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Hey :)
So here’s the thing, I have decided to scroll back through Strawberry Singh’s memes and challenges and choose a few to do. I like them because they are fun and if truth be told I think they will inspire me to blog more of my items quicker, so I have gone waaaay back and decided to start  with the “Meet my friend challenge”. Berry has them all on her blog in which I have linked above and you are free to do them at any given time.
Don’t forget to post your links and add your images to the Blog Meme Flickr. 

I waited patiently for my darling best friend Shilenni to come online and bombarded her with a load of questions, some about SL and some random crap :)
I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed doing this challenge.
And so you guys don’t get confused, all my answers are bold. :)

Meet My Friend Challenge

Hey there pretty lady, so as you know I am doing the Meet my friend Meme and what better friend than you? So I am about to ask you some questions and maybe dig really deep and hopefully spill the beans on some personal parts of Shil, do you accept the challenge? ;)

Shilenni: Yes! Let’s do this!

amanda Randall: Yay! :D

1. So how long have you been in SL?
My story began here almost 5 years ago.

2. How did you learn about Second Life?
I don’t remember exactly…. lets say from a internet xD

Lol I should hang my head low for my Sims obsession, thanks to my brother that’s how I came here

oh nice! I love sims too maybe thats why I liked it but I rly don’t remember

Lol my first experience was a day to remember… HOWEVER that is a whole different meme
Continue I will put my pizza to the oven

LOL I am adding that too :P

cool it will be an epic post

I hope so lol

3. Do you like your avatars name still or would you change it if possible? Without using screen names obviously.
Before I meet you my love, I have never used screen names. This is how people call me in real life. Shill, Shillus, Shilla, Shillenia LOL. It’s my name and I love it. Now of course we two are playing with screen names for fun! do I told you today that I love you? *smiles*

Awww I am trying to remain somewhat professional here do not make me cry and get all sloppy, however I love you too ♥

:D ♥ I am hungry D: where is my pizza

4.  After that lil loveburst I feel these questions will be so boring but I shall go on, just try not to fall to sleep as you have pizza in the oven :P Do you have any alts?
Btw does this dress make my ass look huge? I am feeling like if I sit down to fast I will cause a sim restart lol

Yes I have, two actually. This is a long story… I will not say their names, but you saw them of course. First one – it was my main character, was made almost 5 years ago and I started my story with her on Second life. I had a lil store, many friends who stole my account <.< yes, sadly true. Then after that I have made my second avatar, what was of course my main account. I was mad, sad and who knows what more and I left SL. Then I returned after one year with my friend. To help you learn SL I have made my Shilenni. :D I was never playing with Alts for a cheating, hiding etc. It’s not me :) wow what a story.

But it’s an answer so I will take it, all I can say is Karma and it will come to them if it hasn’t already :) I would swear but… there will be a lot of profanity :P

I got her back after 3 years lmao but she is totally clean

5. F**kers! Okay moving on before I become angry because I just can’t stand people like that How did you spend your newbie days in the beginning?

Yeah, many friends – many problems and drama, I say no thank you!
nah! I was confusing for me and probably hilarious for others :D I meet a guy who showed me everything, and I am very grateful for that!

Yay for no hidden agenda males :D

6. And in the time you have been in SL what have you done?

What do you think? SHOPPING! lol dressing up over and over like a lil girl :D

Lol Lil Barbie ♥


7. Okay If you had three wishes that had to all be “spent” on you and you could not wish for more wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe a Malibu Dream House for your barbiness? ;-)

Lmao! It will be boring but I wish for me to be health, happy and live next door with you

How is that boring? Can you imagine the fun? :D I’ll bring you breakfast with English tea

Mhm poor SL will lose two best women in the world! And thats why I wish it for me!

LOL be like buhbai :D

*Can you readers feel the love in this interview? :P*

8. And what brings you back into SL?
I heard that a lot has changed, and I though I will give it another try. Last one. It was the best choice.

Mesh has been good to us lol

Yes :)

9. If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don’t they fall through the floor? :P
Who told you that? lol

I felt like being random and wonder if you knew the answer :P

No :P

Bummer! Maybe someone else.. hehe

10. Tell me the funniest memory you have since being in Second Life

Oh lord! I have many funny memories! especially with you! but lets tell something from the old times.. well like now you all know the 70% time on sl I spend on dressing up my doll. I have at home a cute sphynx cat named Bayron. One time I was standing naked, looking for some nice outfit. It was someone at the door so I run there and spend some 30 min with talking to my neighbour. when I came back… I was standing naked in one club, on the dj booth… 6546565653653 IM’s in my box. What a shame…. I think I just got the mass tp and my cat was walking on my desk and just click on some button and I arrived naked to this club. After that I was offline almost two months, it was huge shame for me.

LMFAO The visual on that has just made my day!


11. What do you love about Second Life? Honestly.

That I meet you, my true soul sister. It would not happened in real life. Thank you for that SL.

12. You are just too much ♥ ♥ ♥ I couldn’t agree more though, if you ever do this meme to me, this is also my answer and of course with that being asked and answered… What don’t you like about Second Life?

Well it’s maybe not about SL like on people behind their PC… I still can’t imagine how fake people can be… When they turn off computers they are totally different people. We can make about it a huge topic but they will never learn. SL has good side and bad side. Its up to you which one you will choose. If you will pick the bad one, you will get hurt.

I couldn’t agree more, which is why I am glad I have a circle of trustworthy friends and I stay in my box.

Amen lol
By box I mean skybox lol I do not do all this asphyxiation stuff lol

lmao! I know honey I know

13. If you had to choose the best thing about Second Life what would it be?
The boundlessness. You can talk with who you want, be what you want and stay here how long you like.

14. You’ve been in SL for 5 years, which is some time! And no doubt made a ton of friends, being the amazing person that you are is there anyone that has left that you would say you miss?

No, I am very shy person and I don’t make many friends. I am socially awkward D: The true friend is always by my side, and I miss her only when I go offline. Yes, thats you!

People may start to think this is orchestrated, you have so much love for me ♥ I know the feeling only too well though!

Phew! what can I do… its pure true


*Nope, I did not pay her for these answers or buy shoes lol *

15. Okay okay… ready What would your DJ name be? (LOL)
Dj Schnitzely, LMAO
\O/, Lmao

16. Do you have any favourite stores or designers?
Yes, I love high quality items but not many creators can surprise me. I am a shoe hoe <– lol I know… Reigh, Eudora 3D, Glamistry and for skins – The Shops ♥

I see you drooling as you answer that, we still need to do that shoe fetish picture, then at any point you feel you need to buy shoes, you can get your fill from that! :D

17. Has being in Second Life taught you anything?
Yes, distance to the people and their stories.

Ameeeeeeen, Drama is not needed

Yes! :D

18. What do you most regret and wish you could re do and do you need to get your pizza? Lol

I ate already :P In real or sl?


I regret that I was so trusting to the people. Now, after this years I would not do this anymore.

Sad that people take advantage because they’re behind a screen

19. What are your plans for the future in Second Life?

To be still happy, be successful with my blog and store.

:D and for the readers what’s the address of your blog and what’s it about? :D And your store, tell us about that.

Running & Hiding

Oh thats a good blog :P

I love photography and fashion. In my blog I am trying to post only new items, make mash ups and just play with the pictures. and about my store… ah well, I am still learning and this is not my priority. I love jewelry and shoes, and I will try to create that for a low price :)

There you have it SL watch out for the newest store to hit the grid along with new releases which will come to you soon!


20. Do you think Lipton employees are allowed to take a coffee break? :P
LMAO! yes, everyone need one day a coffee lol

21. Tell me a guilty secret about yourself, lets not make it a lil too risque though as this will be broadcast on le web lol



I have a great legs! but I never wear a skirt! I can’t handle that strangers wipe or touch my legs… it’s disgusting for me, the only time I showed my leg was my wedding, and after ceremony I dressed up myself lol

Did people start touching your leg then “That cake has buttercream….want some?” (Lil inside joke)

Lmao when you live in a big city and you walk on the street always happened that someone will touch you. I just can’t handle the feeling what they touched before and now I have it all on my skin

Yes, there should be sinks in the street, I must wash my hands at least 100 times a day, during preparing dinner, before, after, even if I am sat down for like 5 mins and touched nothing okay this is so not about me lol
Moving on!

21. Why is yawning contagious? And did you just yawn after reading the word YAWN? :P

I don’t know why but yes it happened many times to me :P and yes… I did it already !

LOL me too…..

22. Have you ever role-played inworld? If so what was it like?

No, never D:

23. Invisibility or flight?

24. If SL was to be gone tomorrow, what would you do?
Take a flight to you
amanda Randall writes her address
Almost done :D

25. How many breeds of Cats can you name?
All mixes on sphynx and maybe 10 more from others

Proceed :P

Want to hear all ? D:

Lol give it a gooo

Canadian Sphynx, Don Sphynx – I have that one! , Bambino Sphynx, Peterbald, Abbysianian, Australian Mist, British shorthair, Rex, Meine Coon, Persian, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Siamese, Thai lol! like you can see I love shorthair cats xD

amanda Randall applauds you! :D


26. Have you ever giggled at a funeral?

Mhm…. Yes it happened

Lol, I won’t ask why but I just giggled knowing you giggled
YAWN! Did you yawn again? ;)

Lord, yes


27. Most funniest moment today?

Telling you about my SL naked fail lol I am still ashamed.

LOL, nothing I haven’t seen before darling, I have lady parts too ;-)

Yes I know but it was in GOL LMAO, I was hosting there, what a shame!

LOOOL Okay now I feel bad for you

They thought I am naked pervert or something!

28. At this point I am just rambling here but hey, everyone loves a good read.
Okay so if people want to follow you and see what you’re up too outside of SL where can we find you?

Outside of SL? Like fb flickr or blog you mean?

Yes honey


Thank you honey, and for the readers this is where you can keep up to date with Shilenni if you want to see what’s she’s been doing or creating ! :D

29. And finally before I squeeze you to death for taking part in this with me Is there anything you want to share about yourself? Something that many may not know about you or any advice you want to give?

BE YOURSELF! Life is to short for a lies and games.

:D Thank you so much my love!

You’re welcome darling

I had so much fun doing this with Shil

If you feel like scrolling below for a naughty funny question that was not listed above as not to offend anyone, keep going :D another picture and her credits will be at the very end.
30. Have you ever faked an orgasm while masturbating ? [laughing] I am sorry but I just had too.

Well, *BIG LOL* while masturbating not, never. I always know what I am doing, another question should be “If I faked it while having boom boom” – Yes!

Thank you so much to my sweet love for participating!
If any of you guys wish to do this meme also feel free, please also click on over to Strawberry Singh’s blog where you can find more meme’s and join in the fun!

Meet My Friend Challenge - Shilenni Resident

*Skin* – The Shops – Pussy 22

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Ears* – AITUI – Ear System Gen 4 – Heart Plugs *MESH* – By  Jesseaitui Petion

*Hair Pic 1* – Argrace – Akane – Dark Browns *MESH* – By Rika Oyen

*Hair Pic 2* – Truth – Bijou – Light Browns *MESH* – By Truth Hawks

*Sweater* – Atomic – Darling Sweater – Set 2 *MESH* – By Ivy Graves

*Shorts* – Redgrave – Jeans Hot Pants *MESH* – By Emilia Redgrave

*Socks* – [OrsiniRed] – Stolen Dance Warmers *MESH* – By Hatili Ishtari *NEW@Cosmopolitan*

*Pose* – Caash – Balloons – Pose Pack 01 – By Carolina Ashmoot

The Challenge sneaky peeky (plus free gifts)

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

The Challenge - percent

I’ve got a sneak peek of something from the upcoming The Challenge round ! I couldn’t wait to share it really, it’s so epic and stylish. This is the Transit and wardrobe seat from % Percent. I’ve never ever seen anything like this before, it’s totally unique and is such eye-candy for your home. There are two other colour variants to choose from btw, I just adore this shade of blue. Some lovely poses in the seat (plenty of them), one of them has you sat plucking petals off a daisy awwwww ! All mesh and very low Li yippeee!

The Challenge - percent - FREE Boots Free top & pants

The doors open and reveal clothes hanging inside (which you can edit out to save a few prims, details in the notecard on how best to do it) The more I look at this piece the more I am determined to find a space for it in my SL home. Btw, my outfit and boots are both free gifts I found on the market place. The outfit is by eyelure and costs zero linden dollars.

FREE boots

The boots are a wearable demo from ShuShu and I simply adore them. I didn’t have to edit a thing, just popped them on right outta the box et voilà. Delicate floral print and classic sneaker design, what’s not to love at 0L !

%Percent (don’t forget this isn’t available until the 28th!)

Eyelure free outfit

ShuShu free boots

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Sartorialist Challenge

Previously posted @ kirstentacular.

Strawberry challenged us to find a well dressed stranger and take their picture. I must admit that I was not planning on participating in this one cause awkward! I am pretty outgoing and an extrovert though so it was not actually that difficult when I spotted my prey  subject. I also was thinking about getting some more male fashion on my blog. So please meet Tyderius Serevi.

 I was going to OMG Gacha to feed by Gacha crack addiction when I spotted an adorable suit and wing tip shoes. I had not even been thinking about the challenge, but I knew instantly that I was about to try and make a total idiot of myself.

Kirsten Corleone: hi Tyderius
Tyderius Serevi: Hello Kirsten
Kirsten Corleone: would you mind if I took your picture?
Tyderius Serevi: Not at all

Wow that was not hard at all! In fact Tyderius never did ask me WHY I wanted to take his picture. Maybe he is used to girls asking to take his picture! I just snapped him as he moved about in the animated stands in his AO. I also thought doing that would be hard, but it was not as bad as I thought either. I tried to get all of his outfit information. However, Tyderius did not know how to get his outfit information out of Firestorm and since I use the regular SL viewer I was no help at all. So I inspected his shoes and hair and asked about his suit and skin. That will have to do!

Kirsten Corleone: Oh yes and one last question, the one all of my female fashion blog readers will want to know: Are you single?
Tyderius Serevi: Haha that would be a no
Kirsten Corleone: lol ok I will try and let them down easily
Tyderius Serevi: LMAO thanks

So he is not single ladies, sorry, but then again would we really expect an avatar that looks like this to be single. In my experience behind most hot men with fashion sense is a woman that helped them get there or at least urged them in that direction.

Shoes: L&B “Dress Shoe”  FT WingTip v3
Hair: *Drot* The Kenji- Midnight
Outfit: Gabriel Striped three-piece Suit
Skin: Labyrinth Ryker (Light)
Hands: Slink Male Casual

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Let it Go; Elsa Challenge

Previously posted @ kirstentacular.

CHALLENGE:  Please make your own modern day Elsa inspired look. If you do, please leave a comment below.

I can’t believe it is almost the 21st of the month. Where did January go? The 21st of the month means 21 shoe and this round Livalle has some Frozen inspired boots named Elsa and some very sexy hot pink and black Luscious platform heels named Sex n’ Candy. Two very amazing shoes for the price of one; see them both on the Livalle blog! The Evoke boots are fitted to the regular avatar, slink physique, and belleza venus mesh bodies. Lindsey was so excited about these shoes that she went ahead and put them in the main store- so you can get a head start on the 21 goodies this month and shop today.

When I saw these Frozen inspired boots, I decided to make a modern day Elsa. This idea has been done by different SL bloggers and I have loved all the variations. Natalee Oodles (owner of Noodles) and blogger at styleminions.com did a 26 week Disneybound challenge last year that was lots of fun to view. Also,  Elvi Hartley did a Posh Princess Project last year with a series of modern day disney princesses. None of them contained Elsa because she did not exist yet. I have seen different Elsa inspired looks but they are usually traditional ones with some variation of the long blue dress. I think my modern day take on her turned out well and it was fun!

So challenge time I think! I have never tried to do my own challenge and it is a bit scary. Elsa has turned into one of my favorite princesses and she missed all the above Disney challenges because she is new. So I think she needs her own modern day challenge! Tons of people have done this challenge in real life and there are a lot of inspiration boards on polyvore that might give you some ideas.
CHALLENGE:  Please make your own modern day Elsa inspired look. If you do, please leave a comment below. 

Attachments: Slink Splayed Hands and Physique
Skirt: The Secret Store – Celestia Flounce Skirt – Milk @ collabor88 January
Top: The Secret Store – Pinkie Lacey Blouse – Baby Blue @ collabor88 January
Hair: TRUTH Elyse
Boots: {Livalle} Evoke -Platform Boots- Elsa (SLINK) (Part of the 21 Shoe Special) Teleport to Livalle
Skin: Glam Affair – Vera – Jamaica – 03
Pose: *EverGlow* – Frost 03/ Teleport to Everglow
Windlight: Kirsten’s Snow Day/ Download Here
Picture Place: Frisland

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Monday Meme: Sartorialist Challenge II

Previously posted @ Prim Dolls.

2015-01-23 Sar_001

A while ago, Strawberry gave us a Sartorialist Challenge, asking us all to find beautiful avatars in the wild, approach them, snap pictures and share them with the world on our blog. I enjoyed my first attempt so much that when I saw the lovely Quynh Nakatani while I was picking up Wasabi Pills’ 50$ L Hair that I couldn’t resist doing another post on the wild fashionistas and fashionistos on the grid! What caught my eye at first was her Blue Blood Lolita gown – one I own myself! – and the cute horns, wings, and tail all conspired to charm me. Her AO was adorable as well, with the cutest leans and swings! I hope you enjoy seeing her as well, even if you only get a couple static shots. The grid is full of so many unique and wonderful avatars; I’m so much enjoying this excuse to share them!

2015-01-23 Sar_002

( More Sartorialist pictures here. )

Monday Meme Challenge – #SecondLifeProblems

Previously posted @ Cryssie Carver.

Strawberry issued a new Monday Meme Challange and this week it’s about all those Second Life Problems we get.

Based off the #firstworldproblems hash tag it’s a little dig at those things we hate about Second Life but actually really aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Mine is STICKY MESH!!!

SecondLifeProblems - Sticky Mesh

Urgh. Two hairs! Having to relog! WOE IS ME!!!!

What’s your #SecondLifeProblem

Bloggers Challenge – Inspiration Recreations, January

Previously posted @ Rags To Riches.

This is something that I have been working on since October 2012.  It started out as just a one off here and there and over the past year and a half I have reproduced 7, well 20 if you break down the last one I did to individual recreations, and I have decided I want to make this a monthly challenge for you all.  The idea is that each month, around mid month, I will post my inspirational photo for the month along with a choice of photos.  You choose one of the photos attached to the inspiration post and you recreate it yourself.

Inspiration Recreation January

I went very basic for this one to show you that it’s not all about technicality and lots of detail.  Sometimes the simplest of photos grab my attention and other times highly detailed, intricate ones.  To have a look back at my previous inspirations see below:

Inspirational 1 | Inspirational 2 | Inspirational 3 | Inspirational 4 | Inspirational 5 | Inspirational 6 (NSFW) | Inspirational 7

So here are your January inspiration choices.  Pick one of the photos below (these are thumbnail images,  click to see larger image) and recreate it  however it inspires you.  Feel free to recreate a photo using the opposite sex avatar shown to the model in the photo, use a different colour hair/shoes etc.  However these photos inspire you to create art is what it is all about.

951af592add2d2551b9a319805a0ba20 26978cf793bc8f7e1d7fb7425682f921 da9a1348c76a5273d25d2f20f5b0aaf6 nino_foot1

2bfebe397a40a73c3fc167d98e68896e fc20f9c580ae769ee82714941ff9d82a

Join the flickr group for the challenge and share your photos.

Leave a link to your blog in the comments below.


SLink Flat foot (left) & High Foot (right) | random sculpty skull found in inventory | Pink Fuel Doll Vamp Skin

{ My Yearbook Photo } Smile Challenge Meme

Previously posted @ Skytower Studios.

Strawberry Singh‘s back to doing her Monday Memes and I’m so glad I’m able to participate in one again.  I admit this one was pretty easy and straightforward and well, just plain fun!   All I had to do was bare my pearly pixel teef and snap a photo!  But it did take me back a bit to those days… picking out that perfect outfit you were going to wear for your school picture, thinking about how you’d wear your hair and trying to keep it perfect for picture time with an entire can of hairspray, pre-picture angst over that surprise pimple that would be captured for all eternity in your yearbook photo, and whether to smile with or without teeth, or not smile at all because.. well.. you know some teeth should remain hidden.


The default SL avatar has a notoriously creepy looking smile most of the time.. erring a bit on the side of psychotic.  Thus came along many different alternatives to creating a ‘smile’ from teeth/alphas to an actual mesh mouth or in my case here, a mesh head that has several different expressions to choose from.  The mesh head I’m using is from Slink, called “Visage” and comes in 2 different shape styles: Emma and Becky. They’ve been around for quite a while now, however, not too many skinners in SL actually carry appliers for them. With so many mesh parts on the market, I think that skin creators just have their hands full keeping up.  This is the first skin I’ve ever purchased from Deetalez and I was quite pleased with how it turned out on the mesh head.  In the past I’ve used appliers from Glam Affair (here), Pink Fuel (here) and also from Izzie’s (here). The Mesh Project has had a lot of success with their mesh heads from what I’ve seen, but they also come at a much higher price.  At this point I haven’t been ready to spend that much to try one. The fun part about mesh heads is definitely the variety of facial expressions.  Some might say I cheated to achieve the more attractive looking smile for my yearbook photo, but I would say I was being resourceful :P.


And since we were on the topic of school, GizzA has just released a couple very cute and very plaid dresses that seemed to go right along this theme. I thought I’d get myself into double trouble and head on over to the location from this past weekend’s party at Elysion (an adult sim): “Fast Times at Elysion High”.  The amount of detail Syn puts into her themed party builds always amazes me and with a little PS magic I was able to put myself (twice) right back there for some afterschool extracurriculars… *ahem!* I mean… extra credit! I have always been a bit of an overachiever. Hehe.

Well if you want to join in the fun, definitely go check out Berry’s Yearbook Flickr Group and feel free to add your own smiley snapshot!  Stay cool and see ya round the halls. <3

~ Trinetty Skytower ~


Pic #1 (Yearbook Photo)

Mesh Head – Visage “Emma” – Slink

Skin – Laura “Glossy” b1 (mixedtype) – Deetalez

Eyes – Lillian Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri **NEW** @Kustom9

Hair – Gone – Magika **NEW**

Accessory – Goto Glasses – HOC Industries

Outfit – Melly Blazer (rose) – KITJA **NEW** @Kustom9

Pose/Prop – Yearbook Prop – oOo Studio

Pic #2 (Teacher’s Pets)

Girl on the Left

Mesh Head – Visage “Emma” – Slink

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya **NEW**

Mesh Feet – High Feet – Slink

Skin/Appliers – Laura “Glossy” b1 (mixedtype) – Deetalez

Eyes – Lillian Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri **NEW** @Kustom9

Hair – Gone – Magika **NEW**

Accessory – Goto Glasses – HOC Industries

Outfit – Stacey Dress (plaid beige) – GizzA **NEW**

Shoes – Eleanor T-strap Heels (brown) – GizzA

Jewelry – Butterfly Necklace – =ZENITH= **NEW** @L’accessories

Pose – #261 – Slouch

Girl on the Right

Skin – Romy (America 01 G) – Glam Affair

Mesh Hands – Casual – Slink


Eyes – Lillian Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri **NEW** @Kustom9

Hair – Harmony (Ponytail – Browns) – TRUTH **NEW**

Accessory – Nerd Glasses – Mad Mesh

Outfit – Emily Dress (black beige) – GizzA **NEW**

Shoes/Socks – Windie (black) – CandyDoll

Pose – Stands 438M – !bang

.:: SL Yearbook Smile Challenge ::.

Previously posted @ Cotton Candy.

Looking at the pictures, I decided to enter the “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge” by the Strawberry Singh and post a picture as if it were the yearbook.
For more info and directions visit Strawberry blog and have fun. ^.^

Cardigan: AMITOMO.spring cardigan onepiece
Hair: Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze prize 10 Old Arcade Gacha
Skin + Shape: [AMITOMO] Sassy