Good Morning Monday.(Free n Cheap).

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Wow, what a stunning weekend it’s been almost bikini weather, shame about the wetsuit body lol.

Splashed out for this top and skirt and the skirt is one of the reasons knickers are still needed in SL lol.

The shoes I did mention briefly in my last post as a pair which came in one of the gift boxes from the “The Designer Event” with a jacket and trousers.  However, the outfit is a discounted one, 29Lds from Java designs.

Fortunately, it turned out to be 29Lds well spent as I couldn’t see a demo for me to try first.  Taken in my Nams setting so this is what I see.  Normally I don’t bother to list the fits but since this costs, I will and you get “Hourglass, SLink & Maitreya” fits for both the top and skirt. Top and skirts are separates, the top is a great fit, nip slip is intentional but the skirt is not the snuggest of fits as you can see but that’s nothing to be fussed about.

This is a FREEBIE and it comes in more of the mesh bod fits.  I have to admit that the SLink fit didn’t fit but only around the belly so I simply used my hud to cover that up.

Both of these 2 items are on the boards outside of the Java shop, you don’t need to join the group to grab the freebie just buy it for 0Lds.  There is another textured skirt and shirt out as well for 29Lds but it was this colour I preferred.

Do you like to dance?  In RL I dance like a left footed, drunk Hippo and that’s on a good day.  If I tried Zumba I’d be banished as a danger to others so one of the things I love to do in SL is dance.  I set my AV off and watch as she bumps n grinds, shakes her bootie or just dances like a lady and quality dance moves are worth paying for.  If you’ve never been to Humanoid then I dare you to go and waste a whole afternoon of your life dancing away on all of the poses.  There is a whole load of Youtube Vids showing how these dances are created using real human dancers etc and it shows in the quality of the dances.  The group is free to join and I know that sometimes freebies are set out but I couldn’t spot any on this visit and of course I ended up being distracted by all the dances.

Java Fashions


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The Free, The almost Free & The cheap!

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I was mooching around the market place last night and found this absolutely adorable little pouffe for just $ 1L by Maya. Its got couples and singles poses, some that attach props to your hands directly. Overall its done in chic grey & white tones but it is modifiable, so you could fiddle with it. Free is my nifty shifty dress by Neve, all mesh bodies and standard sizes included, plus a Hud with three alternative colour palettes. You can find this at the new round of Liason collaborative.

The Skyhome is by TA Hardware, such an amazing little treat for just $ 10L. Its only 2 Li anddd comes with a Hud that gives you four options for the view out of the window. Beautifully textured all around with a fake door at the rear just to make it even more homely. There are a few different designs of these at $ 10L plus some at $ 25L – check out the market place store. Isnt my radio just adorbs?! It’s by Kei spot and cost me one single Linden dollar. You actually get the version with the two birds on top canoodling plus plain ones- info:

“Radio comes in the four colours shown via texture change menu. Love birds version includes 7 love songs. The radio is copy/mod so add your own tunes as well. Bonus plain version serves as a parcel station tuner to set the music on your land.”

I picked up the deeelicious strands of lights at the new round of Collabor88, they are by half deer and you get a really big assortment of sizes and  types – well worth the $ 188L – look out for the floor pack too.

TA Hardware skybox

Kei spot radio


Liason collaborative free neve dress 

Maya pouffe

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Definitely not a Bum Shot.(Free n Cheap).

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Oopsie, I forgot to click “publish”.

This simple but lovely outfit comes from a shop called Damoour.


It cost you to join the Damoour group but it’s only 20Lds which is a piddling amount and for that, you get not just the shorts but a dress which looks ok but I just went for the shorts as at the same shop are gifts from other groups and this FREE top caught my eye and I was hoping that the top and shorts would make a cute outfit and I wasn’t wrong.

I did take a picture of my rear end to show you these shorts from behind but the picture was so dark it wasn’t worth using, the reason I wanted to show you my bum was to show off that these shorts are cut high enough to show off a cheeky bit of bum cheeks without it being tarty.  The top is, of course, a SL classic of a simple strappy top but this pink one with a slight satin sheen means it one of the better freebies of this style.  I’m keeping, I think, both of these as they’re just simple and so easy to wear and look so good. Both come in ALL standard mesh and mesh bod sizes.

PS There is also 2 gifts for men at the Damoour shop as well.

DM Damoour

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All on the cheap! ($7L – $75L)

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Stars Fashion has a great offer on a new outfit for you – just $ 50L for the jeans & gorgeous little top! You get a Hud with four tones for the jeans and four tones for the top – brill! This is a limited time promotion so get yer skates on. Boots are from the Ricielli hunt, each prize is just $ 15L and there is a sign so you can see which you might want to find. I went for alllllllll the shooz! These are the “Allegra”boots, and you actually get two colours – so thats uhm – $ 7.5L per pair?!


My hair is from the latest round of Whimsical, its by Doe and I absolutely adore it. $ 75L a pop, I won the pastels which had amongst others, this lully blonde shade, I also won the brown pack which I passed to Zan (because she’s so lovely awww).


Stars Fashion


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Be Beautiful and at the same time a CHEAP B!

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TBO(The Beautiful Ones) has a lovely Group Gift out for us and although it costs 25Lds to join the group you get it back in just this one dress alone.

Here’s me having a “moment” in SL lol.


I don’t think I’ve picked up a ball gown in ages but this is the time that some people really like to glam up their AVs and a lot of people do dance and socialise in SL and you will deffo stand out int his gold trimmed gown. You do get a Hud with this which changes the main body of the dress: green, black, white etc but the gold trim on the bodice, belt and the gold on the hem stay the same.

There is also a Subscribers gift which I do believe is a sexy slinky silver outfit.

More than that though is check out the TBO Marketplace link, oodles of 10Ld bargains, everything from shoes to Christmas and non-Christmas Decor items so very tempting.

TBO(New Landmark)

TBO Marketplace

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Second Life: Cheap Thrills

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Cheap is good. Thrills are… well… thrilling. So, where do you get yours? Thrills… I was playing around and got a notice that the Cheap Thrills show was about to start. For whatever reason, I decided to check it out. I was impressed. I took the opportunity to video the show. It lasts an hour. … Continue reading

I love Cheap Thrills

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– Head: Catwa – AnnaGrey

– Body: Maitreya Body

– Skin: Glam Affair – Moirah

– Hair: opale – Sia Hair

– Dress: Maitreya – Zene Dress * Latte *

– Nacklace: b o d y & b e a u t y – Maya Mesh Necklace Silver (freebies!) (50L)

– Shoes: AZOURY – Chromatics V2 – Cream

– Pose: SP-001 HUD (Standing) (not available anymore)

You take me high and leave me a mess just like cheap wine and cigarettes

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The Look
Head Catwa Tumble
Head Applier Glam Affair Barbara Jamaica Rare #3 @ Kustom 9 
Hair  Monso  Jihyo @ Kustom 9  
Dress United Colors  Celina @ Kustom 9 
Necklace  Kunst  Light me Up Necklace @ Kustom 9 
Shoes Daphne Platforms @ Kustom 9 
Pose an lar Opal Series 
Naberius  Redd’s Lounge  @ 6 Republi

*Cheap Thrills*

By Lil Subbie – *Our dirty lil secrets*. Visit *Cheap Thrills* for original post.

Snapshot_002-fir syre.jpg

*Subbie is Wearing*

*Jacket-Fishy Strawberry-Army pin up jacket*@Ubers*NEW*

*Skirt-Fishy Strawberry-Army pin up skirt*@Ubers *NEW*

*Hat-Fishy Strawberry-Army pin up hat*@Ubers*NEW*

*Long Cigarette-Purple pose– Long Cigaretter*

*Hair-Moon-Vale Koer*@ uber *NEW*

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Free & cheap for Saturday

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Wow found this complete free outfit at Rose Marine today – I had been browsing the market place and found the store, decided to pop inworld and check the bricks & mortar out. Woot this is set out for free – you get the boots & glasses andddd dress – mesh body sizes included. No group to join either. My bag is a free gift at The Seasons story (where I spent farrrrrr too many of these $ $ $ btw) Lovely hold poses built right in – its by fame femme, lots of gifts to be had at the event some cost a little some are free – the bag was totally free!


I also snapped out a couple of other complete outfits at Rose Marine – the above was just $ 44L – it includes the boots, outfit, glasses and bracelet – what a great deal! The promo deals are on the market place (instore I notice one is $ 99L not the promo) – not sure how long for though so dash.


This was my other purchase for $ 44L – coat & shirt, jeans shoes & bag (which I’m not wearing) I wasnt overly keen on the shoes with this outfit – a little too fullbright for my liking. However easy to wear a pair of my own right?. To get the free outfit you do need to go to the inworld store landmark below. Ohhhh almost forgot – my newwwww hair-do is by D!va – such a wearable style and on offer at the new round of Collabor88.

Rose Marine market place

Rose Marine Store


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