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Catwa Bento Catya

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Dear reader.  Hope your lovely Saturday.

This time, I tried to Catwa bent head “Catya”.
and i was looking for a new skin on Catya. then i found a skin.
That skin was created by Brendon Papp’s !Imabee. you can find only on Marketplace.
when i see the skins vender picture, almost I did not think about to buy or not, i bought very quick.
This skin is “Danae”.  !Imabee’s new release skin for Catwa mesh head applier.
One of awesome thing that including for body skin too! for Maitreya, Slink, and Lolas and Phat Azz.
check it Marketplace and try the DEMO.
And Catwa mesh eye applier and makeup applier was by E U P H O R I C.
demi’s makeup and eyes makes very beautiful an adult woman.

Head : CATWA HEAD Bento Catya
Skin : !Imabee: Stigma – Danae – CATWA Bento Head Applier @ Marketplace
Eyes : CATWA mesh eye
Catwa mesh eye applier : .euphoric ~Neva Glitter Eyes Applier~[Catwa] @ Cosmopolitan
Lipstick : .euphoric ~ Jojo Lipstick Applier ~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Blush with beautyMark : .euphoric ~ Moon Light Highlighter Blush with BM~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
body : Maitreya Lara
Hair : AD – mistletoe – dark browns @ Analog Dog Hair

As i thought, Catwa Bento head is different with Lelutka Bento head Simone. when editing the shape, i feel it very much. I love both. each head is 5000L.. but there is worth to buy…. if you like edit the shape, you could enjoy for sure.
Simone is already version 2.2 … was updated since i bought.
if you have interesting in it, please visit to Catwa main store and try the demo!

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Hope see you soon….

Catwa Daniel Bento Mesh Head

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Catwa Clip has just released her first male Bento head by the name of Daniel. Daniel comes with a lot of options but there will also be addons for him which you will be able to purchase later on. I have made a little video about this head, explaining it in detail and also showing some […]

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2017 0111 Insol Marshell’s Secret CATWA Skin [email protected] Epiphany

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Marshell's Secret

— Insol@The Epiphany (Starts Jan 13th)

Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE (Creme) (Gacha Key)

— +elua+@uber 

+elua+ Kezia2_Brown

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Catya Bento Mesh Head by CATWA

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Give a girl a new toy, right? I have been a total tweakaholic with my Catya Bento Mesh Head by Catwa. And have probably worn down the patience of all my friends listening to me whine that I wasn’t happy with my shape. I even posted a pic on Facebook yesterday saying I was finished tweaking. And wasn’t. LOL

But nowwwww I really, really am finished. I loveeeeee my Catya Head!!!! I think she now has the essence of the Candy Head but softer. I love it from every angle. I love my Catwa mesh eyes, I love my eye applier by E.Marie, I love my Glam Affair skin with it, I love…well you get the drift. I am extremely happy! Oh, love my Izzie’s dimples too, can’t leave home without ’em. 😉  Thank you to everyone who listened, supported, offered assistance with shape-making, you guys are incredible.

About this gorgeous hair framing my new face! This is [email protected]’s [email protected] this week, called Leila. She is only 69Ls for each pack! The five color packs are great, sometimes I have a difficult time picking which one I want to wear, fatpack gal that I am. 😉 Hurry down to the store, fantastic hair at a great price? I hear the stampede!

Happy shape-making for YOUR Bento Head.


Skin – Glam Affair – Giusy Applier (Catwa)
Catwa – Catya (Bento) Head & Mesh Eyes, Maitreya Lara body

Eye Applier – e.marie – day dream (for Catwa Mesh Eyes)
Vivid (New!!) – Wearing a selection from Aquas Pack

Izzie’s Dimples (Catwa)

Hair – :::[email protected]::: – InWorld / Marketplace Website Facebook Flickr
This Week’s [email protected]! Only 69Ls for each color pack!
Includes basic, tintable hair bases

▲ GingerlyView on Flickr — [Full] Outfit Credits ° CATWA HEAD…

By – The L Word Blog. Visit ▲ GingerlyView on Flickr — [Full] Outfit Credits ° CATWA HEAD… for original post.

View on Flickr — [Full]

Outfit Credits
° L’Etre – Real Eyes [#27]
° Atelier Pepe – Alice – Spring (New for Dec. BishBox)
° DOUX – Abie Hairstyle [FATPACK]
° DOUX – Bang [Style4]
° L’Etre – Luminosite Eyeshadow [#3]
° L’Etre – Cati lipstick [#10]
° [okkbye] The Button Nose – CATWA Appliers
° .random.Matter. – Yeol Glasses – Gold
° #EMPIRE – Choker 
° -tres blah- Olsen Sweatshirt – Sweater Weather

Furniture Credits
° RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Chalet Entry RARE

Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – BentoSkin // [Pink Fuel] Sabine…

By – demi’s little lookbook. Visit Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – BentoSkin // [Pink Fuel] Sabine… for original post.

Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – Bento
Skin // [Pink Fuel] Sabine – CATWA Head Applier (NEW!)
Hair // *barberyumyum*71O
Bangs // *barberyumyum*bangs ©
Hands // VISTA PROHANDS – Bento
Body // Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Ears // [MANDALA] Steking Ears Season5
Brows // [Buzzeri] The Soft Eyebrow {For Catwa}
Dermal // Schadenfreude Heart Dermal Piercing  @ Kawaii Project
Lashes // #adored – antoinette lashes {catwa}  @ Kawaii Project
Coat // [ parfait. ] Bunny’s Winter Coat  @ Kawaii Project
Choker // #Foxy Bowie Choker (Previous Gift, not sure if still available)

Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – BentoSkin // [Pink Fuel]…

By – demi’s little lookbook. Visit Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – BentoSkin // [Pink Fuel]… for original post.

Head // CATWA HEAD Catya – Bento
Skin // [Pink Fuel] – Doll V2 – CATWA
Hair // DOUX – Lorena Hairstyle
Hands // VISTA PROHANDS – Bento
Body // Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Dress // Tee*fy Scarlett BabyDoll Dress Sheer – White
Panties // #EMPIRE – Arcade Dec ‘16 – Panties
Stockings // REIGN.– Kitty Stockings 
Eyepatch // Lovely Disarray – The Opulent Eyepatch  @ Kawaii Project
Necklace // .Quirky. – Elizabeth Necklace – White  @ Kawaii Project
Treat // sue cream. moonlight romance – snowman @ Kawaii Project
Ears // +Inkhole+ Fluffy Momo Ears  @ Kawaii Project

Table // {Apple Fall} Tiffany Dining Table
Chairs // +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses – Chair (White)
Balloons // +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons
Tea & Cakes // DISORDERLY. / MARIE’S TEA PARTY  @ Kawaii Project

2016 1227 Insol Anita CATWA [email protected]

By – Clau’s Closet. Visit 2016 1227 Insol Anita CATWA [email protected] for original post.


— Insol@uber 

Insol: Catwa Skin ANITA (Cinnamon) – new tones Cinnamon, Tanned, Honey + Chocolate & Ebony + Body Appliers

— Avatar

[monso] My Hair – Seulgi (m) /Brown (uber )
Insol: Anita (Cinnamon) (uber )
IKON Promise Eyes – Parchment
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
ISON – gemini dress -maitreya- (black) (uber )

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