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Good day to get a bargain on a used car.  Not sure any of these are quite up to road worthiness, but never hurts to look.

Arya has been a busy blogger of late so I thought it was time I broke her run and give you some new stuffs at the same time.  A ‘two-fer’.

These male items are from Men Only Monthly and I went with a shirt-off look today so I could show off this great tattoo.  No point covering it up!

Location:  Virtual Decay
Tattoos:  TattooMania / T-12 / Opacity
Pants:  etham – Duke Sweatpants
Poses:  *PosESioN* Michael Set

Piercings:  !NFINITY Scabere Piercing – Collarbone
Necklace:  (luc) Anjali Necklace, Black Opal/Silver (Male)
Hair:  *Drot*-Tobi

One bargain too many!(Freebies, gifts, dollarbies, 10Lds etc’s)

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Yup that’s little ole me just under the pushpin, I must be the LAST person to turn up to The Hashtag event and I would have come sooner if I had realised that almost all of the shops seem to have gifts set out for us.  These gifts seem to range from 0-10Lds but I’ve literally just got from the landing spot to when you can see me, check out the push pin lol, and so far I already have about 6 items so as you can see from the size of this event I’m going to be stuffing my invent again.


The rezzing place is the area just in front of the ad board and there is already 2 free to join Hashtag group gifts waiting there for us, male and female. When I spotted the dateline I decided to zoom back to see how big this event is and it’s way too big to be able to grab everything, TP home, unpack etc so this is a rush jobbie.

Having said that I have noticed that sometimes when an event is officially over it’s actually still open for business because of course, it takes time to pack an event up so if you can’t get in sooner rather than later then still check it out later.



Byeee for now.


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My favourite waste(land) of time, super bargain.

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As it happens I wasn’t looking for a bike and I was just going to scroll past but when I noticed only “21 prims” and “10Lds” that grabbed my attention.


Pretty darn low prim and I know that even though there has been a prim increase for land owners for those who rent this prim increase may not have been handed down to them so they still have to prim check everything.


A bit of a close-up so you can see pretty good details for those prims.  Of course, it’s ridable with a standard menu.  I should have actually stood beside it to show off that this is a damn good size for a woman/small AV but of course that doesn’t mean a man sized AV wouldn’t fit it’s unisex but basically if you’ve struggled to find one for your smaller AV then try this one.  At only 10Lds it’s worth the risk.  I bought this from the Marketplace but I’ve spotted that there is an inworld demo for you to try.

When I grab a bike I always end up at “The Wastelands”.


I’ve put the link on their website but really just ignore it and TP ass over here.  The Wastelands has been around as long if not longer than Faith and I and it’s Second Life in a nutshell.  This maybe an RP sim but chill because as long as you do your stuff and your stuff doesn’t get in the way of other people’s stuff it’s cool.  I used to rent a small plot on one of the many sims and I would sometimes ride my horse around buck naked like Lady Godiva and although flashing your bits, on the whole, is not acceptable there is leeway when it’s because you’re in character most of the time I would just sit there and watch people JOG! yes for some weird reason many times I would watch AV’s on my mini-map as they just ran around and around the sim, plain weird.  You could, of course, immerse yourself in many of the events/RP that does go on on these sims if you wish.


I have, to be honest, and admit that although I love these sims I know very little facts about these sims thats because you don’t need to if you don’t want to.  If you want some alone time, if you want to wander and explore, if you want to find underground bunkers, if you just want people to leave you the f**k alone these sims are for you.  I have changed it from Sim to Sim’s because there is actually so many of them all linked together.


PS You can also REZZ! and you don’t even need to join any group.  There is so few places that allow you to do that so it’s the perfect place to

Stargate (Marketplace).


The Wastelands Blog

The Wastelands LM

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