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WOW Blog 200…!

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Every word you ever said, burnt a hole into my head.



Modulus – Kyo Coat – Brown:Modulus/Tannenbaum

V-Spot – Worn Suspender Jeans TAN:V-Spot/Men Only Monthly


PPK Camp Sex furs RARE:PPK/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

DRD Mystic Bastion-SNOW, library globe, shield D1 ,Giant bookshelves, library fireplace, side table brown, small candelabra 5 candles, knight decor,  :DRD/The Arcade (1st Dec)

Le Poppycock poses @ MOM-November:Le Poppycock/Men Only Monthly

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Blog 199

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Every note handwritten.


Modulus – Nozi Hair:Modulus

7mad;Ravens WCFS-Wine scarf:7mad;Ravens

:::Breath:::winter coat::::Breath:::/Men Only Monthly

[monso] My Ripped Jean Black:[monso]

 [Deadwool] Ulrich boots – black:[Deadwool]/Lost and Found

::TI:: Get Lost Bag:::TI::/Men Only Monthly

Sway’s [Victoria] hanging Lamps. silver / orange, sun & candy:Sway’s/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

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Blog 198

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Divine destiny; written in the stars.


Tableau Vivant \ Johnny Hair:Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

**RE** Ewan Necklace:**RE**/Men Only Monthly

.Inhale. Dear Insanity ~Black~:.Inhale./Sad November

F.A.T Jon Fur Cardigan:F.A.T/Men Only Monthly

[CX] Bound Wristbands(Silver) :[CX]/Men Only Monthly

E-Clipse Veneto Pant Bronze:E-Clipse


22769 ~ [bauwerk] This is Where Miracles Happen:Round Rug & house:22769 [bauwerk]/We<3RP

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Astonomer set:Desk RARE,Writing Set,  Lenses Telescope, Tripod Telescope, Moon Globe & Armillary Sphere  :22769 [bauwerk]/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

.random.Matter. – Astronomer Set -Guide Book:.random.Matter./Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

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Blog 174

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The Secret Garden.

Tableau Vivant \ Elvi [svelte guy] :Tableau Vivant

Tableau Vivant \  Rays Skin – Tone 01 – eyeshadow:Tableau Vivant
[CX] Scaled Deity Halo & cuffs [CX]/Totally Top Shelf
[CX] Diamond Septum (Silver): [CX]
[D]oki – Antlers Fae; Sherbert ULTRARARE:[D] oki/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

[Gauze] DragonBorn Eyes-Silver:[Gauze]/We <3 RP (4th Aug)

Lovely Disarray – Forgotten Nobility : Matte Noir [Complete]: Lovely Disarray MP/Totally Top Shelf

::TI:: Essential Nose chain – Black:  ::TI::/Fantasy Collective

{L} Collar; ‘Tri Rings’ {Noir} UNCOMMON:{L}/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

Una: Jewelry Skull CRani shoulder pads:Una/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

Una: Chained Pad Taluna & TALUNA SCARF:Una/We <3 RP (4th Aug)

Ghost’Ink Class Avatar:: Baka Tattoo  ::White RARE:Ghost Ink MP/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)
:Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] White::Enigma:
~*S.E.*~ Draconian Wings:*S.E*/We <3 RP (4th Aug)

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Blog 175.

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No Home Here.

[bade] Anselm hair :[bade]/We <3 RP

DRD amazon headdress – monotome:DRD
– .HoD. – Cathaoirmore Face Paint .HoD.
[CX] Steel Goatie (Onyx) L’Homme: [CX]
:JANGKA: UJASIRI Earrings AMBER & nose piercing::JANGKA:/We <3 RP

.Inhale. With Eyes to Hear Tattoo :.Inhale./The Chapter 4

EF: Tesoro del Luna Necklace – Copper:  Empyrean Forge MP/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

!gO! Helgi – kilt – black RARE &  wrap – black RARE:!gO!/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

[SWaGGa] Royal Staff Cobra RARE:[SWaGGa]/Totally Top Shelf

Sweet Lies: Voodoo Collar & Bracelet:Sweet Lies

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Blog 176

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Chaos Reigns.

*SSC* Trent Hair:*SSC* MP/Thrift Store

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Ifrit} blood horns B :Cubic Cherry/We <3 RP
Lovely Disarray – Little Death Dealer :Eye Blood Lovely Disarray MP
RE Arjen neklace: RealEvil

.Inhale. .Inhale. Outcast Tattoo :.Inhale.


[BP] Isoderia Wings_rare:[BP]/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

[n.i] the.b*tch.maker.tanked:[n.i]/We <3 RP

Obscure – Tactical Belt – Knife:obscure

[CX] Metal Claws Rogue (MaleTMP):[CX]

FATEwear Glove – Dexter – Void:FATEwear

**UrbanStreet**Baggy Pant Curse M(Seals):UrbanStreet/Thrift Store
-DRD- stompers coal/red:DRD

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Blog 177.

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Take me Higher.


. Infiniti . Poses- Make Me A Bird – 5:.Infiniti./Fantasy Gacha

Tableau Vivant // Muse [Unisex]:Tableau Vivant/We <3 RP

Tableau Vivant \ Kat Skin – Tone 01:Tableau Vivant/TMD
.ARISE. Smokey Eyes / Black_Green: .ARISE./Mesh Body Addicts Fair
::TI:: Double chaine Monkey face -Black – RARE:::TI::/Fantasy Gacha

>glYph< Aura head dress (ultra rare), Bracers & Bracelets:>glYph</Fantasy Gacha

:(SH): Draconis Necklace::(SH):/Genre

[CX] Hayop claws TMP Male(Silver):  [CX]/Kustom9

.Identity. Body Shop – Real Kingdom tattoo:.Identity./Fantasy Gacha

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::03 {Flare} halo silver(RARE), chest, necklace and bracelet::;Cubic Cherry::/Fantasy Gacha

::GB:: Feather stole/White (RARE), Gladiator Sandals/White(TMP)& Heavenly warrior pants (TMP)/White:::GB::/Fantasy Gacha

*Sweet Kajira* Scorpion  bangles L Silver:*Sweet Kajira*/Fantasy Gacha

grafica poses~ passeggiata ii:grafica poses/Men Only Monthly- (Aug 20th)

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Blog 178.

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When it’s over, it’s over.

[INK] Hair___JITA ::Ash/Roots:INK/TMD


{ Speakeasy } Descendants Tattoo & Vintage Era Watch:{Speakeasy}/Men Only Monthly- (Aug 20th)
Addams // Open Shirt Rolled Up w/T-Shirt // Black: Addams/Kustom9
OAL*RPG* Neck Pouch 3:OAL/Fantasy Gacha

[monso] My Ripped Jean- Black:[monso]/TMD


-DRD- studios gacha set: camera, film, lights, director’s chair, stret set & studio lot building (RARE): -DRD-/Thrift Store

grafica poses~  sedersi V:grafica poses/Men Only Monthly- (Aug 20th)

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Blog 179.

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You’ve lost your muchness!

C L A Vv. Mad of Hats – Hare RARE:CLAVv/Fantasy Gacha

*~*Damselfly*~*Kaleb Rigged:Damselfly/Men Only Monthly

.ARISE. Smokey Eyes / Black_Blue:.ARISE./Mesh Body Addicts

. idiot . Wolf LUSH – Eyes:.idiot./Men Only Monthly
>glYph< Saga Shawl (ULTRARARE White) & Saga Bracer (ULTRARARE White): >glYph</Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[AR2 Style] Arabic Tattoo:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly
**RE** ReVoX Roman Bracelet:**RE**/Men Only Monthly

 .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Almira~ cottoncandy}googles(RARE) & {Faded~ candy} horns (III):Cubic Cherry

{N} Imp Tail–PastelTones:Rings: {N}/Fantasy Gacha

::GB::Tight harem pants(TMP)_warm gray:::GB::/Men Only Monthly

DRD studios set forest:DRD
.::Cubic Cherry:.10 {Cora} Butterfly A & C, 01 {Cora} Teatime hat (RARE), 13 {NIJI cafe} Macaroni JAR, 14 {NIJI cafe} candy JAR, 05 {NIJI cafe} Donutdisplay (RARE)& 18 {NIJI cafe} Cocoa plate :Cubic Cherry/Men Only Monthly
22769 ~ [bauwerk]Alice set: Alice Table (RARE),Alice Chair (RARE), Cupcakes in Cups, Mad Hatter Cake,  Queen Of Hearts Cake, Stack Of Cups,  Teapot, Round Etagere & Top Hat Cake :22769 [bauwerk]

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Blog 180.

Previously posted at Cane ’em Abel..

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name?

Tableau Vivant // Martin hair:Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

[CX] Chibi Aries Horns (Black):[CX]/We <3 RP

.ARISE.Bloody Face (red):.ARISE.

– .HoD. – Sanvean Facial Paint – Black – Darkest & Piercings:-.HoD.-/TnR
DRD Anarchy necklace: DRD/Fantasy Collective

Jian :: Ravaged Wings:Jian/Festival of Sin
.Inhale. Biogenic Tattoo:.Inhale./Shiny Shabby

 [CX] Knuckle Blades & Arm Blades:[CX]/Festival of Sin

Modulus – Beat T -Black: Modulus/TMD

= REBELLION = “SINISTER” CUFFS:=REBELLION= MOH6 (Aug 29TH)/Men Only Hunt6 (Aug 29th)

~Tableau Vivant~ Leather skinnies:Tableau Vivant
Clemmm – Filthy Feet *Slink Only* :Clemmm
[SWaGGa] Freakin Boots – Black:[SWaGGa]/Fantasy Gacha Carnival

DRD EL snackbar c/m: DRD

[ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse Set: [ContraptioN]

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