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Catwa Heads V4.10

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Jana Hair – EMO-tions – Group Gift

Annie Vampire Head V4.10 – CaTwA – New
Female Heads V4.10, Male Heads V4.11:
Animations HUD & Head Updates:
Eyes Lacrimal texture is changed for some heads/
Low Quality Blinking speed is added to animations HUD
 [The Slowest button on left], This can be useful for laggy sims.
Rez button now doesn’t work after each teleport, it will only work when clicked.

Sabine Catwa App – LUMAE – NF
 T6- Tawny- Starlight- For Catwa Head

Lara Mesh Body V3.5 – Maitreya – NF

2016 0909 CATWA Dyana + Insol Ashley | Scarlet Creative

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CATWA Dyana + Insol Ashley

— Avatar

Insol: Face ‘Ashley’ -ST03 ‘Peach’
[White~Widow] Shallows – Henna – RARE

IKON Triumph Eyes – Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body  V3.5
tram F728 hair
ISON – lace front mini -maitreya- (white) (Collabor88)

— Scene

Scarlet Creative Elfin Forest Village (Collabor88)
Blueberry – Mykonos – 25 Plays – On Cloud 9 – REWARD (The Arcade)
Astralia – Don’t grow up (hot baloon) special prize! (The Arcade)

(fd) Cat – 13 Standing Up

— Pose

Le Poppycock– Bad Connection

Catwa Mesh Heads in Second Life

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Catwa is definitely in the lead for most number of mesh heads released. To date she has released a few male mesh heads, a few female premium mesh heads, several female basic mesh heads and a few static mesh heads which cost L$ 400 or less. For a full list of pricing on all these different […]

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Catwa Blogger Search!!!!!!!

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Catwa Blogger Search

My friend, Catwa Clip, is looking for a few good bloggers to join her team!

Do you think you have what it takes?

Well, prove it!

She has her blog application right here!

Catwa Blogger Search Application <- CLICK IT!

Good luck to all whom apply!

Catwa Mainstore <- Limo

And to those of you I personally know….

If you are accepted, I hope you make both Catwa, and I super proud!

I must say, this is by far one of the best blogging experiences I have ever had, and Catwa is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet!

Have fun folks! xoxo


New Outfits and Catwa Applier @ Lakshmi

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[LAKSHMI]Maisa Short Pants @ MBA 2016 until Aug 21
.:EMO-tions.. *KEONA* Hair @ Shiny Shaby

[LAKSHMI]Emily-CATWA Applier/4Medium @ COSMOPOLITAN Until Aug 14

 BLOG {ZOZ} Soft Flowers Polish 

‘Sarah’ ft Catwa, Crown, Belleza, ChiChica, Addams, Maxi Gossamer, Posetivity, No Match, Muka, Reverie

By – Suzy’s Gladrags. Visit ‘Sarah’ ft Catwa, Crown, Belleza, ChiChica, Addams, Maxi Gossamer, Posetivity, No Match, Muka, Reverie for original post.

I was reading in a group yesterday that a lot of people are peeved with bloggers who don’t mention which skin they are using in their pics. I can only think that some bloggers prefer to keep their basic ‘look’ to themselves and just blog the clothes they are using. I do find it disappointing myself when I love the look of a skin and there’s no credit for it – I always tell people where I get mine, whether I have been lucky enough to have been given them to blog or bought them myself (which is most of the time!)

Another peeve was not crediting poses – so here I made sure I wrote down which I used before I forgot – the pose above is Foxy 5 from Posetivity.
Starting from the top – this hair is called ‘April’ and is from Crown on marketplace – I love their hair, there are so many shades on the huds, the only downside to them is they aren’t designed for mega-boobs, so you might have to shrink the bazookas, but even so, I still love the hair. I found some hairbase appliers free for group members at No Match for Catwa and LeLutka Heads, so I grabbed them all!

Pose above is lori6, also Posetivity.
Big News this week in the world of mesh heads (and my world lol) is the release by Catwa of the new ‘Sarah’ mesh head. You need to go along to the shop and read the options which are available for this amazing new head. You can buy a basic or premium version and there are add-ons for animations, if that’s your thing. I’m using the basic head in these photos, with the Belleza applier in tan which is called Mila and available @ the main store now. Eyes are from Ikon –  Sovereign – Nymph.

Above Pose is Posetivity -Nina 5
Bracelets are Voodoo Rocker from Maxi Gossamer and the Emma Top With Laces you have probably seen on almost everyone in SL – it’s new from Addams, I don’t know why I feel the need to buy everything that appears in this store -well apart from all their clothes being fabulous quality and a perfect fit lol. Case in point being the Laura Jeans, they give your avi such a gorgeous shaped bum, I now if only someone could do that for me in RL, I would be a happy bunny! Handbag is Ashbury from Reverie – love this bag. I think I saw a new one out by them at Fameshed, I’ll have to save up for that one I think.

The above pose was in a chair where I took the photos – RK Poses Mainstore – I felt a bit guilty using their sim when I didn’t use their poses, apart from the one in the chair, but I will use them in later blogs, there are some fantastic poses there.
Last but definitely not least are the wedge shoes from ChicChica. This has to be my favourite shoe store on SL now. I couldn’t decide which to buy, the high cinderella heels, or the flat pumps, they are all so gorgeous I could have bought the whole shop – but I finally settled on these mid height Sonya Wedges in black. I love the detail on all the ChicChica range, the stones and jewels look so realistic! the Ankle Chain is from Muka, has a hud to change texture and comes with rigged or non rigged versions.

Thank you so much for reading my post and come back soon!

‘Nothing At All’ ft Amara Beauty, Catwa, Iconic, Addams, Maxi Gossamer, Redgrave, Ikon, YS&YS

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The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me..
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all. 
Amara Beauty‘s Shantia Soulstar has excelled herself again with a stunning new applier for the Catwa Gwen head – this beauty is called Lucie and will be on sale in 8 different shades from Monday 4th April at the new round of We <3 RP. Please note that Lucie is designed for Catwa‘s GWEN head and therefore might not look quite as good on the other heads due to the different lip UV, but you can always try a demo.
Other Credits:
Head – Catwa Gwen
Body – Maitreya Lara
Skin – Amara Beauty – Toffee @ We <3 RP
Bracelet – Voodoo Rocker – Maxi Gossamer
Hair / Hat – Derby – Iconic
Eyeshadow – YS&YS Glamour Eyeshadow for Catwa
Catalina Overall Shorts – Addams
Rita Top w/Buttons – Addams
Sand Biker Boots – Redgrave
Pics taken @ Nusquam

Thanks again for checking my blog and come back soon!

Welcome Dione to my life. You have begun my new age with Catwa Head. Perch and Popy..What do you think about this?

By – Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.. Visit Welcome Dione to my life. You have begun my new age with Catwa Head. Perch and Popy..What do you think about this? for original post.

“Never say never because what you have”.
Mina Bucci. 
Happy Friday!!!
The next post is very special for me. Why?…..I said that I will never buy a Catwa Head. The reason: I felt as little girl (teenager). Well, I have learned a lesson: “Never say never because you have”. Ladies: I love my new face. My apologies with Catwa because I thought that this breand would never offer me a head to my taste. But, this fact was possible due to ::JUMO;; Fashion&Beauty. My friend, June Monterio created a wonderful apply skin for Catwa Head named: “Dione”: WELCOME TO MY LIFE!!!
The next styling is a mix&match of ::JUMO:: Fashion&Beauty; PERCH and oh lala!!. Three brands in a one styling. 
1st. picture: *Dione Skin* – ::JUMO:: Fashion&Beauty. Dione, owner of a disturbing beauty, both sacred and profane, no doubt a beauty to be noticed.  Widelmina uses CATWA – Dyana with *Dione*-Cream Tone.  She uses Slink Body Mesh-Psysique. 
*Dione Skin* by ::JUMO:: Fashion&Beauty includes:
Makeups: Catwa appliers (Skin, Eyeshadows and Lipsticks)
Bodies: The Mesh Project, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink appliers
Classic avatar versions for Skin and Makeups included.
2nd picture, Mina shows you a design from PERCH – Lacy Body Sky available at Outlet SL. Applies OMEGA and Slink Body Mesh and classic avatar version. She uses make up from ::JUMO:: Fashion&Beauty – *Dione Eyeliner and lipstick*. Shoes by oh lala!! participant brand at In your Shoes 2016 – Popy Heels (Bubble Gum): You must use them with Slink Feet High (No included). 
Next picture, you can see the beauty of *Dione* – Cream by ::JUMO:: Fashion&Beauty with the femenine and sensual “Lacy Body” by PERCH at Outlet SL. Complements:
– Hair by Vanity Hair – Monaco Blacks.
– Necklace and earrigns by Zibska – Kara (Offer 50L). 

– Nail by alme.   Buttoned Gold Light (New Release The Black Dot Project).

Happy Shopping!!!
xo xo xo

‘Close My Eyes’ ft Amara Beauty, Catwa, Little Bones, Rebel Hope, 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Erratic, Iruco, NRage, YS&YS, Blankline, TMD

By – Suzy’s Gladrags. Visit ‘Close My Eyes’ ft Amara Beauty, Catwa, Little Bones, Rebel Hope, 7 Deadly S{k}ins, Erratic, Iruco, NRage, YS&YS, Blankline, TMD for original post.

Pose – NRage – Feel That?
Location – Kilu Majorca 

Head – TMP – Anime
Body – TMP Deluxe
7 Deadly s{k}ins – Damien Caramel V2 HB
Blankline Cardie with shirts @ TMD
Blankline ColorPants  [White] @ TMD
Hair – Iruco – Hair 36
Eyes  – Ikon –  Sovereign – Nymph

Head – Catwa – Gwen
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Skin Applier for Gwen Head – Amara Beauty – @ We <3 RP
Eye Candy Lingerie – Rebel Hope @ Fameshed
Allure Robe – Erratic @ Uber
Hair – Little Bones – Feline
Ikon – Charm –  Storm 

‘Far Too Long’ ft Mina, Lure, Evani, Catwa, Ikon, CoCo, [email protected], Chillie, Le Poppycock

By – Suzy’s Gladrags. Visit ‘Far Too Long’ ft Mina, Lure, Evani, Catwa, Ikon, CoCo, [email protected], Chillie, Le Poppycock for original post.

Lure had this gorgeous skin at the recent Skin Fair I think and I missed it, but ‘Victoria’ is in the store now – I had a Lure skin previously which I used on my TMP head – but this one has so many more appliers – Catwa, Slink, TMP, Genesis and Omega heads as well as the bodies. I used the ‘Sarah’ head here from Catwa, it looks perfect too – I love the lips, which is always the first thing I look at when trying a skin. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee.

I was lucky enough to get the Mina ‘Mary’ all special rare pack at my first attempt at the gacha @ The Seasons Story today which was amazing given my usual luck, I could usually have paid for the shop before I get the colour I want!

Pics here were taken at Kilu, Majorca sim, really great place to take photos! Poses in the first two pics are from Le Poppycock and the one below was in the chair.

Jeans are also @ The Seasons Story, by Evani. I thought they were a little on the expensive side, but then the quality is fantastic, they do fit perfectly on the Maitreya body and the bum looks very sexy so I couldn’t resist. The applier bustier top is ‘Sally’ from [email protected] and the fringe vest is from CoCo Designs. The Chillie ‘Austin’ Boots I’ve had for a while, got them on marketplace HERE.

Very sad news about Prince this week. I was going to add the video for another song, then I saw this and it’s awesome, so take a look! Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon xx