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OMG ~ It’s Christmas Hunt Everywhere!

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lotd 2011.12.11
It’s the time to do your Christmas Shopping and grab this week’s opportunity to get cool stuffs from generous designers, freebies and hunt. Actually, it’s been ages since my last hunt activity I certainly missed doing it.

lotd 2011.12.11

I had visited cool shops most of them I’ve never been to like the “Needful Things Shop.” Apart from the hunt gifts, you also get nice and cute stuffs by joining their update group. As always, I came home full loaded.

What I’m Wearing:


Where is… HunT #30

– piccara – My Christmas Sweater

Inner & Shorts:
d.Select bulky wool sweater brown
d. Select Pants wool tights black
DeeTaleZ Pants summer jeans shorts blue

Mouth Attachment:
Group Gift [70L$ to Join]
::LEO-NT:: My Glamour Deer [Mouthpiece]::LEO-NT:: JUST LOVE ME !!! SHEEP <3
::LEO-NT:: My Coffee Mug <3

Where is… HunT #18

Hair & Hat:
=TEKUTEKU= Irregular(black)

MOH #67  Blah
Blah. (Knitted Puffy Hat)

Where is… HunT #28
.:: Delusions ::. Baby, Baby Oh Boots

What do you wish for this Christmas? ~ Linden Lab

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The snow has started to settle in.The weather is cold. Autumn has almost left. Am I being poetic today? The season for giving is arriving soon. Children are waiting for the end of December. Adults are also waiting for the Christmas season. Is it too soon to write about Christmas? May be not the Santa Clause, but Ice Princess is ready. Not in her pretty little figure skating apparel, but a flowing white and rose pink gown.

Even though Autumn has almost receded and Christmas is one month afar, the Christmas spirit in the air. Linden Labs have asked in their social media, Facebook:
We’re working on a holiday gift item for everyone and want to know, What item would be on your Second Life Wishlist?

Over 161 people answered. The answers were better viewer, ability to close a group you own, only mesh viewer, a cute Christmas house with less prims, have casinos back for all, free uploads, inventory organizer, cheaper land tier, more group slots, free homes of choice etc. While some wished for more land , private island etc., some wished for free lindens and premium accounts. Few have more unusual thoughts like a personal computer to play Second Life again.
Connie Gurney said something unique, “A flying sleigh with reindeer so you can deliver presents to properties and only the receiver of the property can open it.” 

Gin Perdide said, “A pair of socks.”

I wanted the return of surnames in the legacy name. Well, unlike Santa, Linden Labs can fulfill only one wish this Christmas. What do you wish for? 

My Wardrobe Credits:

Pose ~ Champloo Cutie poses
Jewelry ~ Jumo Superb jewelry ~ Rose Diamond map
Gown ~ Posh Pixels LeBlac Gown available in pink, pear, mint, spring, ice
Place ~ 4m my Eyes Headquarters ~ map
Hair ~ lovely hair 33
Make up ~ richelle lipstick

2014 Second Life Christmas Expo and Winter Breedable Fair ~ Press Release

Previously posted @ 4m my Eyes.

Well, well, well or should I say Ho! Ho! Ho!
Christmas expo and Winter Breedable Fair is already knocking at the door. The fourth annual Second Life Christmas Expo and Winter Breedable’s Fair will be held on December 4 to 15, 2014 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, kiosk donations, hunt, raffle, auction, and vendor donation items are paid to Relay For Life of Second Life. Relay For Life of Second Life is part of the American Cancer Society and is a virtual version of the real life Relay For Life. You can find more information about RFL of SL here: .

The 2014 Second Life Christmas Expo and Winter Breedable Fair will consist of both holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life, spread across 8 sims! The Winter Breedable Fair will feature a special one of a kind (OOAK) breedables auction. Both the Expo and Fair will feature special events, including live performances, djs, the Holiday of Hope Ball, Hunt For the Bells, Naughty Or Nice, a Christmas Tree Lot, Ornament Auctions, and of course photos with Santa!

The 2014 Second Life Christmas Expo and Winter Breedable Fair  Coordinator will be Dawnbeam Dreamscape. Jessii2009 Warrhol will be the 2014 Second Life Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair Co-Coordinator. For the list of exhibitors click on this link and for the list of sponsors click here

2014 Christmas Fair and Winter Breedables Expo ~ Part II

Previously posted @ 4m my Eyes.

DATES:  DECEMBER 4 TO 15, 2014

The 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair has opened on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 and will end on Monday, December 15, 2014. This annual holiday event is in support of Relay For Life of Second Life, an official charity of the American Cancer Society.
This year’s event is in the style of a Germanic Holiday Winter Village and spans eight sims! Visitors and guests will be able to shop for holiday gifts from over 100 Second Life creators and designers, take photographs with Santa, participate in Naughty Or Nice, and Hunt for the Bells! In addition to the mentioned events, 12 fun and packed full days of entertainment awaits!
The 2014 Winter Beedables Fair will feature a special One of a Kind Breedables Auction and Limited Edition Breedables for sale and in support of Relay For Life of Second Life!
At both the 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair, one can attend many events:

Best of Second Life (BOSL) Magazine Cover Live Auction – this special live auction will take place on December 6, 2014 at 1pm slt. You will have a chance to bid and win a chance to have yourself or brand on the cover of Best of Second Life’s March 2015 magazine cover! 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Best of Second Life (BOSL) Miss Virtual World Gowns Raffles – these special raffles will feature the one of a kind gowns, which are worn by the current Miss Virtual World contestants. Raffle winners will be announced on December 15, 2014. 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

2014 Holiday of Hope Ball – this annual ball, which is presented by T1 Radio, The Ball will be held Saturday Dec 13 from 4 – 8pm SLT,  at the “Nutcracker’s Palace” above the Expo. We plan to offer 2 special raffle baskets to all Expo and Ball attendees, for which tickets can be purchased.  100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Hunt for the Bells – at this special hunt, you will be able to hunt for bells, which contain a variety of items from some of your favorite Second Life creators and designers! Each item will be for the low cost of 10 LINDENS!! 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Silent Auctions & Raffles – many items and even special Christmas ornaments are up for auction and raffle in these events! 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life.

Live Performers, Tribute Bands, and DJs – what is an expo and fair without music? 12 days of live performances, tribute bands, and djs awaits you!!

Naughty Or Nice –  In order to participate, teleport to the shops below and find the Naughty or Nice Giver (hint green Christmas Present box), touch the box and you will either receive a nice gift or a naughty gift! You can check back to see if you have been naughty or nice and to get a gift. All gifts in the Naughty or Nice boxes are 100% FREE!

One Of a Kind (OOAK)Breedables Auction – Bid on one of a kind breedables from some of your favorite breedable brands. 100% proceeds of this auction goes to relay For Life of Second Life.
And of course Santa and his elves will make an appearance throughout the Expo and Fair!

About Relay For Life of Second Life:
Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.
In 2014, Relay For Life of Second Life reached a milestone of having raised $ 2,500,000 since its fundraising beginning in 2004, for the American Cancer Society.  Relay For Life has become an international movement in RL and in SL. In 2013 participants from over 80 countries took part in Relay For Life of Second Life.

About the American Cancer Society:
For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with millions of our supporters worldwide, we help people stay well, help people get well, find cures, and fight back against cancer.

For more information and updates:

Gifts for this Christmas, 2014 ~ In World

Previously posted @ 4m my Eyes.

Christmas is the eve of giving. This year, there are many stores who are giving clothes, accessories and furniture to all the residents throughout the week. I have compiled a  list of in world locations to find exclusive gifts.

This is the 3rd year that Petit Chat is sending out gifts till Christmas, so, join the group. The gifts will be in store till 31st December. ~ map

Shanti ~ Henna Garden @10L$ ~ map

Ghee ~ There is a “Twelve Days of Christmas ghee VIP Hunt!” Each day, from Dec 12th to Dec 24th they would have one new gift exclusively for our VIP Group members worth more than 2000L$ s, and are only available until Jan 1, 2015, never to be seen again. Take a look at the Ghee Blog for the clues. ~ map

Ghee ~ “Material Girl” and is only available at the GHEE MAIN STORE. It’s a very special offer for only 10L$ unitl 27th December ~ map

Gizza Christmas Group Gift for male and female ~ map 

Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town ~ Heaps of gifts available ~ map

Death Row Island Gacha ~ map 

The Arcade Gacha ~ It has two christmas trees with many gifts ~ map

Kitty Cats ~ Each day one of the participating designers will give out gifts which will be available till January 5th, 2015. The Kitty Cats creators will also give out special bonus gifts ~ map

Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog

Culprit Furniture ~ They are giving out new pear lights as gifts for subscribers and will be available till the end of the month ~ map

Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog
Tarte ~ It is available to its group members only ~ click for group info
Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog
Trompe L’oeil ~ These beautiful winter trees are available at the main store for anyone to pick up till January 1st, 2015 ~ map 

Yasum Design ~ map

My Wardrobe Credits: 
Hat and Sunglasses ~ Petit Chat Santa Hat and Xmas Sunglasses ~ map
Hair ~ *~* Damselfly *~* Shyanne rigged mesh
Boots ~ {Posh Pixels} Snuggums boots ~ map
Outfit ~ {Posh Pixels}Cozy Jersey Xmas and mesh eternity scarf ~ map
Penguins ~ Ispachi  Cherished Moments at The Arcade ~ map

Christmas Wishes Across the Grid

Previously posted @ 4m my Eyes.

HO! HO! HO! Santa is in town filling your chimneys with Christmas wishes. Have you been good this year? Oh well, Santa loves all. He sees a child in every soul. As we grow up, we look up to Santa as a myth, but we must always cling to the hope that all will be good one day. Being Santa’s little helper, I went around asking everyone what you wish for, this Christmas. Here are a few wishes this year, 2014.

Ann Lako: I would wish for prosperity for all creators and designers in SL, for the griefers and scammers to once and for all be gone from SL so they can no longer plague the residents of our community, and most importantly that everyone be able to fulfil their hopes and dreams that brought them into SL.

Annie Melson: Hmmm….. well, since I don’t separate SL and RL, my wishes would be the same. My wish this Christmas is for everyone to have happiness, friends, family, love, and health. It sounds trite anymore because so many people say it, but for me it is the absolutely truth. What I want for myself is for my husband to continue to be well and cancer free, and for my kids and myself to remain healthy and happy.

Bianca Xavorin: Going into the New Year I am letting go of the past and only taking the good with me. I am grateful for my partner Walter Gedenspire. I can only wish that we continue to grow as we have for the past two years. I wish all my friends and family everything their hearts desire, along with happiness, health and abundance.
Boris Twist: I had just awoken and with coffee in hand doing what I could to get dressed and out the door for a service gig at church, I read this delightful note very quickly. It was a question I thought I understood but with no time to think about it and respond. Since then a day had passed, wind storms covering California and Coastal Oregon had taken out the lights and power on our street all night to mid-morning. It was total black in every house on the street and I managed to get in bed with a flashlight and my cell phone. About 4AM in the morning I contacted Joseph Nussbaum of Second Life using his FB account, we had planned to meet on this morning to begin filming a new project. It was still dark in the neighbourhood with no progress outside or any work teams in the area from what little I could gander. I feared that power would be out much longer than expected. Joe is East coast and responded in the hour. By 7AM weary from the constant dark I managed to get up and dressed with the aid of my trusty flashlight realizing that without power to recharge anything I would be totally dead in the dark soon enough. Coffee and a warm place to sit were at the top of the list. Not a soul up and down the street had a light on as I slowly rode my bike to comfort but alas, the Starbucks shop had no sit down interior, just windows, drat! Spurred on by these events I went into super drive and wheeled over to the DMV to renew a license and back to the 102 where I managed to find and join the East Portland Recreational and Community Centre. Touring the halls amid Families, seniors, Meals on Wheels, Workouts, Zumba, and the Pool! It was almost noon now I hoped the time spent away from home was enough . . . by the time my bike pulled down my street I saw pretty much the same, but wait! A porch light! . . . and then another! Delighted my spirit renewed I took stock of confusion left by the darkness and made a good effort to right the messes. Debby asks “What do you wish for this Christmas in Second Life?” I wish not for myself but for all the wonderful members, residents, workers, administrators, artists, employers, builders, architects, scripters, lovers, singles, children, furries. Everyone! I wish you the best and may your days be rich and rewarding this coming year. For myself . . . after much thought . . . free land, free prims for life, of course!!

Cali Karsin: My name is Cali Karsin, and I am the Co-Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Cultured The Magazine inside Second Life, and for Christmas, I wish the best for my staff, readers, family and friends, may they get all the love, family, food, and care they desire. I also wish to send my condolences and love/support to those who are not fortunate enough to be with loved ones/certain loved ones this year, may they be there in spirit. I wish to raise a lot of money for Toys For Tots this year, and I wish for good health on all of my family and friends. I wish for more smiling faces to be reading Cultured The Magazine. That is all. I am so fortunate for this spectacular year, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Calina Kestentine: Hmm good question! I think I’d love a gift card to Miamai, though, always a safe bet

Caoimhe Lionheart: At times, we all pour out our misery in Second Life, whether it’s sharing with someone the adversity’s of our daily real world lives, or the misery some choose to inflict on others inworld. I hope our misery’s would be more the former than the latter, but hate is a way of life for some. So my Christmas wish for Second Life is that I wish that no more lives would be torn apart, whether it’s the person whose real life is intolerable or the intentional inflictor, the Internet troll. I hope time will heal both of their hearts, and that they each find a friend whose love will stay warm in their hearts their entire lives because life should be lived without a hurting soul. This year I wish Second Life to be used for the good, the enrichment it can bring to every one of our lives and that our thoughts of love out number hate in each of us.
Christian Carlsson: Oh, that was a difficult question. I am not the kind of person that thinks ahead that far… I have what I need and what I don’t have, I usually am able to get so; I rarely think of what others can get me. A donation to any of the many charities that are around in SL around Christmas would be the nicest thing I can think of.
Dely Morgaine Muse: less bad people

Doctorhawk Lord: Well we asked father Christmas a full sim, but he told us that there is financial crisis actually.

Indea Vaher: My wish is to be re- united with all my friends and family here. My desire is for all to be happy and with happiness comes all the other delicious wonders and mysteries of our special world. 
Kennice Morrison: I dunno haven’t really thought about it. Okay a nove beautiful story ordinary house. She makes the best homes in SL but we never got round to getting one.
Lanai: My Christmas wish besides shoes (a girl can never have enough) is that all who observe the holidays is surrounded by love, peace and happiness. One of my greatest joys is to surround myself with positive people. Ones who are selfless and do great things for the good of the Second Life community. It is a gift that keeps giving all year round.

Pam Astonia: I would like to find a deserving newbie, and give her/him $ L5000 and wish them a Merry Christmas. If it had to be something I would wish for, it would be 1500 more prims for my house. 

Roman Godde: Hmm I really have everything I want in SL, I’m happy where SL has taken me, met my rl wife on sl, great friends family, notoriety for my blog and photography. So I think Ill take my wish and just tell Santa thank you, but next year I want a pony

Trin – Bubble Courtois: Hey Debbie !!! You know, I have no idea really… Nick has been away for a month so my main wish is just to have him back for Christmas, which I hopefully will. Wanted to have a big Christmas party for all our friends and family but ran out of prims to be able to decorate for it lol… Aside from that, and the obvious girly stuff like clothes, shoes and furniture, I don’t think there is anything I specifically wish for, for Xmas lol. As long as I have my Nick with me and our son. I have everything I need.

Victoria Lenoirre: I wish for success in my first semester back in school. I haven’t been to school in 6 years.

Zahra Singh: Just in Second Life? I wish for more group space, more tattoo layers and more updates from Linden Lab regarding Second Life 2.0. I am excited to know when it will be released and what they will do with the current Second Life.

My wishes this Christmas was simply to have a Christmas tree with lots of presents. Thanks to friends and my employers, all came true by 22nd.of December, itself. On behalf of 4m my Eyes, I wish everyone Merry Christmas!! May all your wishes come true, may your hearts be filled with hope and love forever. 

*Note: The order for list of names and their views are in alphabetical order. No order of preference has been assumed. Their views are kept as is, except for spelling errors.
 Originally written for SL Enquirer.

Christmas isn’t over for your home.(Freebies n cheapies).

Previously posted @ Pure Eggs & Spam.

Popped over to another shop I’ve not visited for a while, Bazar and to my surprised Christmas is still ongoing and there are pressies old and new still waiting to be collected.


Lovely shades of white and grey with some really nice poses, and props?  I can’t now remember but I’m sure that there was a comp surfing one and a hot chocolate drinking one etc.  I was such a rush to get this post done.  The vase you can see tucked behind it with the twigs and the bulbs is also included.  There are more gifts boxed up waiting for you to click and collect.


A simple cloth-covered table and that lit tree behind is also in a pack but this isn’t one of the Christmas boxes it’s on a stand nearby and is also a gift for all.  I’ve not shown you everything in the Christmas boxes I’ll leave the rest for you to find.

Now for the not so free but at 30Lds for the stand and 35Lds for the bag they’re pretty darn cheapo and check out the QUALITY!


They come as separate items but they’re so perfect together.


Only 1 prim each! Quality design and texturing.

The LM does takes you into the mainshop where the freebies are and simply turn left to where the bedrooms are and thats where you will find the bag and the stand.

Once you’ve grabbed the freebies and maybe treated yourself to the bag and stand then just outside of Bazar is a display of plants which are simply stunning.  This shop/area is called Terrashop and although there are a lot of seasonal items here such as Pumpkins and snowmen there is also some beautiful and low primmed planting.  Spring bulbs, rose covered trellis and all reasonably priced and all stunning.  I’ve not bought anything yet but I certainly will be in the Spring but you may not want to wait till then.  If you’re after a Valentines gift then follow the second Link World of Wood as Terrashop has more items up there inc a stunning bouquet of deep red roses which amazingly are only 6 prims! If you go see you will also be amazed at so much detail for so few prims and what that means is your loved one can rezz it in their home as a beautiful decor item.  I’ve not bought anything from this shop as yet but I will be going back for the rose covered trellis, if I buy them now by the time Summer comes I will have lost them in my invent LOL.


World of Wood


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POST# 712 TMD the mens dept New Release Mesh Coat From [Deadwool] ~ JEWELRY & ACCESSORY New Release Mesh Cap From Yasum ~ Unique Mini Fair Christmas Edition New Release Tattoo Exclusive From {Speakeasy} ~ New Release Shapr From Fa Tru ~ New Release Mesh Beard from Unorthodox

Previously posted @ S & T Culture Couture.

Gasmask By (epia) – Reaper Gasmask (black) ~*Mesh*~

Cap By Yasum – *MESH*Leather Cap*Male*Grunge*Mod/Resizer ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~
] find it at JEWELRY & ACCESSORY [
Runs from Dec. 5th-13th, 2014
or for more info go to Siren Production

Horns By RO – Baphomet Horns – Infernal  ~*Mesh*~

Tattoo By {Speakeasy} – Vintage Ink Tattoo ~*New Release*~ > TUMF Exclusive <
] Find it at The Unique Mini Fair Christmas Edition [

R Hand By Slink –  Male Hands (AvEnhance)  – Gesture ~*Mesh*~

L Hand By Slink –  Male Hands (AvEnhance)  – Relax ~*Mesh*~

Beard By Unorthodox – Tuff Clean Beard ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Hair By *Songfeather Designs* – Blaze male black ~*Mesh*~

Skin ~ Eyes ~ Brows :: catwalk  By Aeros  >> Aeros Avatar River << 2014a
4 Shapes ~ 6 skins ~ 2 sets of eyes ~ 4 Beards ~ 2 Brows Shapes ~ 1 freckles ~ 6 eyeBrows ~ 4 HairBase ~ there not any thing I can say about Aeros Avatar’s from there Skins to there Cocks AAAAA+ all the Way Try one of there Demo’s to day you will love there Avatars

Shape By Fa Tru – Rooker Shape – Style Card – EyeBrows Shape  ~*New Release*~ 
                                                                                                         ]Find it on  marketplace [

Necklace By MANDALA – UNISEX[MANDALA]ONLIEST_Necklace_set_All colors* ]Use in post -B-_Necklace [  ~*Mesh*~

Belt By RO – Bullet F****** Belt  ~*Mesh*~

Coat By [Deadwool] – Eskimo coat – black ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~
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100% Original Mesh / 5 Standard Sizes / 4 Colors / Undershirt in 12 colors / Vrs. Without Undershirt

Pants By [Deadwool] – Joad pants – black   ~*Mesh*~

Boots By [Deadwool] – Patmos boots – black  ~*Mesh*~
Army Base By (epia) – Terrain Bunker RARE  ~*Mesh*~



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