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The prodigal blogger returns

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Hi! I’m back… and I hope all of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and lovely, just the way I like it.

So today I want to talk about the amazing Tannenbaum Market that opened this past week and runs through December 25th. This event features awesome designers with lovely holiday and winter goodies. There’s also one of the coolest gacha ideas I’ve ever seen… but I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, my outfit. It’s Valentina E. Couture, the sweater top is optional (the dress itself is strapless) and it comes in 4 colors. I chose the evergreen, and paired it with Ingenue’s cozy socks and flats. I love these socks because they have cuffs that are fitted to the Maitreya body (and also SLink Physique, fitted mesh and unrigged versions). I suck at resizing things, and with my fuller figured av, I always have to. The shoes are so cute and they look comfy as hell. I want a pair in RL, tbh. My wreath of lights is from Ohmai, also at Tannenabaum. It’s texture change and there is an unlit version, too.

Tis the season

Now, about the tree and the gachas at Tannenbaum. The tree is undecorated, in the stand, and was made by Botanical, and is available for sale for just L$ 250. It’s well worth it, as it’s gorgeous. But beyond that, the gachas are ornaments and decor designed especially for this tree! Which makes it easier to decorate. I love this idea so much. I love the concept that friends and SL families can come together, each with their own ornaments and decorate as a group. It adds a level of realism to a virtual world that I never even thought of before, but it’s such a lovely touch. I know some of you are gacha weary, and I feel strongly that they have their time and place (like gacha exclusive events such as The Epiphany or The Arcade), but this one is SO sweet and lovely. It was a brilliant idea, and I hope others have fun with it. I’ll be doing closeups of the ornaments featured on the tree in a later post because they’re too beautiful not to be seen close up.

The stockings on the mantle are from Lost Junction, also at Tannenbaum. I love the shape, the colors… they’re super adorable and realistic looking.

More soon…



On Lucie:
Maitreya: Lara mesh body
Catwa: Jessica mesh head
Lara Hurley: Christy applier for Catwa – rose pale
Eula: Daria hair – reds
Buzzeri: Duo eyes – Forrest
Ohmai: X-Mas Lights Wreath – Serious – Lit Tannebaum
Valentina E. Couture: Noell sweater & dress – Evergreen Tannebaum
Ingenue: Edmee loafers – Hollyberry & Twinkle Toes socks Tannebaum

On Sephie:
Clef de Peau: Robin – tone 4 w/stubble tattoo
Exile: 6th Avenue Heartache – Raven
I.D.: September eyes – Amber
FATEwear: Cooper shirt – Tundra, Peter pants – Lagoon
FATEstep: Owen moccasins

Repose: Gifting group pose and props (with two poseballs hidden)

Barnesworth Anubis – Maitland house (modified)
Fancy Decor: Wooden Snowflake B Tannebaum
R(S)W: Christmas Card Row Tannebaum
Lost Junction: Hangy Socks – Green – Stocking A, Hangy Socks – Red Print – All, Hangy Socks – Green – Stocking B Tannebaum
JIM: Rustic House (Christmas) Tannebaum
Botanical: Fir Christmas Tree Tannebaum
Silence: Tree skirt – red (Rare) Tannebaum
Studio Skye: Falling snow system (snow seen out of the window created with this amazing system)

(Details on tree decor in future post, but feel free to ask questions in the comments if you can’t wait!)

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Help us to help you: Let’s make SL Blogger Support even better

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Originally posted on SL Blogger Support:
We here at SL Blogger Support are keen to be not just the premier Second Life Group that specialises in support for those who blog about Second Life, we also want to be the very best we can be, for you. We’d be very grateful if you could complete…

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The Seasons Story: Blogger Application Now OPEN

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The Seasons Story Blogger Application OPEN 
Time to Open Blogger Application for
New fresh Bloggers
This Application will be open until June 10th.

Thank you so much all !

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The secret store blogger search

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The Secret Store Blogger Search
Pose: Fashion book three – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Thelma – Truth
Skin: Summer – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual – Slink

Jacket: Claire peplum blazer – The secret store
Necklace: Romantic necklace – Glam affair
Skirt: Edele buttoned skirt – Teefy
Feet: Mid – Slink
Shoes: Becky T-strap heels – The secret store

The Secret Store Blogger Search (extra)
Pose: Walkin’ four – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Video games – Truth
Skin: Cassia – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual – Slink

Top: Damask sweater – The secret store
Skirt: Skirt – The secret store [not available anymore]Feet: Mid – Slink
Shoes: Gold goddess sandals – Pure poison

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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#430 Tiny primate inspires blogger

Previously posted at Pretty Pixels and Random Ramblings.

Post #430

In my first sl incarnation (over 8 years ago) I had a real soft spot for Last Call – I wonder if anyone else out there remembers them?  This incarnation it has always been Baby Monkey – for the quality, the textures, the generous group gifts, how Pixie switches colour palettes to match each new season, and everything is really classy.

I have another reason for loving Baby Monkey, as it was winning one of their store photo contests that sowed the seed that eventually became this blog.  I had never entered a photo contest before, nor had I ever thought of blogging, but here I am, blogging for almost 2 1/2 years now, and it all started with a Baby Monkey!

So today my blog is a celebration of all things Baby Monkey.  My jeans, boots and earrings are all part of the current season’s collection and my poncho is one of the current group gifts.  Everything works perfectly with my Maitreya Lara mesh body, with minimal alpha tweaks.

The poncho comes with a hud giving a choice of 9 plain and 9 patterns, the jeans with 5, the boots with 35, the earrings 35 plus 4 metal choices.

Post #430


Maitreya Lara
 WoW Skins  Erica tan
Argrace Nina, reds
IKON  Sovereign Eyes

Mon Cheri Falsies Eyelashes
 Encore Maitreya Nail Appliers – Set 11

Baby Monkey Poncho Basics – current group gift
Baby Monkey Bootcut Jeans High
Baby Monkey Kent Boot

Baby Monkey Celtic Pearl Earring

Infiniti – Carefree
There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.
SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).

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Blogger Photo Tips

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Tons of people are getting into blogging all the time. Its easy to get lost in the crowd of other popular blogs, but hey atleast you can have high quality pictures and your blog can look awesome!

I hope this can be of use to somebody.


Don’t use old freebie poses from 4+ years ago. Everyone reconises them and it cheapens your blog a lot. It just doesnt look good.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use freebies. There are plenty of newer ones on the marketplace that are super nice looking. There are also low budget pose stores that make high quality poses im sure anyone can afford.

To store these poses i suggest Boom Animation Station. Check it out in world to really see what you’re getting. Its well worth it.


When Taking a Photo You want to have the best quality possible. Remember that blogging is advertising products for designers to help other people notice it and want to buy it. You don’t want to have a low quality image that makes the product look bad.

I know not everyone has some sort of super gaming pc, but really its not needed. Just follow these steps to improve your image quality.

Adjust your graphics Settings

Med settings are perfectly fine for casual everyday use just hanging out with friends and such, but for blogging you need to step it up.Ultra may be to much for some pcs to handle, so move the slider up to High and it still looks very good

Here are some samples

Example of an Image Taken on The Lowest Graphics Settings
Example of an Image Taken on Medium Graphics Settings

Example of an Image Taken on High Graphics Settings

Now click on these photos to enlarge them so you can examine each image. Notice the differences in quality on each setting.

Low and Med settings will leave your av looking a bit dull. Also you will see jagged edges and textures wont look as good.

When you turn your settings on High you will notice everything starts to smooth out.The edges of your shape and clothing, the texture of your skin looks brighter and more defined.


When you are doing photos on  high-ultra settings its totally normal to experience lagging and freezing. It happens.To lessen this do the following.

Under your graphics settings after you have turned it to High, then lower your draw distance, Max particle Count, Physics,Trees,Terrain, and Sky.

You will not need these turned up for photos that are taken in a studio type setting with a background.

However with an on location shoot you will need the higher quality settings.


If you have never used these or don’t even know what they are I am shocked. As a blogger you should have already been using atleast a few of these.

To access these buttons you can either  right click on the side of your viewer or the bottom. Just right click on the buttons and click Toolbar Buttons.

You should now be looking at this.Now locate the one that says Phototools Camera. Drag it over to the left side your your viewer screen as show in the image above this one. Now the button will be there for easy access.

I also suggest keeping the Pose Stand Button there.


When you click on the button you will see this. Dont worry its not difficult. Actually you wont even be using most of it.
The only slider you need to use is View Angle. This will allow you to zoom in super close to areas of the body to get a better shot.

To save the camera position choose the icon that looks like an eye with a downward facing arrow. This is so if you crash you wont loose your camera view you just set.

When you are finished put it back to the norm between 700-850ish. whatever it was before you started.

If you are blogging or doing photos you should know what windlight is and how to use it otherwise you wont be getting the best lighting to showcase anything you are wearing.

At the top of your screen under World you will see Enviromental Editor, then Sky Presets, then Edit Preset.
Click on Edit Preset.

I know it looks complicated to someone who has never used it before, but it really isnt once you get the hang of how it works.

Now at the top beside the word Name: you can select from tons of lighting presets. You want to find a clear  well lit light settings for your photos, unless you are doing some sort of dark theme photo and want to use something else. That will be tricky because you have to be sure a darker lighting still shows what you have on enough for people to identify it.

Notice the preset at the bottom thats highlighted.  Try using that one.


Backgrounds can either enhance a photo or ruin it. Its very important to really think about your choice of background and if its gonna clash with your outfit.

Image 1

Image 2

Now look at these 2 images. You see a lovely background full of color. Nothing wrong with the background at all.But notice in image 1 when looking at it your eyes dont know where to focus. You keep wanting to look at the busy background and not at the outfit you are blogging.

Now look at image 2. The same background image, but blurred. You can still makeout the outlines but the background is no longer the focus on this blog photo. Your eyes now go to what your avatar is wearing. The colors in the background now enhance your avatar not overpower it.

If choosing to do an on location photo, meaning you are doing a photo somewhere in world that isnt in a Studio with a background image. You will have to be extra careful to be sure the scene enhances the look not overpowers it.

*note the example image 1 isnt even that busy, i just wanted to give to an example of a busy background being used with blog photos*


I have seen this a lot and i know its tempting to do but you have to limit it.
Do not put thick frames on your images. It cheapens the look of what should be a high quality image.

Do not over use effects on your image such as grunge brushes and scratches. It makes the images look messy and it takes away the focus of what you are trying to blog.

Also careful with the filters. Dont throw on to many filters. Because by the time you finish the outfit wont even look like it should.Use bright and contrast to enhance. Thats really all thats needed,

If using effects choose  something that will enhance such as light rays. Make it subtle.

The only editing you need to be doing to the avatar in the photo is fixing distorted joints because of certain poses, or fixing your hair if its going through part of your boobs, or if the alpha is making a nipple show. That happens. Its not problem fixing it. But never make any major editing changes to what you are wearing. You want people to see what they are really going to see in world.

Now this can be a matter of personal taste and diffrent opnions, but using a template with a super busy background will be more of a headache for readers than an attraction.

Go for a clean layout and color scheme. Then have someone make you a very nice custom blog header with your blog name on it to make your blog stand out.

This makes your blog look super neat and professional.

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The frustrations of being a fashion blogger in second life

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Originally posted on Time and Lace:

Let me start by saying that this is post is going to be a little bit of a rant post. I need to get some of my frustrations out and this is my blog so I figure why not put it up here. This isn’t going to be a typical post, I’ll put a picture or two up here and I’ll link to it all at the bottom, so if you just want to see a fashion post, go to the bottom to see where I got the stuff in the pictures. This is some of my frustrations as a blogger. This is by no means to say that I’m the most popular blogger out there, far from it, I’m fairly small to a lot of people out there, so I’d hate to think of what those people go through, maybe it’s similar, maybe it’s not. This is just a…

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6º Republic Event: Blogger & Decorator Application OPEN!!

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Starting today bloggers / decorators applications are officially open!

We are looking for passionate and creative bloggers / decorators interested in joining our Press Team and committed to providing the best coverage possible for this event.

If you want to be part of something new and exciting,  6º Republic is for you. 

Please fill out the application here:

DECORATORS (don’t own a blog – still publish through other platforms)
Please fill out the application here:

Make sure you understand which category suits you before applying.
Only one app per person will be accepted.

Any questions please send a NC inworld only to 6Republic Resident.

More info:
Flickr 6º Republic:
Flickr We Decorated SL ( With Passion ):

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SL Blogger Meetup – today at 9 AM (SLT)

Previously posted at Moni’s World.

As some of you may know, I am hosting a blogger meetup today for those who would like to meet with other bloggers. I had given a TBA for the location because I wanted to see how many were coming. So now I can ^^

You can still RSVP for the event here:
Even if you can’t go, you can still suggest topics and such. This will help me gauge interest as well.


And the location is here:

See you at 9 am!

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6º Republic Event: Blogger & Decorator Application OPEN!!

Previously posted at Battle Scars .

6º Republic Event: Blogger & Decorator Application OPEN!!

Starting today bloggers / decorators applications are officially open!

We are looking for passionate and creative bloggers / decorators interested in joining our Press Team and committed to providing the best coverage possible for this event.

Please fill out the application here:–rSAeTf_qdzD-gyLN8OYTLHYXGsvM65z8QB9yXfK1s/viewform

DECORATORS (Do not own a blog. Their main source of publication is flickr.)
Please fill out the application here:
Make sure you understand which category suits you before applying.

Only one app per person will be accepted.

You’ll be contacted upon acceptance.

Any questions please send a NC inworld only to 6Republic Resident.


 We Decorate SL (With Passion) with the collaboration of Fanatik & NotsoBad presents:

6º Republic

We’re so excited to share with you the official list of the amazing group of designers joining us for our Second Edition on November 6 – 20, 2015.
*The theme for this round is Chicago Vs. California: Trade Cities,
always with an industrial background present.

We’re really proud of the results we achieved at our first edition and are just as grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve gotten throughout this journey.

To all bloggers / decorators interested in joining us, applications open in October.

Stay tune for more…we’ll keep you informed.

Greetings from the staff!

More info:



Flickr 6º Republic:

Flickr We Decorate SL ( With Passion ):

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