LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

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The LeLutka Chloe Bento mesh head has been released. Chloe is their second female bento mesh head. Their first female bento mesh head was Simone and it was released in December. There are a lot of updates to both heads, including the new rerouting function, details about this on LeLutka’s Chloe blog post. I have shown how […]

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irrISIStible : PEACOCK MASQUERADE / Glam affair Chloé & makeup Bento Lelutka

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 » Je ne veux pas seulement paraître ce bel oiseau, je veux ressentir le vent dans mes plumes, Danser ma ronde  » 


 » Je veux retirer mon masque et rêver encore que je suis ce bel oiseau « 



hud : 3 couleurs

complet avec Head pièce et bottes 


Applier : Glam Affair – Chloe ( LeLutka Applier ) & Makeup Bento  Lelutka mainstore 

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE

& shape @Juwel



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Lelutka have released a new Bento head!! Her name is Chloe and she is so pretty!
So I’ve done a bumper post for you guys today – same head, same skin, 3 different looks.
This bento mesh head comes with all the same HUD features as the Simone 2.6 release, meaning it includes various static and animated expressions, is Omega compatible and has tattoo layer in addition to makeup layers.


I personally think Chloe is a little softer and younger looking than her sister Simone.
Chloe will come with a standard skin in choice of 10 tones, but I’m wearing the new Glam Affair applier called Chloe, available at Lelutka mainstore as separate purchase. The Chloe skin applier is available in a choice of 10 tones and also includes a whole bunch of lip and eye makeup options (8 lip + 8 eye makeup), as well as 7 eye brow colours plus no brow option. 
BTW… For those of you who are curious, I used the same shape for Chloe as I’ve been using with Simone Bento.

Astralia have some great new releases for Vista’s Bento Prohands. The very badass ‘Rock Nails’ available at N21 include a HUD to allow for change of the nail, gem and metal colours.
The ‘Moon Shine Nails’ are available at Shiny Shabby and come with a colour HUD too!

Hurry on over to Cureless [+] to snag this quirky scarification tattoo for just 50L, today only! There are 2 versions available – fresh and healed – each including 2 tones. Appliers included for Maitreya, Omega & TMP.

All pics:
Mesh Head: Lelutka – Chloe Bento [email protected]*
Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Chloe [email protected]*
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Vista Bento Prohands

Pic Above:
Eye Makeup & Lipstick: Glam Affair – Included with Chloe skin applier [email protected]*
Hair Base & Add-on: Tableau Vivant – Lelutka HB4 & Long Pigtails *Kustom9*
Necklace: Glam Affair – Salima Necklace Gold *C88*
Lashes: Lelutka Lash Set 2
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Black

Pics Below:
Eye Makeup: Glam Affair – Bento Eye Makeup 05  [email protected]*
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Bento Lipstick Set 10
Septum Piercing: CerberusXing [CX] – Sacrosanct Septum
Bindi: Cureless [+] – Moonlight Jewels
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Glenn
Scarification Tattoo: Cureless [+] – Curiouser&Curiouser *FLF*
Nails: Astralia – Rock Nails (for Vista Bento hands) *N21*
Pasties: Erratic – Crystal Pasties
Eyes: IKON – Deadshine 
Cig: Kunst


Lower Pic:

Lipstick: Glam Affair – Lelutka Bento Lipstick Set 09 *New*
Lashes: Lelutka – Lash Set 5 (for bento heads)
Brow Orbit: Zibska – Bertie [email protected]*
Nails: Astralia – Moon Shine Nails (For Vista Bento Prohands) *ShinyShabby*
Hair: Tram – F1120
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Storm

The Landmarks:

Glam Affair – Chloe & Lelutka Head Bento Chloé

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 » La bouche d’une femme n’est jamais aussi belle que quand elle prononce le mot  : Oui « 


Applier : Glam Affair – Chloe ( LeLutka Applier ) Lelutka mainstore 

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE

& shape @Juwel

Casquette & collar : David Heather-Danja 

bagues :   FORMANAILS] Accessories – CIRI for Bento VISTA 


Chloe and Poppy

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Currently in my SL, there are two things I am super excited about, so it’s time to combine them in a blog!!

Chloe and Poppy

The first is Chloe, the next bento head by LeLutka. She will be released tomorrow (Friday February 24), that is, if SL decides to play nice and the LeLutka team will be able to finish the release as scheduled.
Chloe has a potentially more youthful look than Simone, as per popular request. The most visible difference with Simone is her mouth which is curvier than Simone’s, with naturally upturned mouth corners (making her look angry will require some serious and I mean SERIOUS shaping skills!) and generally she looks, I don’t know, sweeter if you will. It will take a lot to make me switch indefinitely from Simone to Chloe because Simone has been me for so long, but on the other hand, I adore this face as well!

On the back of the system, there have been a couple of updates on LeLutka lately. Those of you who are wearing Simone have noticed so. The reason for that is that there were some compatibility issues with Omega, and those needed to be addressed. Also, the LeLutka team has added a rerouting option, making it possible to direct any make up layer to any of the tattoo layer spots on the head.  So as an example, you could wear dimples on the tattoo layer and then redirect freckles (which normally would go on the tattoo layer as well) to the eyebrows, and wear them both. Nifty eh?

For all the release notes, please check the note card that comes with your LeLutka bento head or check the LeLutka blog!!

Chloe and Poppy

Now on to the second thing that has pretty much kept me busy in SL for the past weeks. Soon a new brand will be launched onto SL, named Poppy and it’s the love child of 2 dear friends of mine. Rui Rodrigues, who was previously with United Colors and who is an awesome mesh artist, and Roslin ‘Cecilia’ Petion who you all know from the sexy pretty undies from Luxuria, and who is one of the best texturers I have ever met in SL.
When Rui mentioned he was looking for someone to share the workload with and who could do the textures for him so that he could just focus on the meshing, I immediately had to think of Cecilia and while I imagined they might be a good match work wise, I could not have foreseen they would complement each other this well! Yours truly has joined the Poppy team as a brand manager, so take that as my disclosure statement.

Poppy is a youthful fashion brand that brings you a playful mix of trendy separates and runway inspired designs that will be must haves for your second life wardrobe.
In this post I am showing our first release, the Candice dress and shoes, which will be available in 8 vibrant spring colours, exclusively for the Maitreya Lara body. The key hole cleavage and the open back of the dress making it both classy and sexy for a number of occasions.

We’ll be premiering soon! If you want to keep up, please consider following our Facebook page and our Plurk . I will be posting here as well about when we are going live!


Mesh head Chloe by LeLutka (release date February 24)
Facial aplier Chloe by Glam Affair
Hair Lisette by Truth
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Dress Candice by Poppy (coming soon)
Shoes Candice by Poppy (coming soon)
Tippy tote bag by Salvadori

Shot at location at Bal Harbour