Bens Beauty, AZ, DeLa, Boob-Lish and Cynful

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Bens Beauty, AZ, DeLa, Boob-Lish and Cynful

Bens Beauty, AZ, DeLa, Boob-Lish and Cynful

Bens Beauty, AZ, DeLa, Boob-Lish and Cynful

Dressing Room Fusion
Cynful and MG
Lara Hurley
Image Studio
Ben’s Beauty/Boutique
Image Studio
Ben’s Beauty/Boutique
Azhara Boutique (AZ)

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin – Lara Hurley, Scarlett 2, Doll *Dark Tan*
Lipstick – Ricielli, Maxine
Eyemakeup – Filthy, Serious eyeliner and shadow *Silver*
Shape – Image Studio, Marley Shape
Hair – Soonsiki, After Schhool *Blacks*
Dress – Bens Beauty,  Hannah, *Grey* New Winter Collection
Leg tattoo – Ner.Ink, Ridin the moon
Boots – AZ, Traci Boots color change hud  New
Necklace – MG, Robot dream

Pic 2

Hair – DeLa, Carrera *Blacks and whites* new now includes roots
Dress – Cynful, Mer’s sleeve dress *Pink* New at Dressing Room Fusion
Belt – Boob-lish, Knuckle Belt with re size and color change hud  New
Eyeliner – Filthy as above *Pink*

Pic 3

Hair – DeLa, Carrer, *Dark Blondes*( Now includes roots)  New
Top – Bens Beauty, Salome Sweater *Salmon*  New
Pants – Bens Beauty, Azra jeans leggins *Black* New
Boots – Boob-Lish, Cold heel *Black*

Crimson beauty

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Here’s one more look at World Goth Fair, before the event finishes tomorrow. This look is inspired by the awesome bloodtastic pants from Deadpool, and their amazing Grave Strider shoes. The skin I’m wearing is from nocturnal couture, and is also available at WGF.

skin: nocturnal couture ~ Sinderella skin ~ Casper ~ World Goth Fair,
eyes: nocturnal couture ~ Black Bliss ~ World Goth Fair ~ 50% donation to SOPHIE,
hair: Alice Project ~ Danyelle ~ Lovely red~ Summer Fun gift Day 2~ currently L$ 50,

top: cain ~ Ruffled bloody bolero,
undershirt: immateria ~ christine ~ red ~ World Goth Fair ~ 50% donation to SOPHIE,,
pants: deadpool ~  sacrifice blood ~ high slink pants ~ World Goth Fair exclusive, 100% donation to SOPHIE,
shoes: deadpool ~ grave strides ~ slink high heels ~ World Goth Fair,

necklace: lassitude & ennui ~ ravenskull necklace ~ World Goth Fair,
headband: dark water designs ~ gatcha @ World Goth Fair,
ring: chaos, panic & disorder ~ lucretia ring ~ gatcha @ World Goth Fair, L$ 25 a go,
bag: A&A ~ coffin purse, limited edition release, not sure how much longer this version will be available for,

pekka ~ blush & beauty mark,
souzou eien ~ wicked goth eyeliner ~ black ~ World Goth Fair,
beautiful freak ~ loveless makeover ~ blood red and; wonderland lipstick ~ black/ blood ~ World Goth Fair,

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MiLLiE xx

Sleep[ing] Beauty

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Sunday musings…

I’ve been told I should write of my experiences with what I’m going through. Currently, many know that I was diagnosed in August with Breast Cancer. Previously it had been stated I was a Stage One Ductal Carcinoma, but ended up that they misdiagnosed me and I in fact am Stage Two Triple Negative. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind…I try talking about it but it gets rather cumbersome and depressing.

My mind is scattered. I don’t want to be the poster child for people, although I feel like it. I am amazed at the support and prayers from my friends, family and strangers, but lost in my own sea of darkness because I don’t want to be in this place. I don’t want this attention. I want my normal life back, where I was doing everything that I wanted to do, not fighting this invisible monster that is destroying my health. The chemo – although supposedly supposed to help – wrecks havoc with my body and mind. It makes me feel less of the person I am. I feel weak, I can’t get out of bed, barely eat, it hurts to sit up – like even now. It hurts to put my thoughts on here…I know I sound dismal, but how can one express how they feel without crying and letting it out. I hate this ride.

I am hoping, that after this has passed, that life will go back to normal. I am hoping, fingers crossed, never to go through this again. I am hoping…hoping that others don’t have to experience this. I need all the strength and shoulders I can get.

For credits and landmarks, see below <3Sleep[ing] BeautyScarlet Creative – Du Macaron in Blush / Charlotte Bartlett *TLC*
Body: -Belleza- Venus / Tricky Boucher
Skin: -Belleza- Grace in Fair 1 Bl / Shyla Diggs *NEW*
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Koyo Hair / Marilyn Magic *The Season’s Story*
Crown: ieQED – Gloriana Crown in Silver / Sigifaust *The Fantasy Collective*
Pose: Bauhaus Movement / LouLou Teichmann

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Bohemian Beauty

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Hello!! I am back after totally slacking off for awhile! I have missed blogging so much. Today I am showing you some gorgeous tropical pieces. A few are from Summerfest, and one from the Arcade! I just love summer, so this post was so fun to shoot! The hairstyle is from Spellbound and I love how beachy it is! The bracelets and shoes are from Zaara, they are both so detailed and so gorgeous!! The ring is from the June round of the Arcade and is created by Yummy. It’s so fun!

Skin – Glam Affair – Lulu 02 in America
Hair – Spellbound – Amber
Bikini – Sn@tch – Lamour Swimsuit in Aqua
Shoes and Bracelets – Zaara – Janya Sandals and Indra Bangles (Shoes require Slink Flat Bare Feet)
Bare Feet – Slink
Ring – Yummy – Garden Ring
Pose – Marukin- Light pack
Location – Ai Atoll

Silent Beauty!

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Halluuu fancys,

news from  :.Envious.: 
ღღღ Take a look and enjoy ღღღ


Skin: [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 
Shape: my own <3
Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam
Teeth: Part from [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Hair: [taketomi]_Yumi_Bento [Sampler Pack] @kustom9

Outfit: :.Envious.: Silent Beauty

[taketomi],[PF],Spirit Store,Bens Beauty

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Hair: [taketomi]_Yumi_Light Blondes KUSTOM9 New!
Skin: [PF] <Crystal> Doll 2 [PF] New!
Top: Spirit Store - Sixteen Top [BEIGE] Spirit Store New!
Skirt: Spirit Store - Sixteen Skirt  [LIGHT BLUE] Spirit Store New!
Shoes: Bens Boutique - Grabiela Pumps All Colours (Slink High Feet) New! Bens Boutique

Mirror Mirror – Uncovered Beauty

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~ Invitation ~ 

Grand opening exhibition of “Mirror Gallery” 
Fred Hamilton displays and unveils the beauty of the female body in his premier SL-photo exhibition: “Mirror Mirror – Uncovered Beauty” in a unique surprising way including the special character of his gallery building.
Come and enjoy the art and celebrate with us. 
Tunes with DJ CaSSy 
When: Wednesday, 02. April 2014
SL-time: 2 PM slt
Dresscode: Black and White outfits