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Catwa Dyana Basic Female Mesh Head

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Earlier this week Catwa released the Dyana head. It is her latest release in her basic line of mesh heads that cost only L$ 900 for the base model. Any additional add-ons such as animations and blinking have different pricing. You can check the price chart on Catwa’s flickr for all the details. Like her previous […]

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New Dyana Mesh Head by Catwa

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Clique nas imagens para ampliar

Rae Hair – AD – NF
Dyana Mesh Head V4.9 – CaTwA – New
Basic – FatPack – Heads by Catwa
Eirtae Skin – Lumae – NF
T8 – Mocha
App Included ( Body and Heads)
Lara Mesh Body V3.5 – Maitreya – NF
Formal Set Jewelry – PM – NF
Necklace and Earrings

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Catwa Mesh Head – Amy – Review

Previously posted by Morgana Hilra at So Hawt SL.

So Blue without YOU

Hi everybody!

So, I was getting ready to blog this look, and out of no where I got this INSANE boost of energy!
Honestly, I think I lost my SH** for a few minutes there but, it ended up with a sort of funny video.. <- if you click that link you can see it………

Anyway, moving on, I have finally fixed my machine by replacing the most recently released Nvidia graphic driver..
It is fully to the brim with bugs so bad, I am actually surprised that they released it at all.
Trust me, I have been researching their forums, and I am not the only person that has been having issues, like the graphics card overheated (even though the core temps were WELL below that), and blue screen crashes..
So, I did many many tests on my PC including a few stress tests on my memory to make sure it wasn’t on my side.. and well, since replacing the driver, all is so much better.

That being said!!
Here is the video I worked so hard on.. please forgive the dog.. LOL!

Morgana Hilra’s photostream

Morgana’s Youtube Channel

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Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Eretria | Morgana Hilra | WIP

Hair  | eXxEsS : | CHAMPAGNE | Layja Vidor | New Release 

Head | .CATWA HEAD | Amy | catwa.clip | New Release

Eyes | {S0NG} :: | Hyun // Green Eye |funeral.plutonian

Body | Maitreya | Mesh Body Lara | onyx leshelle |

Skin/Catwa Applier | Lara Hurley| Gia Pale | Lara Hurley | Summerfest| June | 2016

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel


Dress | Blueberry | Selena Dress | blueberryxx  | Summerfest| June | 2016

Shoes | fri. | Cleo.Sandals – 24.7 Pack |  Darling Monday | Summerfest| June | 2016


Necklace | Vengeful Threads | Dark Cameo Necklace | Vixn Dagger | Genre | June | 2016

Bracelet | *BOOM* | Soul Searchers Bracelet (black) | aranel.ah | Summerfest| June | 2016


Pose | (marukin) | valencia.southard


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Catwa Amy Basic Female Mesh Head

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(click here for a raw shot) While I was away on my mini-break, Catwa released another female mesh head, this time named Amy. Amy is also a basic mesh head, therefore only L$ 900 for the base model. All other add-ons for animations and such will cost extra. Click over to the price chart on Catwa’s […]

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Body & Hair

[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Robin @ COSMETIC FAIR NEW
Skin by Deetalez
.euphoric ~Hollywood Lashes NEW
Insol: ‘Natura collection’ #11 – ‘Ice’ EYES @ COSMETIC FAIR NEW
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

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Catwa Helena

Previously posted by anabellemarquis at Bellessima.


Hi there, I wanted to do a post on Catwa’s recent release Helena and show different skin appliers on it. I hope it will help you see the different looks that can be achieved  with one head. I wanted to give a big Thank you to Catwa Clip❤ Thank you for looking❤

Head: Catwa Helena V.4.9
Hair: Fiore Isla Ombres Pack

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‘Raining on Sunday’ ft Amara Beauty, Avanti, Argrace, Catwa, Maitreya, Zenith, Exposeur

Previously posted by at Suzy’s Gladrags.

Well, after another couple of hours today (that I’ll never get back as my Mother used to say) trawling through marketplace and inworld shops for decent clothes for my man’s TMP body, we had almost given up hope – I still live in hope of finding him the perfect jeans – that fit perfectly around the waist and he can wear shoes or boots with, in a style he feels comfortable about wearing. Men are funny creatures, they like nothing better than to see us females (who might be around the 50 year old age bracket in RL, the same as them) tottering around in skimpy clothes and impossibly high heels on SL that we wouldn’t be seen dead wearing in RL, but ask them to wear jeans with underpants attached to the waist or ass crack showing and omg, how dare you? lol.

So anyway, today he’s modelling (coughs) some shoes and jeans which fortunately you can’t see very well, cos he can’t remember where he got them – he hasn’t quite got the hang of this blogging lark yet obviously!
He was wearing (before the photo) a nice jacket from Lavarock, which I mention purely because even though it wasnt specifically designed for the TMP body, it did fit nicely, so am sure you’ll be seeing it here soon! 
His hair is from No Match as I said yesterday – I don’t need to worry about remembering his hair, the last one he had was four years old and in that time he never had it off his head, we had to have it surgically removed!
My Stuff:
Head – Catwa – Sarah
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Hair – Argrace – Hikari – Blacks
Skin Applier – Amara Beauty – Riley @ We <3 Roleplay
Bodysuit – Avanti @ Rock Attitude Fair
Ripped Stockings – Avanti @ Rock Attitude Fair
Cosy Long Gloves – Zenith
Earrings – Voodoo Rocker – Maxi Gossamer
Pose – {.:exposeur:.} Stay Tonight
Location – Rainy Alley


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‘Fields Of Gold’ ft Catwa, LeLutka, TMP, Maitreya, Amara Beauty, Gabriel, Addams, Rebellion, Exposeur, Tabou, Maxi Gossamer, No Match, TMP, The Gates of Melancholy

Previously posted by at Suzy’s Gladrags.

Now I have the love of my life all meshed up and raring to go, we decided to take a few pics.. not as easy as you’d think when most places dont allow you to rez pose balls! Fortunately I found this lovely sim called ‘Gates of Melancholy‘ and the owner will add you to the group to rez as long as you clear up after yourself

And while I am in the mood to be picky, come on you designers of clothes for the male TMP bodies! About time you pulled your socks up and gave our lovely men some decent fitting clothes – how many men have splashed out all that dosh on these sexy bodies and then been unable to find clothes to fit? I was shocked at some of the ill fitting clothes my man tried which were advertised as ‘TMP compatible’ I don’t know which mesh body they based their fitting on but it definitely wasn’t this one!
Once he logs back on I’ll update this blog with the items that he is wearing that DO fit!

My clothes are the same as in my last blog – I know, it’s terrible – I normally change outfits at least three times a day lol. I’ll list them below anyway.. Thanks again for checking out my blog and come back soon!

Head – Catwa Sarah
Body – Maitreya Lara
Skin Applier – Amara Beauty – Riley @ We<3 RP
Riders Jacket – Gabriel @ Vintage Fair
Lixie Jeans & Waist Chain – Addams
Embroidered Bustier Applier Top – [email protected]
Rock Star Gloves & Finger Tape – Tabou @ Rock Attitude Fair
Hair – Clarice – LeLutka
‘Fatality’ Leather Bracelet – Rebellion
Banshee Stud Heart Short Necklace – Maxi Gossamer
Amalfi Summer Night Earrings – Maxi Gossamer ( Group Gift) 

Head, Body & Skin Applier – TMP
Hair – No.Match – No Access
Jeans – Daniel Grant – Alex Worn Blue Jeans 
Boots – Jericho Desert Boots – Cold Ash  
Sweater – Dayton Sweater – Cold Ash

Poses – Exposeur

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Catwa Helena 4.9 and Bodyfy

Previously posted by at All Breezy.

Bodyfy opens on the 8th and PaperDoll's has created the Unsafe Septum ring.  I decided to wear it as I feature the Catwa Helena 4.9.  Enjoy!!

Photo Only

Catwa Helena Video:

Catwa Basic Head Pricing Explanation(For Reference featuring Sarah):

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Catwa Helena Basic Female Mesh Head

Previously posted by Strawberry Singh at

Catwa has released another basic mesh head by the name of Helena. It costs L$ 900, just like her other basic heads and of course you can purchase the add-ons if you wish to have animations and such. You can see a full price chart on Catwa’s flickr if you are interested. I’ve made a little video showing […]

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