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Second Life: Custom Mesh Head Animation

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Project Bento is moving ahead. The AvaStar people are working on building tools to help people animate the new avatar. You can see a video of where they are now. YOU HAVE TO CLICK… This isn’t something we will have access to this week or next. We may not see the final release of Project … Continue reading

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101# featuring Rise for N’Zone.. RJB/NV & [Silvercloud Custom Bikes]

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Costume/Outfit: Rise Terminator Costume @N’Zone
Jacket: Rise Terminator Jacket
Pants: Rise Terminator Pants
Shoes: Rise Terminator Boots
Glasses: Rise Terminator Shades
Hair: Rise Terminator Hair
Arm: Rise Terminator Arm
Gun/prop: Rise Terminator Gun
Necklace: NV Me’s Geometric Necklace
Facial Hair: Unothodox Vicious Facial Hair Noir + TMP Appliers 
Smokes: [NikotiN] Tip Cigarette – Nextgen
Ride: [Silvercloud] Dragon Rider

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