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Razzle Dazzle…Featuring Designer Circle with Baubles! by Phe, LX Essentials, VG Shoes, Icons Of Style

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“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”

W.C. Fields
This is pretty much how I feel about what is going on with the 
politics right now. 
Enough said.

Couture Crown hat in black by The Mad Hattery
Kim Hair in Naturals V1 by Action Hair 
Cursive Tattoo by Speakeasy
 Past event
Swan Black Eyes by White Widow
Mauve Lips by M.O.C.K.
Agony Facial Piercing by Diamante (Group Gift)
LeopardPawRing by Baubles! by Phe at Designer Circle
Daisy Maxi Skirt in Silver by LX Essentials at Designer Circle
New Tube in Midnight by LX Essentials at Designer Circle
Michelle heels in black for slink high feet by VG Shoes
Stick pose by Icons Of Style
Tip of the Day:
M.O.C.K. has a bunch of free lipsticks as trials. 
They are the big lipstick next to all the small lipsticks on the displays. 
Try them out, I am sure you will be back for more.
Razzle Dazzle

Drops In the Ocean…Featuring Designer Circle with Wow Skins, Baubles! by Phe, Me Sew Sexy, Pink Cherry, Eternal Poses

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When it comes to forgiving someone you love, 
it should be the amount of drops that the ocean can hold. 
Most times people hurt each other, but they don’t realize they are how other take their actions.
Most times when you get hurt, it was something silly that was never meant to hurt you. 
We all need to learn to forgive, realize most things are not personal
and Forgive. 
For those I have hurt unintentionally…please forgive me. 
As my father always said, He is a fool who takes things hurtful when no harm was meant, 
but it is also a fool who takes things hurtful that are meant to be hurtful. 
So let’s not be fools, and let it go.

Froggy Sailor Hat in dark blue by KatatOnik
Past event

Stephanie hair by Emo-tions

Kreem Skin in Tan by Wow Skins at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

ChevronSet Jewelry by Baubles! by Phe at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Loletta outfit in Navy by Me Sew Sexy Clothier at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Blur Nails for Slink Hands by Pink Cherry at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Shawna poses by Eternal Dream Poses at Designer Circle
Designer Circle

Drops in the Ocean

Back to the Future…Featuring Designer Circle with Giuliadesign, Urban Cherry and Baubles! by Phe

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There is nothing more fun than dressing up retro. 
I thought I would keep it modern/retro with 
short and sassy hair and a pair of mod shoes. 
Get over to Designer Circle before you can’t get them 

Annie dress and headpiece in black by GIULIADESIGN
Designer Circle

Emily Slink shoes for mesh feet by Urban Cherry
Designer Circle

PodEarrings in silver by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle

Elliot hair by Damsefly (group Gift)

MakeUp Sat in Soft by MakeUp Addiction

Classic Pearl Necklace by 22769
Back to the Future

A Dress, Baubles, and Claws – Oh, My!

There are certain requirements when you begin to write a fairy tale. Or so they say. For instance – you must have a damsel in distress, a prince to rescue her, and everyone must live happily ever after.

But… I threw all that out the window and decided that a nifty necklace, a great set of claws for my SLink hands, a sexy purple gown with a terrific tiara and some great landscaping was good enough to make me queen of the forest this Sunday!

A Dress, Baubles, and Claws - Oh My! [1]

I was wandering the grid this week and happened to accidentally focus my camera into a store I had never seen before and ran across Baubles! by Phe which immediately had me skeedadling inside to scoop up this gorgeous gold and crystal turtle necklace as their current FREE group gift (the group is also FREE to join). I’ve heard that turtles are a symbol for patience and goodness knows I’ve needed it this week! But mainly because I couldn’t wait to show you the goodies I found for you!

If you hop over to Sweet Poison and head to the back room, there is a wall with lower price goodies (across from the wall where the 25L Tuesday and 30L Saturday items are usually showcased). Among these promo items I found this amazing set of Mesperyian’s Claws for only 25L for my SLink hands [gesture style hands required unless you are good at modding!] and they include a color change hud with five great colors! Woot!

Now… where was I to set my tale? Ah yes! All good fairy tales must have a setting, this one included. Don’t worry, wary traveler! It includes a place to rest your head!

A Dress, Baubles, and Claws - Oh My! [3]

I was thrilled to see the gifties at two of my favorite stores as I did my run around the grid this week, and like any forest Queen who might be in need of a proper place to sleep, Belle Epoque had me in mind with their latest FREE group gift (the group is FREE to join). I am showing you the bed in pink but the gift is a four pack of colors – single beds in Beige, blue, or grey are also included – and each of these lovely pieces are only 4 prim!

Better yet the “box” itself makes a terrific decorative item as well! Look close in the picture above. See my lovely pink potted flowers? Only one prim! And FREE! You guessed it! That’s the “box” that held my beds! I sized one up and it did increase the prims a bit, but the larger one in the picture above is still only 2 prims at the larger size! What a deal!

Still not convinced? Jump on over to The Roawenwood where by wearing your group tag (the group is FREE to join) for just 1L each you can purchase their Springtime Mesh Saplings Tree Set and/or their Summertime Mesh Saplings Tree Set! The Spring saplings are a lovely shade of pink and the summer set is a perfect summer green and each pack contains three different styles of tree(s) all highly detailed and for 7 prims or less!

A Dress, Baubles, and Claws - Oh My! [2]

So I had my jewelry, my trees and my flowers, my bed for relaxing, and all I really needed was a killer dress. A visit to Luas solved that. Their latest FREE group gift (the group is as always FREE to join) – this Shae Dress in purple – even came with lovely draping, sandals, additional jewelry, and a gorgeous tiara.

I think I’ll pass on the prince. I heard somewhere that in fairy tales they make you kiss frogs to find those…


Here’s how to write your own fairy tale…

Skin — Glam Affair Eles in Jamaica

Eyes — Pulse Mesh Eyes, Femke in Raven

Hair — Truth Hair – Ami @ ~uber~

Hands and Feet — Slink

Body — Maitreya Lara

Claws — Sweet Poison Mesperyian’s Claws for SLink [positioned for Gesture] hands with color change hud with 5 color choices (25L in Store)

Dress — Luas Shae Dress in Purple (FREE Group Gift/0L to Join)

Necklace — Baubles! by Phe Turtle Necklace (FREE Group Gift/0L to Join)

Bed — Belle Epoque Single Bed – 4 color pack (FREE Group Gift/0L to Join)

Potted Pink Flowers — Belle Epoque (0L/use the “box” the Bed came in!)

Trees — Roawenwood Springtime Mesh Saplings Tree Set AND Roawenwood Summertime Mesh Saplings Tree Set (1L each/Group Gift/0L to Join the Group)

Poses by Eternal Dream

Signature use 320 size

You are the one that I want…Featuring Designer Circle with 1 Hundred, AsHmOoT, Baubles! by Phe, and StormCrow Design’s

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It is almost halftime at Designer Circle. 
Don’t miss out on these cute new designs. 
I have a confession. 
I HATE appliers. I have never really liked them, I hated system clothing
and when the mesh clothes came out 
I was enamored.  
To me mesh is where its at. And any appliers/system clothes just had to go. 
But OMG. If you have not seen what they are doing with these appliers and the 
mesh bodies, you gotta check them out. 
They are simply amazing and look fantastic. 
So, he is to me and a new start with appliers, which I now LOVE!
They are definitely the one that I want!

Let’s Meet Mini in blue by 1 Hundred
Designer Circle
Coll_Simonetta Hair in in Pony by AsHmOoT
Designer Circle

DecoFan Set Jewelry by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle

High Heel Pumps in black by StormCrow Design’s
Designer Circle

CottonCandy lipcolor by [Hush]Hush

You are the one that I want

.::WoW Skins::. + Baubles! + Eternal Dream + HOLLYHOOD + Eudora

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.::WoW Skins::. FATMA [Tan]
 Exclusive  for the BLACK DOT Event

Baubles! by Phe Deco Fan Set @ .::Designer Circle::.109th

Pose: Eternal Dream Kira @ .::Designer Circle::. 109th


Footwear : 3D Reverie Wedges @ Eudora

.::PiNK CHERRY::. + Baubles! @.::Designer Circle::.108th

Previously posted @ .::More 4 Less::..

.::PiNK CHERRY::. Draped Minidress “Athena” @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
Beautiful dress
Baubles! Checkered Triangle Set .::Designer Circle::.108th

I like big books…Featuring Heth Haute Couture and Designer Circle with Wow Skins, Vinc, Baubles! by Phe, London People and Tiffany Designs

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The Man Who Does Not Read Has No Advantage 
Over the Man Who Cannot Read
 Mark Twain
What are you waiting for? Get over to the library!
Patrizia skin by Wow Skins
Designer Circle
Georgina outfit by Vinc.
Designer Circle
CheckeredTriangle jewelry by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle
Spectacles from the Stella outfit by London People
Designer Circle
Kaily Slink Shoes for High feet by TIFFANY DESIGNS
Designer Circle
Til Death Makup by Glamorize

Constance Brooch by Heth Haute Couture
July 2015 group gift
Heth Haute Couture

Benita hair by Truth

I Like Big Books

*Nya’s* + .::WoW Skins::. Patrizia + ASHMOOT + Baubles! + VG @.::Designer Circle::.108th

Previously posted @ .::More 4 Less::..

*Nya’s*Summer Skirt & Top @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
.::WoW Skins::. Patrizia Golden @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Bracelet @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
Baubles!  Checkered Triangle Ring @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
VG SHOES – New York @ .::Designer Circle::.108th
[More other colors]

Hair – AD – enja – Light Browns (New)

A Piece of Chic + Baubles! + .::WoW Skins::. + .::Supernatural::. @ .::Designer Circle::. 106th

Previously posted @ .::More 4 Less::..

A Piece of Chic – Stila Jumpsuit Bleuish @ .::Designer Circle::. 106th
Baubles! by Phe Melody Earrings @ .::Designer Circle::. 106th
.::WoW Skins::.MIKA Glonden @ .::Designer Circle::. 106th
.::Supernatural::. Pitty heels Gold .::Designer Circle::. 106th