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My SL Movie Poster Challenge – Faye

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50 First Pixels
          This meme is a SL movie poster inspired by a movie you enjoy.  The first movie that came to mind for me was 50 First Dates. I find the movie completely adorable. Then the outfit and over all feel just came together for me. Plus I like to pretend I am super clever and thought the title was funny. 
          Meme Instructions: The challenge for this week is to create a movie poster for your SL avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original movie poster or think of a completely new idea of your own. Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember  to leave your link in this post’s comments, and/or in Strawberry Singh’s meme post. You can also find Strawberry’s other memes here. Also, if you put your meme photos on flickr, you can add them to the Blog Memes Flickr Group.
Hair: Argrace – Hikari {Cinnamon}
Eyes: IKON – Hope {Denim}
Ears: Soul – Uni Ears
Teeth: Shine – Vampire Teeth Long
Skin:  Logo – Chloe {Almond}
Body Drops: Izzie’s – Body & Face Waterdrops
Body Drops: *eL* by Ehmma Lykin – Wearable Sweat
Outfit: Gawk – Little Summer Jumpsuit {Limgreen}
Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands {Gesture & Elegant 1}
Feet: Slink – AvEnhance Feet {Medium}
Shoes: Gawk – Jessy Summer Wedges {Green}
Pose: Aeon – Coming soon
Location: Giggles Beach on Giggles (Moderate Sim)

SOMA Magazine Inspired Challenge!

Previously posted @ Chasing Catalina.

So as stated in my last post, this past week Steele gave us two challenges! The second was all about COLOR! He challenged us to use the SOMA Magazine as our inspiration and to create a colorful fashionable outfit that might fit in the magazine. No black and white! 
So I did my homework and researched SOMA, having never heard of it (Yes, shameful I know!). And one of the things that really stuck out for me was  an interviewer talking about how for his conservative tastes, some of the fashion was a little out there, so I took what he said there and ran with it, pushing myself behind the bounds of what I’d normally wear and going that extra step or three. 
Bright! Colorful! No blacks and whites to be found! The top is from [sYs] and the funky and fun pants are from Zibska, as are the shoes. Paired together, I think it’s a ton of fun and hope you do too! 
We also had to come up with our own running script, so here’s what I came up with. Enjoy! 
Color is in season and Catalina is adding quite the splash! She’s modeling Zibska’s unique Dagny ~ Trousers in a beautiful lime green, paired with the super fun [sYs] NODE bustier in blue. With her bright violet hair, Catalina is walking with confidence as she showcases the incredible jewelry from [MANDALA], adding that beautiful gold accent with the rainbow of color. Her shoes are also from Zibska with the cute Siana platform boots. 
Skin and Makeup: Glam Affair
Top: [sYs]
Pants: Zibska
Hair: TRUTH Hair
Jewelry: [MANDALA]
Shoes: Zibska
Poses: *PosESioN*

Dr. Who Inspired Challenge!

Previously posted @ Chasing Catalina.

So this past week’s challenge at the Miss Virtual World Academy was twofold. The first challenge was a look inspired by the hit TV series, Dr. Who.

Model: Catalina Staheli

Whew! Can you believe the odds that I just finished watching Dr. Who, season 1, two days prior? Luck was certainly on my side and a million ideas began racing through my head. I love how Dr. Who travels through space and time, going so far as I think 5 billion years in the future? The last day the Earth existed. Woo-hoo! That gave me a long span to plan out my outfit and Steele kept emphasizing…..don’t bore him. Don’t do the expected. So I created this whole look in my head with the idea of an alien race….one of the places they visit along the way and that took me off to Fallen Gods to see what fun skin I could find!

And there it was! Perfect! A beautiful blue iridescent skin just crying out to be used and Alia Baroque is my absolute hero when it comes to how he gives us not just an amazing skin, but the appliers, eyes, even nails that match so wonderfully!  A trip to [sYs] and I found this gown I thought was going to go well and then when I bought it and put it on!!!! ZOMG!! It changes colors! Pictures DO NOT do this gown justice at all! The colors in the black shift from this deep turquoise to an almost white hue before flowing back.

Well, seeing the dress and how it shimmered with the blues and whites gave me the idea of electricity and from there I found these awesome earrings from Electric Earth that are actually lightening contained in orbs with a fantastic ring to match. Hair from Zibska finished the look and I was so happy! Even when a lot of my poses wouldn’t work due to the gowns’ alpha, I still absolutely loved the finished product with poses from Vestige and *PosESioN* working really well.

What do you think?

The year is 3396 A.D. and the Doctor has come to visit. Here he’ll find those of us that now inhabit the Earth. The world has changed quite a bit over a thousand years in the future, and Catalina is here modeling the [sYs] DIVA Rave long dress in ISIS turquoise, which complements her beautiful skin from Fallen Gods. Her accessories are few, but of the highest quality raw lightening captured in her earrings and ring from Electric Earth, a luxurious accent found in these days ahead.


Skin: Fallen Gods
Makeup: Glam Affair
Lashes: MiaMai
Gown: [sYs]Jewelry: Electric Earth
Hair: Zibska
Poses: *PosESioN* and Vestige

My First Challenge!

Previously posted @ Chasing Catalina.

Model: Catalina Staheli

This was so exciting to start! My first challenge as a budding SL model. I have absolutely no expectations of anything coming of it. But I had fun putting this together!

So the theme was Spring Floral Street and boy was I a bit blonde when we started this, because I didn’t see the ‘street’ part. So I made a really nice spring floral look, but it wasn’t fitting the street part at all. Back to the drawing board!

And with that goof up, I was bit more careful about what I went looking for and then I reached out to one of my mentors, who took me by the hand and showed me two stores I’d never even heard of, but boy, I fell in love! I’m going to be heading back to both soon!

So let’s talk about what I found on my hunt. The first decision for me was the dress, a gorgeous creation by one of the new stores I’ve discovered, Zibska. I absolutely love how creative Zib is with her looks and how it really highlights just how amazing Second Life can be. But going back to this challenge!

With the theme of ‘floral’ as a major part of this challenge, I loved two things about this dress. One, the bright, vibrant hues that swirl together in a beautiful landscape, reminding me of a bed of flowers. The second reason was the shape of the skirt. With the addition of the belt, a cute find from MUSCHI, I just love how it blossoms out like the bell of a flower, all ruffles and beautiful flow.

From there I was shown the second new shop, [LeeZu!], and I fell in love all over again. These designs were more of the wearable every day bit and I could definitely see the street appeal, which works perfectly for this challenge! So I meandered around, but I kept coming back to the black Li-Belle top you see in the picture above. I just loved how unique it was and I could totally see a budding fashionista make something like this to wear. It wasn’t until I went to ultra settings to take the picture that I saw the texture and my jaw dropped in a great way. I loved how the sun shines off of the material and how it provides such a lovely contrast to the skirt.

Once my outfit was complete, it was time for shoes and accessories. I actually went back to Zibska on my mentor’s advice to check out the accessories and makeup and found these really cute boots, the Viatrix, that lace up along the leg and includes a hud to make them all different colors, including this awesome dark green. Modeling, I have such long legs, I like how the laces twine up along them like vines.

I had actually bought the earrings, the Seika earrings from the Kita Kamakura collection, a beautiful set from Chop Zuey, months ago as part of another venture, but I pulled them back out again as a whimsical thought and voila, it looked fantastic! Just the right hues of blue and green to match the dress.

I really wanted the earrings to shine through and the top to be showcased, so I opted for a short hair style for this look and TRUTH has this really cute little cut called Harley, which works perfectly all around for this!

Playing with my make up, all from Glam Affair, which is also where this skin is from, I teased out the colors a little more with blue and green around my eyes and fun purple for my lips and voila! My finished look for my very first challenge as a model. Yay!

You can find more about the challenge here!!styling-challenge/c6ap


Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: TRUTH Hair
Dress: Zibska
Top: [LeeZu!]Belt: MUSCHI
Boots: Zibska
Earrings: Chop Zuey
Pose – *PosESioN*

Miss Virtual Spain 2016 Challenge : Lybra

Previously posted @ VERSUS Magazine.

Invite Miss Virtual Spain Challenge Lybra, May 10-1.00 pm


Ladies and Gents,

We are delighted to invite you to join us on May 10 pm , 1.00 pm for the Styling Challenge of Miss Virtual Spain 2016 : | Lybra |

Take the Limo you can’t miss it!


The Staff for Miss Spain 2016

Raid Your Closet Challenge 3.0!

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I thought it would be fun to take part in this little challenge.  In this post I’m going to share with you the information so YOU can join in the RYCC, and I’m also going to link my “Always Wears” so you know which items won’t change on me… although I do link them in each post anyway. ♥

The Notecard:
Dear Shopping Addict,

It’s time for another edition of the Raid Your Closet Challenge! I created this challenge for myself in 2011, and my blog was born of it. I revisited it in 2013, and after checking out my inventory I realized it was time for another edition! So, RYCC 3.0 begins May 1st and will run the entire month.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wear something different in each look for the duration of the challenge. You can have “exceptions” if you always wear the same skin or shape or eyelashes. Just be sure you state those in your very first post.

So, for example, my exceptions are:
My eyelashes
My shape

Just make sure to follow the main rules: a new look each week, and you must have owned every item in the picture before May 1st, 2015. You can also feel free to participate more than once a week (or less, but think of the sad, unused items in your inventory that you will let down)!

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to just share via Plurk or Flickr!

Are you up for the challenge??? If you are, then let’s raid our “closets” together!

Me on Plurk:

RYCC flickr group:

My Blog:


My Always Wears:
Shape | My Own Custom
Skin | alterego I mayumi collection – havana
Lashes | Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK
Mouth | .Loud Mouth. – Danika Smile
Teeth | .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth
Ears | MANDALA – STEKING ears ver4
Feet | Slink Slink AvEnhance Feet Female
Hands | Slink Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual [Left]Hands | Slink Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant [Right]Ring | JCNY – Davinci, Hyper-Gems Combo Wedding Ring 2.0
Necklace | **RealEvil** Black Heart Necklace RLV 4.0 (Sometimes Invisible)
Necklace | Key to My Heart (No Longer Sold)

Generally anything else liable to change.

The Return of the Raid Your Closet Challenge!

Previously posted @ Bluebird’s Song.

Hi! So, I’ve brought back the Raid Your Closet Challenge! RYCC 3.0 is officially underway. If you missed the original and the sequel, now’s your chance to take part in the latest version. Not familiar with RYCC? Well, here’s a page with lots of info!

The RYCC Page

This challenge requires that everything blogged was in my (and should you choose to participate, your) inventory as of 11:59 pm April 30th, 2015. As in every prior RYCC you are expected to wear an entirely new outfit – something you’ve never blogged/photographed/worn before – each week (or however often you participate), but you can have exceptions. My exceptions include my shape (my own creation) and my eyelases (Mon Cheri’s Falsies, which I wear nearly exclusively). I likely also frequently repeat my SLink mesh hands and feet, though probably not in every post. If you decide to participate, either via Plurk, Flickr or your own blog, just make sure you list your own exceptions, too!

For my first pic, I’m wearing seriously adorable Ohmai Salon hair I bought at last year’s Hair Fair and never wore once. I built the outfit around this hair, and the dress is from Gizza that I bought at Shiny Shabby a couple of rounds back. Without further ado, here are my pics… both taken at Blithe, which is fast becoming a favorite place to take pics!

Daydreamer (RYCC Week 1)

Birds of a feather...

Be sure to join the Flickr group to follow as the challenge progresses and add your own pics. You can also share your blog links in the comments of this post!


Glam Affair: Alice Cygana skin – Jamaica 07e
Ohmai Salon: Sopha hair w/tweeters – Naturals
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Sapphire
Mon Cheri: Falsies lashes
Gizza: Cara dress – white
SLink: Mesh hands & feet
Eudora: Artemis Sandals
Cae: Anniversary ring
Wicked Peach: Sparkling Wine manicure applier
Infiniti: Definite poses 5m (pic 1) & 1 (pic 2)

The Challenge – beach fun

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

The Challenge - Little Llama

Little Llama have a terrific set out for those of you who enjoy fooling about on the beach. This is their offering for the current round of The Challenge. I absolutely adore the treasure chest drinks cooler – it offers up some lovely frosty drinks. The chair is cleverly designed like a folded fish, and the parasol that’s attached is colour change (as is the chair). I’m actually sat on a sandy patch that I’ve dropped below the land line so you cant see it, I think it’s really designed for children but as you can see – I managed to squash myself on to build a sandcastle. The bucket dispenses spades, sand castles etc..its absolutely brill for grown ups and children alike !

Little Llama

The Challenge blog

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The Challenge – Drifting

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk raft

A new round of The Challenge has begun, and I’ve got the perfect thing to share with you for lazing about. This raft is by 22769 bauwerk and its stuffed with poses that will let you lounge about in the sunrays. Its called a beach raft but really it works for lakes and ponds also. Beautifully decorated with flippers, a cotton wraps that’s hanging on to the edge and a life ring it will bring some life to your water and peace to your soul. Theres even some water melon sliced and ready to chomp on ! The raft seats up to three people and there is 20 animations built right in – perfect huh?

22769 bauwerk

The Challenge Blog

bikini & skirt by LUXE Paris

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Bloggers Challenge – Inspiration Recreations, May

Previously posted @ Rags To Riches.

Here is my photo choice for May.  I just love the facial expressions that Zooey Deschanel pulls and when I came across this little set of pictures that looked like they were spat out of one of those photo booths I faved it straight away to reproduce one day.  Since I am super busy at the moment I took the easy option this month and decided to do my own weird and wacky photo booth faces.

Inspiration Recreation May

Pick one of the photos below (these are thumbnail images,  click to see original image) and recreate it however it inspires you.  Feel free to recreate a photo using the opposite sex avatar shown to the model in the photo, use a different colour hair/shoes, use furniture that might not look exactly the same but still fits the pic you are putting together etc.

may 1 may 2 may 3 may 4 may 5 may 6

Join the flickr group for the challenge and share your photos.

Leave a link to your blog/photo in the comments below.

Skin: Pink Fuel – Crystal – Doll V2
Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Kumi (mesh)
Eyes:  IKON – Destiny Eyes – Black
Eye Shadow:  Buzzeri – Nyx Eyeshadow
Lipstick:  Pink Fuel – INK Lipstick
Shirt:  The Plastik – Saige (mesh)
Facial Expressions:  AnyPose Expression V1.0 HUD
Head Poses:  Avimote PoseMaker PE 1.02

Be seen. Join BloggingSL on Flickr.