GIULIADESIGN MIA GOLD & Baubles! by Phe PlasmaStaffsGachaBlogger TTS Box & .WoW Skins. Noelle Tan FATPACK & Beloved Jewelry Winter Set (Texture ChangePartial Mesh)~1

SKIN—>WoW Skins. Noelle Tan ,The big show event started to day and will run until the end of january, you will find this new release, in 5 skin tones, Milk, tan, bronze, darken and the new skin tone golden,6 make ups to choose from for each skin tone:Each skin pack, come with 2 eyebrows colors, and a no brow option, cleavage option and eyebrow shape You will find also a shape copy and modify, (included also on the fatbacks).Appliers availble: Omega, slink & slink physique, Miatreya, Belleza, wowmeh, KL Lena, Babybump, TMP, Phat azz, banned ass, Ghetto booty, & Lolas If you have redelivery issue, remember to tp to the mainstore and click the redelivery terminal. and for event Check out now THE BIG SHOW EVENT!
JEWELRY—–>Beloved Jewelry  Winter Set (Texture ChangePartial Mesh)~1 Beloved Jewelry : Winter Set with Texture Change Metals and Gemstones.Dangle Earrings. Necklace. Partial Mesh. Earrings have mesh ear posts.The necklace is modifiable. It will show as No Modify in inventory due to permissions on the script. The earrings are not modifiable * Metal Change (12 Choices) * Gemstone Change (12 Choices) 12 Metals: Platinum (3 Types), Silver (2 Types), Pewter, Gold (5 Types), Copper, Old Silver, Old Gold, and Old Copper 12 Gemstones: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Black Crystal, Black Diamond, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire Part of a two piece jewelry set. Purchase the set in world at a discount or on the MarketPlace.Join Beloved Jewelry for info on new releases, gifts, & sales.Teleport to the stores for more jewelry, jewelry sets, and group gifts or search for Beloved Jewelry in Second Life: 
Beloved Jewelry : Mainstore Beloved Jewelry : At Emerald Bay Take a look at the Beloved Jewelry Blog and marketplace
SCEPTER—->Baubles! by Phe PlasmaStaffsGacha TTS  Box New & Exclusive for Totally Top Shelf “Out of this World” round which starts tomorrow (Jan12th), 4 common 2 rare! for event TTS

*Eska + Pathos + Baubles + Tameless*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

* Look Me The firm brings a beautiful dress very attractive design and colors podreis change color with the simple hud it brings. The hud polish is Pathos and applies to slink hands and feet. The earrings and bracelets are signing Baubles !. The hair is tameless and podreis change the palette.

La firma Look*Me nos trae un precioso vestido muy atractivo por su diseño y colores que podreis cambiar de color con el sencillo hud que trae. El hud de uñas es de Pathos y vale para manos y pies slink. Los pendientes y brazaletes son de la firma Baubles!. El pelo es de Tameless y podreis cambiar la gama de colores.

Look*Me Eska Dress
Pathos Slink hud Celeste Nails en MARKETPLACE
Baubles! by Phe RevvedEarrings&PendantNecklace Box
Baubles! by Phe RockGoddess Bangles CSR Exclusive Box
Tameless Hair Ivana – Mega Pack

.WoW Skins. Rory, JANUARY GROUP GIFT & Baubles! by Phe AntiqueRose 96th DC Box & Stelloane Dione dress, Thick event & SugarBabeZ~SexyKitten Heels

SKIN—->WoW Skins. Rory, JANUARY GROUP GIFT Another year just started, and we want to thank you all for the great past year, with a NEW GROUP GIFT.Skin come with cleavage option, eyebrow base, styling card where you find all info you need about the appliers she use.for store::WoW Skins::
JEWELRY—–> Baubles! by Phe AntiqueRose  for store  Baubles!
DRESS—> Stelloane Dione dress for store Stelloane
SHOES—->SugarBabeZ~SexyKitten Heels for store SugarBabeZ

*Dual Fashion en BN FAIR 2015 + Elegant by Gatit@s + Baubles*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

Since the event BN 2015 Fair will bring an outfit Fashion Dual signature consisting of top tight satin pants and both fully mesh color and textures change with just a simple click on your hud. Shoes are latest release of the firm GATIT @ S and podreis find them on marketplace. The earrings and bracelets that I have on this occasion of Baubles! and bracelets come in pack with various designs.

Desde el evento BN Fair 2015 os traigo un outfit de la firma Dual Fashion que consta de top de raso y pantalon ajustado ambos totalmente mesh y se cambia el color de sus texturas con tan solo un simple click en su hud . Los zapatos son ultimo lanzamiento de la firma GATIT@S y podreis encontrarlos en marketplace. Los pendientes y brazaletes que llevo en esta ocasion de Baubles! y los brazaletes vienen en pack con varios diseños.

Dual Fashion  podreis encontrarlo en BN FAIR 2015
Elegant heels slink high  estan en MARKETPLACE
Baubles! by Phe AbstractHoopEarrings Box
Baubles! by Phe TheSceneBangles&Rings 88th DC Box

*[VM] Banded & Baubles!*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

The firm Vero Modero brings a very pretty dress in various colors. The dress is very sexy in design air leaving your back and looks of your legs. Ins (and posted) are Baubles! ideal for these designs.

La firma Vero Modero nos trae un vestido en varios tonos muy bonitos. El vestido es muy sexy por su diseño dejando tu espalda al aire y se ve parte de tus piernas. Los complementos (ya posteados) son de Baubles! ideales para estos diseños.
[VM] VERO MODERO Banded Dress Glitter Cream
 [VM] VERO MODERO Banded Dress Glitter Dark Cooper
 [VM] VERO MODERO Banded Dress Black Leather
Baubles! by Phe DiamondsN’LaceBangles Box
Baubles! by Phe GoldAztecEarrings Box
Los vestidos podreis encontrarlos en [VM] STORE

*Iris + Verity de M&M + ZOZ en FRESH STYEL & BAUBLES*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

I love this outfit of the firm M & M consisting of a cowboy shorts in various mesh sizes and gray jersey shirt with matching also in various mesh sizes. I have combined with a pair of high heels in black with silver tone details. The ring I wear is novelty Baubles! and slink hud Nail hands are {ZOZ} and  found in Fresh Style.

Me encanta este outfit de la firma M&M que consta de un pantalon corto vaquero en varias tallas mesh y su camisa con jersey gris a juego tambien en varias tallas mesh. Lo he combinado con unos zapatos de tacon alto en tono negro con detalles plateados. El anillo que llevo es novedad de Baubles! y el hud para uñas de manos slink son de {ZOZ} y podreis encontrarlo en Fresh Style.

M&M-Verity-SHOES MESH en M&M store
Baubles! by Phe GemStruck 94th DC Exclusive Box en Baubles! store
-{ZOZ}- Nordic Colors White Polish Huds – (Slink) en FRESH STYLE

*[VM] Dela + Ch´s Metalic & Baubles MedievalRufleBangles*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

The firm Vero Modero and bring us news Ch’s to go beautiful, elegant and sexy. Vero moderated brings a diver in various colors that leaves back into the air. The sandals that I like high heels and feet slink podreis change their color texture with simple hud that brings choosing between red, black and silver. The bracelets are novelty Baubles !.

La firma Vero Modero y Ch´s nos traen novedades para ir guapa , elegante y sexy. Vero modero nos trae un buzo en varios colores que deja la espalda al aire. Las sandalias que llevo te tacon alto y para pies slink podreis cambiar su textura de color con el sencillo hud que trae pudiendo elegir entre rojo , negro y plata. Los brazaletes son novedad de Baubles!.

[VM] VERO MODERO / DeLa Jumpsuits Purple
[VM] VERO MODERO / DeLa Jumpsuits Black
Podreis encontrarlos en Vero Modero store
MY metalic satin sandals en CH´S store
Baubles! by Phe MedievalRuffleBangles en Baubles! store

!gO! Bess – rosa & .WoW Skins. Elsa Golden FATPACK &Baubles! by Phe WildSympthony J&A Exclusive Box & Baubles! by Phe MedievalRuffleBangles Box & ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Evie Hair [1]& Siria’s Design Simplicity Blue

DRESS—>!gO! Bess – rosa for store !gO! 
SKIN—>WoW Skins. Elsa Golden FATPACK for store WoW Skins.
HAIR—>^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Evie Hair [1] (¨*•.¸´•. :: RIGGED & Non-Rigged MESH HAIR :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨) Size/position can not be changed for rigged parts only Please try demo & read the notecard included
Comes in Two parts: -Non-Rigged Mesh skull part [Resize Via HUD] -Rigged Mesh ponytail in [S, & L sizes]Comes with 2 HUDs [standart & ombre], both have textures With/without roots.Attention Brand New Textures, please try new colors chart 2013 Demos before buying.Unpacking:You do not need sandbox to unpack, simply wear, Left click, choose keep from the pop up menu, look for the folder in your inventory.Catwa Clip Designsfor store  ^;^CaTwA^;^  and marketplace
JEWELRY—>Baubles! by Phe WildSympthony J&A Exclusive Box New & exlcusive for the 2014 Jewelry & Accessory expo which for event J&A 
 Baubles! by Phe MedievalRuffleBangles  Box Hey my lovelies! Up on the new release wall, 2 styles included.for store Baubles!
SHOES—>Siria’s Design Simplicity Blue gift for store Siria’s Design

Shopping, shopping, shopping…Featuring Designer Circle with StormCrow Design’s, GLow Designs, AsHmOoT, Baubles! by Phe, ISO, L’Anguisettes Skins and Body Shoppe

Previously posted @ JewelsOfSL.

Oh yes, Christmas shopping is here. 
So join me at Designer Circle for some incredible finds. 
OMG, Ashmoot is making hair!!
Designer’s Include:
Geraldine outfit by StormCrow Design’s
Includes glasses, clutch, cell phone
 Designer Circle
Metallic Stilettos in Gold by Glow Designs
 Designer Circle
Coll_Filippa hair by AsHmOoT
 Designer Circle
GemStruck jewelry by Baubles! by Phe
 Designer Circle
Sitting Bag poses by ISO
 Designer Circle
Mysterious Lipstick by L’Anguisettes Skins and Body Shoppe

Shopping Can Can

*Soraya by Resun + Posies in !Go99 + Baubles!*

Previously posted @ Fashion-Style-Glam.

I bring to Thursday a dress and boots novelty RESUN signature. The very sexy dress hinting part of your body is mesh and brings a hud to change the color texture and zippers. High boots also mesh in various sizes and also bring a hud to combine to match the dress. The poses I bring  find them in! Go99.  The necklace that I (and posted) is the signature Baubles!

Os traigo para hoy jueves un vestido y unas botas novedad en la firma RESUN. El vestido muy sexy  dejando entrever parte de tu cuerpo es mesh y trae un hud para cambiar el color de su textura y cremalleras. Las botas altas con tambien mesh en varias tallas y tambien traen un hud para combinar a juego con el vestido. Las poses que traigo podreis encontrarlas en !Go99 . El collar que llevo (ya posteado) es de la firma Baubles!

Res_Soraya mini dress with HUd en RESUN STORE
Res_Soraya Over knee Boots with HUd en RESUN STORE
Baubles! by Phe AbstractPeacockNecklace Box
POSIES @ go99