The question is….can you ever really take the blogger out of the girl?

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The question is....can you ever really take the blogger out of the girl?

The Look
Head Catwa Catya Bento 
Head Applier  Glam Affair Zoella Jamaica 3 @ Tres Chic
Hair Monso Mitsuha @ Kustom 9 
Eyes  Izzie’s Tokyo Eyes
Freckles hsh Frekcles Catwa @ Creators Collection Box
Eyeliner hsh Eyeliner Catwa Applier 1 @ Creators Collection Box
Eyeshadow hsh Catwa Grey @ Creators Collection Box
Hands Vista Animations Bento Hands Prohands
Pose Chat Noir  1702 Series 

Blogger Near-Oopsie

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It’s another wonderful lineup of designer creations at Swank this month! Shown in this post are items from PINK ICE, Moondance Boutique, and [Park Place].

Here’s a question for Second Life bloggers. Have you ever been toodling along – you open your boxes, slip everything on, prepare the shot, take the pics, start editing…work on your credits…and suddenly, you realize you’re not wearing everything that should be shown together??

That’s what I did, and it was such a tremendous faux-pas I retook my pics! I had forgotten these fabulous heels by PINK ICE. See them? See how gorgeous they are? And I was about to leave them out entirely!! Fortunately, I have learned – the hard way, I might add – to stay in place until a post is completely finished. :p

Hair – Sintiklia
Hairology !!
More info about the Event HERE

Dress & Heels – PINK ICE
Multi-Fits & Texture Change
 Swank !!

Jewelry – Moondance Boutique
Pastel Passion
Showing Necklace, Ring, Bracelet from Collection
 Swank !!

Furniture/Decor/Poses – [Park Place]
Mayfair Bench & Pillow – Gray
Hanging Planter – Orange/White Tulips
Antique White “Cabinet” Picture Frame
Leafy Green Table Plant Decor
Red Marble Table Lamp
French Walnut Round Accent Table
Gray Shag Diamonds Area Rug
Swank !!

Swank – February


Skin – Lara Hurley – w/ Catwa Face Applier ‘Diana’

Eye Applier – e.marie – day dream (Catwa Eyes)
Catwa – Catya (Bento) Head, Mesh Eyes & Maitreya Lara Body
Izzie’s Dimples (Catwa)

Nails -{ZOZ}- Mine In Love
Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Zoz Mesh
Huds with NINE colors!
Cosmopolitan until Feb 25th !!

Lighting – LUMIPro 2017

[ ALEUTIA ] at The Secret Affair Blogger and Swank.

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This specialized brand in casual styles is at The Secret Affair and Swank Event – January Round with exclusive creations. 

D A T E S 
OPENING DATE: January 15, 2017
CLOSING DATE: January 31, 2017

The “Amatheia” by [ALEUTIA] is an incredible corset, rich with amazing detail. Encrusted with pearls and spikes, there is a beautiful balance of naughty and nice while the leather bodice is quilted in delicate design. The corset hugs the figure in ways that will delight and leave those sailors ready to jump overboard and surrender to your siren’s call. Available with Aleutia ‘s signature HUD, with 30 amazing colors and accents in gold, silver, copper, pearl, and black.  100% Original Mesh. Exclusive design for the Maitreya fashionista. 

Price: 250L

OPENING DATE: January 5, 2017
CLOSING DATE: January 31, 2017
Angelina Heels by [ALEUTIA] for Slink High Feet (no included) Fatpack includes hud color with 30 colors. 
Price: 250L
Widelmina Zeminoba wears Amatheia with Angelina heels by  [ALEUTIA]. Skin Pax for [Lelutka] Simone Bento 2.0 – Omega System – Creme tone BY .:JUMO:. Beauty. Hair by TRUTH – Cinnamon. Thong & bellychain by Wicca’s Wardrobe – Elowen (at gacha). 

You have a date with: [ALEUTIA]  at The Secret AffairSwank Event – January Round. Also, you should go to :JUMO:. Beauty and Wicca’s Wardrobe, you will find interesting designs to create wonderful stylings. 
Kisses from Mina.

2016 Blogger Gold Stars

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The 2016 Gold Stars Judging Panel has now convened. All three judges [Me, Myself and I] have reviewed a countless number of blogs, for an almost unaccountable number of hours over the past year.

This year’s list may be a bit shorter than usual, as one of our Panel members was felled by First Life this summer and was away for three months. And when one of us goes down, we all fall apart. So, for the many blogs reviewed during the remaining nine months, the following are our choices for outstanding blog-related work in 2016:


** JADE SAMSARA – a Gold Star for an excellent Blog Site Name: JUST A SPOONFUL OF PSYCHO


** WICCA MERLIN– a Gold Star for Model/Blogger. The Model — It is hard to have a good body balance when your legs are super long; however, Wicca manages to always look perfectly balanced from any camera shot angle. The Blogger — Wicca’s blog is refreshingly different. The text she includes with each post shows that she is much more than a fashion plate with a style card. Wicca Merlin stands out from the crowd, as a model and as a blogger.

** HIKARU ENIMO – a 24K Gold Star for Photography in Blogging [for the second year in a row]. Every time you think you have seen his best work, Hikaru raises the bar and tops himself again and again. [HIKARU ENIMO – Male Fashionista]

** ANOUK ANNA [ANOUK A.] – a Gold Star for Photography in Blogging. Her studies in black and white, shadow and light, create a blog site that is a virtual cornucopia of visual delights. Favorite of the Judging Panel: CONTEMPORARY DANCE

** NEKOTTO RESIDENT – a Gold Star for an across-the-board, unanimous, we-love-your-pictures blog [Nekotto].

** With the increased popularity of micro-mini blogs such as Plurk and Tumblr, photography in blogging has become so important that, ofttimes, it eclipses the content of the blog itself. Quoting the Ultimate Blogger, STRAWBERRY SINGH, “When it comes to fashion blogs, I rarely read what’s written and really only get drawn into the post if the picture stands out to me.”

Blog photos need not necessarily be perfect, but something in the photos should elicit an “oh, wow!” type of response. The “wow!” is the benchmark for blogger photos. And in the WOW! category for 2016:

– ** EMBER BRANDT – a Gold Star for the eye-catching closeup in BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS

** KAI WIRSING – a Gold Star in the newly-created Phascinating Photography category; Kai’s blog photos never fail to fascinate and intrigue.

** TAMARY9 RESIDENT [xxx tamary] – a Gold Star for an appealing photo blog. The soft quality of her photos conveys a warmth of spirit, giving us an insight into the person behind the blog; even the title of her blog site suggests softness: Marshmallow Day

** GABRIELLA MARSHDEVIL – a cute-as-a-button Gold Star for a blogging style that mimics her avatar look — oh-so-sweet and adorable. [Cinderella Fashionista] “I focus on kawaii/doll style … every pic is made with love.”

** VOLUPTURAPTOR PERL – a Chameleon Gold Star for versatility to the one who blogs as IGotDressed; subject, style and composition of this blog are always changing, and never stale.

** ALISA PERNE [Alisa26 Resident] – a Gold Star for good blog coverage of designer releases and events, especially fantasy and role-play. The blend of descriptive text and top-quality photos makes Sweet and Sinful Styles a blog to follow in 2017.

** PARADOX MESSMER – a Gold Star for his tribute to David Bowie: ZIGGY REALLY SANG. “… there’s a little Bowie in all of us, if we just dare to be true to our real selves and let it come out.”

** DEVIN VAUGHN – a Gold Star for the original STORYLINE sections which accompany his blogs — with special reference to the three-part Shadow of the Reaper, beginning 10-29-2016; Rocky Horror 2065; and Somewhere Over the Rainbow

** MERICAT IRELAND [ReadMeri] – A you-go-girl Gold Star for WINNING THE RACE: “If life is a race and I’m in it alone, am I winning?” Having been in Second Life since early 2008, Meri likes “to share her thoughts and infinite wisdom with anyone who is daft enough to read it.”

** ROMAN GODDE – a you-go-guy Gold Star for TOP 5 WAYS TO GET OUT OF HOUSEWORK, a handy reference guide for the times a man is unable to “… stick to the manly things like hanging a picture or setting up any electronic item in the house ….”

** BLISS WINDLOW [aka Aria E. Appleford] – a Gold Star for EVERYONE IS SOMEONES IMAGINARY FRIEND. A totally original blogger, “they” are one of a kind, with an unique viewpoint on First Life and Second Life.

** A GIANT GOLD STAR each, for two bloggers who actually blog information, who provide text to read and information to absorb, about Second Life and other virtual worlds — how to find, how to fix, what to look for, what to ignore.

– ** NALATES URRIAHNalates’ Things & Stuff – Nalates has been know to [figuratively] descend into the belly of the beast to dig up the latest and best inside information to help us navigate through the maze of virtual worlds. “In general I write posts because I like to write and think some of the information will help out friends.”

– ** INARA PEYLiving in a Modem World – If you are looking for information on the best in Second Life [who, what, when, where, why and how], this is the blog to follow. The blog is, as described in Inara’s own words, a “collection of writings on virtual worlds … a mix of news, reviews, commentary and opinion ….”

** WENDZ TEMPEST – a thank-you Gold Star for her thoughts on the spirit of blogging and bloggers: YOUR BLOG IS YOUR BABY. “… a blogger’s responsibility foremost is to his or her own blog…. Your blog is your baby. Not your Flickr, not your Facebook, not your Twitter, your B-L-O-G.”

“At its core, [my blog] is a representation of all that I hold near and dear to my heart. And you, fair reader, fellow lurker, and friendly scroller, you are always welcomed.”

And with those kind words, we close up 2016.

Best wishes for the new year, Bloggers and Readers, and Lovers of Virtual Worlds.

Happy New Year 2017

I’m glad to be a new blogger of The Annex < The Annex…

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News and stuff from the [SL] Blogger Support Team

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A post with news and well…them rules…them rules.. !

SL Blogger Support

It is about time for some updates from the [SL] Blogger Support Team, as we do work behind the scenes to make sure our group is what is should be: a support network to help and guide all SL Bloggers!

To start,  I would like to thank Sunshine (sunshine.zhangsun) so much,  for all the time and efforts she has spend as a very much appreciated team-member. Due to reasons she has decided to step down and leave the Support Team, but she will surely stay as a group member and as such it is not a real goodbye! Big hugs to her!

Resting Resting by Amy Beebe

As the group is still growing, we needed to fill in the gap left by Sunshine and Katya, so I am happy to announce that we found two new team-members: Lainey Thorne and Sasy Scarborough. I am sure you will join me in…

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