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6º Republic Event: Blogger & Decorator Application OPEN!!

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6º Republic Event: Blogger & Decorator Application OPEN!!

Starting today bloggers / decorators applications are officially open!

We are looking for passionate and creative bloggers / decorators interested in joining our Press Team and committed to providing the best coverage possible for this event.

Please fill out the application here:–rSAeTf_qdzD-gyLN8OYTLHYXGsvM65z8QB9yXfK1s/viewform

DECORATORS (Do not own a blog. Their main source of publication is flickr.)
Please fill out the application here:
Make sure you understand which category suits you before applying.

Only one app per person will be accepted.

You’ll be contacted upon acceptance.

Any questions please send a NC inworld only to 6Republic Resident.


 We Decorate SL (With Passion) with the collaboration of Fanatik & NotsoBad presents:

6º Republic

We’re so excited to share with you the official list of the amazing group of designers joining us for our Second Edition on November 6 – 20, 2015.
*The theme for this round is Chicago Vs. California: Trade Cities,
always with an industrial background present.

We’re really proud of the results we achieved at our first edition and are just as grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve gotten throughout this journey.

To all bloggers / decorators interested in joining us, applications open in October.

Stay tune for more…we’ll keep you informed.

Greetings from the staff!

More info:



Flickr 6º Republic:

Flickr We Decorate SL ( With Passion ):

The Secret Store Blogger Search

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I decided to do a picture for The Secret Store blogger search that runs until the end of the month. I tossed around a few ideas and finally settled on two ballerinas in a dance studio. Both avatars are me and I styled them with the Lily Scalloped Bodysuit and the Nathalie Tutu Dress at Collabor88. In the background you can also see the Becky T-Strap Heels and My First Boombox in candy, an old Arcade item. Add in some updos from Truth and the beautiful Reign Ballerina Warmers and you have a blogger search submission!

  The Secret Store - Blogger Search - Charisma Jonesford
On Left

Skin- Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)- Katra Ballerina Jamaica 04 @Uber
Body- Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)- Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Eyes- Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn)- Lillian Eyes Midnight

Hair- Truth (Truth Hawks)- Harmony Bun Browns
Dress- The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)- Nathalie Tutu Dress Candy @Collabor88
Shoes- Reign (kenadeecole)- Ballerina Warmers Tippies White
Pose- Adorkable (Adorkable Peapod)- En Pointe *Adjusted with Animare*

On Right

Skin- Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)- Katra Ballerina Europa 05 @Uber
Body- Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)- Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Eyes- Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn)- Lillian Eyes Midnight

Hair- Truth (Truth Hawks)- Priya Blondes
Bodysuit- The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)- Lily Scalloped Bodysuit Creme
Shoes- Reign (kenadeecole)- Ballerina Warmers Tippies White
Pose- Bounce This Poses (Bouncer Criss)- Sitting

Build- Floorplan (Tegan Serin)- Johnny’s Dance Studio
Barre- Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine)- The Ballet Barre
Mannequin- {u.f.o} (Charming Meiler)- Swan Lake, Act1 Mannequin w/Hydrangea
Curtain- Half-Deer (Halogen Magic)- Fairy Curtain Tied White L
Dress- Lark (Sienia Trevellion)- Crawford Wall Hook & Slip
Shoes on Pillow- Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio)- Ballet Shoes on Pillows
Heels- The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)- Becky T-Strap Heels Candy
Boombox- The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)- My First Boombox Candy
Clipboard- Tentacio (May Tolsen)- Briefcase *Choreographer Gacha*
Drink- Tentacio (May Tolsen)- R Drink *Choreographer Gacha*
Mirror- The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)- Wrought Iron Mirror

The Secret Store – Blogger Search

Previously posted @ My Wardrobe SL.

The Secret Store – Blogger Search

Previously posted @ Crayola~Clothes.

h a i r  >>  little bones. Titania                   n e w @ C88
e y e s  >>  -SU!- Nova Eyes
d r e s s  >>  The Secret Store – Nathalie Tutu Dress                    n e w @ C88
c h o k e r  >>  Kibitz – Cat charm #4                   n e w @ Kustom9
r i n g s  >>  ieQED my sun & stars.ring.set                    n e w 
s h o e s  >>  N-core NORMA                    n e w 

Gizza Male Blogger Search

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Yes you…We need you …

We need Male bloggers to fill up the space that we have in Gizza :)

Interested applicant please apply by clicking on the link below. Application starts from 24th August till 6 September. We will announce the choosen bloggers on the 10th of September. If you have being selected, you will be given a notecard and result will be published in flickr and facebook.


The secret store blogger search

Previously posted @ Absolutely Asthenia.

The Secret Store Blogger Search
Pose: Fashion book three – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Thelma – Truth
Skin: Summer – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual – Slink

Jacket: Claire peplum blazer – The secret store
Necklace: Romantic necklace – Glam affair
Skirt: Edele buttoned skirt – Teefy
Feet: Mid – Slink
Shoes: Becky T-strap heels – The secret store

The Secret Store Blogger Search (extra)
Pose: Walkin’ four – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Video games – Truth
Skin: Cassia – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual – Slink

Top: Damask sweater – The secret store
Skirt: Skirt – The secret store [not available anymore]Feet: Mid – Slink
Shoes: Gold goddess sandals – Pure poison

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

The Blogger That Time Forgot

Previously posted @ Its Only Fashion.

Pixel Gidge’s typist has been stuck in the real life. That means that pixel Gidge is meandering around her house, left to her own devices, in a black hole of meaningless time, where no group notices or shopping adverts come through.

Can you imagine? Yesterday she brought up Seraphim AND Eloquence THREE times, each time getting ragey and annoyed with them, as there was NO Fifty Linden Friday listing. What was wrong with them? WHY WASN’T IT UP! When it wasn’t up at bedtime, that’s when pixel Gidge realized it might not be Friday.

Without her typist, time was a bubble and not a line.  She was stuck inside until her typist returned.

She made a nebulous cup of tea, and wondered why there always seemed to be tea leaves in it. What’s the point of a tea bag when you get leaves still?  It wasn’t like being in prison, or perhaps it was like a posh prison, as it was LOVELY but she couldn’t even access her own inventory. 109k lovely items, all out of reach.

Her typist made time for her this morning, and to her horror, she’s been in the same clothes for 5 days.  Thank GOD they are cute clothes.

“There’s going to be some shopping today,” she declared. ” And I want to go out. And I want some new hair. And new skin. and I need to do my nails. ”

“Not this morning,” her typist answered. “I’ve got to hit the shower. We’ll go out tonight. Ok?”

Pixel Gidge isn’t terribly amused, she’s a bit like a princess, and one doesn’t say MUST to princesses. However, she grumblingly accepts and waits. At least she will get to go shopping.
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.1
Skin: LEAGUE – Luna
Hair: Blues. Daehlia COLLABOR88
Rings: ieQED dream.ring.set.all.left [SLINK 20 – casual] COLLABOR88
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right [MAITREYA 20] Collabor88
LeLutka Aria HUD 1.1
Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (London Fog, w2) L
Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (London Fog, w2) R
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.1
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Casual
Mani/Pedi: The Wicked Peach
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Top: Vinyl – Marley Tee Cami – Slink =FATPAK=
Jeans: Vinyl – Oakley Jeans With Belt – -Fatpak- Physique
Furniture: Cheeky Pea – UBER



Tutorial Thursdays – Blogger Editing Tools – Picmonkey: Part 2 – Underwater Shots

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For today’s Tutorial Thursday I am going to be showing you more of PicMonkey, a fun browser site, that allows you to do some quick editing, without having to download anything onto your computer.
I did Part 1 a few weeks back, so if you aren’t use to the site, please read on through the first part HERE
With Fantasy Gacha Carnival just opening, and Enchantment opening tomorrow, I will be doing a lot of underwater shots, as these events have a lot of Mer related items. I did this underwater picture the other day, and thought it might be a good secondary tutorial for PicMonkey, to follow up the previous one.

Whorl - Before&After

I don’t play around with my blog shots too often, I am not that sort of blogger. I only have so much time between all of what I do in a sl, so I have always just taken the best inworld environmental shots I can. 
One thing tho, is it is not exactly easy to take pictures the sl waters, and make them look like they are really underwater. Not unless the sim has some special decorations, like Light Beams or Ripple Emitters.
PicMonkey can help you with this, in a quick simple way. The above shots was edited in PicMonkey, the Left being the inworld shot, the Right being my edited in PicMonkey shot.
This tutorial will continue after the break, for the sake of the feeds that Free*Style is published on.
If you are still interested, please click on through. 
Please click on the photos when needed to enlarge the shots. This will help you better understand what is going on during each part of the tutorial.
Since the above shot was already edited, and I only had the thought to do the tutorial after I had it done, I will be using the shot below, for the tutorial today. 
I will be continuing the tutorial as if you have done the first, and are familiar with the placement of all the PicMonkey Tools that we will be using. 
First, load up PicMonkey on your Browser and load your picture into the Edit Window.
Second, you will want to be in the Basic Edits menu so you can use Crop to resize your photo to your liking. I don’t want that glowy bit in my end picture, so I am just going to lop that off. 
Then we are going to the Effects menu.
Cross Process is a good one to use for underwater pictures. There is 3 colour options, Green, Blue and Red. The Blue adds to your inworld shot, if your shot was more crisp. The Green is good if your shot is a bit murkier. I have never needed to use the Red for underwater shots, but who knows, you might want to experiment with it.
I set the Fade to 40% for mine, but just play with it, and then apply it when you get the results you want.
I then use Orton, with Bloom at 40%, Brightness at 20% and Fade at 40%. These numbers are just an example, it really does depend on the colouring of your own picture, so move the levels around, then apply when you are satisfied.

Now, this is where we break from the last tutorial, and do something different. We are going to go down to the Textures menu, which looks like this:

 You have the option to use your own textures, as overlays. I do have some custom ones I have made for underwater photos, but luck is with you, and PicMonkey already has some water ones. Just scroll down the list until you find the water ones.

There are 6 preloaded Water textures. I normally mix a few on each photo I am working on. The Top Middle one I like to use most, it has the light beams, and makes some ripples on your surface water, if it is in the shot. If you don’t have any surface showing, but still like the beams, you can resize the texture, and then move it around. All the options are in the same menu, for manipulating the texture.

I like to layer these Water textures, so here I added another, made it larger, moved it, and fiddled with the numbers.


Now I could be done, but there are always certain things I like doing with my shots in general, when using PicMonkey. I like to ad a bit of FoD(Field of View), much like what you would get using the same setting inworld. You can get this by using the Focal Soften, which you will find in the Effects menu.

Just play with the numbers, until you get something you like. If an avi was in my shot, I would make sure they were the focus, and spread the circle larger, depending on what else was going on in the shot. I just made the one archway entrance the focus for this shot.

I also like a bit of black bordering, as I have darker, more gloomy tastes. So I use Dark Edges, and fiddle with the settings until I am happy.

Either of these are fine really. I like the extra steps, but as you can see, the one on the left, which is without the Focal Soften and Dark Edges, looks just fine.

You can see just how much this quick 5 minute edit, made an inworld underwater shot go from being bland to actually looking like a shark might pop by at any moment.

I hope you find this tutorial useful, an get out and explore some of the great underwater sims of SL.

I took my shot at Pasifique, which is a sim that welcomes the public.

Full End Shot

I hope you enjoy Picmonkey!

Du Jour blogger search

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Poolside Blogger and Other Misunderstandings

Previously posted @ Its Only Fashion.

My friends Whimsy and Sasy collaborate each round of My Attic for something wonderful. They make photoboxes for bloggers, or great items with lovely poses and props for everyone. When they passed me their item for this round of My Attic, my poor eyes that are adjusting to contacts (monovision, what fresh hell is this?) read “Poolside Blogger and Friends” in the description as this was something for bloggers, and their friends.

“Oh nice, another photobox for bloggers YAY” my brain said.

It’s not. It’s a big ass pool.

Now, because everything at My Attic is 95L you can pick up this big ass pool, that has splashable water (my eyes can’t read well yet I have to sort that out later), pillows with poses and beach towels also just LOADED up with poses. OK WOW this is the best 95L priced item in a long time.

I’ve decided now that I have a pool, that I’m going to spend my day outside in this teeny bikini from House of Hucci. I think you could see my goodies in that previous picture. You were really looking, weren’t you? Perverts.  I’d like to just take an aside here and point out that I’ve tossed down several old Arcade items – this is why The Arcade is brilliant for bloggers – amazing props for shoots :) plus I like my SL to have LIFE in it. I need these things for it!

I placed my pool right at the waters edge – I finally have an infinity pool Where are you going to put yours?

You can see the full gallery of stuff from My Attic here.  There is so much awesome this month, you won’t want to miss it.

This swimsuit chafes a bit.
Earrings: (Yummy) Dreaming Mermaid Earring – Aquamarine (L)
(Yummy) Dreaming Mermaid Earring – Aquamarine (R)
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.1
Hair: ::Exile::Walking On Sunshine – Hair Fair 2015
Bikini: ::HH:: Hucci Mermaid Holiday Bikini – Bottom (PHYSV2) COLLABOR88
::HH:: Hucci Mermaid Holiday Bikini – Top (PHYSV2)
Mani/Pedi: A:S:S
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.1
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Casual
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Slink Physique Utilities (alpha and layers) HUD V2.0 LARGE
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)
Pool, Towels and Pillows: W.Winx and Flair – POOLSIDE for My Attic
Radio: Tres Blah – Previous Arcade
Basket: Vespertine – previous arcade
Cooler: Consignment – previous arcade
Sunscreen: w.winx and flair – previous My attic
Books: Tres Blah – previous Arcade