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Insilico, Inaccessible: After Reported Permaban of Owner/Lead Creator, Second Life’s Renowned Cyberpunk City Blocked from Public Access

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Meeting Skills Hak in 2008 Insilico, Second Life’s universally acclaimed and extremely popular cyberpunk city, currently seems to be blocked from general public access. This follows an announcement last weekend from the sim’s owner and lead creator, “Skills Hak”, who…

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Tattoo: -7P-CyberPunk Tattoo–NEW–@MOM
Hair: no.match No Patience–NEW–@Cosmopolitan

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Read Reconfigure, a New Cyberpunk Novel by Metaverse Pioneer Ian “Epredator” Hughes

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Reconfigure is a new cyberpunk sci-fi novel from Ian “Epredator” Hughes, and it’s the story of some lines of code gone horribly wrong (or maybe horribly right): Roisin Kincade is a young, talented, full stack techie. Her mind is full…

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SL Flickr Stream of the Day: Cyberpunk Fashion Shots That Are Also a Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novel

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Flit Ulrik not only takes great sci-fi action shots in SL (as I said last week), but she’s also created contiguous series’ of them and turned them into what’s basically a graphic novel called Agent Orange. This image above is…

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