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Blogger Attempts To Increase Popularity By Appearing Nearly Naked!

whc slavie lkd 1

With all the lovely Fab Free bloggers, I’m sure you will all be disappointed that the nearly-naked one is me. However, since I already have your attention, here is another helping of amazing prizes from the Menstuff Hunt. It is a 1L hunt, but many of the stores have put their prizes out for free! I realize that the outfit I am wearing will not appeal to every male avy on the grid. Some of us have very few opportunities to wear something like this. Being a blogger, though, is about helping all people find wonderful items. A great set of silks like this could come in handy one day for a rowdy intimate role play or a costume-based event, even if you are not naturally submissive. The Kanzi Silks in Brown from Lo Kajirus Designs are partially mesh, with flexi silk panels which move beautifully as you dance. In style, they have an Asian inspired design while maintaining a classic silk look appropriate for this kind of garment. This is a very sexy look, has tons of style and is a great item to pick up at only 1L.

In all of the pictures in this post, I am wearing a set of eyes I picked up in the Menstuff Hunt over at Avi-Glam. The FREE AG Frozen Eyes are a beautiful light silvery blue and are going right into my eye collection. I am especially excited because I was unfamiliar with Avi-Glam until now, so now I have another potential source of excellent quality eyes thanks to this hunt!

This pose is another prize from this Menstuff hunt. Hopefully, you are getting the idea of how broad the spectrum of hunt prizes is in this one-hundred-store hunt. The M-Sheer-Menstuff-10 from Pics n Poses is a particularly nice pose, best used highlighting the left shoulder and chest of the model. I used it turning slightly, to show more of the details in the front of the Kanzi Silks, and it worked nicely. This is a very nice FREE gift from the people at Pics n Poses.

whc gray pin suit 1_001

Slipping into something a little more comfortable (for you to see me in), this really great gray suit is the FREE Menstuff Hunt prize from (Red)Sand. The Pin Stripe Suit in gray is a set including a matching mesh pin stripe blazer and slacks. The blazer has the black, open-collar dress shirt integrated into it, and (Red)Sand thoughtfully included an optional gap hiding layer, just in case you need it. As it turns out, I did not. The fit was excellent on my avatar without it. The material looks soft and comfortable; it will go nicely in my smart casual wardrobe for those nights that call for a bit more than a T-Shirt and jeans.

whc oddity orn 4_001

Oddity is an excellent store on Second Life and has created some truly amazing items, including a pair of group gift boots that are SO good, I changed the rules of my blog just so I could write them up! For the Menstuff Hunt, their prize is this unique fitmesh shirt featuring an excellent texture hud that they are giving to us for FREE! The Eivissa Mistic BASIC Shirt is definitely casual but highly attention getting with the realistic cloth textures and rich, decorative detailing. The buttons appear to be metal, standing out from the shirt and the button holes are closed loops, an eye-catching touch. The best part about the shirt, though, is the texture hud that comes with it. It offers the shirt in six colors, the trim in six colors, the buttons in six colors, plus it has two options for brightness and the choice of it being materials-enabled or not! If there was an award for most fantastic hud on Menstuff Hunt prize, Oddity would win it hands down for creating this prize!

The black jeans I chose to help show off this shirt are part of the Menstuff hunt prize from Wilson’s Designs. These are simply styled and carry a nice black denim texture making them a good choice for a go-to mesh set of basic black jeans. That isn’t all you’ll find in the hunt prize over at Wilson’s Designs. These jeans come with a gray, zippered men’s jacket, too, making the hunt prize even greater. For a FREE hunt prize, this is a very good pick up as well.

My last highlighted item this week comes from a creator who is one of my personal favorites. Over the years, Etham has made – and yes, even given away as hunt gifts – some gorgeous crosses. For this Menstuff hunt they have given us the Knight Cross Necklace in gold and black. Although it would look especially great in a Goth style outfit, it is still simple enough to be worn with more casual clothes. The Knight Cross Necklace comes with a short or long chain version and is offered to us for FREE from Etham.

I began this week’s post nearly naked; slithering about to some intoxicating world beat music under the glare of the hot desert sun, and managed to end the post sharing with you my affinity for the crosses Etham has produced over the years. I, my friends, am not easily pigeon-holed. As a blogger, that means I am inclined to share a wide variety of items instead of just those that are “my style”. Or, it might just mean I am crazy. Either way, have fun looking for the little blue T-Shirts that hold the Menstuff prizes in them, and I will be seeing you on the grid very soon!—–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…

Silks – Lo Kajirus Designs Kanzi Silks in Brown  (1L/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Note – The Kanzi Silks come with the jewelry included in the gift!
The picture of me in the Kanzi Silks was taken at Parvana.

Eyes – Avi-Glam AG Frozen Eyes in Blue (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Pose – Pics n Poses M-Sheer-Menstuff-10 (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)

Pin Stripe Casual Suit – (Red)Sand Pin Stripe Suit in gray  (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Wavy Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

Shirt – Oddity ~Eivissa~ Mistic *BASIC* Fitmesh Shirt w/texture hud (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Black Jeans – Wilson’s Designs Mesh Black Jeans (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Cross Necklace – Etham – Knight Cross Necklace in gold and black (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)
Hair (Bottom pic)- Jaryth’s Barber Shop David Mesh Hair w/hud (FREE/Menstuff Hunt Prize)

Skin – Belleza Mathieu

I have never mentioned this before but many of the pictures I take for blogging are shot at a FREE photo studio, Karu’s Korner Photo Studio. You really should stop by one day, they have some very nice equipment there and it is free to use.

WHC Name Card

Largest Second Life Blogger Directory Again Available for SL Blogger Registration

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Attention SL fashion bloggers!

Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:

I am very happy to invite you all to register your Second Life blog on the largest SL blog directory1,200 Second Life blogs and bloggers are already registered. 1,700 Second Life stores and creators are registered. We have recategorised all the listings to make them easier to find. The sheets now dynamically filter the data you are looking for into embedded spreadsheets placed in 25 new blogger pages and 58 new store pages.

Why should your blog be on this list?

Store owners and creators have used these lists to find bloggers to approach to blog their products since 2011.

Benefits for the SL Blogger:

  • People interested in what you blog about will find you in the category your blog is listed much faster than they’ll find you on Google
  • You can use the listings to more easily find other bloggers in your niche
  • You can potentially find niches that fit your interests that may still…

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The Seasons Story: Blogger Application Now OPEN

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The Seasons Story Blogger Application OPEN 
Time to Open Blogger Application for
New fresh Bloggers
This Application will be open until June 10th.

Thank you so much all !

Tips for the Aspiring Blogger

Tips for the Aspiring Blogger

I came across a post the other day that was about new bloggers and maybe some tips that could be given to them in order to help them in their journey. Now, I am by no means a seasoned blogger, but I think every blogger has a few tips and tricks that they can share to help others.

I do want to first start off by saying that there is never an instant success when it comes to blogging. Blogging is about work and dedication and knowing how to combine everything into a post to make each one as amazing as the previous. There is something that you have to do which is just about summed up with paying your dues. You have to pay your dues. There are a few off situations where a person has become an instant success, but this doesn’t mean that they didn’t have to work just as hard. They just might not have been showing their hard work in learning the steps of photography and how to market themselves. It all combines into a really long process which a few have mastered and I feel like the rest of us are just picking up the pieces to get to this point.

With this said, I have a few things that you might want to listen to. The first thing would be to work on your photos. Never think that your photos are just good enough. I have a problem… slight problem… because I just am hardly ever satisfied with my work. I always feel like there is a step farther I could have taken something, or maybe a different setup that I might could have used. The take from with this is that you can always improve. Don’t settle for learning one thing and that being it. You are a student and you need to listen and learn from others. The second thing is postings. I have heard people complain about designers requiring a certain amount of views on Flickr or requiring to post in Facebook groups. Why complain about this? This is their hard work that they are giving to you to show people… why not require something in return so that you know the items will be seen? If you don’t receive the required views on Flickr to apply for an event or designer then work harder. Follow more people and receive more followers. Post in Flickr groups and look for inspiration for your own blog. I am sorry if you feel it is not fair but this has to do with paying your dues. The third thing ties into these other two perfectly. Don’t complain! Instead of taking things personal when it comes to being turned down, turn those into positive things. Let these things motivate you to do more and be better. You will hear no about a thousand times more than you will hear yes… and sometimes you will hear a no from the least expected place. I can tell you that you will need to be able to eat that humble pie.

There is so much more to list here, but I think you will probably get sick of reading my rambling. These are just my top three tips for bloggers who are wanting to work at being better. You will find your stride at some point and when you do there will be absolutely no stopping you. TOOTLES!


Skin: Lara Hurley– Scarlett in dark

Head: TheMeshProject– classic deluxe w/ Scarlett applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body w/ Scarlett applier

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: TRUTH– Katara in light brown

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer- Solaris Pearl droplets necklace @ Collabor88 

Dress: OAKEN by Noodles- Amy Dress @ Collabor88

Shoes: Essenz- Sacramento heel @ On9

Pose: Kirin poses– Sora

WordPress vs Blogger

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To be honest, I am a bit more confused with the WordPress features and as to how you manage your blog themes and appearances. I cannot find a better theme that would showcase my flickr photos at its best. I didn’t like the font that the WP theme is using to publish my blog either. I have tried the best that I can to make it look better without having to spend money on the template LOL.

Regardless, I found this “tool” that will import my Blogger posts to WordPress. I have not tried it yet but if it works, I might switch back to my Old Blog. :)

Blogger Challenge.. I remember…

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Crimson Fields

~ I remember…..~

When I was small, I use to visit an uncle from my (step) fathers side of the family.
His wife was this beautiful, friendly, outgoing lady..
One year, their mother died of cancer.
A long time battle.
That same year my Aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia.
She was weak but, still friendly and whenever I came to visit she would play with me in the garden.
I once asked her if we could plant poppies.
And when she asked me why, I told her it was so we could remember family members that had passed away..
Like Gramma B*..
So, we planted them at the end of summer…
That winter, she passed away.
I still do not know if it was the leukemia or if it was complication but,
she was gone…
Then, in the middle of spring we went to visit my uncle and in his garden were my Aunt and I’s poppies..
in full bloom and looking so amazing..
I may only remember it from a child’s eye but, they were laid out in a field of amazing crimson …
My uncle told me that he promised my Aunt that he would take care of them because they were important to her and I..
And he did.

Years later, at the Fantasy Faire in 2013 I enter a sim called, Crimson Fields and I was transported back to that day,
visiting my Uncle and seeing my Aunt in all those flowers.

The Fantasy Faire is an amazing event.
It brings us together to help one another and to help us remember..
Remember the people that have made changes in our lives.
Whether they are here or, gone.

People that mold our lives.
And make us better individuals.

This is a challenge of what we remember and why…

I remember the Crimson Fields because,
it helped me remember a strong woman that had a hand in molding who I am today.

And I will always remember her and, the connection to the Crimson Fields…
And I thank the creators of such an amazing sim…..

~Glam Affair Katra Blogger Contest ~

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~Glam Affair Katra Blogger Contest ~

New Faces blogger search 2015

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A New Faces está procurando por blogueiras dedicadas e talentosas. Quer fazer parte do time? Saiba como agora…


Se você é uma blogger talentosa e adora as skins da New Faces entre neste concurso e você poderá ser uma das 8 novas sortudas a fazerem parte do time. Para participar é muito simples: Faça uma foto usando uma skin da New Faces e nomeie-a como ‘New Faces blogger search march 2015″. Publique no grupo da New Faces no FLickr e marque Gwen Aloix na sua foto. Cruze os dedos e boa sorte!


Os pré-requisitos básicos para fazer parte da equipe são: fazer fotos em alta resolução, criatividade, blogar pelo menos 75% dos lançamentos. Devo lembrar que este concurso é apenas para blogueiras ativas então se você bloga com frequência tem grandes chances de ser selecionada.


Nesta postagem estou mostrando os dois lançamentos mais recentes que foram apresentados no Skin Fair 2015 e ainda podem ser adquiridos com um preço bem bacana: a Skin Willow que tem características mais negras e está disponível nos tons summer, mocha e ebony e a skin Brittany que está disponível em pale, ivory, summer e mocha. 



Look 1:

Skin New Faces – Willow *new* – Skin Fair 2015
Corpo Slink Physique Mesh Body update 
Cabelo AD – li – dark browns by Analog Dog
Laço GizzA – Headscarf [Cappuccino] – gacha
Vestido {Indyra} Harmony
Colar {Indyra} Kali Necklace (vem com o vestido)
Bolsa *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Purse brown no Arcade Gacha Event
Brincos *MC* Red Carpet Earrings
Sandália *YS&YS Latina opentoe 
Lanche *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Friter no Arcade Gacha Event
Pose (foto 3) *agapee* basic pose set1

Look 2:

Skin New Faces – Brittany *new* – Skin Fair 2015
Shape Supernova! Dandara Shape @Marketplace
Corpo  Slink  Physique Mesh Body update 
Cabelo AD – 42 – dark browns by Analog Dog
Flor je suis…hibiscus behind ear
Conjuunto {Indyra} Poppy*
Bolsa =Zenith=Leather  Rattan Tote Bag – RARE
Jóias Necklace [MANDALA] SHIPPOAH Red 
Pose *agapee* basic pose set1


Itens obtidos no  Arcade Gacha Event

Beijos e fiquem lindas!

NS:: Blogger Search!

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NS Blogger Search

Nani Soulstar is looking for bloggers!

❥ Rules:

◉ must post the minimum clothes twice a month
◉ Minimum requirement must be 3 months old with your blog
◉ You will have max. of 7 days to blog the product after sent in group.
◉ Post pics in flickr group and/or link Nani the posts

Application is available HERE..

Just Magnetized Blogger.

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Make sure to check out Just Magnetized for all your Avatar Needs! –>