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Event is open : 7-30 june

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Tutorial Thursdays – Blogger Part 1: Making your First Post

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For today’s Tutorial Thursday I am going to be a breakdown on how to quickly post your first post on a Blogger driven blog.
This tutorial will continue after the break, for the sake of the feeds that Free*Style is published on.
If you are still interested, please click on through.
Step 1
You will need to either create a Blogger blog, or you will have to be invited to post as an author to one. After that, you will need to follow the processes of logging in or accepting the invite from the blog’s admin, which would be sent to your email account.
Step 2
You will end up on what is considered your Home Page or Dashboard.
Here you will need to click the Orange Pencil Button. It will pop up your post writing window.
Step 3
Now it is time to write your first post.

The big, clear area is where you write. You can start typing away, but lets learn a bit of the extra buttons first, so you can have an easier time with things.

Going from left to right.

Compose – Your normal writing window
HTML – Where you can view all your post’s coding
Undo Button – This undoes the last action your preformed
Redo Button – this will allow you to go back forward, if you decide it is needed
F Dropdown – This is you Fonts Menu, if you want something fancy, or want to highlight a word
T Dropdown – This is the Text Size Menu, it is set to Normal by Default
Headings Dropdown – This is for when you want to separate your information
B – Click to Bold a word
I – Click to Italic a word
U – Click to Underline a Word
ABC – Click to Strike Through a Word
A – Text Colour Menu
Highlighter – This back fills behind your word, with a block of colour
Link – You click this to insert a link in your post, it has it’s own window that pops up
Picture – You click this to insert pictures into your post, it has it’s own window that pops up
Video – You click this to insert videos into your post, it has it’s own window that pops up
Break – This is a handy tool, if your blog is syndicated
Alignment – This is how you choose what way you want your writing oriented on the page
Numbered List – For, you know, numbering things
Bullet List – For when you want to put bullets in things, there are always days that need bullets
Quote – This makes an official looking little Quote Insert box on your post
Remove Formatting – I have no clue what this does, and will continue to not know, seems sketch
Spell Check – The Wonder that is Spell Check, beware if you aren’t in the USA, it will try to make you conform



This is the Side Menu, of additional things you may want for your post.
Labels – This is where you do some of your post SEO
Schedule – You can prep posts ahead of time, and set them to go live at certain times here
I’ve never had a use of the other 3 options, so can’t really tell you anything about those.
Step 4
So you have written your post, and you want to insert your photos, links, space whales.
 Adding Images

There are various options for this once you click. The easiest way is to just upload right to the site from your desktop.
If you wish to  get some more views to your flickr, you can post your pictures straight from there as well.

On your flickr photo, to the bottom right you will see these buttons. You will want to hit the Arrow Button, which will pop up a little window. Click Embed, then select the size that suits your blog and syndicated feeds. Some Feeds have very slim formats, so it is easier to have the pre-selected sizes that flickr offers.

You then copy the link, once you have your settings selected. From there, go back to your Blogger Post, hit the HTML button, and insert your link where you want it on your post. Why are we doing this on the HTML page? cause it is code, and wont show if you do it on the Compose page. Also, you need to delete a bit of the code.

You will want to delete the whole part that starts with < script async blablabla right to the end.


Now you can go back to your Compose Page.
Adding Links
This is not too hard, all you do is highlight the word you want as the link, so if it is the name of the shop, click in front of the first letter, and drag your cursor until the whole word is highlighted. It will appear in a blue colour. Then you go up top, hit the Link Option.

Here you make sure you have your title right, you paste in your link, then click the “Open this link in a new window” option, so the reader doesn’t accidentally lose your post when clicking a link
Adding Videos

This option works much like the picture menu.
Breaks can be important. Sometimes you get supper chatty, or have a lot of info, or took 23 pictures of the same new little shoulder critter you found and just love do death. Not all viewers, nor Syndicated Feeds will enjoy having a never ending post scroll on and on when visiting your site/reading the feed. Breaks allow you post put all the extra added info in your post still, but sectioning it of, so the reader can choose to read it or not. Some bloggers do this with their links, so people can choose to continue on if they want to pick something up, or not, and just stare at pretty pics all day. I use it a lot for my tutorials, as Free*Style is on many feeds, and tutorials are super long.
Step 5
This is the point when you should be finishing up your post. Add your labels, set the time you want your post coming out at(or don’t touch that, if you want it to go out right away). .
I find it handy to Preview my post, I do this a lot with my late night posts, as being a dyslexic, my affliction is more prevalent when I am sleepy. This is also a handy time to hit that Spell Check, if you don’t feel like proof reading your post yourself. This will not catch sentence structure issues though, this is strictly for the words themselves. .
Blogger auto saves  during your session, but sometimes things can get funky, so hitting save is always a nice option. If you are now ready for your post to go live, you can hit that publish button. Blogger will divert you to the post page of the blog, where you can see a lit of all posts, and are able to edit past posts if needed. .
Now you have the skills to start your own blog, or blog with a buddy who has a Blogger site. Keep in mind this was just a very basic tutorial on how to get started quickly for posting your first post. There are many other things you can do with your blog posts, and if you wish to learn more, there are many great sites that teach you how. I just wanted this here for my new bloggers, who have never blogged on blogger before, as a quick guide.
Enjoy your Blogging!

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What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Previously posted by at Laura’s Lair.

What kind of blogger are you, ladies and gents? Are you: (1) a Fashion Blogger, (2) an Artistic Photographer, (3) a Furniture/Decor Blogger w/Landscaping, or (4) some combination of the above?

I find myself blogging more and more furniture and decor, along with fashion items, and really enjoy it. However, some of the fashion items can be quite small and require closeups. When I include several accessory items in the same post, I must include more than one pic. For example, in the above pic, I’m showing a wonderful build by Chez Moi. If I promoted just that pic, you wouldn’t be able to clearly see my !Musa! eyeshadow, Zuri Rayna jewelry, Zoz nails, and Promagic anklets. 

Often, I will ooh and ahh over artistic pics by bloggers, and wonder what techniques they used. I have a very healthy respect for their artistry. The downside is that, sometimes, I’m not even sure what they are promoting, if they ARE promoting anything other an exquisite avatar and glorious landscaping. I used to get confused by that, and realized, while I want to keep improving my photography, I’m happy being a Fashion & More Blogger.

There is no “shame” in simply being a fashion blogger. We bloggers are usually blogging for specific stores, and the designers want their items to be shown to best advantage. It’s our job to do that, and a wonderful job it is.

In my experience, most designers do not want overly processed pics. They want the true colors of the items to be presented just as they are. Use post-editing skills sparingly on clear pics and you’ll wind up with lovely pics for your post.

Even if you only add one or two pics to Flickr, if you’re blogging accessories include more pics on your blog. Don’t cheat your sponsors by making potential customers have to squint to see the items!

Blogging is an honor. It means someone thinks your work and stats are good, good enough to pass you items to share with your readers. So let’s do them proud!


Bath – * CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * – Rock Garden Bath Pearl (Adult)

Rock Garden Bath Pearl (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Buy Now Event until June 30th !!
Marketplace Link – HERE

Roses – Simona ErinMarketplace
001_HRH_Climbing dog-Rose R – Multicolor


Hair – Rezology – Marketplace
Silent Lips

Eyes – Mayfly – InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous – Mesh Eyes v2 (Deep Lake)

!Musa! – InWorld / Marketplace Blog Flickr
Eyeshadow Agnes (Omega)
@ We Love Role Play until June 30th !!

Jewelry – Zuri Jewelry – InWorld Website Facebook Flickr
Princess Collection – Turquoise/Black Diamond
Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet V2


Bikini – .: Farfalla :. – Ami bikini blue

@ SUMMER TIME FAIR until July 3rd !!


Chop Zuey – Main Store / Sky Boutique / Website Facebook Flickr

Amourette Plt Engagment Ring & Wedding Band

Anklets – *PROMAGIC* – Marketplace
Ruchi Anklets w/Colorchange Hud

Nails – {ZOZ} – Starfish Polish
Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Zoz Mesh
Huds with NINE colors!

@ Cosmopolitan until June 18th, hurry !!!

Also Wearing:
Catwa Mesh Head (Candy), Maitreya Lara body,
Slink hands & feet, Skin – Glam Affair – w/ Catwa Applier – Kumi – Jamaica

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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Blogger Behind the looks | Hope By Wow Skins

Previously posted by at My Fashionista Heart.

Hey my loves!
So this was originally planned for Sunday but some things came up and it got pushed a night back but doesn't mean it means any less to me 😀 I feel like after so long of doing this blog you all don't really know me like you know ME, Liliandra Baxter, but not really ME, Jazmyn and you know that kind of bothers me. So not only am I showing you a skin that makes me feel a little more like myself but I'll be sharing 10 random facts about myself! Maybe in the future if you guys seem to like it I'll do more yes?
If you'd like to read the facts they are right below and if not just scroll on down to read the credits and skin details! Mwahs & Love you forever
Love Always
1. I absolutely HATE the taste of Coconut but I love the smell of it so there are random times I will buy coconut products just to smell it
2. I am that girl who cries during shows. If I'm happy or sad either way I'm shedding a tear because I get so emotionally attached to the characters. What they feel…I feel.
3. Speaking of Characters, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and my favorite character has always been Severus Snape and when Alan Rickman passed away I went into a small depression 🙁
4. Usually while I'm writing a post I have a podcast playing in the background so when I'm done typing I have to proofread and make sure I didn't type something from the podcast I was listening to
5. Since my mind is usually a clutter of ideas sadly that comes out in my surroundings. I'll start off with a box from amazon with my kindle case and magically ALL my kindle cases end up in there for storage.
6. For two years I didn't wear my glasses the way I was supposed to and missed out on life so hardcore since I could barely see anything and I think that's why in most of my posts I have glasses of some sort.
7. I've always been obsessed with Boy bands. Up until I was 17 there were Nsync and Backstreet boys posters covering my wall head to toe! Now I just….keep them all in a binder in my desk.
8. No Surprise to you all but…I love summer clothes but HATE summer weather. I tend to walk around in tank top and shorts during winter while relaxing around the house.
9. Even though I'm very good with Children, the possibility of ever becoming a parent TERRIFIES me.
10. I'm OBSESSED with Tim Burton inspired art. 

Keep Reading »

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Free*Style Fresh Faces – Blogger Search

Previously posted by at Free*Style.

Free*Style needs some Fresh Faces!!!

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to reach out to the pixilated world, share your favorite free finds, show SL the style that is all your own?

Well do we have an opportunity for you!

Free*Style is looking for some new faces to become members of our blogging team.

What we are looking for:

General Bloggers

– all Genders welcome, as well as different types of avatars(human or otherwise)
– avatars who simply blog in their own style
– no experience required/will train for blog and photo post processing
– can dedicate time to blogging at least once or twice a week
– can curate a look with 3 or more free/gift/group gift/subscriber gift/hunt gift/gacha Items
– can create ”SAFE for Work” looks (ie: no nipples, no artistic nudes, you get the idea)
– can insert links to all free items, and have them credited with price/group/hunt/event/gacha

Home and Garden Bloggers

We would love to add some Home and Garden Bloggers to the team. We have never had dedicated bloggers to this category, and I think it would create an interesting mix of talent. If you enjoy collecting free items to furnish your sl environments, even when they are mixed in with regular priced items, we would love to have you join us.

Feature Bloggers

Are you interested in just one thing? Do you collect all the free shoes, hair or skins. I could keep going with lists, but the point is, if you would like to become a Feature Blogger, and just blog about those things you focus on, whatever that one item might be, we would be interested in hosting you here on the site.

We are not looking for experienced bloggers, though they are welcome if they can keep post quota. We felt it was time to to get some new faces out there, and are willing to work with people who are new to blogging. There will be training in the areas you need, so you can comfortably blog without it being stressful.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please proceed below the cut, for full instructions on how to apply.


The Free*Style Blogging Team

How to Apply:

Step 1 – Create Two Looks/Scenes/Features

Create Two Looks if you are applying for General Blogger. You are required to have at least 3 items that are L$ 100 and under, one must be free of some sort(group gift, hunt gift, event promo, so on). Take a snapshot of your look inworld, save to your computer. Upload to your Flickr. No post processing required, but if you are use to doing it, please go ahead, so we can see your established skills.

If you do not have a flickr account, it will be a requirement as a blogger on Free*Style, so you must sign up: . Join the Official Free*Style Flickr Group, https:[email protected]/ , then submit your looks.

Title them “Your Inworld Name – Free*Style Fresh Faces – Look #” . Then in the Description Box, credit the items used something like this:

Dress – TinaTina – Black Little Dress – Free @ Mainstore
Heels – Gogo Footwear – Pink Flower Sandals – L$ 5 Promo @ Fashion Forward Event
Bracelet – Shine Accessories – Blue Crystal Bangle – June Jewels Hunt

You get the idea, we need item, store name, item name, price, event, any other important info. Doesn’t matter the order, just that the info is all there.


If you are applying for Home and Garden Blogger, please create Two Scenes, then follow the same instructions. The only other info you would need to add, when crediting, is the LI count of the items.

Title Example: “Your Inworld Name – Free*Style Fresh Faces – Scene #”


If you are applying for Feature Blogger, it is only required that you photo two of the items that you wish to feature. So shoes, purses, nails, poses, what have you. Both items must be in the same category, and they must be the category you will be blogging for the site. Upload them as separate photos, then proceed with the other steps above.

Title Example: “Your Inworld Name – Free*Style Fresh Faces – Feature #”


If at any point you wish to submit a new Look/Scene/Feature, beyond the required two, feel free to. We understand that sometimes after things have been submitted, you wish you had done something different. Just Title any new submission with the proceeding number (3, 4, 5, so on). The total number of submissions will not contribute to the end result of our decision, it is the overall representation, quality not quantity.

Step 2 – Fill out Official Application

Fill out this Application here: —application link—

At this point you will just need to wait until everything is processed by the team. Applications will be running from Today, May 23rd to June 5th 11:59pm SLT. Application processing will be from June 6th to June 10th 9am SLT. New Bloggers will be announced on Friday June 10th, sometime after Noon SLT.

Some Bloggers might be added onto the blog earlier than the time allotted, this is up to the discretion of the Free*Style Blogging Team.

Thank You for your time and interest,

The Free*Style Blogging Team

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Clawtooth Blogger Challenge 15th May 2016

Previously posted by diyslblog at Do it yourself Second Life Blog.

Have you all read this: ?

I read it yesterday and I knew I wanted to be part of this. I immediately went to Clawtooth mainstore where I was impressed with how much beautiful hair one can design and how I keep saying “I have enough hair already” but yet, keep needing and buying more. I was happy to find a few ones for photography too (check out the underwater one, is perfect).

Only difference this time was, I spent a lot of money (which is always the case for me) but I actually felt good about it.

What other better head to wear this hair on now, than the new Genesis release, Ingrid?

Ingrid comes in two versions. Vampire version for all you role players out there but Human version too. Vampire version is gacha, head is rare and you can get a lot of commons for make up, tattoos and eyes, Human version is for sale.

Also, the lucky ones that get the Vampire head, know that the hud comes with teeth and tongue removing options and you can just wear it with other Genesis human teeth (I’m wearing Nelly teeth in this picture).

I would like to encourage everyone to participate in this challenge and support in any way possible.

Happy shopping and good luck ☺ ♡


HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ingrid_2.0_Vampire GACHA RARE @TDS3

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Ingrid_Vampire LATTE GACHA RARE @TDS3

EYES: ARISE. Star Eyes

HAIR: Clawtooth: Windswept

TOP: Dead Dollz – Amalia Top – Kissy GIFT@FAMESHED

MAKE UP: Genesis Lab – Simply Smokey (Eyeshadows) & Fabulous (Lipstick)

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2016 Ghee Blogger Search Is On!

Previously posted by at Chasing Catalina.

Do you want to blog for one of the hottest brands on the grid? Ready to join one of the greatest collaborative teams in the industry? We’re seeking a limited quantity of excellent bloggers. if you’re ready to take part, fill out the application below. Due date is June 1, 2016. 
Bloggers must be willing to: 
     – blog at least twice a month. 
     – offer high quality pictures.
     – show you have previously blogged Ghee items.
     – join the inworld Ghee blogger group.

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Clown Fish – Clawtooth Blogger Challenge

Previously posted by Francesca Balogh at Francesca Balogh.

Clown Fish

I decided to join the SL blogger community and participate in the Clawtooth Blogger Challenge, introduced by Cajsa Lilliehook at It’s Only Fashion.  Bubble Clawtooth has been busy taking care of his mother, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)a disorder that kills neurons, resulting in stiffness of muscles, causing difficulties in movement even in breathing.  To show support, bloggers were challenged to show at least three hairstyles from Clawtooth.  My picks are Clawtooth hairstyles that depict movement.  I chose to be a mermaid to better illustrate the various choices of hairstyles at Clawtooth. Hope you like the today’s post and are motivated to drop by Clawtooth’s store to show support.

Clown Fish
Clown Fish

Hair: Clawtooth– Windswept Captivating Brunettes Pack, Poseidon’s Gal Captivating Brunettes Pack, and Under the Sea Captivating Brunettes Pack
Mesh Head: Logo – Alex Omega
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Lumae – Eirtae Solaris Group Gift *FREE*
Eyes: Logo – Alex Omega
Lashes: Logo – Alex Omega
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 – Color Trends Eyeshadow Cool Tones (gacha item at On9) *NEW* 
Lipstick: alaskametro<3 – Color Trends Lipstick Peach (gacha item at On9) *NEW* 
Nails:  alaskametro<3 – Color Trends Nails RARE (gacha item at On9) *NEW* 
Outfit: [email protected] – Clownfish Mermaid (raffle item; mermaid AO included) *FREE*
Jewelry: Ganked – Mermaid Jewelry Set
Location: Mittandraland Mermaid Haven
Music: TACACHO – Summer Of Love (ft. Cider Sky)[Exclusive Premiere]

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Clawtooth Blogger Challenge

Previously posted by Strawberry Singh at

“We are all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass Cajsa Lilliehook has started a blogger challenge that has a worthy cause so I hope you all can participate or contribute in some way. Designer Bubbles Clawtooth of Clawtooth hair has been busy in the real world taking care of his mother who has Amyotrophic […]

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A Blogger Challenge !

Previously posted by colleen Criss at Colleens SLife In Pixels.

When I logged in this AM I did the coffee thing, reading blogs when I read this challenge from Cajsa Lilliehook and by the time I got to the end of her post I was in tears at my desk. So ……… If you shop for hair , and we know you do, I bet you […]

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