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Bye Bye Blog

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Bye Bye Blog
Hello to all my sponsors and supporters, after much thought and decided it time to leave my blog, I have my rl and sincerely I have less time to devote to the blog, I’ll will live sl also because it only came to blogging, I have my family that I love and I enjoy with them, this is definitive, and take time to think about it very well i dident want to repent, I want to thank all my sponsors for having given me the opportunity to blog their skins, hair, shoes designs etc …... thank you wholeheartedly, and thank my followers that without them my blog would be nothing you for these wonderful comments every day and I likes that meant a lot to me. Thank you wish all the best to ever.
Thanks for all!!! <3333
Hola a todos mis sponsors y seguidores, después de mucho pensar e decidido que ya llego el momento de dejar mi blog, tengo mi rl y sinceramente cada vez tengo menos tiempo para dedicarme al blog, voy a dejar sl tambien ya que solo entraba para bloguear tengo mi familia a la que amo y quiero disfrutar a tope con ellos, esto ya es definitivo llevo tiempo pensandolo muy bien no queria arrepentirme, quiero dar las gracias a todos mis sponsor por haber me dado la oportunidad de bloguear sus skins, pelos, zapatos diseños etc…… mil gracias de todo corazón, y agradecer a mis seguidoras que sin ellas mi blog no seria nada gracias por esos maravillosos comentarios cada dia y me gusta que para mi significaban mucho. MuchÍsimas gracias os deseo a todos lo mejor hasta siempre.
Gracias!! <33333

Blog 171

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[SWaGGa] ApocTrooper v2 GLOW (Onyx) [SWaGGa]/The End
Zibska ~ Killian Collar Zibska/The End
[AR2 Style] 1981 Tatto:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly

DRD key necklace – rust, demonhands & postopocap Belt:DRD

[CX] Zip Up Bracelets (Silver):  [CX]/KUSTOM9

[CX] Arm Piercings (TMP)(Black): [CX]/IDK

[CX] Serpent Eye (Obsidian):[CX]/Wizarding Fair

[CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Black) RARE:[CX]/The Epiphany

.ARISE. Dera Necklace:.ARISE./Fantasy Collective

:(SH): BloodyMary – GarterShot – BlackSilver::(Sh):/Genre

:Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] Black::Enigma:/Secret Affair

Blog 170

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All At Sea.


Tableau Vivant // Unkempt hair:  Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby
.ARISE. Stretch Snails :  .ARISE./Oh My Gacha
[AR2 Style] Talisman Tattoo:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly

RE Arjen neklace:RealEvil/Men Only Monthly

sharp by [ZD] KRESTEN RIPPED ROLLED UP JEANS do the laundry :Sharp/Men Only Monthly

[CX] Zip Up Bracelets (Silver):  [CX]/KUSTOM9

Flite. -Court Slides – Blk Metallic -:  Flite

[SWaGGa] Monkey Swim Ring RARE & Turtle Swim Ring RARE:[SWaGGa]

.::Cubic Cherry::.{NIJI cafe} Milkshakes & Donuts :.:: Cubic Cherry::.

OH Hey Secondlife! Blog Changes

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Cha Cha Cha Changes – Hey everyone! The BLOG IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION…..  Its been a long time, and even though my heart was once fully engulfed in the game – I’ve decided to venture on into real life things and use my blog to which I’ve had for five years to get me started into the youtube world.  The Blog will now be directed towards real life happenings rather than second life, you are free to keep following and you’re free to unfollow.  Some Exciting changes as, movie editing software (learning a new one, but its alot ot learn as its more detailed than the program I have atm), New video recording equipment, lighting, etc are all incoming, Mikes in the process of setting everything up so thats exciting to me! The blog itself is obviously under construction as I’m working to get things changed and settled, until then please check out the below video (which was recorded last week, I’ve been super busy in rl) for more info on the changes.  Mucho Love ~Whisp

Remember to watch in HD 😛  All follow links are in the youtube video, please follow =]

Blog 169

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And the Flames went Higher.


Tableau Vivant // Last train home Tableau Vivant/Hair Fair
::SG:: Frog face makeup:Slack Girl/The End
.ARISE. Face Tag / Forgotten .ARISE./Oh My Gacha
[AR2 Style] The Born Evil Tattoo:[AR2 Style]

[CX] Restrained Demons Horns & Talon Nails:[CX]

[CX] Lethal Talons (Black) TMP:[CX]/Romp

Goth1c0: Leather Mask 2:  Goth1c0/Romp

:Enigma: Muffler Black:  :Enigma:

.:Angel of Metal:. Medieval Bracelets:.:Angel of Metal:./Arena

[SWaGGa] Dirty Boy Cuff Harness & Chains Set:[SWaGGa]/Romp

[BODY FACTORY] Kombat Pants(Blood-Black):[BODY FACTORY]

{NR} THE END Poses:{NR}/The End

New Blog

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Hey everybody,

I’m closing this blog and starting another devoted to Second Life fashion. I hope you’ll join me there.

Blog 168

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Don’t Look Back In Anger.

.:CHEVEUX:.F067 Hair Partymix .:CHEVEUX:./Hair Fair
[SWaGGa] SWNY Glasses – Black:[SWaGGa]/Oh My Gacha
.Inhale. Emarosa ll: Alerion Tattoo:.Inhale./Romp
.ARISE. Face Whip Scar No. 2 .ARISE./Chapter 4

[CX] Tako Gauges(Radical Black):[CX]/This Seasons Story

[CX] Split Septum (Black):[CX]/TMD

[Deadwool] Thoreau backpack – amour noir:  [Deadwool]/Chapter 4

[Deadwool] Hugo shirt – denim grey:  [Deadwool]/TMD

::TI:: Necklace Rope . Black:::TI::/Cosmopolitan 

SPIRIT – Elysha ripped jeans [BLACK]:SPIRIT/TMD

{NR} THE END Poses:{NR}/The End

Guest Blog by SophieCalifornia!

PNP, Hippo, Zuri and Riders Western, Breedable & Builders Products

Skinny overall, top and boots –  group gift at [PNP]. Join the group for free.
Bracelet – on the MM board at Zuri Jewelry Mainstore
Hat “Riders Straw Cowboy hat” completely FREE, and amazing. Love, love, love:
Necklace is from E C R U L$ 1

Sweater – ((Hippo)) Bohemian Sweater, free here:

Boots – Riders Navarro Complimentary Starter Boot Kit (shaft). Perfection!!! But let me tell you, on the top it says “Read instruction NC!” Which is strange but kind of imperceptible, I’m still going to wear them like this, anyway. There is also the ankle version, here: (Previously shown by Calle on the Fab Free blog here.)

Month of the Blog: June 2015

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls.

I thought it might be fun to do a monthly review of the State of the Blog in terms of top posts and my own favorite things, if the top posts don’t cover them! I made 25 posts, but a chunk of them were quite short, so in terms of output I’d say June was on the low end for me. Emotionally it was a touch month – between the shooting at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston and a number of other incidents of violent racism, I had a hard time pulling together a lot to say that wasn’t cursing. The two standout events of the month were the collaborative work “Obedience” and the Mizu story hunt.

This was also the month that Round Eight of the Linden Endowment for the Arts: Artist in Residence sims closed in preparation for Round Nine; I updated my LEA page just in time to change everything again, so I’ll be clearing out the AiR lines and beginning my nosy spelunking into the sims soon.

Caught in my Own Reflection

My Favorite Posts:

  1. One Amazing Event that Will Never Happen Again – Berlin 1920 was open for 24 Hours, and I couldn’t resist a combination of history wandering and snark. If you’re human, pick up some 1920s garb and wander through – it’s a really neat sim. 
  2. Cherry Blossom Decadence – I had fun doing some exploration of cherry blossoms and ended up on a tangent about my favorite anime and manga, which was fun.
  3. LEA 1: Bryn Oh’s “Obedience” – The Binding of Isaac – I spent several days at the sim in question, watching people come in and move around, as I wrote the review, and it inspired some serious thought about culpability which dovetails nicely with what has been troubling me recently.
  4. Sunday Squee: The Toast – this took me ages to research and write, finding many of my favorite posts in the process, and I’ll probably end up using it as a review tool myself for finding lost gems.


Most Views from June:

  1. Mizu: A Rainy Story – Guide Part One
  2. Time Flies on Broken Wings
  3. How NOT to Make Friends and Influence People in Second Life
  4. Mizu: I’m a Little Cloud
  5. LEA 1: Bryn Oh’s “Obedience” – The Binding of Isaac
  6. Monday Meme: Ask Me Anything Challenge (Ask Questions here)
  7. The Generosity of Others
  8. Genre (Anime): Cherry Blossom Decadence  
  9. One Amazing Event that Will Never Happen Again
  10. Mizu: A Rainy Story – Guide Part Two

Obedience 9 Black and White

I covered several events:

  1. 21 Shoe: .:KC Couture:., ChicChica, Eclectica, Essenz, G & D, {kokoia}, Ingenue, House of Rain, and Glamistry.
  2. Genre: Cherry Blossom Decadence and Curb-Stomping Kawaii
  3. Second Life’s 12 Birthday Celebration
  4. A Story Hunt: Mizu – Guide Part One and Guide Part Two
  5. Art: “Obedience” – The Binding of Isaac


I did four Sunday Squees:

  1. A:S:S Nail Polish 
  2. Bishie Style SL
  3. Rainbows
  4. The Toast
Dutch Angles

My thoughts on July – I have a building project I’d like to do. I also want to see if I can cover more shopping events – I often buy the clothes, but then never take the pictures or write the posts. I want to get the whole LEA I’ve created updated and cleaned up for Round 9, and perhaps rework the Page itself to cover art in general, rather than just LEA, and I’d like to explicitly cover and review more art sites. That seems a bit ambitious for one month, but who knows – maybe wishing makes it so!

Blog 167.

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Candy Coated.

~Tableau Vivant~ Morgan hair:  Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby
[CX] Hundred Chain Horns (Chained+ Black),Bone Tail v1.2 (Black), Lethal Talons (Black) TMP & Soldered Armlet(Onyx)[CX]

.HoD. – Elegy Facial Paint:H.o.D

.Inhale. Diem Tattoo:.Inhale./Suicide Dollz
A i i- + Mouth Stitching +Aii Ugly Beautiful

[CX] Split Piercing & Septum(Black):[CX]/TMD

Goth1c0: Spiked Leather Collar:  Goth1c0/Romp

:Diamante: Captured Souls Necklace::Diamante:/Boys of Summer

AITUI – Rocker Bracelet – Black:AITUI/Boys of Summer

Zibska – Hlodovic ~ Pauldrons :Zibska/Arena

[ abrasive ] Handcuff Studded Belt:[abrasive]


[Deadwool] Patmos boots – black:[Deadwool]