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How to get your blog ready for success

By Moonsoul Resident – Chic Styler. Visit How to get your blog ready for success for original post.

You have created your blog and you’re ready to share your knowledge and expertise on SL Fashion, Freebies, Photography, Decoration, Travel, advertise your business or services.

Are you going to go around the grid and take photos of landscapes? Are you going to blog about fashion? Decor? Landscaping? Where are you going to find the items that you will feature in your posts? Will you buy them yourself? Will you be getting them from sponsors?

You might also want to start thinking about your target readers and how you are going to reach to them.

Your blog is your own creation. No one can tell you how it should look like or how it should be structured. There are no must-haves or must-dos. It’s done according to your taste and aesthetics. However since you obviously are aiming to have a certain amount of readers it’s good to keep some things in mind before you decide to go one direction or another.

Also if you’re planning to look for sponsors to offer you their creations, they will be looking at your blog. They will not choose you if you’re not offering something that will promote their creations. No, you do not create your blog according to what someone else wants but yes you want to have readers. And readers come with what you have to show. I am not an expert nor am I trying to tell you what is right or wrong. I am just writing my thoughts according to my experience as a creator, blogger, photographer, blogger manager.

Blog appearance and general feel

  • Your photos are the product of your hard work. You take them in laggy sims with high graphics settings, searching for the perfect windlight after hours of set up or inventory search to find the perfect fit for your outfit or the perfect little decor for your scene. Make them stand out!
  • Your site needs to be easy to navigate, easy to read. No one likes to dig under pop ups, widgets, unnecessary information and busy pages to find what they are looking for. The more clean and clear it is the more easy for most of your readers. Maybe you want to reconsider your super busy background and opt for something more simple?
  • Do you have a “search” field on your blog? Tags? categories? Can someone search in your blog for what they are looking for? How many times have you gone back to a blog to search for the pair of shoes or sofa you saw a month or 15 days ago? If you haven’t, you’re the exception.
  • Can people find you on all the social media? Is your SL name or FB name or Flickr account visible and easy to find on your blog? What if a creator is impressed with your work and wants to contact you?
  • Music. This is very a controversial subject. I’m opting for no music. Music is very personal. Or you can have it but the player should not play automatically when the page opens.
  • Sponsors/logos. Most creators/sponsors require that. Some don’t. It’s nice to have an area in your blog to show your collaborations and show off the wonderful creators that are trusting you!
  • Feeds/blogroll. Update please! It doesn’t look good if you have feeds that expired or you’re following blogs that have not been updated for months.

Remember your blog is your creation and is work in progress.

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{Blog 137} Gateway to Heaven

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 137} Gateway to Heaven for original post.

gateway-to-heaven5Let me be the light to guide you through all your decisions.

What I am wearing:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Wind *GACHA* {Truth at The Epiphany-January Round} {Truth Mainstore}

Corset & Panties: Angelberry *GACHAS* {Blueberry at The Epiphany-January Round}{Blueberry Mainstore}

Astralia Shelia Set: (includes Wings (RARE), Wing Anklets, Headpiece, Star Add-ons, Wrist Cuffs & Diamond Bra) *GACHAS*  {Astralia at The Epiphany-January Round} {Astralia Mainstore}

Heels: N-core TIFFANY  {N-Core}

Necklace: *PROMAGIC* Naari – Haar *GACHA* {PROMAGIC Mainstore}

Nails:  e.marie // OVAL-Glitter Ombre {e.marie at Kustom9-January Round} {e.marie mainstore}

Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)


Pose: {Rose & Thorn} Poses Angelic Grace {{Rose & Thorn} Poses Marketplace}

Feathers from Infiniti.-Blown Away Pose *GACHA* {Infiniti.}

Doves, Peacock, Confetti & Stone Backdrop  *GACHAS* {anc Ltd.}

Clouds: Realistic Clouds {Illusions Marketplace}

{Blog 136} Chilly Winter Day

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 136} Chilly Winter Day for original post.

chilly winter day1.jpgWinter is still here.. As much as it is beautiful, it is so cold outside.

What I am wearing:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gaea {Truth}

Beanie: [Bad Unicorn] Backward Beanie {Bad Unicorn}

Outfit ( Jacket, Dress, Cell Phone & Hands Posed with Jacket): Long Padding *GACHA* {[89Hz] at The Seasons Story}

Scarf: [AB] Fall Scarf Plaid {American Bazaar}

Tights: .Atomic. Flutter Tights-Maitreya Applier {.Atomic}

Sneakers: TETRA-Air Sneakers {Tetra at Kustom9-January Round} {TETRA Mainstore}

Bag: =Zenith=Leather Fringe Backpack *GACHA* {Zenith}

Necklace: MG- Dream Happy Fairy moon {Maxi Gossamer}

Earrings: EarthStones Radiance Diamond Stud Earrings {EarthStones}

Snow Face: Izzie’s-Snow Face-LOGO Applier {Izzie’s}

Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)

{Blog 135} Long Distance

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 135} Long Distance for original post.

Waiting by my cell & computer to hear for that ring from him…..

What I am wearing:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kati {Truth}

Lingerie & Skirt: *EB*”Maya” {Elegance Boutique at Ultra Event} {Elegance Boutique Mainstore}

Stockings & Heels: N-core MIAU (Toy Leg Belt included) {N-Core at Hentai Fair} {N-Core Mainstore}

Necklace: [Cynful] Heartfelt Necklace {Cynful}

Bracelet: Bowtique – Hearts Bangle {Bowtique Marketplace}

Nails: e.marie // NAILS-Basic Gloss – Reds {e.marie}

Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)


Pose: SE~ Impassioned 4 (1 out of 4 poses) { .: Something Erotic :.}

Bed: Rekt Vintage Satin Bed ROMANCE {REKT}

Curtains: :CP: Standard Curtains Forest Silhouette {Cheeky Pea at Kustom9-January Round} {Cheeky Pea Mainstore}

The Loving From a Distance GACHA (includes Cuddling Pillows, Laptop, Cell phone, Photo Album, Scattered Tiles, Wine, Money Jar & Vibrator) {[Cosmic Dust] at The Epiphany-January Round} {[Cosmic Dust] Mainstore}

I Join a Second Life Blog Parade!

By – webspelunker – My Travels Across Second Life. Visit I Join a Second Life Blog Parade! for original post.

A procession is a participants’ journey, while a parade is a performance with an audience.

 Rebecca Solnit

Recently, an old friend in Second Life (SL) and fellow blogger, Caroline Resident, suggested a new activity to her fellow bloggers, myself included. 
(I’d like to think I was included due to the quality of my blogging and not as Significant Other suggests because Caroline needed bodies.)

Anyway, Caroline thought it would be fun to have a blog parade. 

She wanted to do it for all the right reasons especially having fun and promoting the work of all the participants.

The format is simple.  Caroline has asked a series of questions and we all respond.  Even I can do this!

Here’s Caroline’s seed story and an explanation of the parade rules.

And, here are my answers to her questions:

What did motivate you to start a blog about Second Life?

My motivation was twofold.  First, I wanted to explore.  Real Life (RL) events kept me from wandering across the globe so SL became the place I could go to.  (Significant Other beams happily.)  Second, I wanted to write, specifically to blog, and my SL travels gave me great content to blog about. 

Is your blog related to any kind of Second Life business? If yes please tell us what your business is all about.

No, but not for lack of trying!  It’d been my intention early on to make some money inworld to offset my costs and maybe show a small profit.  No luck!  My personal opinion is that Linden Lab’s failure to establish a robust and scalable economy inworld make it very difficult to have a successful business for very long. 

Are you actually making profits in Second Life? Do you dare to tell us how much approximately? 

As I explained in my previous answer, not making any money inworld!

How do you explain people who are not familiar with Second Life, what your blog or your Second Life business is all about?

I’ve given up.  With the sole exception of Significant Other (Who claims to be merely humoring me.) I no longer try to explain SL and my blog to others in RL.  Only SL residents seem to get what I’m all about.

How much time do you spend writing posts or promoting your blog?

I typically post once a week.  So, allowing for writing and tweaking my blog, and social media I probably spend about ten hours per month on it. 

Do you monetize your blog at all? If yes, how successful are you doing so?

Not at the present moment, someday when my traffic is sufficient, I hope to.

Do you actively promote your blog and if so, what methods of promotion or PR do you use?

Yes, I promote my blog actively on Twitter and Google+.  Used to do Facebook but apparently I’m not a real enough person for them! 

What do you like most about blogging about Second Life?

I enjoy bringing my stories to my readers.  When someone says they went somewhere inworld based on one of my stories, or that they’re a regular reader and enjoy my blog, I feel pretty good and it makes all the effort worthwhile!

What is your favorite activity in Second Life?

My favorite activity actually has three parts.  They are visiting new places inworld, making new friends when I arrive, and having new experiences. 

Where do you hang out in Second Life? If someone wanted to bumb into you were could people find you.

I tend to wander so more likely than not, I won’t be in any one particular place inworld very long.  The best way to find me is to send me an offer of friendship and look for me when you come inworld. 

What do you not like about Second Life in general?

I’m disappointed that Linden Labs has not done more to make SL a viable, self-sufficient virtual world.  I believe that an excellent opportunity was missed here. 

And last but not least: Do you have sex in Second Life? Dare to tell us details?

Ah, a gentleman never kisses and tells!  Meet me inworld and find out for yourself!

Well, there are my answers!

I’m very interested to see what happens next!

My thanks to Caroline for arranging this and I look forward to other great ideas from her in the future! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

My Twitter handle is @webspelunker.  Please feel free to follow me and I’d be happy to follow you.

I can be found on Google+ as webspelunker Ghostraven.

My flickr Photostream is located here.

On Skype I’m webspelunker Ghostraven.

            Open roads and kind fires!

{Blog 134} College Days

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 134} College Days for original post.

college-daysA day in the life of an eccentric art school, college student….

What I am wearing:

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Jeonso {[monso] at Collabor88-January Round}

Sweater & Skirt: ~ChicModa~ Posh {~ChicModa~ at Oh My Gacha! Event} {~ChicModa~ Mainstore}

Jacket: Addams // Letter Old Jacket {Addams}

Shirt around waist: Emery Lumberjack Shirt 02 {Emery}

Tights: Izzie’s -Heart Tights-Maitreya Applier {Izzie’s}

Sneakers: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers {REIGN at Collabor88-January Round} {REIGN Mainstore}

Headphones: Astralia – Like a butterfly headphones {Astralia at The Seasons Story} {Astralia Mainstore}

Glasses: .:Panda Punx.: Mesh Nerd Glasses {.:Panda Punx.: Marketplace}

Necklace: Bowtique – Owl Necklace {Bowtique Marketplace}

Apple Bag & Bottle of Milk {{Imeka} at Collabor88-January Round}

Bag: =Zenith=leather picnic bag {Zenith}


Desk & Wall Shelves {!! Follow US !!}

Pillows: uK – Shabby Puff Pillow Stack {unKindness}

Office Chair, Computer, Mannequin, Phone Charger, Books, Packages on floor & Moodboard *GACHAS* {Le Primitif}

Painting: Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02 {~BAZAR~}

Doughnuts, Pencil Pot & Floor Lamp {{what next}}

Wall Memo Board, Nesting Boxes & Vase of Roses *GACHAS* {tres blah}

Dalmatian Puppies: *GACHAS* {Mutresse}

I-Pod Dock Radio *GACHA* {BUENO}

Books on floor: .floorplan. book clutter {floorplan.}

Rug: junk. round rug. green animal. {.junk}

{Blog 133} It Was A Dream

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 133} It Was A Dream for original post.

As she got up and looked around, she realized it was all just a dream…

What I am wearing:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nyssa {Wasabi Pills at Uber-January Round} {Wasabi Pills Mainstore}

Dress: Goal Digger Dress {Cynful at Collabor88-January Round} {Cynful Mainstore}

Ersch Hieme GACHA Collection (Wand, Wings (RARE), Hair Wreaths (RARE), Choker, Headpiece, Crown & Secret Flower in hair) {ERSCH at Gacha Guardians-January Round}  {ERSCH Mainstore}

Bracelets: *PROMAGIC* Maya Bracelet {PROMAGIC}

Nails:  e.marie // OVAL-Glitter Ombre {e.marie at Kustom9-January Round *Opens 1/15/17*} {e.marie mainstore}

Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)


Pose: {Rose & Thorn} Poses Goddess of time (Left arm adjusted to see wand) {{Rose & Thorn} Poses Marketplace}

Fireflies Attachments {Persefona}

Unicorns: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story {+Half-Deer+}

Trees & Grass: HPMD* Garden Tree {HPMD}

***This set up is at: Luanes Magical World***

{Blog 132} “Breathe in, Breathe out”

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 132} “Breathe in, Breathe out” for original post.

yogaAfter a hard days work, sometimes you just need to relax, stretch & meditate.

What I am wearing:

Hair: Exile:: Rush {Exile at Collabor88-January Round}

Sports Bra: Zaara : Geeta sports bra {Zaara at Collabor88-January Round}

Yoga Pants: Addams – Tamara Gym Leggings {Addams at Collabor88-January Round}

Necklace Earphones & Cellphone armband {Astralia at Collabor88-January Round}

Headphones: [BUC] 808 Headphones *GACHA* {Bad Unicorn}

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Sahara Bracelet {Izzie’s}

Hands: VISTA PROHAND (Bento) {Vista}

Body and Skin Info (I rarely change this information)


Pose: Voir-YOGA POSES {Voir Animations}

Yoga Mat, Candles, Yoga Mat Crates, Brass Singing Bowl & Incents Burner {unKindness at Collabor88-January Round} {unKindness Mainstore}

Resistance Band Shelf {Sari-Sari at Collabor88-January Round}

Yoga Shelves, Weights & Bag {Kalopsia at Collabor88-January Round}

Stability Ball Rack {Pilot at Collabor88-January Round}

Gym Locker Table {Second Spaces at Collabor88-January Round}

 Unicorn Water Bottle {Schadenfreude at Collabor88-January Round}

Step Chair, Seltzer Bottle, Glass, Flower Vase & Notebooks {[keke]}

Build: The Studio {Soy at Collabor88-January Round}

{Blog 131} Greetings from Paris

By Veronica Dwyer-Edenflower Vella – Veronica’s Secrets. Visit {Blog 131} Greetings from Paris for original post.

parisMy postcard to all of you from Paris😀

What I am wearing:

Hair: Magika [Hair] Lemon {Magika}

Beanie: [Bad Unicorn] Backward Beanie {Bad Unicorn}

Jacket: #EVANI-Gillary jacket {Evani}

Shorts: .:villena:.-Ripped Front Shorts {.:villena:.}

Tights: Izzie’s -Studded Tights-Maitreya Applier {Izzie’s}

Boots: [BREATHE]-Satomi Boots *GACHA* {[BREATHE]}

Purse: ::C’est la vie !:: Harriet Bag {::C’est la vie!::}

Camera Necklace: -Pixicat- Vintage Camera {Pixicat}

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Assorted Beads Bracelet {Izzie’s}

Cell Phone: [ kunst ] – kPhone 3C {[ kunst ] at TMD-January Round}


Pose: +Kiss Me Poses+ Peace {+Kiss Me Poses+}

Laptop, Magazine & Cola *GACHAS*: {Cosmic Dust}

Paper Pile I’m standing on, Suitcases & Coffee/Frappe’s *GACHAs* {tres blah}

Doves are from {Rose & Thorn} Poses Peace & Hope Pose {{Rose & Thorn} Marketplace}

Taco Bag *GACHA* {BUENO}

Easel & Canvas Bag {Apple Fall}

Paper Pile under Easel {HAIKEI}

**PICTURE TAKEN AT: – Paris Je T’aime –***