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Blog 213

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I can’t make you love me, 

if you don’t.

Tableau Vivant \ Cricket hair :Tableau Vivant/TMD

* SORGO – NOWR Silver / TORT (G):*SORGO/Monsieur Chic

::K:: My Layered Look Homme Black:::K::/TMD

Trouble & Co. – The Lucas Pant – Charcoal:Trouble & Co.


[zerkalo] Black Line – Frames – Limited Edition:[zerkalo]/Monsieur Chic

Fancy Decor: B&W Rug:Fancy Decor/Monsieur Chic

DRD deerhead chandelabra light:DRD/We <3 RP

 *PosESioN* Cain 2 pose:*PoseESioN*

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Why Do People Keep Googling My Virtual Reality Blog in Search for an 18th Century Painting?

Previously posted at New World Notes.

New World Notes has been around so long, about 20% of my daily traffic comes from Google searches — most of which make sense, but some leave me totally perplexed. For instance, here’s four posts that always show up in…

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Using a Facebook-page for your blog

Previously posted at Cait’s World.

A post I had in mind for ages, but since my SL Facebook account got reported and deleted today – it triggered me to give some tips and tricks on how to use a Facebook page for your SL Blog!

SL Blogger Support

Perhaps a bit late, but I’ve read on the internet (so it must be true!) it is perfectly okay to wish people a ‘Happy New Year’ till Valentine’s Day, so: Happy New Year to all of you, and may 2016 be filled with fun, love, happiness and joy!

One of my resolutions, in 3000px!, is to keep writing about how Social Media can be used to help you get your blog out there. My first article this year is about the biggest Social Media Platform, which I have not covered yet in my previous posts: Facebook.

Hiatus - IIHate or love!
Hate it or love it, Facebook is the biggest, the largest and most popular of them all. And it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.
Facebook, however, has a very strict policy about their accounts. One can only create an account when providing real life name and information…

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Promoting your blog via your SL Profile

Previously posted at Cait’s World.

An article on how to use your Second Life Profile to promote your blog, or product/service, on SL Blogger Support!

SL Blogger Support

There are many Social Media platforms out there, for you to use to promote your blog and get feedback and interaction. The big ones we all know; Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and Flickr. But did you know you can use your Second Life Profile as a Social Media network too?
It’s free, it is a part of your Second Life account and you will be surprised on how many people actually use it to get information or discover new places, fashion and blogs. As long as you know how to use it – it is a great platform to ‘get your blog out there’!

I am aware many people use viewers that will provide them with the socalled ‘legacy’ profiles and not the web-based ones, and for using your profile as a Social Media platform you will need to use either the web-based profile in your viewer or….and this is very…

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Blog 212

Previously posted at Cane ’em Abel..

Home is where the heart is.


MINIMAL – Pro Glasses Silver:MINIMAL/Monsieur Chic

-David Heather-Lapin Hat/Black, Vigo Blazer/Black, Vigo Shirt/TMP/White and Vigo Trousers/TMP/Black:-David Heather-/Monsieur Chic

-David Heather-Bowie Creepers/M/Grey (TMP):-David Heather-

[n.i][n.i]/Men Only Monthly (Jan)

-David Heather-Lars Bag/Burgandy:-David Heather- 50L Friday

 *PosESioN* Coquette 7 pose:*PoseESioN*/On9

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3 Years blog

Previously posted at louloufashionstylee.



29/01/2016 I came to the third year of the blog, thanks for the support that all designers sl give me to get on with my blog, and thanks to you who follow my blog …. as you can public notice is not the same as before because things have changed and I have less interest in sl, but sometimes I will continue to post something for you

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200.000 visits my blog . THANKS!!!!!

Previously posted at ⊱Con Estilo⊰.

        Thank you all, today is a happy day my blog reached 200,000 visits

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Blog 211

Previously posted at Cane ’em Abel..

Echoes of you.

Modulus – Nibiru Hoody with or without hair:Modulus/Shiny Shabby

::GB::Angel wings necklace -Black:::GB::

.Inhale. Payback Tattoo {Fresh}:.Inhale.

[monso] My Ripped Jean- Black:[monso]

AZOURY – Jason Boots (Black):AZOURY/Men Only Monthly (Jan)

 *PosESioN* Cain Set pose 5  :*PoseESioN*

-DRD- fleamarket set: wood signs – cursingprohibit, violatorswillbeshot, beerfoodvalue,  antique lamp, antique clock,  antique cabinet & pinball:-DRD-/Lost and Found 

*PosESioN* * Coquette Set pose 4 :*PoseESioN*/On9

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Blog 210

Previously posted at Cane ’em Abel..

Fucking V.I.P, baby!.

Decor by Mickey Dee, After Hours club.

*booN MLN447 hair chocolate:*booN

[Z O O M] Royal Malcon Glasses:[ZOOM]/Men Only Monthly (Jan)

F.A.T Jimmy Pullover (Black):F.A.T//Men Only Monthly (Jan)

Nana – Armin Black OneShoulder:Nana/Sir Monthly

**RE** Biker Rings TMP:**RE**/Men Only Monthly (Jan)

[Pumpkin] TMP.- Skintight pants:[Pumpkin]

 -David Heather-Bowie Creepers/Grey:-David Heather-

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Blog 209

Previously posted at Cane ’em Abel..

This is how it feels to be lonely.


 [CX] Vision of the Blindfold:[CX]/KUSTOM9

**UrbanStreet**FishLost Tattoo Dark:**UrbanStreet**/OMG

[SWaGGa] TankTop TMP Black & Brief TMP v2 – Black:[SWaGGa]/Sir Monthly

**RE** Biker Rings TMP:**RE**/Men Only Monthly (Jan)

MINIMAL – Lacross Bracelet Silver:MINIMAL/Men Only Monthly (Jan)


*PosESioN*-MENstuff Hunt #028 pose:*PosESioN*/MENstuff hunt

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: food OMG!:Cubic Cherry/OMG

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