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Your Weekend Bargain

By Virtual Evangelical – Someone Like You. Visit Your Weekend Bargain for original post.

This weekend’s bargain is brought to you courtesy of fifty Linden Friday:

Your Weekend Bargain

My dress, the Brie dress, is from Valentina E, and comes in a range of prints.

My hair, style number *79 is from Barber yumyum, and is cute enough for weekends.

You can get them here, for 50L each!:

Valentina E

Barber yumyum

Happy Shopping!

I’m Gonna Make You PAY for this! but don’t worry it’s a bargain priced Gacha.

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit I’m Gonna Make You PAY for this! but don’t worry it’s a bargain priced Gacha. for original post.

So I’ve done my cheapy for the day so now I’m going to make you pay, for this New Mina hair.  Hair and skin are almost the last things that you have to pay to get the quality, fortunately there is a couple of top quality shops out there who do an occasional amazing free gift for skins and hairs such as Dura and Ann Hurley but the reality is that quality is few and far between so my aim in SL is to make you save Lindens on the stuff I can find for free so you can spend your Lindens on great hair/skin.

Firstly ignore the top as it’s an old freebie and long gone, although I might just check that out because I could be wrong, it’s the hair I want to show you.


Sim set at Nams, the very soft face light I am now wearing on a permanent basis and no photo editing.


I want this hair in RL, I want this short slightly scrappy cut, cutie hair but then again I also want thick flowing locks or a ratted Bee Hive look I wish changing hair in RL was as easy as SL.

This hair called Anika, that’s the same name as the top I’m wearing which is why I’m using this top LOL.  Anika is only available at the new round of The Epiphany and I’m NOT GOING TO GO,  mainly because I’m too poor and there is too much temptation!

Mina doesn’t stint on her hairs even the ones is the bargain 75Ld Gacha because as I’ve said previously you do get a colour pack so 5 shades of blondes, brunettes, reds (the best red hair in SL) all in a simple to use Hud and I almost forgot that a lot of Mina hairs come with 2 styles, sometimes the difference can be very slight but sometimes it still makes all the difference.  I decided to do a quick log in to check out the second version in the pack and I couldn’t help but take a quick snap just as I was on my working platform with no pose because SOD IT my AV is GORGEOUS just like the real me…stop sniggering!


PS Remember the Epithany is special because if you don’t want to keep what you win or end up with too many of the same things then DO NOT UNPACK them.  A pop up menu pops up giving you the option of keeping or trading it in for points and with these points you get to treat yourself to a special that can only be purchased with these points and in Mina’s case it’s a beautiful hair flower.

Follow the link to the Seraphim web site, an amazing scource of all things SL, for the piccies and lMs and don’t panic if the place is packed because it’s on for a whole month.

Seraphim for The Epiphany 

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Nothing Wrong with a bargain

By kofashionsl – KO Fashion Second Life. Visit Nothing Wrong with a bargain for original post.

Here our my bargains of the week…..go get ladies

sun-4_001 sun-7_001 sun-3_001 sun-1-_001 sun-11_001 sun-6_001

We all love a bargain here are a few of mine not including my skin and body we all know how expensive they are ahhhhhhh but i love a good bargain don’t we all, here are a few i found in this months events. Happy Shopping all under 300L$

Your Weekend Bargain ~ FLF

By Virtual Evangelical – Someone Like You. Visit Your Weekend Bargain ~ FLF for original post.

Fifty Linden Friday this week has hair! Get your skates on and run for these at 50L each:

Your Weekend Bargain - FLF

Lace Romper in silver from Valentina E, with style *81 from Barberyumyum. The bangs are available separately

Your Weekend Bargain - FLF

Lace romper in blue from Valentina E, with style One Way Ticket from Exile.


Valentina E



Happy Shopping!

Ooo La!La, Stripped bare. (Freebie n cheeky bargain).

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit Ooo La!La, Stripped bare. (Freebie n cheeky bargain). for original post.

Phew PANIC OVER because my sh*t has got its act together and I’m prepped, packed and raring to go which is a shame as I don’t go until tomorrow.  That does mean I’ve had a bit of time in SL to grab a lovely freebie, a cheeky bargain and STRIP the sim back to its bare bones.


Say goodbye to this little stone as he’s just about to be deleted and he doesn’t even know it!

I popped into La!La Fashion to stand in front of the lucky balloons so as I worked through any notes/notices before I go I might also strike lucky on the Lucky Balloons which I didn’t.  However, I didn’t walk away empty-handed as this dress is a gift in the La!La shop but for SL free’s & Offers group members.  I have a feeling that I might have shown you this dress before but it’s still worth going to grab as it’s a lovely simple dress with a delicate texture and those folds look so realistic. You will find it on the wall next to the desk and you will also find other gifts, a cute short and top set, for other groups.  However, if you join the La!La group then you will see on the wall next to the Lucky Balloons is a whole lotta freebie’s and I do believe one of them is new.


This is the cheeky bargain called “my first top” and it’s in the La!La shop and yup it’s very cheeky and at 25Lds a bargain.  I’m only sad there wasn’t a fat pack as I would have been tempted.  You get a system shirt layer and appliers for SLink, Maitreya and Bellieza.

OK, The sim isn’t exactly stripped bare as you can see because that’s my house and Faith’s house is still up on the hill. Both Faith and I work in RL and of course have all the day to day drudge which means that since the start of the year we, I mainly, haven’t been able to do much more than chuck a whole load of green stuff around etc and although the sim was looking very nice, NICE isn’t good enough anymore. So it’s gone, animal, mineral and vegetable, it’s either been packed or trashed and all that’s left is our houses and the few items around them that we don’t want to change.  This way when we’re both back from our respective holidays we can start off the late summer/early autumn with a sim that has more going for it.

La!La Fashion

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Devil Music. (Freebie’s & amp;Super 10LD Bargain).

By zanbeck – Pure Eggs & Spam. Visit Devil Music. (Freebie’s & amp;Super 10LD Bargain). for original post.

Faith and I share the same Sim and we often use our land/home and platforms as backdrop so often a random building pops up or a seating area etc so I wasn’t surprised by this musical Demon/Devil statue what did surprise me is that it’s actually a harp and plays pretty sweet and relaxing music but that’s not the Freebie, in fact, I didn’t even check where it came from, the dress is the freebie.


Just a simple summery dress with excellent detailing, esp on the pockets, and a small hud with 3 sweet polka dot textures.

Now I just have to relog to grab the name of where I got this dress from and the LM so in 1,2,3….and…

UPDATE so I’m inworld now LM grabbing and I’ve remembered that this is a lovely Gift from the Entice shop but to grab this one you will need to join the SL free’s and offers group and to find this and the other FREEBIES and Lucky Chairs walk straight ahead past the lovely outdoor pond etc and it’s in the shop at the back honestly when you rezz you will see what I mean.  As it happens I also picked up a rather nice looking set of undies for just 10Lds but I’ve not had a chance to try them on yet but you never know I may just add an “update” to this “update”.  See ya’s later.


Check this out.


As soon as I put on this super discounted little undies set I had to just do the Update.  Again taken in my Nams Optimal Skin n Prim setting because Nams loves everyone and everything, I put on the sheer pair, threw a pose and 1 snap later check out this sauciness!  10Lds and for that you get em damn it’s either 3 or 4 colour, all in pastel shades, the system layers and if you have a mesh bod like Moi then the Omega Applier. OH and if your a shy little wallflower then there is a solid option as well.

PS and NO I am not checking out the Devils package you dirty minded beasts!



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Your Weekend Bargain

By Virtual Evangelical at Someone Like You. Visit Your Weekend Bargain for original post.

This weekend’s bargain is a combination of a number of events:

Your Weekend Bargain

My Hot pink Marina dress is from Caboodle at the Gacha Garden – 75L

My hair is from Miwa’s starship also at the Gacha Garden – 79L

My necklace is the Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony by Maxi Gossamer for Fifty Linden Friday – 50L. It has a texture changer to match your mood!

Gacha Garden

Maxi Gossamer

Happy Shopping!

Your Weekend Bargain Outfit

By Virtual Evangelical at Someone Like You. Visit Your Weekend Bargain Outfit for original post.

This week’s Fifty Linden Friday brings you a complete outfit of dress and hair for the bargain price of 50L per piece! you just can’t go past this…

Your Weekend Bargain Outfit

My dress is the Paisley Slip Dress from Valentina E

My hair is the Couldn’t Believe 5 Color Naturals pack from Exile

Happy Shopping!