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Top SL Decor at Bargain Prices: Apple Fall Flash Sale

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Part of looking good in Second Life is getting to know the highest quality brands and mixing them with creativity and taste. Another large part is buying smart. Few of us have unlimited budgets, so when a great designer offers a rare sale, it’s a cause for celebration. And that, dear reader, is why I’m writing you today. This announcement was released on the Apple Fall group:

Limited Sale: Now Open
There’s a limited sale happening at Apple Fall right now! A lot of your favorite items are greatly reduced. Some of the gacha machines are 25L again, some builds are offered up at 200L each and there’s a lot of other reduced price items. Limited time only!

No official end date was announced. If you’re interested in the sale, best to visit sooner rather than later before missing out on a beloved piece. Not everything was on sale, but there were many great things selling inexpensively and even a very few objects set for 0L. I had a good time at the sale, and you can expect to see some decor goodies in future posts. Check it out.

Apple Fall Limited Sale

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Save a little spend a little (Freebie n Bargain).

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I’m back from my weekender and raring to go.  As it happens I spotted this excellent freebie just before I went away and as soon as I got back inworld I popped over to grab it but I also found something I think is well worth the Lindens.

First the freebies.


A short n top combo, both are Marches group gits from FA Creations.  They come in the same pack but of course can be worn as separates as both are perfect together and also teamed up with other items of clothing.

This skirt called Frizzle is the non freebie but you get so much for your 99Lds it’s worth it.


Just loving the waffly, frilly, floaty skirt it has life and movement to it.  You actually get a Hud with 8 colours in it and another option of the same 8 colours but with a rhinestone layer over it.  I was too impatient to get piccies and this posted I forgot to take a picture of that layer but there is a demo available for you to try yourself.


I’ve taken these pictures in my nam setting and although I’ve not used any photo tricks the fact that I took them in a photocube means the colour is a little bit more enhanced but as I’m mentioned there is a demo available so make sure to try out but I promise you the skirt is delightful and a good addition to my invent.


The hair of course is a Mina’s and now that it should be a bit quieter it’s time to pop over to the …and snag it at the discounted price of 125Lds.

FA Creations

Mina Hair@The Chapter Four

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