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CHEZ MOI Furnitures – IRON PATIO HOLIDAY & Hardcore Clothing – Naughty Christmas

By Tigist Sapphire – Ticklemetummy. Visit CHEZ MOI Furnitures – IRON PATIO HOLIDAY & Hardcore Clothing – Naughty Christmas for original post.

I hate to admit this as it might come as a shock to everyone, but I’m not a big fan of Christmas.  If I had a choice between celebrating or just spending the time curled up in bed watching movies, well, I’d choose the last option.  Needless to say, those that are close to me are aware of my disdain for Christmas, which caused a rather interesting visit I had late yesterday afternoon.  I had three visitors arrive, declaring that they were at my house to make it “all Christmas”.  Queue these three little troublemakers baking Christmas goodies all day yesterday (ok, two troublemakers baked, one sat on my bed and watched Netflix all day).  Apparently they have a complete meal planned for this afternoon, plus decorating the Christmas tree and adding additional adornments throughout the house.  I’ve requested that they not make my house look like Santa threw up everywhere, but in all likelihood, it’ll be a decorative explosion before the day is done.  I wish I could be all bag humbug, but they’re so excited to do this for me, I just have to suck it up and watch the festivities continue.

I have to admit, I giggled a bit when I saw Hardcore Clothing’s release of the Naughty Christmas outfit for Trendz.  Mostly because of what is occurring in my house, but also because it’s totally true; Naughty Girls do get more presents!  The outfit includes hat, top and bottom (fitted for SLINK, Maitreya and Belleza Mesh bodies) and to match the Naughty Boots (fitted for SLINK, Maitreya and Belleza feet).

And from Chez Moi Furnitures, for SaNaRaE comes the Iron Patio Holiday Set.  The set is fully interactive, and is available in Adult and PG version.  The set includes Iron Sofa, Iron Armchair, Ottoman and Bucket Flowers.  The set features

♥ +35 single poses (female and male)
♥ 12 alone poses (female and male)
♥ 36 animations for couples in love (18 x 2)
♥ 36 sex animations (18 x 2) – Only in Adult version.
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animations is chose (wine, book, newspaper)

chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_001 chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_002 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_001 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_002 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_003 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_004 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_005 trendz-hardcore-clothing-naughty-christmas-shorts-top-boots-chez-moi-furnitures-iron-patio-holiday_006


Skin/Applier: Deluxe Body Factory | Esther Skin | Honey
Shape/Body: Maitreya | Mesh Body Lara | Shape 2
Hair: Truth Hair | Kora
Outfit & Boots: Hardcore Clothing | Naughty Christmas | Available at Trendz (December)
Props: Chez Moi Furnitures | Iron Patio Holiday Set | Available at SaNaRaE


Fab Free Designer Friday – 09/23/2016 – Hudson’s Clothing Co.

By Pru Rexroth – FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL. Visit Fab Free Designer Friday – 09/23/2016 – Hudson’s Clothing Co. for original post.

Hudson's Interior
Happy Friday Fab Free’rs! Today is the first installment of Fab Free Designer Friday. In this weekly blog post we’ll showcase a specific Fab Free designer and take the time to tell you about that designer and all they have to offer. This week’s Fabulous designer is Hudson’s Clothing Company. Hudson’s has been part of Second Life since 2008 and is definitely a shop that has something for everyone. There is mesh and system layer clothing for both men and women, as well as jewelry, eyes, and furniture. On the main floor you will find a kiosk with hunt information, event information, and group gifts for various groups including the brand new Fab Free group gift previously shown here. There’s also a Hudson’s Clothing Company group gift to be had, so definitely take the time to visit the store.
HUDSON's RENOVATION Sale POSTER Hudson’s is almost a one-stop-shop which makes it fun for browsing as well. There are currently 5 floors to peruse, however Hudson’s is gearing up for a bit of a makeover at the moment. In the wake of this store refresh, Hudson’s Clothing Co. is having a huge sale this weekend. All sales items are located upstairs and most of them range from $ 0 lindens to $ 99 lindens. These great deals won’t last, so get your shopping on Fab Free!

New Fabulously Free in SL Group Gift @ Hudson’s Clothing Company

By Love Trill – FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL. Visit New Fabulously Free in SL Group Gift @ Hudson’s Clothing Company for original post.

With our new designer 2.0 program launching, this means our inworld group members will be able to pick up tons of fantastic group gifts set to the Fabulously Free in SL inworld group!  This is a very new program and we are just beginning to set up, but we do have our first shiny new instore gift set up at Hudson’s Clothing Company, generously donated by Candace Hudson.

Hudson’s Clothing Company – Added 09/11/16


To pick up these group gifts, you will need to have your Fabulously Free in SL inworld group tag activated (It’s free to join!).  To join the group, copy and past the following link into local chat in your SL viewer and click the link in local chat – secondlife:///app/group/020fa7af-444d-f54f-01e2-557ec06315fd/about

There are three ways to keep an eye on our growing list of free group gifts:

  1. Click the Group Gifts Listing Button at the top right hand side of the blog.
  2. Watch for the inworld group notices.
  3. Visit our inworld Fabulously Free in SL Info Hub and click the listing on the sign by the party table.

Trendz (September) – Hardcore Clothing & ChiMia

By Tigist Sapphire – Ticklemetummy. Visit Trendz (September) – Hardcore Clothing & ChiMia for original post.

From HARDCORE CLOTHING for the September round of Trendz comes the Women’s BLACK N’ WHITE OUTFIT.  The outfit includes dress fitted for Eve, Belleza, Maitreya, SLINK, Tonic, TMP and Non-Mesh avatars and matching High Heels for SLINK, Maitreya and Belleza.  And from ChiMia for the Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event comes the Overtime Chair.  The chair is featured in three fantastic colours, perfect for any room in your house!

trendz-september-hardcore-clothing-black-n-white-outfit-chimia-overtime-chair-ash trendz-september-hardcore-clothing-black-n-white-outfit-chimia-overtime-chair-black trendz-september-hardcore-clothing-black-n-white-outfit-chimia-overtime-chair-coffee trendz-september-hardcore-clothing-black-n-white-outfit-chimia-overtime-chair-coffee_002 trendz-september-hardcore-clothing-black-n-white-outfit-chimia-overtime-chair-coffee_003


Skin/Applier: Deluxe Body Factory | Dorothy Skin | Chai
Shape/Body: Maitreya | Mesh Body Lara | Shape 2

Hair: Exile | Stay
Makeup: Alaskametro | Lana Eyeliner | Forest
Outfit & Shoes: HARDCORE CLOTHING | BLACK N’ WHITE OUTFIT | Available at The Trendz Event(September)
Poses: Eternal Dream
Furniture: ChiMia | Overtime Chair | Available at Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 

Hardcore Clothing @ Trendz Event- Black N White Womens Outfit

By Xiomara Lavendel – Stepping Through Time With Xiomara. Visit Hardcore Clothing @ Trendz Event- Black N White Womens Outfit for original post.

Hardcore Clothing joins the Trendz Event for September and offers an exciting new design. This is the “Black N White Womens Outfit”.  The outfit comes complete with shoes included. Short halter top mini dress, great for enjoying your favorite nighttime spot or just being with friends. Love the detailing of the angels on the front. Not too much altering is needed as this outfit comes with five standard mesh sizes with alpha layer for Classic Avatars, fitted sizes for Eve, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine, Venus, Eve Pulpy, Freya, and TMP, shown here with the Maitreya Mesh Body. The Heels have fitted sizes for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya. What more could you ask for? This round of the  Trendz Event will end on September 14th. Take good care- Xio

Black 'n white_001

Hardcore Clothing- Black N White Womens Outfit
Black 'n white_002

Hardcore Clothing- Black N White Womens Outfit- Back Detail
Black 'n white_003

Hardcore Clothing- Black N White Womens Outfit- Detail of Dress
Black 'n white_004

Hardcore Clothing- Black N White Womens Outfit- Detail of Heels

Outfit- Black N White Womens Outfit- Hardcore Clothing @ Trendz Event

Hair- Kichi Hair- [^.^ Ayashi ^.^]

Necklace- Cutter Necklace- 7Mad;Ravens

Bracelet- Artemis Bracelets- *Kunglers*

Face Piercing- Silver and Diamond- RYCA Jewelry

Cynful Clothing & Co

By – Spiderweb Second Life. Visit Cynful Clothing & Co for original post.

Комбинезон /Jumpsuit   Cynful Clothing & Co – Hipster Denim Jumpsuit 
(Belleza/Maitreya/Slink) – Подарок группе / Group Gift
Серьги /Earrings    MG – Earrings – Summer Candy Dew drops
Ожерелье /Necklace   MG – Necklace – Rapture Rave Smiley Necklace
Туфли /Pumps   N-core KAREN “Red”

Голова + Кожа /Head + Skin   Genesis_Head_Melissa_2.0_LATTE
Родинки /Moles    =Pautina =MOLES (Genesis Head HUD)
Помада /Lipstick   [ MUDSKIN ]_Aya#11 Baby Lip_Light  (Aya Gacha)
Глаза /Eyes   KMADD Eyes ~ SAMPLER
Прическа /Hairstyle   *barberyumyum*HairFair(GIFT)
Маникюр /Manicure    Hello Dave VIPs – In Print
Тело /Body  -Belleza- Isis V2 LITE
Спасибо дизайнерам =)

60 Clothing Layers!

When I first came to Second Life, most clothing was on “clothing layers.”  These are textures that are painted directly onto your classic avatar body.  (See my earlier post, “Layers and Layers of Layers” )

At first, there were only skin and clothing layers.  Over time, new layers were added.  First we got tattoos.  Then came the “physics” layer that isn’t really a clothing layer at all, and is used to make your body jiggle.  Finally, the old invisiprims were replaced by alpha mask layers to hide parts of your body under mesh clothing and other clothing or body part attachments.

The big problem was that you could only wear one thing on each layer.  One undershirt, one shirt, one jacket.  Clothing designers often provided the same top on all three layers, so that it was easier to put together an outfit.

Then Linden Lab made it possible to wear up to five items on a clothing layer by using the ADD command instead of WEAR.  This made it possible to stack shirts, for example…but the biggest benefit was that we could add multiple alpha masks…one for your SLink feet, one for your hands, one for your mesh pants, another for your mesh top, and so on.

But people were still running out of layers.  I had to compromise some of my outfits because I maxed out my available alpha masks.

Now LL has come to our rescue again.  They’ve implemented the “LayerLimits” functionality in the viewer.  I am not sure exactly when this moved from a project viewer to the released viewer, but it’s been in place there for at least several months.  (Nobody ever TELLS me these things!)  It’s in the Firestorm viewer too, and probably most of the other popular third party viewers.

LayerLimits removes the five items per clothing layer limitation.  Now you can wear up to 60 (!!) clothing layers IN TOTAL, in any combination.  This does not affect the “Essential Four” items (shape, skin, eyes, system hair) or the physics layer.  Only one of each of these items is allowed.  But it does affect tattoos, alpha masks, and the traditional clothing layers such as jacket, pants, gloves, etc.

Woot!  Good job, LL.

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