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The Boathouse

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So, one of my favorite shops for homes in Second Life over the last many years has been L2 Studio. I’ve always appreciated the craftsman ship, unique floor plans, texture work, and the affordable cost of these great homes. I should also mention that Lindini2 Lane has always been one of the nicest folks I’ve had the pleasure of coming across on the grid. Anytime I’ve briefly bumped into her, she’s been sweet, kind, and cordial. What’s better than supporting a creator you admire?

The Boathouse is L2 Studio’s newest release and it’s so charming! It’s two levels, with multiple rooms, and fantastic deck space for you to wander and enjoy. The home is versatile in the fact that you could use it on a coastal beach sim, but also find a way to use it in a wooded forest on a river or lake.

If the boathouse isn’t your thing, L2 Studio has countless other offerings at their mainstore location. Stop in, and check out what they have for sale. You would be amazed by the variety Lindini has to offer!

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… L2 Studio returns with an amazing Boathouse! …

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Whispering Wind sim, the home of L2 Studio Homes is always open and always free to roam. Lindini Lane, owner and creator of some of the most loved homes in Second Life has finally released the Boathouse! After 9 long months Lindini is back and from what I can tell the break was worth the wait. Affordable price (only 450) and low land impact( 114LI)  adds to the attraction. As soon as I received the group notice I ran over to take a look.


With each new release you can always count on seeing the latest build set up on the sim and decorated with style. Still under construction, you can see how the decorating process unfolds by visiting over and over and over LOL ! I do and so can you! My favorite part of this new home is the barn doors and small boat slip area on the other side of the house. The space inside is large enough( but not so large its hard to fill the room) to include a living room, kitchen, bath and bedroom.  I can’t wait to play with the wind-lights in firestorm and take advantage of the the arched roof and windows for shadow play in my photo’s. Until next time ….


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