked so bad with them. The bouncing effect is a lot more subtle with the […]

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Tutorial: How to make your avatar pop

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This is my first tutorial in Photoshop and I’m actually a bit nervous. I’m not doing it in a video, but if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

From years of fashion blogging I liked to make my avatar stand out when I take a picture but I got really bored with the same wall background. But sometimes my avatar just blended into a more busier one and you never really notice her fashion. Sooo if you have the same problem. I have a really subtle but effective way to make it pop.

The picture below is not totally raw, I have already liquified the parts that was a bit jaggard and blended the neck where there was a bit of a line.

 Tutorial 5

1. Firstly, duplicate your layer. (CTR + J).

Tutorial 1

2. Change your layer mode to “Vivid Light”. This should make your picture really dark.

Tutorial 2

3.Then go to Filter > Other >High Pass. Play around with the Radius slider. This will make your image much more defined. Take care not to make the radius too high, since it’s a second life picture, it is already a cartoon and if it’s too high it may appear cartoonish. We don’t want it to be too strong. In my case I decided on 1.8. Three is about the maximum I normally go. The trick is to just define it, so if you turn off the layer, by clicking on the eye icon, you can see the difference.

Tutorial 3

4. Then click on Alt and your layer mask button.

Tutorial 4

5. Use your paint brush tool to paint the color white over the parts you want to highlight in the image. In this case I’m painting over the eyes of my avatar and the sides of her nose as well as her arms and stomach parts. Again this is really just a very subtle way of drawing attention to the part of the picture which you want to be a bit brighter. If you turn the layer off and on, you will see that it is just a little brighter, subtle but enough for it to stand out. Suddenly, when you look at the picture for the first time, you don’t see the back ground first.

You can play around with it until it’s to your liking. I just find this is a really soft (?) way of doing it and to still looks natural.

Below is the final picture. I added my signature and a border.

Tutorial: Make it pop

Much love!

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What’s up pussycat? A Solarian avatar review!

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So, here is something you don’t see everyday, a furry Kiwi.
Ok, Kiwi’s are always furry, but this Kiwi is usually a non-fuzzed human. With that put aside, I decided I would pull out my Solarian avatar and play with a new mod I was handed today.
Snapshot_010The Solarian cat avatar is the newest release from Blue Galaxy, the same people who brought you the BG Feline avatar.
The Solarian is a fitmesh avatar, and will change with your shape, allowing for 100% customization. Solarian is also a HUD ran avatar, as in you have to use a HUD to change the texture of the eyes and skin, and control the alphas.
The alphas are much like the other meshy bodies out there, but there is only the front to play around with.
So, let’s break down the Solarian as a whole avatar.
whats up pussycatThe Solarian is 800$ L and it includes the HUD, full body alphas, a notecard with varying shapes, a male/female/and femboy avatar, and crop top and undies.
Also included in the HUD are 8 fur colors and 8 eye colors, which you can change each eye separately. There is also an option to turn on some naughty bits.
Snapshot_009Remember I said fitmesh earlier?
So, this avatar will change with the varying sizes of whatever you change, and the face is the same way. The whole head moves with expressions, blinking eyes, wiggling ears, and even mouth movements when you talk/type, and it’s pretty awesome movements.
Another always moving part is the tail.
The tail is detachable by some quick body modding, along with the rest of any pieces you don’t want around.
PicMonkey CollageWith this avatar, clothing is the biggest issue with it right now.
Clothing for the Soalrian is few and far between, though there are some really great things out there, you just have to search for them.
The other thing to keep in mind about this avatar, it has a big fat cat butt, and I don’t mean that lightly, Large size meshes won’t even cover your butt, and will be incredibly over sized in the front, but it’s not meant to be standard sized.
There is a developer kit you can buy for making appliers for it, and it’s 1$ L, and there are other items that you can get the full perms for at the Blue Galaxy Main Store.

All in all, I give this avatar, on a scale of 1-10…
Why an 8?
Other than the fact that there is no way to make the back invisible, it’s a pretty solid avatar if you want to be an anthro-cat with awesome expressions.

The Mods for it are many though, even offering up dog mods among others. The one I’m featuring today is the Grape Cheshire mod from Fujiwara’s World.
I love the Cheshire cat, and this is an awesome mod, more so that you don’t have to rez every piece and drop a new texture on it, it works just like applying skins for the meshy bodies, with a HUD.
The Grape is just one of 4 colors in the Cheshire set, each color is 400$ L, or 1,200$ L for the fat-pack.

Get the look! – 
Pose: RIDIC. – Chocolate Rain Pose
*Not free*
Avatar: Blue Galaxy – Solarian Feline Female
*Not free*
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tami hair
*Not free*
Mod: .: Fujiwara’s World :. Chesh Mod – Grape
*New release, 400$ L*
Collar: Cae :: Infinite :: Collar
Dress: ~Furry Fashion~ Sasha Dress
*Not free*
Shoes: *Epic* Bow.Stomp Boots! {Vortex}
*Not free*

Featuring furniture from!-
Cat Pumpkin: [ORIONITE] Pumpkitten – 2015 – (8 Prims)
*Free, Quest Fur Cover Hunt*
House: dust bunny . the gable townhouse . yellow
*Not Free*

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it’s my first avatar rezday

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Purple Poses – Erin 01 by Audrey Guter
/Wasabi Pills/ Reese Mesh Hair – Chocolate MissAllSunday Lemon
 Silver metal[MANDALA]POLLY RING/BLACK by 空海上人
AZOURY – Extravagance Heels (Black) by Aniki Seetan
DeeTaleZ Shape Dawn with Skin Dawn B black Mixedtype by Steffi Villota

I’m on second life since 8 years !

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