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Bloggers Challenge – Inspiration Recreations, March
Previously posted @ Rags To Riches.

I decided to mix up this months post and attempted to do all the photos.  Hopefully this will help some of you decide if you can do the photos or not.  Some photos I choose look pretty simple or plain but sometimes it takes a bit of effort in getting the look just right, other times it can be easy.  The original plurk can be found here and there is also a page at the top of this blog where you can find all past months choices as well. (singular images of this post can be found in the flickr group, link at the end of the post).

Inspiration Recreation March

This weeks photos came about from a plurk I started where I asked friends to tell me if they had a favourite word.  I took a bunch of those words and image searched them, then chose one for each that I thought reflected it.  The words chosen were (from left to right, top to bottom in the collage pic): Fuck, by Vinny; Wonderland, by Melissa; Asshat, by Nigel; Poppycock, by Chandni; Bollocks, by Petrie;  Dichotomy, by Horrorcherry; Broken, by Aarya and Epitome, by Ama.  So below are your choices for the month based on the words of my friends over at plurk.  Pick one of the photos below (these are thumbnail images,  click to see original image) and recreate it however it inspires you.  Feel free to recreate a photo using the opposite sex avatar shown to the model in the photo, use a different colour hair/shoes etc.  However these photos inspire you to create art is what it is all about (as you can see from my photos, they aren’t perfectly exact.  But I do have fun creating the image however I can).

Bollocks - Aarya Broken - Aarya Dichotomy - Horrorcherry Epitome - Ama Fuck - Vincent Poppycock - Chandni Wonderland - MelissaAsshat - Nigel

Some of the words were pretty easy to find something for.  But with a rowdy bunch of friends, I should have known better than to ask for suggestions *glares at Petrie, Vinny and Nigel*.  Epitome was an interesting one.  I found many images but the one that grabbed my attention was the gorgeous Tilda Swinton.  Poppycock was another one that was funny to look for but I stumbled across Prince Poppycock, who I had not heard of before, and he is just simply stunning.  There were so many photos of him to choose from.  Asshat is literally an ass on a head.  I was doing some complex photo to begin with and making my own pose for it but it was proving to be quite a challenge; until the husband pointed out the above photo and I remembered the pose from !bang.  Bollocks I did in reverse due to my hair parting the opposite way to the photo but it still looks pretty good to me.  I forgot to include the dirty fingers for broken (although I think with the feelings the photo is portraying that it was meant to be blood) so I’m sure appliers or tattoo layers for that even exist in SL.  Fuck and Dichotomy required a fair bit of photo manipulation in photoshop with multiple photos taken and layered.  The hand in Fuck was literally just a floating prop in the photo to begin with and granny, oh how I love this avvie, was also another floating photo taken and layered on top.  Sometimes you need to do a bit of work and this is why I love doing these photos  It help me work on skills in photoshop and get better.

Join the flickr group for the challenge and share your photos.  Don’t forget the challenge requires you to reproduce one of the photos shown here.  While I love that people are getting all creative and inspired by RL photos and doing more, the flickr group is only for the challenge photos in these blog posts. Also don’t forget to leave a link to your blog in the comments below.


Skin:  Pink Fuel – ANDRO – Ashton – <Peach>
Body:  #TheMeshProject – (BETA) Free Body (mesh)
Hand:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Male – Oh-Hip  (mesh)
Hair:  MINA – Menno  (mesh)
Pose: Posed both bodies using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Vamp Doll V2
Hair:  Nylon Outfitters – Heart Hair  (mesh)  *Collabor88, Feb*
Eyes: [Buzzeri] – Bewitched Eyes – Angel
Eyebrows:  DeeTaleZ – Make up BLACK Brows paint thin
Eyemakeup:  *elymode* – Alato eye-shadows
Lipstick:  Adore & Abhor – Baroque Lips
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Mouse (mesh)
Ring:  Naith Smit Designs – Blood Diamonds Ring
Crown:  [europa] – Small Crown (mesh)
Collar:  *Perception* – Leather Neck Corset (mesh)
Undershirt:  Izzie’s – Frill Suit
Overshirt:  Klepsydra – Khloe Top & Bolero
Dress: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… – Royal Queen of Hearts (mesh)
Pig: Schadenfreude – Piggie Wiggie Bank  (mesh)  *Old Arcade Item*
Pose:  !bang – Hold This Pumpkin 6  (hands altered to hold piggie using Avimote PoseMaker HUD)

Skin:  !Imabee – Florentine – Scarlet
Hair:  Magika – Shimmer  (mesh)
Hairbase:  Eskimo Fashions – Lace Front Closure – Style 002
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes Hazel
Body:  SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Mouse
Feet:  SLink – AvEnhance Feet Feet High (mesh)
Mani/Pedi:  [Stellar] – High Shine Nailpolish – Back in Black
Tights:  Flair – Toeless Leggings – Mono Pack
Bodysuit:  *MUKA* – Natasha
Pose:  !bang – Stand 447

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Crystal – Glitter Tears  *Creepy Kawaii Fair*
Hair:  [MODE] – Antoinette wig
Hair Base:  Eskimo Fashions – Lace Front Closure – Style 002
Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Eyebrows:  Insol – Tatouage Eyebrows
Eyeshadow:  *elymode* – Gluttony Shadows – sweet
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes Hazel
Mouth:  Cathode Rays – Nyam Nyam v1.1  (mesh)
Choker:  XYZ – Tattoo Choker  (mesh)
Pose:  Made using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD

Skin:  La Petite Morte – Emmy Romance edition  *The Liaison Collaborative*
Hair:  [AUX] – Hair_Relax  (mesh)
Glasses:  Adore & Abhor – Venture Into Night Glasses  (mesh)
Body:  Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Bracelet:  -[AddiCt]- – Wrath Spike Cuff  (mesh)
Over shirt:  Emery – Bosworth Denim Shirt  (mesh)
Under shirt:  .: Zanzibar creationZ :. London Potty Mouth Tee
Shorts:  *COCO* – HighWaistedShorts  (mesh)
Tights:  Izzie’s – Sheer Tights
Pose:  GLITTERATI – Closeup 1  (modified the head & left arm with Avimote PoseMaker HUD)

Skin:  ~Tableau Vivant~ – Andrej Skin 02
Hair:  MADesigns HAIR – ELCON
Hairbase:  MADesigns HAIR – Tintable HAIR BASE ~ Tribe 8
Collar:  DERP. – Spiked Collar
Hands: SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Bag & Smoking  (mesh)
Cigarette:  .:Hermony:. – SpecialBlend Cigarette (Noir)
Bottle:  [Fetch]  – Lyla Bar – Bottle Solo  (mesh)
Jacket:  Ducknipple – ChapTjoi Jacket  (mesh)
Jeans:  Ducknipple – Jaap
Boots:  Ducknipple – Flameable Boots  (mesh)
Pose:  Made using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD
Avatar:  The Secret Store – Little Granny Avatar  (mesh)
Pose:  Pose:  Made using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD
Bench:  LAQ Decor – Park Bench  (mesh)

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Crystal – Doll V2
Hair:  Magika – Moment  (mesh)
Eyelids:  SLink – Mesh Lids and Lashes
Tears:  ++NODe++ – Tears  (mesh)
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Mouse  (mesh)
Top:  Template by Rebecca Bashly on MP – textured by me  (mesh)
Shorts:  coldLogic – Kloss shorts  (mesh)
Tights: – Nemesis –  Bette Tights
Pose:  Manipulated my body using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD

Skin:  Izzie’s – Qopi Skin Frost
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR – Harley  (mesh)
Body:  SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Top:  Crazy Pastry Designs – Fine Wool Sweater
Skirt:  {amiable} – Satin flared skirt  (mesh)
Belt:  +Mabinogion+ – Medieval Belt  (mesh)
Shoes:  (fashionably dead) – Bossy Boots  (mesh)  *Old Arcade Item*
Pose:  !bang – Mini Series – Without Purpose 1  (arms and head modified using Avimote PoseMaker HUD)
Shrubbery:  Botanical – Seasonal Boxwood Bushes  (mesh)

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The Challenge goes travelling
Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

The Challenge NEW !

A new round of The Challenge has begun, love this time of the month. First up let’s get the party started with a new-to-me store “Little Llama”, they have this sooper adorable collection on offer. It features all sortsa things, such as the desk above. It’s an old style suitcase being used as a workspace, so quaint! The chair has lots of poses to keep you comfy. There are also tote bags, one to wear , one to rez – also in  a lively purple tone.

The Challenge NEW !!

Check out the details on the desk, I really like the wood texture used too – very homely.

The Challenge NEW

Inspired has the “Great travellers set” out for just 150L. I’ve not rezzed it all so go take a peek. Each piece is really unique and unusual so if you’re looking for something a little bit different this might be great for you. Low land impact to yay!

Little Llama


The Challenge Blog

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Get Your Learn On ( SL Made Me Learn Challenge)
Previously posted @ Shopafreakingholic.

Get Your Learn On

Thought I would take part in Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme Challenge this week.

Meme instructions: Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally. 

Photoshop: I never really used this program before getting into blogging. Now I know more than quickly throwing some words on a picture. I am not one to spend hours upon hours on my photos. I like to showcase what you would see if you bought the item I am blogging in Second Life as it should be. I like to slightly process my pictures. 

(However, today’s picture I did spend like 6 hours processing the picture. I came across a tutuorial on how to do it. It caught my eye so I decided to give it a go. I deleted the first one after spending close to 3 hours working on it.)

Shopping: I have learned that being a man in Second Life is quite a task. Even though there are all these lovely events, it is really hard to find things for men. I personally wish there was 2-3 items that men could purchase at every event. 

Gachas: These things are the devil!!! ( Enough said)

The World We Live In: The great thing about Second Life is being able to communicate with people all over the world. I find it quite fun to learn interesting facts about other countries from the people I talk to. 

People: Sometimes we all forget that there are humans with REAL emotions behind the other avatars we talk to. I know I have hurt others in the past and it is not something I am proud of. Every single person that plays Second Life is dealing with something in the real world. However, it seems that we never take this into consideration and tend to be judgemental of others. I have learned some people are nothing but lying two faced people. Which I find very disturbing.  . If you are friends with me or talk to me. I will tell you straight up, as if we were having a face to face conversation in real life. I don’t think it’s right that people sit behind a keyboard trying to act like Billy Fucking Bad ass. Cause in all reality you probably are NOT Chuck Norris, so you attempting to be a bad ass just makes you look either like a bitch or a complete dickhead. With that being said some need to lighten up and also realize that Second Life is actually a game.  

Myself: I have dealt with a lot in the real world. Personal inner demons, bad decision making, life issues. From what I have been told, is that I am kind, sweet, generous ( sometimes too generous). However, I have also been called every name in the book. I have a very thick skin. This was made working in the restaurant industry. So whenever someone says I am kind, sweet or generous, it tends to throw me off. I look at it as this. I am me. I act the same way I do as if it was real life. I don’t plan on changing for anyone or any group of people anytime soon. I have had a wonderful opportunity to spend time with amazing people and they have inspired me to look at life in a different perspective. This is something I am really thankful about. However, there is ONE person that in a short period of time opened my eyes more than I could even imagine doing. For this I am more than grateful for seeing SL and RL in a different perspective. 

Second Life Made Me Learn Challenge!
Previously posted @ RIR Life.

Hi to everybody and eccoci to our usual appointment with the Memes of Strawberry !!! by the way you look at his/her blog because the girl is good…..

Meme instructions: Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally.

  • Blogspot/blogger : I have just become blogger on second life I have had to learn to use the base of Blogger. To the beginning I must say that I was in the panic, I have started there a mesetto putting online my blog and I have read as tutorial. I must say that having had some forums before I knew the language Html and this you/he/she has helped me as.
  • Passion for the shoes : I must say the truth, in the real life I like the shoes but I am not a fanatical, instead in second life as soon as I have entered I have become an absurd buyer of shoes, I like particularly some shops but I have as types of it…What to say I don’t withstand a beautiful pair of shoes.
  • SeparationIn second life I have learned to have a certain separation toward the people, to make me involve less from the problems of the others and I must say how alive decidedly better. Life has done me more stupid and second to become life in this has given me an enormous push. I have seen people piagniucolare for of the childish problems absolutely on second life and to do tragedies for nonsense and now I must say that I laugh a lot when I read certain…
  • People are false: Not all for charity, but lamaggior departs some people it is false and the game amplifies these lines of the character. people think about being calm hidden behind his/her small monitor, but she are not really this way. they make the worse things, things that even in real they don’t do for fear to be judged or open. I have had disagreeable situations that I have had to make to end in the real, and these personcines marvel him when then the accounts they must do in real…

On Relitha

Body : Slink Physique Mesh Body  :  SLink   by Siddean Munro

Skin : Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica  :  Glam Affair   by aida Ewing

Eyes : IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion :  IKON   by Ikon Innovia

Hands and Feets : Slink AvEnhance  :  SLink   by Siddean Munro

Sunglasses : – Sunglasses HOLLY / V1.1 – REDGRAVE :  Redgrave   by Emilia Redgrave

Earring: ZC : Sarayi painted hoops *silver* :  Zaara   by Zaara Kohime

Bracelet : Izzie’s – *resize* Braid Bracelet blue white :  Izzie’s   by Izzie Button

Hair : CATWA HAIR Rachel [Darks]  :  CaTwA   by Catwa Clip

Top : NS::  Knotted Shirt :  NS:: Cutie Store by  nani Soulstar

Pant : NS::  Tropical Short (HUD) :  NS:: Cutie Store by nani Soulstar

Shoes: ArisAris ~B&W AA50 “Pearls Sandals” :  ArisAris by Ariadna Garrigus

Bag: NS:: Heart bag 5 :  The Gacha Mania by nani Soulstar

Dog : .Birdy. Puggly {Kitty} [BOX] :  Birdy by Tyr Rozenblum

Bicycle : {what next} Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop (Ladies) :  what next by Winter Thorn

Photographer and model : Relitha Byron

Location: My Home

Second Life Made Me Learn Challenge!
Previously posted @ StrawberrySingh.com.

This week’s Monday Meme is brought to you again by Mr. Draxtor Despres. He was having a conversation on twitter with a friend who stated that Second Life pushed him into learning 3D modelling. Draxtor then tagged me and suggested this as a meme, “things Second Life has made people do (or learn)” and since […]

The post Second Life Made Me Learn Challenge! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

If it doesnt challenge u … it doesn’t change u!
Previously posted @ Slook4U.

Style Card: Shirt – *_M.birdie Story_*T Layered MTM Printing1@Fashion Fair Leggings – {joli} Batty High Waisted Leggings – Galaxy@Fashion Fair Shoes – Flite. -Vaders Hologram@UBER Hair – [RA] Cercei Hair – Essential Colors Bag – [BUC] “Pink” Dillinger Duffle Bag Pose – Label Motion – Noa@Fashion Fair   Car – Pro Street Cars – Commander – DUB v1.2

February Blogger Inspiration Challenge
Previously posted @ Cat&Ama.

lost in the moment

Hair : MINA @ROMP Fresh : Milou 01 : Light Browns

Skin : Pink Fuel : Ash : Peach

Body : The Mesh Project : Free Body

Briefs : DUFAUX : TMP brief no1 sporty : black/white

Pose : {custom made with Animare}

The Challenge – Community
Previously posted @ Her and Him.

The Challenge has started again and I am VERY impressed with what they have out for you this month.  These are some talented designers!

Today I am focusing on Shutter Field and the lovely Heavenly Villa.  Her Life Guard Set is just awesome and will have you melting that snow and throwing down some sand on your SL property.  Just perfect.

Check out ALL these great items!  And you can buy the pieces separately or get it as a set with a 25% discount!  BARGAIN!

.:: SL Yearbook Smile Challenge ::.
Previously posted @ Cotton Candy.

Looking at the pictures, I decided to enter the “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge” by the Strawberry Singh and post a picture as if it were the yearbook.
For more info and directions visit Strawberry blog and have fun. ^.^

Cardigan: AMITOMO.spring cardigan onepiece
Hair: Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze prize 10 Old Arcade Gacha
Skin + Shape: [AMITOMO] Sassy

The Challenge – community
Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

The Challenge - shutter field NEW

A new round of The Challenge is up and running, and I’ve got a couple of things to share with you today that caught my eye. Shutter field have a gigantic set out “Lifeguard set”, there’s loads in it and I’m just showing a few pieces that I set out around our new pool area. It’s really suitable for a pool of beach, very versatile. There is also a decked area so you could place the hut on it, but I’ve used it as above – which I love. There are shelves, racks and pegs, lifeguard gear box, liferings and SO much more.

The Challenge - shutter field

The lifeguards chair is really cool, great selection of lifeguardy poses, or just for lurking about the pool looking swanky-de-posh. Everything is super low prim too , so get cracking on an early start for your beach & home pools.

The Challenge - ht home NEW!!

I have to say a big fat “hurrrrrah” at these seating units called “dialounge” from [ht home], such a unique design and the texturing is lush. They seat two people and have nine poses built right in. You need to choose the exterior colour you’d prefer (white, black, brown or grey) the leather inside has ten choices – yes ten and they are alllllll delicious. You could make them totally modern, or retro with the click of a menu button ! The Li is only 5 so if you’ve got a cafe or bar and wanted to rez a few, no worries. These are mesh and materials enabled too. GOD I adore them.

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